Barger For Trump

August 23, 2016

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Barger For Trump

Ralph Hubert “Sonny” Barger, a still active member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and an icon of American individualism, announced on his Facebook page yesterday that he is moving back to Oakland.

And, when he gets there he will register to vote. And, after he registers he intends to vote for Donald Trump for President in November.

Barger was a founder of the Hells Angels charter in Oakland, California and was influential in uniting the Oakland charter with separate and distinct Hells Angels clubs in San Bernardino, California, Fontana, California and elsewhere. He transferred from the Oakland charter to the new, Cave Creek charter of the club in October 1998. He has not explained his reasons for transferring back to the Bay Area.

Voting For Trump

However, earlier this month Barger expressed his intention to vote for Donald Trump. On August 13, Barger wrote:

“I, along with Donald Trump, believe the election process is rigged. The politicians and media make a joke of the statement, ‘It is rigged.’ If a person can win the popular vote – but lose the election – I believe, along with Trump, the process is rigged – and so should every other American whose vote is not counted. In some elections, the winner is elected before some state votes are even counted. If that is not rigged, what do you call it? I think people, along with myself, are tired of the politicians and media running the elections and telling some Americans your vote doesn’t count, because we’ve had the process since time began. I, for one, am voting for Trump, because it’s time to change.”

That same day, a pseudonymous commenter on Barger’s Facebook page lectured him that he wouldn’t be able to vote because he was a convicted felon. Barger replied, “Yes I am a felon and I can vote and I will be voting for Trump.” Barger was right. The commenter was wrong.

Enfranchising Felons

But it might be a little easier for Barger to vote for Trump in California than in Arizona. Barger has been convicted of multiple felonies dating to 1963 when he was convicted of felony possession of marijuana. He was last convicted – of participating in an interstate bombing conspiracy – in 1987. He was paroled in 1992. The last three pages of Barger’s memoir, Hell’s Angel, list his 21 brushes with the law.

In Arizona, a person convicted of two or more felonies must petition a judge or secure a pardon before he can vote. In California, voting rights for convicted felons are automatically restored upon completion of parole.


116 Responses to “Barger For Trump”

  1. Phuquehed Says:

    @The Kraut – FXST. Look how hard it is to fix/get parts/etc for the Ural. It’ll make you always doubt being able to take a trip cross-country and you will more than likely never do it because of that. It’s a nice bike, but unless parts get a shitload easier (and cheaper!) to get all over the US, it isn’t really the best thing to have other than for bar-hopping and taking a drunk bitch back to the pad with you.

  2. Phuquehed Says:

    I’d love nothing more than to vote for a third-party person as president, but when most of them are no less liberal shits than the liberal democrats there’s no way in hell they get a vote from me.

    This useless fuck needs to just test the warning label on a plastic bag:
    ‘Gary Johnson has serious problems with term ‘illegal immigrant’

  3. The Kraut Says:

    @Big Ang; Good to be able to post, thanks.
    Finally got my Ural up and running right…now gotta choose between the FXST and the Stalin-sickle…lifes ruff…

    take care, respects

    The Kraut

  4. stroker Says:

    In all but 3 presidential elections in the past (since the electoral college was created), the winner of the popular vote was confirmed by the electoral college. In 2000, Bush won after the Florida votes were re-checked. The college is supposed to follow the votes of the populace.

  5. david Says:

    @Austin, with respect,

    Was referring to ALL past presidential elections which were voted on and decided by the constitutionally created Electoral College. The electors who comprise it are NOT required to reflect the wishes of the People.

    If the College cannot obtain a 270 member majority, the choice for president is made by Congress assembled. Just think how left out a voter could feel if their alleged representatives in D.C. choose someone as pres. who wasn’t even on the general election ballot.

  6. shovelNY Says:

    the real donald and his tranny bitch rudy caught on tape for your enjoyment

  7. Austin Says:

    @david – re: “Last time they voted for a homo with a Tranny “wife”.”

    Yes – I believe you are right about that Electoral College business! You are talking about 2000, the year Al Gore won the election – right?

  8. FF Says:

    @Retired 1%

    Thanks, right back at you!

