Don’t Visit Rhode Island

September 7, 2016

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Don't Visit Rhode Island

Four Iron Horsemen made the mistake of riding through Rhode Island last Friday on their way from Kentucky to a club party in Maine.

The four were stopped in Warwick on Interstate 95, the major north-south freeway on the East Coast. Police told the four men they were stopped “because of the turf battle going on between two other clubs.” Police told the Iron Horsemen “they were just wanting to keep an eye on who is coming in and out of Rhode Island.”

Turf Battle

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has been telling police for almost two years that a “war” between members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and the American Outlaws Association is either imminent or simmering in Rhode Island. According to ATF Intelligence Analyst Jeremy Sheetz, there is a growing  “problem” of “Outlaws expansion in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.” According to Sheetz, two Outlaws attacked three Phantom Lords on August 18, 2014. On November 1, of the year, “approximately” five Hells Angels attacked an Outlaw with bats and brass knuckles at an Outlaw clubhouse. On November 13, an Outlaw’s motorcycle was “torched” in front of an Outlaw clubhouse. On December 3, a vehicle belonging to a former Outlaws spouse was set on fire.”

Rhode Island began overreacting a year ago. In September 2015, police arrested three Outlaws for the crime of driving through the state. At the time, a Rhode Island State Police Major named Joseph Philbin told a Providence television station: “The Outlaws are one the of biggest motorcycle clubs or gangs in the country, and the fact that they are establishing a presence in Rhode Island is alarming to us because sometimes they can bring forth some violence and criminal activity.” “New England is considered to belong to the Hells Angels.” “The Hells Angels have had a presence in Rhode Island as long as I’ve been on the state police, the last 20 to 25 years. So the fact that the Outlaws are trying to maintain or create a presence here could create a problem.” Philbin learned what he thinks he knows from the ATF. The words and ideas are the ATF’s.

The ATF thinks the establishment of an Outlaws clubhouse in Woonsocket in 2014 marked the start of the next Great Nordic Biker War.

Nineteen days ago, “WPRI 12 Eyewitness News” in Providence reported, “Law enforcement officials are concerned a feud between two outlaw motorcycle clubs in Rhode Island is a tinderbox on the verge of exploding into a violent turf war. In June, the Rhode Island State Police organized a meeting between 13 local police departments as well as representatives from the Massachusetts and Connecticut state police amidst growing tensions between the Hells Angels and the Outlaws motorcycle clubs.”

Rhode Island Hello

The four Iron Horsemen, whose names are Robert Frayer, Michael Matteson, Jerry Palmer and Steven Overby stumbled into this public hysteria because I-95 is part of the shortest route to Maine. They were later accused of careless driving but none of them was ever issued a traffic ticket. Three of the men were wearing unconcealed knives and were charged with possessing Weapons other than Firearms. One man was charged with possessing the anti-seizure medicine Clonazepam. Another was charged with possessing methamphetamine. Without bothering to establish probable cause, police pried open a locked saddlebag and found two pistols inside. That rider was arrested for possessing a firearm without a license.

All four men were released on $10,000 bonds. Since there was no reasonable articulable suspicion for the initial stop – like specific traffic charges – and since police didn’t bother to establish probable cause before they conducted their warrantless searches, the charges against the men will probably be eventually dismissed.

But all four had to pay a bondsmen and all four will have to hire lawyers. All four have an initial hearing on September 28.

In announcing this victory in the ongoing war against motorcycle clubs, Rhode Island State Police Superintendant Col. Steven G. O’Donnell said, “I commend the Troopers for their attention to detail in seizing firearms and contraband. With the current climate and ongoing disputes between rival Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs in our region, these arrests may have prevented some violence.”

That is how Rhode Island says “hello” to bikers.

“Our biggest mistake,” one of the men told The Aging Rebel, “was not knowing about the Rhode Island witch hunt going on or we would’ve avoided that state, I promise”


50 Responses to “Don’t Visit Rhode Island”

  1. Ada rondak Says:

    This is the start of marshal law in this southern New England,next it will be any is close to that now .profiling at its best.the r.i. Area is full up to eyes with assholes,including the law. Get out or you will have to fight. And be prepared to have a losing battle. It is fucking sad.this country is going to a police state of mind. Old logger!

