Texas Nut Cop Got Pass

August 25, 2016

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Texas Nut Cop Got Pass

Forth Worth nut cop William Figueroa has been back on patrol duty since June 1. He never lost a day’s pay. He was never punished in any way and records of the administrative review of his actions are sealed and are not available to the public.

Figueroa was video recorded on March 13 spraying a pack of sport bikes with pepper gas.

That afternoon, multiple drivers complained to police about sport bike riders performing stunts on Highway 287. Figueroa observed a pack, although there is no proof he caught them breaking any traffic laws. Instead he passed the pack and stopped a pickup truck driven by a woman named Brittany Botella for “blocking traffic to record motorcycles driving recklessly” with her smartphone.

Then as the bikes passed by, Figueroa squirted pepper spray at them.


In a document that was released, Figueroa explained, “While attempting to make contact with the driver, multiple motorcycles would not vacate the lane closest to my marked patrol car. I deployed my pepper spray into the lane closest to me at which point approaching motorcycles began to vacate the lane allowing me to conduct a traffic stop.”

The spray actually seems to have had minimal effect on the motorcycle riders but it did blow back into Botella’s face. She was six months pregnant at the time. She told television station KXAS “I looked out my mirror and I seen all the Mace going towards all the bikes. And then it hit us. And then I started choking and that’s exactly what happened.”

Markus Hernandez, an asthmatic passenger in the back of Botella’s truck had to be hospitalized. Botella was cited for driving without a license. Hernandez was cited for standing in the back of a moving vehicle.

Many News Cycles

The incident never would have been exposed to the public if two members of an informal riding club called East Texas Heat hadn’t shot the video and uploaded it to YouTube.

After the video went viral, the Fort Worth Police Department removed Figueroa from uniformed patrol and gave him a desk job for ten weeks until the news cycle turned a score of times and the furor was forgotten.

Earlier this month, John Butrus of the website motorcycle.com filed an open records request to find out how and when Figueroa had been punished.  Fort Worth police told Butrus they believe the documents are exempt from disclosure  but did not offer any further explanation.

Under Texas law, documents related to a police internal affairs investigation can only be released to the public if that investigation results in a punishment of at least a one-day suspension.


28 Responses to “Texas Nut Cop Got Pass”

  1. Mark Iannicelli Says:

    Those that were pepper sprayed should go to that pig’s residence when he is off duty and let him know how you feel about getting sprayed when in the wind.

  2. ElleElle Says:

    We just all landed in the wrong generation.Things were always more fun back in the day when someone didn’t decide to make them self the Sheriff and the Sheriff in turn chose his own deputies. There are still enough “Midnight Riders” around who they ain’t gonna catch up to, I have a strange sort of non Marshall Law Hope…

  3. Roswell Says:

    He’s a typical cop, no surprise in what he did. The concept of protect and serve is long since dead.

    In the Police State, cops look after cops so there is no surprise that they did nothing to him. The corruption is so common that most people don’t even see it as corruption any more.

    In our lost society, people are more concerned about a moronic football player that wouldn’t stand up for the national anthem than they are about the government trampling their liberty rather than protecting it as they are meant todo.

  4. Nags Says:

    Except a really good opportunity to put a scared lil piggy with a god complex on the shelf was missed.

  5. Head Chingon Says:

    @ Nags
    No one filed a complaint? Then there isn’t much more to say is there?

  6. 10Guage Says:

    I can tell you one thing for certain. If this shitbag maced my pregnant ol lady, he would have a very bad day. What a total piece of shit. This shit has been happening for years. I can’t count the times excessive force has been used on me, my brothers, and people I respect and love. They wonder why no one respects them.

    Fuck the police,

  7. Jaded Says:

    “Under Texas law, documents related to a police internal affairs investigation can only be released to the public if that investigation results in a punishment of at least a one-day suspension.”

    Astoundingly poor judgement – and not so much as a one day suspension? Amazing he still has a job.

  8. Fr. Abraham Says:

    Figured some of the folks in here might want to see this one. The Sheriff’s Office of Broward County FL is actually pissing away about $1,720.47 PER DAY to cops who are on “paid administrative leave” for being fuckups.


  9. Philo Bedo Says:

    Well…it has been observed that the national outrage against increased police abuses via black lives matter, and other associated groups, has not been exactly mirrored by a vociferous, nation wide support of law enforcement. Perhaps there’s a lesson in that?