    Respect, FF

  9. NCRider Says:

    Gandalf – For what its worth, I’ve grown to appreciate your comments as well as many others here. You seem to be a fair minded, reasonable person. Obviously, I’m not a 1% either, but I sincerely respect those that are. I care about the issues that Rebel speaks of and affects us all in the long run.



  10. Head Chingon Says:

    Wrestling is fixed? !!!

  11. Retired 1% Says:

    Gandalf: It’s all good, not implying you’re a spy. Broad Meadows I remember it looked like a bunch of corn fields all around, that’s going back quite a bit of years tho for me. Hitting the cobwebs going that far back….

    Have a g1.

  12. Base Says:

    First thought, Barger seems more to Libertarian than Republican. Live and learn every day.

    Lack of participation Is playing in to their hands, Believe me they the politician’s pay attention to votes cast. Why else would they spend so much time, effort & money suppressing them and use the media to keep people distracted?

    Something to think about, sitting on the fence makes you an easy target, turning your back on them will only get you shot in the back! Talking about change and actually engaging the monster that is the corrupt political establishment are 180 out from one another. Step up! or Step off!

    Anyone that is within their fold is suspect. They are the worst of humanity and should be culled from the population.

    Is not a religion of peace. Anyone participating in that belief system is suspect. It is the worst of humanity because it encourages violence to any and all consider to be non-believers. It may not need be culled but it dam sure needs a rewrite!

    If change is what you want, participation is a must!

  13. Elmo Blatch Says:

    Great web site Rebel. Thank you for all your time and effort.

    Mr. Barger never struck me as a cowboy. I hope he is happy at home in Oakland once again.

  14. swampy Says:

    Corrupt, yes, the context of your post has been the topic of many conversations I’ve had with like-minded people over the years. I’ve really grown to resent these “presidential dynasties” of the last 30 years. My first political disagreement came to me at the age of six. My parents were staunch Republicans who supported Barry Goldwater. My little playmate’s parents supported LBJ. When I made the comment that: “Johnson stinks.” I was promptly hit over the head with a 2′ length of shiplap. LOL

  15. Chief Says:

    As for Trump I thought and said from the beginning of his campaign that he is playing the greatest practical joke in the history of mankind, at least in American history.

    This is all one big joke to him.

  16. Chief Says:

    Your vote doesn’t mean anything. The two party system is a facade that does nothing more than give us the illusion of choice.

  17. Lijaha Says:

    As they say, everyone has an opinion. I guess I’m getting old. I’ve been biking for over 40 years and I remember a time when guys could share opinions or debate facts without just getting offensive. I’m just calling out what I see as BS and calling me bad words just proves to me it was BS.
    But I guess if these guys were basing their opinions on facts, they wouldn’t be Trump supporters, so more fool me. He is a fact-free zone and a classic con man, imho. And another guy who just raises the BS level when he’s called out on it.
    I’ll bow out now I made my point. It’s a good day for a ride…

  18. Shovelhead Says:

    No one here has to provide proof of anything to You! No more than you have to provide proof of anything. We just state our opinions. You don’t like it? Tough shit.

    Being a Gold Star Parent doesn’t give you a free pass to be an asshole. My Cousin was killed in Nam, that didn’t give his parents the automatic right to treat people like shit, mouth off, or just be total pains in everyone’s ass.

    Just my opinion

  19. Lijaha Says:

    @bigang etc… We got a circular argument going here. I asked for proof a Gold Star parent was a “terrorist sympathiser” – no one is supplying any, just raising the volume. Your abuse shows me you have no proof. Just like your accusation I have no bike – it’s based on zero evidence. Shouting your mouth off might work at home but it don’t work with me. And, yeah, I bike every day and, unlike your evidence, it ain’t invisible. And why not try keeping your language civil? You have no idea of my politics. Like I said, we saw at Waco what happens when people start throwing accusations around without evidence. Lives were ruined. Do you really think that’s a good idea?

  20. david Says:

    With respect, anyone is free to vote for anyone.

    Wrestling is completely fixed, just like the election “system”.

    A majority 270 Electoral College electors choose the president, NOT all the People, and the real electors can vote contrary to the will of the People.

    Last time they voted for a homo with a Tranny “wife”.