  2. Woon Says:

    Not a wannabe anymore bitch

  3. Rampage the Woodlawn strangler Says:

    I’ve been riding longer than I’ve been walking is the kind of brotherhood I grew up with before I started doing because I’ve done time and have s passion to build ride and especially take something out of the trash bring life back into it and make it appealing enough that somebody actually offers me cash for it.I’m an ex convict trying to make an honest living and whether I have an outlaws patch or a christian motor cycleassoc.patch on my back doesn’t give anyone the right to harass me charge me judge me and condemned me .the Christian establishment is more corrupt than any.they should be hit with the Rico act if you really study its history.if you don’t conform,or contribute then you are condemned. Even put to death at one time.generations of fear forced into society and they live off of the fear hardships and labor off of those they prey on.with or without a patch I will ride and believe me I’m more of an outlaw than people who wear patches.we are guilty until proven innocent while they are the one who are innocent until proven guilty.the kawd are made to protect them not citizens and that is the well as any biker will give his life if it is to help a child the most important of many people do you know like that

  4. Stray Says:

    Be “Fruits of the poisonous tree”, I have some experience with that tree. You right tho. these amigos are fucked anyway, impounded, storage, lawyers, (probably criminal AND asset seizure, both) and all the other bullshit costs to prove your innocence.

  5. lorelei Says:

    Right on Shovelhead on your post to Jay. I try to be fair but these posts from Jay are giving me the idea that he not only doesnt want to be educated to the truth but that he himself is a wannabe police man.

  6. lorelei Says:

    Paladin, once again thank you for enlightening all who need to be, including myself. I am new to this site, have been reading the site but 2day was my first day to comment. Response to Jay, and many other misinformed individuals, always excellent and correct. Thank you for being there for all of the people that are cool or are giving it their best and please when I am wrong set me straight with correct info.

  7. Myron DaMan Says:

    This is the state that elected Sheldon Whitehouse. He wants to use the RICO statutes to punish those who do not agree with Global Warming. Nuff’ said.

  8. Dino Says:

    There are many that fall into another category. These are your basic municipal, county and state government workers who show up and collect a pay check and don’t do anything other than try to avoid being noticed. Then after 20, 25, 30 years retire with a nice fat pension, or hang on for another ten or 20 years continuing to avoid doing anything, then die leaving their fifth wife with a nice fat pension. These do exist. I have photos.

  9. panamaa Says:

    I would tend to believe ol’ Jay falls into the “Sgt. Stedenko” category.. All fucking bluster and no brains, no balls… A retarded dickhead so to speak….


  10. The Kraut Says:

    Greetings! I have a theory that cops/badges/LEOs fall into 4 distinct categories.

    1.) Deputy Barney Fife….All bluster and badge…frequently contradicts self while blithering on regarding the “law”.
    2.) Officer Tackleberry…Believes all problems solvable through intimidation and shoot first and last…fuck the questions.
    3.) Sgt. Stedenko…KNOWS all things wrong with America are due to DRUGS!
    Has photies of Jay, Kerrie, and the rest of the “infil-traitors” in his wallet.
    4.) Sheriff Andy Taylor…The only real peace officer of the bunch…listens and learns…respects all…seeks a peaceful outcome in all situations. Rarely encountered and rumored only to exist in fiction.

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  11. Shovelhad Says:

    No Balls huh Jay, just mouth off to anonymous people online. When is the last time you stood up to anyone in person without your badge and gun? No back up, and I’ll bet you’re quiet as a church mouse aren’t you Jay?

    Typical Cop Pussy. That’s why you boys become Cops isn’t it, no Balls, scared all the time, bullied, can’t protect your self. Get a job carrying a gun and all of a sudden you’re a tough guy…what a joke!

  12. Base Says:

    Jay the snarky cop? Figures.

    So tell us Jay, what does it mean that “The posts on this site with the most responses are about Sons of anarchy”

    I mean besides people engaged in a conversation about a TV show?

    C’mon Snarky Jay, stomp your feet & act like a spoiled child not getting what they want. Enlighten us!

    Recently had to deal with 2 young snarky cops in person. And have to admit shooting down the young,inexperienced was fun “especially these 2 who felt empowered or entitled”.

    What does it mean Jay? And yes, please use your real name!

