Barger For Trump

August 23, 2016

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Barger For Trump

Ralph Hubert “Sonny” Barger, a still active member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and an icon of American individualism, announced on his Facebook page yesterday that he is moving back to Oakland.

And, when he gets there he will register to vote. And, after he registers he intends to vote for Donald Trump for President in November.

Barger was a founder of the Hells Angels charter in Oakland, California and was influential in uniting the Oakland charter with separate and distinct Hells Angels clubs in San Bernardino, California, Fontana, California and elsewhere. He transferred from the Oakland charter to the new, Cave Creek charter of the club in October 1998. He has not explained his reasons for transferring back to the Bay Area.

Voting For Trump

However, earlier this month Barger expressed his intention to vote for Donald Trump. On August 13, Barger wrote:

“I, along with Donald Trump, believe the election process is rigged. The politicians and media make a joke of the statement, ‘It is rigged.’ If a person can win the popular vote – but lose the election – I believe, along with Trump, the process is rigged – and so should every other American whose vote is not counted. In some elections, the winner is elected before some state votes are even counted. If that is not rigged, what do you call it? I think people, along with myself, are tired of the politicians and media running the elections and telling some Americans your vote doesn’t count, because we’ve had the process since time began. I, for one, am voting for Trump, because it’s time to change.”

That same day, a pseudonymous commenter on Barger’s Facebook page lectured him that he wouldn’t be able to vote because he was a convicted felon. Barger replied, “Yes I am a felon and I can vote and I will be voting for Trump.” Barger was right. The commenter was wrong.

Enfranchising Felons

But it might be a little easier for Barger to vote for Trump in California than in Arizona. Barger has been convicted of multiple felonies dating to 1963 when he was convicted of felony possession of marijuana. He was last convicted – of participating in an interstate bombing conspiracy – in 1987. He was paroled in 1992. The last three pages of Barger’s memoir, Hell’s Angel, list his 21 brushes with the law.

In Arizona, a person convicted of two or more felonies must petition a judge or secure a pardon before he can vote. In California, voting rights for convicted felons are automatically restored upon completion of parole.


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  1. Cathleen Says:

    Sonny was/is SPOT on in his support for Trump. Trump is for Freedom. Nationalism. Patriotism. The Constitution. Any True Biker who lacks any of the above, may as well be ridin wearin a Soros Patch and Globalist rocker to finsih it off.

  2. Cathleen Says:

    Sonny was/is SPOT on in his support for Trump. Trump is for Freedom. Nationalism. Patriotism. The Constitution. Any True Biker who lacks any of the above, may as well be ridin wearin a Soros Patch qnd a a Globalist rocker to finsih it off.

  3. Big Ang Diamondback Says:

    @girl in a dress-
    And do you think Obama knows anything about military strategy?
    Presidents are just figure heads with very good advisors.

    @big ugly mother fucker – well said

  4. girl in a dress Says:

    This is said with all the respect in the world for Barger…. Umm are you voting for Trump because of the limited options at this time or are you really.. Actually.. Thinking he will be the best president for us? I’m sorry but… Trump will not represent the United States in a way that would benefit us… He is a smart guy but he’s a Disrespectful…. Womanizing… Jerk. He knows NOTHING about military operations and necessary strategy… He thinks that because he sees shows about military that he is qualified.

    Sorry Sir.. I disagree!

    I vote “NO!” For President…


  5. FF Says:

    I really like the last few posts. RESPECT.
    I think we just gotta be more like God: NO MORE WORDS.

    Lose the alphabet. Lose languages. Just grunt. Fuck it. No need for explanations. You either know or don’t, primordially.

    I don’t know if I even used the word correctly and I”m too lazy to look it up. Fuck the internet, too.

  6. NCRider Says:

    BigUglyMotherFucker – What you said is powerful. Your words bring it all home, in more ways than one.