  10. Nags Says:

    AVAGOFVVF, I read on another siteam that the reason he wasn’t reprimanded was because no one actually went in and filed a complaint. As for karma I don’t believe in that shit. I’ve seen plenty of shitbags live long wealthy lives. So hopefully somebody down in Texas will nut up and cracked this lil piggies melon.

  11. Phuquehed Says:

    The only good pigs, corrupt judges and DA’s, are those not breathing.

  12. James Says:

    That cop should have been charged with attempted murder. He should have been re-tried. The court didn’t provide justice, someone should find that guy off duty and punish him. He doesn’t deserve to be killed but he should be hurt.

  13. Dino Says:

    What a fucking piece of dog shit.
    I can’t see that well, but it does actually look like the speed of the bikes blew it back at him. I hope he got a face-full of that shit.

  14. rollinnorth Says:

    “No prison time for former trooper caught on camera beating suspect

    Union Leader Correspondent

    NASHUA — Andrew Monaco, a former New Hampshire state trooper arrested for an on-duty assault earlier this year in Nashua, received a suspended one-year jail term and agreed to never seek a job in law enforcement under a negotiated plea deal accepted Thursday.

    Monaco pleaded guilty on Thursday to three charges of misdemeanor simple assault in connection with the beating of a man during a Nashua traffic stop earlier this year.

    Aside from the suspended jail term, Monaco — who could have faced up to five years in prison — has been ordered to pay restitution to the victim, undergo an anger management evaluation, complete anger management counseling, finish 120 hours of community service and not accept employment where a firearm is necessary.

    ‘He has given up his career as a law enforcement officer,’ said Susan Morrell of the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office. ‘… This defendant is extremely remorseful.’

    Monaco, who publicly apologized for his actions on Thursday, was one of two on-duty troopers arrested for the May 11, 2016 incident that was recorded by a television news crew and garnered national attention.

    He resigned from the New Hampshire State Police on July 22 after being on unpaid leave for several weeks while authorities investigated his use-of-force during the arrest of Richard Simone, Jr.

    Without the plea deal, Monaco was facing enhanced penalties of two to five years in state prison for assaulting Simone following an extensive police chase through two states, ramming his vehicle into Monaco’s cruiser twice during the pursuit.

    ‘He has no criminal record. He has served his country, with honor, in the Marines … He lost control,’ Morrell said of Monaco’s involvement in the incident. ‘He will have three criminal convictions.’

    Two state troopers allegedly struck Simone 22 times over a 20-second period when they took him into custody in a Nashua neighborhood, according to an investigation detailed in court records.

    Simone was treated at St. Joseph Hospital following the arrest, and received three stitches in his ear, suffered pain in his ribs and back, obtained a lump on the lower portion of his head and pressure in his sinus area, according to an affidavit filed by Todd Flanagan of the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office.

    Simone also had trouble lifting his shoulder, had scrapes on his elbows and knees and was diagnosed with ‘possible post-concussive syndrome,’ according to the affidavit.

    Simone, 50, of Worcester, Mass., is currently being held without bail for a violation of probation following the incident; he is facing additional charges in Massachusetts. ‘(Simone) believes that there should be a period of incarceration,’ said Simone’s attorney, Joe Comenzo.

    Comenzo urged Judge James Leary at the 9th Circuit Court, Nashua District Division, to consider jail time for Monaco, stressing the severity of his client’s injuries.

    According to Comenzo, Simone suffered internal injuries and still has sensitivity to sound and light, and pressure behind his eye.

    ‘This isn’t just his opinion of the message — this is the message that is being sent, that there is two sets of rules,’ said Comenzo, maintaining an average defendant not in law enforcement and facing the same charges would serve jail time.

    Leary said his decision to accept the plea deal was not easy, and he did have some apprehension. However, since rehabilitation was a part of the deal, and because Monaco accepted responsibility, he agreed to the negotiated disposition.

    ‘I apologize to the members of law enforcement, especially those that were there that day, for my actions,’ Monaco told the court, adding he also apologies to the citizens of New Hampshire. Monaco said he was unable to separate the events from the lengthy motor-vehicle pursuit from the arrest process, and therefore agreed to end his career that he has dreamed about since he was a child.

    ‘By all accounts, Trooper Monaco’s actions were out of character with his service for the state police, he acknowledges that they were wrong, and he has apologized for his actions,’ said Attorney General Joseph Foster. ‘… More importantly, the plea agreement protects the public by assuring that Mr. Monaco will not be in a position for an incident of this type to be repeated.’

