Biker Stereotypes Equal Cash

September 6, 2016

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Biker Stereotypes Equal Cash

Brace yourselves for more outlaw biker tripe.

The television network History will premiere the second season of Gangland Undercover on September 26 in the United States. The second season will premiere in England on October 11 on History UK. History is one of 19 specialty television networks recently sold by a company named Shaw Communications to Corus Entertainment. Gangland Undercover was produced a man named Stephen Kemp. Kemp is the Creative Director of Factual Drama at Cineflix Productions, Inc. All three companies, Shaw, Corus and Cineflix are based in Toronto.

Both the first and second seasons of Gangland Undercover, as well as a possible third season that may be cablecast in 2017, are based on a book by a professional snitch – he prefers the term “infiltrator” – named Ashley Charles Wyatt. Wyatt now calls himself Charles Falco. And using that name he co-authored Vagos, Mongols, and Outlaws: My Infiltration of America’s Deadliest Biker Gangs with Phoenix attorney and author Kerrie Droban

Vagos And Bible Studies

The first season of Gangland Undercover presented a very fictionalized account of Wyatt/Falco’s betrayal of various members of the Vagos Motorcycle Club during a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives operation against the club called Operation 22 Green. U.S. Marshals relocated Wyatt to Virginia where he earned two online degrees in Bible Studies from Liberty Christian University.

When he couldn’t pay off his student loans he went to work for the ATF again. “The Marshals do not allow you to get out of past debt,” he explained in a written interview in 2012. “So in my case I owed several thousand dollars in student loans that I still pay under Ashley. These bills are sent to Marshal mail drops, which are then sent to DC, which are then sent to my area Marshal field office, who then sends them to me. I have several of these Marshal mail drops in California and Nevada that I use. Kind of cool on how this works! I am no longer in this program, but they still forward my mail. Even after you leave the WPP you keep your new identity, since it is now your legal new name. I hope that makes sense.”

Mongols And Television

At the time, the ATF and Wyatt’s old ATF handler, Darrin Kozlowski, were engaged in a years-long infiltration of the Mongols Motorcycle Club that would eventually be called Operation Black Rain. Another ATF snitch named  Daniel “Coconut Dan” Horrigan was in charge of issuing patches to members outside the Southwest so Wyatt became a founding member of a Mongols chapter in Virginia. Members of that chapter, including undercover ATF agents, eventually left the Mongols and became members of the American Outlaws Association.

Damon Runyan, the appealing Canadian actor who plays Wyatt/Falco on television, has already filmed 14 episodes of Gangland Undercover. Ari Cohen, the Canadian actor who portrays Darrin Kozlowski, has already filmed ten episodes of the series.

History cablecast the first six episodes of Gangland Undercover in February and March 2015. So there are at least eight more episodes to go. Although the next season of the show is scheduled for release in less than three weeks neither Corus, History nor Cineflix have yet released publicity materials for the previously unaired episodes



33 Responses to “Biker Stereotypes Equal Cash”

  1. NCRider Says:

    So it’s almost time for the History channel to push more Charles Falco down the throats of anyone who is willing to believe this shit or maybe any moron that believes in fairy tales. After seeing just two commercials, I’ve had enough already. I can take Hillary easier than Falco.



  2. Jim Bob Says:

    It’s not playing here in the states. It’s playing on History Canada so nobody will have to deal with the bullshit here.

  3. P-body Says:


    The error was in my interpretation, I’ve got a pro-labor pre-disposition. And my local is the 562. Although we haven’t seen eyes to eye, I’ve always respected your intellect. It would be an honor to have you as my Huckleberry. I’m afraid men are going the way of the dinosaur, and with everything going electric, we can’t even be fossil fuel.

    Big respect to the deserving.


  4. NCRider Says:

    Sieg – I throughly enjoyed your pack story. That would be the ultimate high for me.



  5. bcnasty Says:

    I am not going to comment on the state of society but will say some of my best friends over the years I got the honor to meet while holed up in a storm under a rest area picnic shelter or one that followed me in a blinding ass snow storm and we both happened to stop in the same flea hotel.He pulled up beside me and said some one said it was going to snow today. I had to laugh been close for 23 years now.

  6. Grimey Says:

    Punks and dipshits the lot of them. Bet Flaco, Dobbins and Queen all get together to circle jerk onto Agent Ciccone and Steve Cook.

  7. Sieg Says:

    Don’t get to ride in a pack much these days, I think the most bikes I have around me at one time in the last five years or so has been four, riding with my Juniors.

    Maybe ten years ago? Damn, tempus fucking fugit, a bud of mine had a bar in town, catered to riders, minted cash. He put together a big bar-to-bar thing for a Saturday, maybe a hundred miles of riding all told, about begged me to show up. He knew I wasn’t into the yuppie-crowd thing, but really wanted to get his bar known by people other than the RUB’s.