  13. john miller Says:

    LOL detective jay got outed. Probably looking like a tweaker right about now looking out the peep hole for unseen assassins

  14. Rebel Says:

    Dear Jay,

    I thought this was the least offensive of the two comments you submitted here today. Although I take it as a shot at me and you don’t fucking know me. There are a couple of people you obviously could be.

    Let me take a wild guess, okay? Detective Jay Carott? Aren’t you retired? Or are you one of Detective Carott’s many fans in the Simi Valley Police Department. Just guessing. I haven’t made a project out of you yet.

    Next time you troll here, why don’t use your actual name and your actual email address. And take some fucking etiquette lessons.


  15. Jay Says:

    One more thing. The posts on this site with the most responses are about Sons of anarchy which should tell you something.

  16. Rhino Says:

    Completely off topic, but the bagger the guy is shaking on the flatbed in the video, looks like a road king….who makes that exhaust? The 2 into 1 that is chrome. See them around but always wondered who made em’

  17. Philo Bedo Says:

    Did Jay just play the race card? An agent of the government AND. A social justice warrior! You’re a mighty impressive specimen agent j!

    LOL ffs….


  18. Base Says:


    Is your programing so ingrained you are incapable of free thinking? Lets visit Captain Obvious,

    “Participation in an open forum, providing you do not become overly pejorative, your comments will be posted, read and often challenged.”

    The “fuck face whisper” comment was funny. Yours are more insult than funny, especially your second comment that contains all the buzz words and scripted phrase’s used by trolls & easily butt hurt safe place seeking snarky SJW’s.

    You suggested police profiling should be and or are allowed by bending or breaking laws under the false pretense of keeping the public safe from the evil doer is just fine? The fact they stepped all over individual rights with out consequence is ok with you? “You hate the man” but your ok with what “the man” does to others? Contradict much Jay?

    It has become common practice & programed into much of the populace via governmental backed propaganda that it is ok for our government or their appointed agents to fuck with a certain group of people who may or may not be up to some sort of suspected criminality. Living in such a paranoia state of being is not healthy, wise and does not benefit an individual or the population.

    Hence my suggesting you plod along with the heard.

    As for people who wish to carry fire arms and some personal physiological altering substance, that falls under their business and none of mine, yours or anyone else’s.

    Understanding something so simple is impossible for those who feel they & they alone should dictate to another how to live their lives. Or for someone who has been programed to believe such a concept is a good thing.

    That falls under: Part of the problem and none of the solution.

  19. Rebel Says:

    Dear Jay,

    Look officer, over the years I have become increasingly less tolerant of trolls. Okay?


  20. Phuquehed Says:

    The only ‘point’ Jay ‘The Fucktard’ gets is the one on the top of his head. Maybe he’s a Jay ‘My Curly Fag Cum Catching Beard’ Dobyns fan club…the one and only in said fan club and why he also calls himself ‘Jay’. The way our little pussy Jay is talking, he’s a Dobyns wannabe.

  21. Chief Says:

    Unconstitutional search*

  22. Chief Says:

    The god damn police state is upon us. Fuck these pigs. Even if they get off they have to suffer a substantial financial burden to beat the charges stemming from an unconditional search. Wear a patch is not a fucking crime and cannot be the basis for a search. Even if they get off there will be no accountability amongst the pigs involved so this pattern of behavior will continue.


  23. Maven Says:

    @Jay – you miss the fucking point. Whether these guys choose to roll dirty or not is immaterial. It was an ILLEGAL fucking search! And they shouldn’t have been stopped in the first place.

  24. Shovelhead Says:

    Asshole Jay, Point is you stupid fuck. The Guys were not breaking any laws, they were not going to break any laws. They were just riding down the highway going to a party. They were stopped, searched and arrested without cause…If you really think this is OK in America then you must not believe in the Constitution, you must not believe in Freedom, except for yourself of course!!

    The Iron Horsemen do not give us all a bad name, pretend Biker wannabee cunts like you give 1%ers a bad name.

    Go find yourself a cop sight to spew you chickenshit.

  25. Rhodey Says:

    The president of the leatherneck mc and an outlaw mc wannabee got into a scuffle at a Dublin donuts shop and broke a table! That is what amounts to a turf war in this shitty sanctuary state.i live here and don’t know why anyone would want to visit this shithole infested with spics and niggers!