    Much Respect To You,


  7. BigUglyMotherFucker Says:

    I have a confession to make.
    I wear a patch on my back because I have spent my life saying fuck you to everyone and everything.
    I have paid a price for that. My brothers reasons for wearing our patch may be somewhat different but they too have paid a price for that.
    The world is collectively insulted and enthralled by those of us who wear a patch on our back that says
    “Fuck You and everything you believe in” and so they have tried to crush us, jail us,demonize us and kill us. They have tried to make us them.
    Once in awhile they momentarily succeed.
    And they try hard.
    But if you listen,
    There’s a rumbling sound,
    Thats always in the background saying
    “Fuck You”

  8. dantheman Says:

    >The worldview among many of our elite is anti-nation — dare we say — anti-American, anti-law and order, anti-tradition, anti-faith (with exceptions carved out for Islam), anti-durable values and enduring truths, like marriage between a man and woman, and family, as defined by a man, woman, and children. The elite, so very cosmopolitan, have evolved past antique beliefs and ways.

    Anyone else not really give a fuck about this bullshit.

    When I was 8 I was using a computer and an outlaw because they thought I was gonna break into some computer system and fuck with people.

    When I was 14 I was listening to punk rock with a mohawk and I was an outlaw because they thought I was going to do drugs and have pre-marital sex.

    When I was 18 I joined the army, and I found all the people they said were “better” than me morally did all the things I was told not to do and no one cared.

    When i was 25 I got a sporster and joined a club, where again, made an outlaw for riding with a pack. By the same people I knew in the army.

    To be damn honest, you don’t have any fucking values. You have lies. More lies. I’m really starting to get sick of these damn family values types. No really I am. I am also starting to get sick of people like you talk about “the poor” and then complain about “gibeme dats” about social programs poor people use. Then you got the nerve to complain about “elites” living in some costal cities while backing the same bullshit system that made those elites the elites.

    You wanna talk about law an order, go click the front page of this site to see all the bikers who got some law and fucking order recently.

    Like fucking hell.

    As for trump, thats the smartest any man’s ever said about him, and not true the least. He’s a bumbling idiot who recites catchphrases he barely understands. He backed Clinton for years. Trump’s not a nationalist the least. You have no idea what the man is going to do in office because he flip flops frequently and his supporters seem not to care. He’s a celebrity. He’s trash. He’s the same coastal elite you were just bitching about.

    Lets be frank, you don’t give a fuck about America, and not about the poor, or any color. you just want trump to protect your pile of cash from other elites. that is all. Fuck you, fuck the police, fuck the government, and fuck the system.

  9. FF Says:

    Quick Civics lesson— if the popular vote decided our presidents, then the people who live in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami et al would pick the winner every time. The reason for the electoral college is the same reason why some states have more Representatives than others, it’s based on the states population.

    Not that it matters at this point. Without term limits, we’re doomed. Term limits and have Senators decided by State Congressmen. Take the power out of such a small number of this countries population who continually keep career criminals like Jaun McCain, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell et al in power, a power used to usurp the rights and the pursuit of happiness from a hundred million other Americans.

    Good read:

    Elections aren’t about finalities, they’re about processes. They may be about departures. Case in point, the 2016 presidential contests, which feature Hillary and The Donald. If Trump wins, the process of the November election might start a departure in more than politics. It could be historic. It won’t be good, however, for the global elites inhabiting New York, DC, Boston, and San Francisco — or wherever else ivory towers, mahogany-paneled offices, pricey secured buildings, and gated communities are found. Trump’s election would have reverberations overseas, too, in London, Paris, Berlin — yes, wherever else ivory towers, et al, are found.

    A Hillary victory means there won’t be a departure; merely a doubling-down by the elite, as they act with renewed zest to secure their interests — versus the national welfare. The Great Imposition — a war waged on average Americans — will continue with awful consequences.

    Impose and divide – divide to conquer. Blacks against whites. (That’s more Milwaukees.) Hispanics against Anglos. (That’s more illegals and all legalized). Poor against rich. (Lots more free sh*t.) Takers versus producers. (Lots more free sh*t.) Marginalize the working class. (Further cede manufacturing to the Chinese; shut down coal and domestic energy production, generally.) Demean the middle classes. (Who knuckle-drag their bibles, guns, and backwater values through life.)