    So I went, and it was a clusterfuck from the jump. We finally get out on State 67, a two-laner through the corn fields, and get up to about 60, and my sled frkn dies. I’m about halfway back in this group (not pack) of maybe 50-60 riders, and on the left. Bike is totally dead, won’t even pop, and these humps just keep buzzing past-I couldn’t even get to the side of the road! Finally cut a few off while I still got a few mph, and make it to the shoulder, and NOT FUCKING ONE of them stopped-I mean, they’re WAVING at me as they go by!!!!

    So I tore out the wiring on my ignition, redid it, and got going again-back home. IT was just a shorted wire, but I was so goddam mad I was ready to kill someone.

    I jacked my bud up when he asked “where were you”, and he tells me that a few people had told him “yeah, we passed him parked on the side of road, why, something wrong?” I couldn’t fucking believe it.

    And that was the end of that. Fuck it. I don’t have many Brothers left, but I won’t ride with this fucking pencil-dick yuppies barfbags who went out and bought a lifestyle, not on a bet.

    A REAL pack story…

    I had been back in the Chi from points south about two years, and had scored the sled I’m on now, so this is like late fall, 1977. I’m out for a ride, cold as hell, but just digging it, heading south on Cicero Avenue to a bar I knew on Belmont that had some decent figures and a good pool table. And I hear hogs…lots of hogs. I’m doing maybe 40, and now I got guys rolling past on both sides of me, maybe at 60. I let me all get around me, just stayed on the right side of the lane where I was, and when the tail-end gets by me, one of em points ahead and waves me in. Outlaws South Side Chapter, or at least part of em, must have been maybe 20 bikes. Now we’re heading south on Cicero at 60-70 mph, and it’s a 30 mph zone, and blowing through all the red lights, all this shit, and there are pigs every couple blocks, studiously not seeing us. Stayed with em down to about Madison, waved, and hung a left towards home. All the way down, if handlebars were more than a foot apart, I’d be amazed, and you couldn’t have dropped a yardstick between front and back tires. This is at 60-70 on frkn Cicero-anyone from the Chi knows how bad that is, potholes that can eat a tank, nig-nogs coming out of side streets, all that good stuff.

    Nope. Fuck the new guys, I’ll stay solo unless I come across another bunch of real riders in my AO.


  8. Paladin Says:


    Sorry for the confusion. I was using the word “local” as in location. But, in case you’re in or are ever in SoCal, I’m in the NE end of the SFV (San Fernando Valley) to be exact.


  9. P-body Says:

    Rebel and Paladin,

    I saw a great quote recently;

    “The problem is no one drinks from the skulls of their enemies anymore”.

    There is ( was) a degree of accountability in your words and actions, I feel we’ve lost that. “Manhood” has been blurred by pop culture and televised tripe. Paladin, I’m curious about the “local” comment. I’ve been involved in organized labor for almost 40 years, do we know each other? Big respect guys, and thank you.


  10. Paladin Says:


    If we were in the same local, I’d be more than happy to be your Huckleberry.

    Long May You Ride,


  11. Rebel Says:

    Dear Peabody,

    I miss packs.


  12. P-body Says:


    I couldn’t agree more. If one more moussed, manicured metrosexual calls me “bro” I’m tapping out. They get a stern admonishment and if that doesn’t work they get an invitation;
    My Brothers aren’t afraid to ride at an excessive speed four feet off my axle or a foot off my handlebars. I have two Harley’s, care to ride this weekend?
    That generally does it.


  13. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Fuck you Ashley Charles Wyatt.
    I know you can’t resist reading anything about you its always about you and I know you won’t waste a second rushing to read this story about your continued leeching. Your a useless lying, disingenuous immoral sack of shit.

    Once again you use my Club’s name and my Brothers to make a dollar your disgustingly slimy.

    Karma is knocking.


  14. The Kraut Says:

    Fucking so-called “History channel” was a lot better when it was the “Hitler channel”.

    At least when actual history was being related with facts which usually are based on what really happened…The Hitler channel was worth watching.

    Fuckabuncha ATF/DEA/FBI propaganda…those cunts would give Josef Goebbels a woodie.

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  15. Scooter Rick Says:

    It just doesn’the make sense to me. Or do “brothers” now come with BEST IF USED BY…” We all learned…in what,the third grade?….that you keep your word. Falco, I hope you live to a ripe old age. And I hope that you start every day wondering…is today the day my actions catch up with me?

  16. Elmo Blatch Says:

    On line bible studies sounds as ridiculous as on line martial arts. So, is Wyatt/Falco a black belt too?

  17. Hangaround Says:

    Hey Stepehn Kemp ( cause I know you are salivating over the free press Rebel is giving you. ) If you really want a good story you should infiltrate the UO and do some episodes on how those POSs plan to ambush and kill members of other clubs and get away with it. Hell you wouldnt even have to “fictionalize” too muchh.

  18. panamaa Says:

    I believe the real Damon Runyan is rolling over in his grave….


  19. Nobody Important Says:

    It’s ironic, because if we -were- the monsters they claim, they wouldn’t say a word, because they wouldn’t dare.

    But, like that barroom pussy that hides behind his friends screeching ‘hold me back, bro, hold me back!’, they continue to talk shit, because they know they can do so in safety.