  21. Kranky Klaus Says:

    Much love and respect to Sonny, but this is the first time I am not on the same page as him.

    Also, he’s moving back to the Oakland Charter. That’s GOTTA be Aging Rebel worthy news!

  22. Austin Says:

    …As if my vote made a difference.

    I will say that the humor this time around is better than any recent election I can recall.

    I love the memes – HillBilly, and Monica’s Birthday. The photo of Putin and The Donald, barechested & riding two-up on a horse.

    Saw a sign today for a Trump sandwich…

    Enriched White Bread, Lots of Baloney, Russian dressing, and a small pickle.

    Thanks to Everyone who by their blood sweat and tears have made it possible for me and my fellow Americans to be safe and enjoy ourselves by laughing at our actual, and potential leaders.

    God Love you all.

  23. Gandalf Says:

    @ Retired 1% … Yes The Castle. My mistake I have no idea where I got Mansion from. I was just trying to put a time stamp on my comment. I’m a never was who owes a great debt to Both Clubs who had those “disagreements” you spoke of back then. You have my respects even if I don’t have yours. No Prob. BTW We called it Broad Meadows. Your guys were on C&D Block. The other guys were on A&B. I was told to get with Ace when I got to The Fort but sneezed and was transferred. At the time I was the youngest Inmate to ever pass through that gate. B-Gallery is the only thing I saw there. For some reason those 2 clubs (Members) liked me and taught me what I needed to know to survive. Then I grew up and held my own no problem. I guarantee you know these guys. One of them took an “Early Parole” from the Fort and lasted for Years. My Mother and His Mother were friends. Your just gonna have to ask Rebel if I’m a Spy. He knows who I am and my story. I’m a never was who owes a debt to Y’all. Waco woke me up and I found Rebels Page. I always consider myself a guest here. @ Dark Corner. I’d suggest you fucking stay there. I could give a ratz ass what “cred you require” of me. I obviously owe you nothing. Don’t imagine I have forgotten my Lessons and wouldn’t think twice to bury your ass patch or no patch. My respect has it’s limits. Somewhere I learned not to “flap my gums” at people I don’t know… I’d suggest you visit Philly with that BS and learn that Lesson.

  24. Big Ang Diamondback Says:

    Haha sieg/phuquehead 16′
    Kraut good to see you posting .

    -Big Ang

  25. Dark Corner Says:

    @Gandalf Being raised by losers to be a loser don’t give you the cred I require to give a flying fuck to what you say. But by all means go ahead and flap your fucking gums.

    Politics aside, I sure hope Sonny don’t think he’s gonna be able to get anywhere near Golf Links Road again. Them hills are completely overrun by millionaire, leftist, Google bot faggots.

  26. The Kraut Says:

    Its a fucking shame that we are denied the choice of “None of the above”.

    Hilary Cunt-one or Dollar Trump….no choice here.

    Sieg and Phuquehed 2016…truth with the bark on

    Respect to those who warrant respect


  27. Philo Bedo Says:

    Good for him. Unless you’re the kind of mental patient that believes a gangster clinton back in the white house is a good, we should all be voting Trump. He might be nuttier than a shit house cat, (I personally don’t think he’s any more ‘outrageous” than what was pretty common fair politically in the 70’s and 80’s), what he “might” do is a pebble in a pond compared to what that corrupt cunt HAS done.
    And yes, he’s tight with law enforcement – not the most glowing endorsement in my book. But the actual police state has exploded under the demonrats, just like always when fascists are in charge.

    Trump 2016!


  28. Becca Says:

    Politics and Religion. Two things to keep to yourself if you want to keep your friends.

    I can’t vote for Trump but that’s because of a personal interaction with the narcissistic, psychopath at work almost 20 years ago. At least I got to stand outside the elevator and give him the finger until the elevator door closed on his smug, ugly, face. The man is a spineless, lying, self-centered, narcissistic, prick and those are the positive qualities I can share about the man.

    Anyway, I don’t care who Sonny Barger votes for. It will be neat to see him around the Oakland clubhouse when I visit for a Poker Run, etc.