  26. jonny sumo Says:

    Volvo drivers should be persecuted by everyone…..if only that li’l brother of Madonnas had an issue with Volvos rather than motorcycles perhaps we could just ride round and be left the fk alone….much respect, J

  27. T Hell Says:

    @ Jay
    Self righteous indignation is a bitter pill when swallowed without cake, walk a mile in my (or others) shoes. The other side of the street often has no streetlamps or benches to relax upon, black is white as white is black unless your a pig then blue is blue and everyone else is fucked. But you see all, and know all, because obviously the sun shines more often on your side of the street than it does around here


  28. Jay Says:

    Wow. Truth hurts. Talk about sheep. Fact of the matter is these guys give all of us a bad name. I hate the Man as much as you but I don’t ride dirty in my volvo. Volvo..just trying to live the life by reading forum post by keyboard tough guys.
    If you feel these guys were treated badly, go load up your saddle bags with some glass and a heater and roll. You’ll get off. Good luck. These guys aren’t martyrs they’re dummies. Bet they don’t get off clean.
    If these were bangers standing on a corner and were rolled on then..Good job Pd.
    I guess it depends on which color is getting profiled.

    Point is don’t be a dummy.
    And to all the shit talkers..go fuck yourself


  29. Potmetal Says:

    “Fuck Face Whisperer” My day is made, thanks. Thanks for keeping the spotlight on the cockroaches Rebel.

  30. Whitepride Says:

    You are right Phuquehead. Rhode Island state pigs look like they are about to march into Poland. @Jay Go fuck yourself you ignorant bitch

  31. Phuquehed Says:

    Welcome to Rhode Island, where our pigs’ uniforms look just like what the Nazi’s wore because…we think they were right!

    The only good pigs, are those not breathing.

  32. Hangaround Says:

    Another reason to never tell the FUCKING PIGS anything.
    If the handguns were being transported to “home” or “place of business” after purchase this would be legal. Guessing going to a party doesn’t count.

    Jay is your last name Dobbins?

    Rhode Island prohibits the possession of a handgun in any vehicle or conveyance, or on or about the person, whether visible or concealed, except on his or her own land.1

    This prohibition does not apply to:

    A concealed handgun license holder;
    The regular transportation of handguns as merchandise;
    Any person while carrying a handgun unloaded from the place of purchase to his or her home or place of business, moving goods from one place of abode or business to another;

  33. BACKWARDS BOB1%er Says:

    As with other things in the video the state police are wrong about affiliation, The Iron Horsemen M.C. is NOT affiliated with the Hells Angels M.C.

    Backwards Bob1%er
    Iron Horsemen M.C.

  34. Sieg Says:

    Ya know, it may have gone over Jay’s head, but again, here are all the arguments about the Constitution.

    Guys, why is this point so hard to make???


    Yeah, these guys will probably beat the charges, but at what cost? Unless you are prepared to participate in a Constitutional test-case, leave yer shit at home.

    Way back when, every PH I knew, and most slick-backs packed heat when they were riding in the Chi. The pigs knew it, the Indigenes knew it, everyone knew it, and there was no problem…because most everyone else was, too. If we went out to the ‘burbs, or even farther, heat was still brought along, but it was, 99.999% of the time, done legally, according to Illinois law, and most often was in a chase-car, not on a sled.

    Guess what I’m trying to say is yeah, it sucks, but we live in a police-state, figure it out! If you have to do something that the Oligarchs who pay the gun-thugs say is illegal, then don’t advertise while you’re about your bidness.


  35. Shovelhead Says:

    Went right over your head didn’t Jay, you fucking idiot!

  36. Maven Says:

    Popping a lock on a saddlebag is akin to popping the lock on a car trunk. It’s an illegal search without PC. These fellas just got taxed by the benevolent pork association of Rhode Island.

  37. Lurch Says:

    To Jay:

    If you were pulled over in your Volvo with the cop saying you were weaving, and your windows were tinted too dark, then decided to take a crow bar and force open your trunk and found a baseball bat, or even a golf club and told you that you were carrying illegal weapons, oh and also that pocket knife in your pocket (lets not forget the nail clippers on your keychain, you were then arrested. Wouldn’t you be pissed? Wouldn’t your friends that drive Volvos be pissed?