    It’s the same argument they use on gun owners. “all gun owners are crazy violent people who want to kill other people, blood in the streets!” And those chuckle heads are still alive, proving that gun owners are -not- violent.

    It’s the same product, fear. It’s just in a different wrapper. These clowns sell fear, as a product, to police forces, who, in turn, repackage that fear, and use it on the populace. It’s all about control, in the end.

  20. FF Says:

    And shame on the media for making “celebrities” and household names out of these pieces of shit.

  21. FF Says:

    When I think about David Martinez, a man who did nothing wrong but is buried alive in a prison cell because of some “informant” ie junkie pussy who cut a deal with pigs and told them ostensibly about “a gun” that the goon squad couldn’t just knock on the door during normal working hours and ask an elderly couple, guardians of a mentally retarded daughter, if they could search the premises— no they had to kick down the door at oh dark thirty in full battle rattle and one trigger happy goon plugged another one in the back of the head, it enrages me.

    Falco isn’t even worth making jokes about, because there is nothing funny about the lives lost and families ruined because of pieces of shit like him and the scumbags in the ATF who employ him.

  22. Nobody Important Says:

    You know.. it’s an interesting thought…

    If Us Bikers are such violent psychopathic killers as these clowns claim…

    why are they still alive?

  23. Nihilist Says:

    Rat snitch, liar, online degrees in Bible studies, parlaying his stories on television…can one live a more deplorable existence? What’s next?– child fondling and joining the UO…fuck that puto.

  24. IronRider Says:

    And thus the trend continues.Outlaw Chronicles like many other shows of this ilk are in my eyes nothing but paid propaganda pieces for Law Enforcement much like a paid advertisement.

    And of course the media will jump all over the next thing and it seems as of the last while it is the MC life that seems to be the flavor of the moment (I will say at least we dont have to watch shit like Jersey Shore… which I am still stunned didn’t win an Emmy for it’s brilliant work on how slathering on orange self tanner in large doses can lead to loss of brain function and high stupidity )

    Much like any of these so called docu-series shows this will be from the Law Enforcement perspective and I am am sure there will be certain liberties being taken with the events and what transpired. So are we going to hear all the real details of what all transpired, I doubt it.

    Much like the Outlaw Chronicles this will be someones recollection of the events as they see it with some thrown in Law Enforcement case history for good measure.

    Honestly I really stopped watching a lot of television because there is so much garbage on there that it really isnt worth watching mind you for the few series shows that I do watch online.

    The reality show genre which is so far removed from “reality” that it isnt even funny have polluted the networks because those types of shows are cheap to produce and make them good cash, but have dumbed down tv so much that it isnt really worth watching because there is nothing to see.

    I cut the cord on cable years ago. I watch some of the series shows I like (and no these are not reality shows) on line and when I dont do that I ride, read and listen to music. Will I tune into the latest MC based show, no I will not. I normally dont watch fantasy or fiction and I am sure the latest installment will be more of that and I can think of better things to do with my time.

  25. Austin Says:

    “has already filmed 14 episodes of Gangland Undercover.”

    How much meat is on that poor dead horse to beat?

    Geezus H. KeeRyeSt.

    And on another note…
    fayettnamhoe = nice to see you once again!

  26. Paladin Says:

    There are times when I think I’m gonna shoot the next clown I don’t know that calls me Bro. I was planning on moving to Prescott, AZ. Instead, I may move to Nepal and live among the Sherpa.


  27. fayettenamhoe Says:

    blow me, i guess all you new “bikers” have plenty of money, get a good lawyer and start complaining, you a’nt seen nuthin yet, ha ha ha ha, and don’t count on any of your fake buddies

  28. Storyteller Says:

    Knew this pos when he did his VAGOS thing. POS says it all,

  29. Johnny Rotten Says:

    Bullshit docudrama crap feeding the sheep fear and dread
    its funny
    when i lived in chicago
    i used to frequent logans square and all places south, never had an issue
    but to see it on the histerectomy channel…
    its a fuckin war zone…..
    folks come in my house and ask whats on tv….
    i say

    well, unless its an old western

    swillin an killin

    i like it

    respects to those deserving

    fuck the rest
    and thanks fer all you do rebel


  30. Phuquehed Says:

    Fuck the sHistory channel. It’s nothing but crap anymore anyway. Makes me glad that I’ve been teevee free for the past 6 years.

  31. swampy Says:

    Careful now, Ashley, you’re making Jay Dobyns extremely jealous. Dobyns will be thinking-up new lies that he somehow forgot to mention in his for shit book, and crying for his made for television series. Maybe those two fantasize about queering off with Kurt Sutter. Both of those shit stains are greedy and pathetic.

  32. Sydney Says:

    It may literally pay to be a rat but, no amount of money is worth betraying people you’ve called family. The History channel shouldn’t be glorifying these people. They need to be portrayed as the pieces of shit they really are. Just my opinion…
    Respect to those who have earned it & deserve it

  33. TX_Biker Says:

    television cannot be classified as anything but fiction anymore…..

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