  29. corrupt Says:

    Swampy, I am also considering voting for Johnson. As I am in the People Republic of Kalifornia, it is pretty much certain that my vote will not matter in any event given that all electoral votes go to one candidate. This being the case, I might as well vote for a third party in the hopes that this will provide momentum and perhaps improve third party viability in the next election. If everyone in a deep blue or deep red state did this, it could encourage others who would vote third party, but do not want to waste their vote.

  30. Retired 1% Says:

    Gandalf: I’m a bit confused here. Back in the 70’s I also partied a few times at the Castle in Nether Providence,PA. nobody called it the Mansion that I recall. It looked like a Castle with all the stone work until it was burned down haha, but that’s another story.

    My confusion lies where you state you were raised by Warlocks. Warlocks & my club back then had their “disagreements” at times to put it mildly for sure, but one thing both clubs had in common to the core was a bitter hatred for 81.

    If you were raised by Warlocks(Chester,Upper Darby chapters?) back then why would you write “free Sony Barger” on your cell wall? I did time in a few cells in the late 70’s 80’s( George Hill over to Graterford) & I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything on the cell walls in Pa. giving support to 81 or Barger.

    Perhaps you did your time elsewhere outside Pa.?

    To all: Long timer on this site with another name, just an occasional stalker now. No disrespect intended to any club or person mentioned in my post. Just an observation on my part. I’ll go back in the weeds now.

    Wishing Rebel & all the old time posters best of health & wealth.

    FF,RVN :Miss your posts, hope all is well.

    Support your local 1% club.

  31. swampy Says:

    @Jonny Sumo: Gary Johnson is the Libertarian Candidate. However, given the history of the third political party in America; He doesn’t stand a chance. I’m registered as an “Independent” in the Prison State of Louisiana. Last Senate election, in which Hitlery ass kisser Mary Landrieu was ousted, I voted for Brannon McMorris, the Libertarian candidate. I thought: “Well he’ll get five or six-thousand votes.” Damn!, he ended up with 13,200 votes! I’m not too enthused by either Trump or the “Godmother of evil” but Trump will get my vote on election day. If Clinton wins, we can immediately kiss our 2nd Amendment right away. It will star there, the rest will soon follow.

  32. Phuquehed Says:

    Shove it up your goat-fucking, goat-fucked ass, lijaha, you raghead pile of dog shit.

    I hate to say it, but I have to say I’m voting for Trump too. He’s the closest thing this country’s going to get to being actually elected and thus the closest we’ll have to – hopefully – many wrongs from the Obama administration righted. A vote to anyone else other than Trump is a vote for that stinking cunt Clinton.

    I’ll also admit I’m sure Sonny is a good deal sharper than me and has thunk things out better than I ever could and I can accept, or at least judge, his decisions as those I can put trust in.

  33. Gandalf Says:

    BTW The Politicians are starting to realize that Electronic Messaging (E-Mail’s and Texts) are not a good idea. (HClinton/CChristy) How long have the Clubs known this? Forever? I’d vote for Sonny Barger before Trump OR Clinton. Sonny B has integrity and Honor.

  34. Gandalf Says:

    No apologies needed. As for the respect you just gave me I am honored and un-deserving. I chose the Chameleon Life instead of the good fight. Everything I do is about “hiding” from the Cops. My ride, My clothes, My Haircut LOL. It’s actually an art Italians practice. Y’all take them head on.

  35. Wrong Way Says:

    I imagine the majority of the guys in Nor Cal are most interested in and appreciative of the fact that, in this story, Sonny is moving back to Oakland. All this other political stuff, as serious as it is, is probably secondary to the locals :)

  36. Big Ang Diamondback Says:

    Gandalf. My apologies if any disrespect flew out in the wrong direction in my reply to Lijaha. I just can’t face someone who backs up a terrorist sympathizer. I understand many people have riding in their blood and not everyone has the opportunity to actually own a scooter. I guess my response came out a little hot headed before. Apologies and respect to you sir.