    These 4 club members were stopped just because they had a patch on their backs, then were ILLEGALY searched. Profiling at it’s finest.

  38. panamaa Says:

    fuck-face whisperer……….Lmao, you fuck’in kill me Paladin..

    Mucho respect….

  39. Base Says:

    Ah yes a programed member of the heard speaks up. Jay I hope you are not contributing to the next generation by spreading this message to our young people.

    Jay Says:
    September 7, 2016 at 8:34 pm

    “The pigs found guns and drugs and that’s what pigs are for.”

    Such a mindset is and has been Baaa aaaaa aaaaad for this Country and the American way of life.

    Eye on your 6

  40. Paladin Says:


    Let’s review. The cops had no reasonable suspicion or probable cause for the traffic stop. Sooo, the search of the saddlebag was ILLEGAL. Therefore, these individuals had their Constitutional rights violated. Get it yet? But don’t be too dejected These guys will still be financially punished. They’ll lose the 10% they had to put up to securer their bail, and will have to hire attorneys to explain all of the foregoing to a judge who couldn’t care less about something so abstract as one’s Constitutional Rights.

    I confess to my lack of ability when attempting to enlighten idiots. I am not the fuck-face whisperer.


  41. Jay Says:

    If the guys mentioned were stopped and nothing came up, then I’d understand the anger. The pigs found guns and drugs and that’s what pigs are for. Maybe that stopped some violence..but that wouldn’t be intetesting. Maybe not the smartest guys. If I had a target or patch or tinted windows illegal exhaust or a tail light out..I sure the fuck wouldn’t be packin..dumb fucks. Live hard die hard

  42. ipsick Says:

    “The Outlaws are one the of biggest motorcycle clubs or gangs in the country,”

    He must have missed the briefing if he didn’t know whether they were a club or a gang.

  43. Va.Bob Says:

    Damn.Aren’t there counties in states other than Tejas that are larger than piss-ass R.I.?Fuck a bunch of R.I.

  44. IronRider Says:

    So the ATF told the Rhode Island state police that a big scary biker war was brewing and that Rhode Island was in the cross hairs. That sounds familiar to What the Texas Department Of Highway Safety had been running around and whispering to cities and town police agencies that they could in turn tell to any MC member and their dog that a biker war was imminent.

    So the good old ATF is running around with it’s informant and getting various state and local police departments to fan the flames of a dangerous biker war. Maybe tif the ATF didnt propel myths like this nine people in Waco who lost their lives would be alive today.

    Maybe if the ATF didnt try and fan the flames to Texas state and local police agencies, the trigger happy cops who feared an enormous biker war wouldnt have been so itchy with the trigger fingers, but then again this Texas where the cops like to shoot you dead first and if your survive ask you later why you didnt have any weapons when they shot you.

    Obviously the boys down at the ATF are a little tired sitting in the woods getting pestered by flies watching some moonshine still site waiting for old pappy to come rumbling along in his 89 F150 to make a few jugs for himself and friends so the ATF could make a bust and crown about how they are saving lives and how old 79 yr old pappy’s operation has come to an end and his jail cell awaits him, true heroes I tell you.

    I gather when there is no crime to fight the ATF is out doing it’s best to manufacture some to justify their budget. Really 4 bikers who had no flipping idea of what was going on in the MC scene in Rhode Island and could care less as they were on there way elsewhere got popped for minding their own business.

    Yes I am sure the civil suits that will come due to false arrest and harassment Rhode Island taxpayers will be on the hook will be considered a victory for law Enforcement. Wonder if the settlement with the bikers will make the 6’o clock news

  45. Nuke n' Pave Dave Says:

    His job is so much fun Jeremy “AiSheetzMyDrawers” must be cumming every time he gets to make up more job justification with his freakin’ lies… Let’s hope the poor SOB has to go out and get a real job sometime!

  46. FF Says:

    Al ways read AR !

  47. FF Says:

    In re “the witch hunt going

  48. Sieg Says:

    Maybe the RI piggers should pay a little more attention to the war being waged on amerikan zeks by the FedCoat Oligarchs.

    FTF / FTP

  49. Chopper Says:

    Yep, more action from a police state. Pathetic abuse of power on people really minding their own business.

  50. Whitepride Says:

    Rhode Island State Police and the Feds are just looking for attention and job justification. There is some definite overreaction going on here

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