    A second state trooper from Massachusetts arrested for the same incident, Joseph H.V. Flynn, 32, of North Tewksbury, Mass., has waived his arraignment scheduled for Sept. 13 at the Nashua court, according to a court clerk. Flynn, who has been on paid leave with the Massachusetts State Police, has been charged with two counts of simple assault against Simone.

    Under Monaco’s plea, he has agreed to testify in any future court proceedings related to Simone’s arrest, according to Morrell.

    [email protected]

    – See more at: http://www.unionleader.com/crime/No-prison-time-for-former-trooper-caught-on-camera-beating-suspect-08252016#sthash.TwLaHgJU.dpuf

  15. Chief Says:

    The lack of personal responsibility and accountability in LEO’s disgusts me. Even when they are found guilty of wrongdoing and have to payout money it’s never the guilty officer feeling the effects, us tax payers are burdened with that settlement.

  16. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Fuck this turd. I’ve learned over the years that karma is a mutha and his will come around it’s all timing. Patience is key just waiting for that resolution the finality to happen to assholes like this guy is exhausting. See but I also understand that we must create their own security and protections from cocksuckers like this nutbjob but it can be problematic because there is that one thing we all have to have in our mundane, same ol shit lives no matter who we are our profession or even people like this bag of shit.

    It’s called a address.

    Now hopefully the riders inolved lawyer up and file a civil suit as well as a written formal complaint. So every time this cowardice puke puts in for a advancement he has to explain his shity decision making skills.

    Viva Los Vagos

  17. Phonebooth Says:

    He was reckless, and a damned liar. The bikes clearly moved to another lane once they saw wha was happening.

    Nowadays the cops think we must all instantly obey, as if they are the gestapo and we are their subjects.

  18. BigUglyMotherFucker Says:

    Hey Remember
    Support your local police,
    All good Americans support law enforcement
    They give orders,
    We obey
    They have guns and badges
    We obey
    They protect us from ourselves,
    We obey
    On our knees,
    We obey
    Our hands in the air
    We obey
    They are the law
    We obey
    Or they shoot us.

  19. Fr. Abraham Says:

    Must be nice to have a job where you get shitloads of overtime pay, never do any actual physical work, get to carry your gun into the bar while you get hammered drunk, have excellent insurance coverage and other benefits, be almost completely unbound by the laws of society, get to shoot anything that frightens you, get to do damned near anything without fear of losing your job, and take a paid vacation any time you fuck up so badly that the public gets angry. If I didn’t have such a conscientious aversion to being a rat bastard scumbag, I might even think about signing up!

    We should start making these guys carry a personal liability insurance policy so the next time he goes schizo and actually *does* kill or injure someone, the taxpayers don’t get stuck with the bill when the victim’s family files the lawsuit.

  20. jonny sumo Says:

    I read a book a couple of years ago that ‘alleged’ that Australian Police regularly do this to clubs on runs, just pull in front of the lead bikes and then start to discharge cans of CS from open car windows so the pack is then riding through clouds of the stuff….
    also allegations that a police car rode a club member off the road, severely disabling him and seriously injuring the lady on his pillion..as R&R says, that guy is a disgrace, but I suspect he isn’t the only one who thinks that’s a good way to ‘slow down those bikers’….should be ashamed …

  21. R&R Says:

    Wonder if it would have been okay if the cop had blinded or seriously impaired the vision of one or 2 of those riders causing a fatal wreck. Protect & serve my ass. He acted like a thug with a badge. Like others here, I’m shocked.


  22. NCRider Says:

    Another corrupt Texas cover up. Idiot cop with a grudge.

  23. Big Ang Diamondback Says:

    If a civilian took a can of mace and started spraying it into the street in an act of street justice, the civilian would be arrested and probably thrown in jail for attempted murder . Mace could easily cause someone to lose control at 60 miles an hour and crack their head open (break neck/back) on the street . at a minimum this person will be thrown in jail for a few years, maybe even Put in a psych hospital . But this guy gets paid desk duty.

  24. david Says:

    Too bad the pig didn’t have the spray can turned around.

  25. Sieg Says:

    I’m shocked, SHOCKED I tell you!


  26. IronRider Says:

    Doubt anyone really thought anything would come in the form of discipline for that cop, after all this is the cops investigating cops.

    Now if this was joe citizen that had done this, you’d be sitting in your cell rattling the bars for a court date to come up and you wouldnt get a pat on the back and a “thatta boy ” like the cop did, and that’s a fact!

  27. panamaa Says:

    Of course the cocksucker got a pass… It’s Texas, he a cop…

  28. Maven Says:

    Why the hell am I not surprised?

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