    -Big Ang

  37. Gandalf Says:

    Ouch! Big Ang Diamondback hit a nerve. He has my respect. “WTF are you doing on this website if you don’t even own a bike?” I stand convicted. If Y’all didn’t know Rebel did. BUT, I was raised by Philly Warlocks in the 70’s (Mansion days) and landed in the Pen before I could get a drivers License or learn to ride.I only found Rebel because of Waco and try not to comment on other stories… (sometimes I slip) I remember “FREE SONY BARGER” graffitied on many of the Cells I was in… I even put a few on myself. BUT I BELIEVE THE COPS ARE MORE DANGEROUS THAN MUSLIMS AND ISIS. IMHO Quote: “beefing up PD’s like he’s a superman in waiting. TRUMP would make life miserable on all bikers, he’s a law enforcement pasty..sorry Sonny” is the most important comment to me. Y’all have my Respect, support and admiration. I’d hate to see Trump get bikers in His cross hairs. What would Trump say about Waco?

  38. Ken the Citizen Says:

    Rebel, Thanks for the work you do here with the website. I agree with Sonny. I agree with Sieg, fuck off lijaha.

    Respect to those who deserve it.


  39. Sticker Says:

    Ok Corrupt I accept that counter argument. How about how Trump wants to hire more cops and give cops more power to be judge and jury and executioner. Cops already treat (some of) us like 2nd class citizens, it ain’t gonna get any better with that kind of “leadership”. I guess if you’ve got HOG patches all over you might be ok, or if you’re in league with a club like Urine Odor you like the power he wants to give cops. Times gonna come when they’ll pull us over and hook our bikes up to portable emission testers and decibel testers if our bike is too “loud” with more cops looking for more shit to do.

  40. jonny sumo Says:

    I am from England where we have a much less than perfect system, so please excuse my ignorance, but are your only 2 options Trump or Clinton?
    Isnt there anyone else that ‘stands’ for election?

    Obviously I watch the news etc, don’t believe too much, but all we hear over here is a massive procession of negativity against both of the candidates, I have watched Fox/CNN too and that just seems the same.

    On the proportional representation idea; one of our parties came 3rd in overall votes cast, but only won one seat. So had one MP elected…we have 630+ MPs..
    and they are all thieves n liars….

  41. Smitty1961 Says:

    Gotta agree with Leonard on this. Fascists aren’t our friends-they’re about controlling people.

  42. Big Ang Diamondback Says:

    Lijaha, which towel head country do you hail from ? You’re really gonna reply here in the comments trying to protect a terrorist sympathizer ? GTF outta here. WTF are you doing on this website if you don’t even own a bike ?

  43. Dasein Says:

    Lijah: islam is RABIES. Drone on. Snopes is weak, and slanted, and, in the instance you present, simply said “unproven”, did not disprove. khan’s history is well known and speaks for itself, as is islam’s. Trump’s got this one right, just not hard enough, yet. Tighten your suicide belt.

  44. Leonard Goveia Says:

    Supports Sony’s right to vote… but trump kisses law enforcement ass making promises of beefing up PD’s like he’s a superman in waiting.TRUMP would make life miserable on all bikers,he’s a law enforcement pasty..sorry Sonny,can’t roll with you on this one…

  45. Lijaha Says:

    @Sieg. Like I said, put up or shut up. If you have “facts” that aren’t just secondhand gossip, let’s hear them so we can all judge. I’m sure you must have put many days of research into that statement, like Rebel does, otherwise you’re just blowing smoke. Maybe we should leave making wild accusations without facts to our friends in Waco, eh?

  46. JMack Says:

    Fayettenamhoe for President

    I’m Canadian so I got no dog in this fight. However, the presidential race garners plenty of attention up here. Scary shit.

    Combined with the fucked up government leading our country, maybe we’re one step closer to the revolution that we all need so bad to save democracy…


  47. andy uk Says:

    why would a biker support trump or any other politician, fk. the man, all of them.

  48. Dave Says:

    So I’ve worked hard, I earn a good living, pay taxes, built a nice house, played life (mostly) by the book – and yet somehow I should see value in the political views of a person convicted of multiple felonies. Gotcha.

  49. Drifter Says:

    Nothing but Libertarian, Trump is a PIG, anybody Chris Christie supports I am against. Kind of the cliff notes on tyrants.

  50. Sieg Says:

    Snopes is nothing but a libtard propaganda board. Actual facts show the character of the Khan.

    Ftf/ FTP

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