    The worldview among many of our elite is anti-nation — dare we say — anti-American, anti-law and order, anti-tradition, anti-faith (with exceptions carved out for Islam), anti-durable values and enduring truths, like marriage between a man and woman, and family, as defined by a man, woman, and children. The elite, so very cosmopolitan, have evolved past antique beliefs and ways.

    The dangers are domestic and foreign. President Hillary and anti-nation elites would continue failed policies toward Islamic militants and insurgencies. They’d serve up more perverse rationalizations for why Islam doesn’t animate jihadists. More dangers in the offing with rogue nations Iran and North Korea. Mounting danger in Asia, with China, where the PRC is boldly militarizing the South China Sea.

    All pose existential threats, to one degree or another. To the elite? Obstacles to the world they’ve created for themselves. Perhaps to be solved with appeasements, like tribute (it worked for the Romans — for a while.). Ransoms (monetary and otherwise). Accommodations. Retreats. Misdirection and outright lies.

    Peggy Noonan just penned a brilliant analysis for the Wall Street Journal. She captured the global elite, nailing them to a “T.”

    Referring to the nearly million Syrians (disproportionately males) admitted to Germany last year by Chancellor Angela Merkel, Noonan wrote:

    But there was a fundamental problem with the decision that you can see rippling now throughout the West. Ms. Merkel had put the entire burden of a huge cultural change not on herself and those like her but on regular people who live closer to the edge, who do not have the resources to meet the burden, who have no particular protection or money or connections. Ms. Merkel, her cabinet and government, the media and cultural apparatus that lauded her decision were not in the least affected by it and likely never would be.

    Nothing in their lives will get worse. The challenge of integrating different cultures, negotiating daily tensions, dealing with crime and extremism and fearfulness on the street—that was put on those with comparatively little, whom I’ve called the unprotected.

    More from Noonan:

    The powerful show no particular sign of worrying about any of this. When the working and middle class pushed back in shocked indignation, the people on top called them “xenophobic,” “narrow-minded,” “racist.” The detached, who made the decisions and bore none of the costs, got to be called “humanist,” “compassionate,” and “hero of human rights.”

    So, too, on these shores, our elite aim to imitate Merkel, from Obama, who aids and abets illegals, and who’s pushing the import of Syrians, to Paul Ryan (an elitist on the spectrum), who speaks of compassion and fairness toward illegals and Muslim refugees. Never mind they’ll be no costs attendant to the speaker. But Ryan isn’t merely being abstract. His favoring amnesty serves cheap-labor business interests at the expense of struggling citizens.

    Mind you, a Trump victory bringing about a departure will come with disruptions and conflict aplenty. Wider political and societal changes invariably do. The drama of recentering America will play out over years. The progressives and New Dealers didn’t succeed in remaking society immediately. Both had epicenters: industrialization, World War I, and Wilson’s presidency for the progressives; the Great Depression for FDR and his New Dealers.

    Trump represents an opportunity for a new direction — a recreation and amalgam of two critical strains. One nationalist; in other words, a reemphasis on the preeminence of American interests and the American people. The other, conservative, as defined practically and politically by diminishing Washington’s power internally through reduction and decentralization, with much power returning to the states, localities, and citizens.

    And companion social conservativism, which enlists Middle Americans to vigorously battle smothering — elitist — PC; which pushes for a reinvestment of traditional values and virtues in the culture and academy and arts; which counteracts cancerous and nihilistic relativism with bold proclamations for “eternal truths”… that asserts the right of the faithful to be openly, proudly faithful.

    Ambitious? Right. We can’t afford not to be ambitious.

    A Hillary win this November assures an exacerbation — and likely, acceleration — of troubles and conflict for a decaying, fractious society. Her victory would embolden the elite to greater highhandedness, to greater “bullying” and imposition of its worldview on citizens, who resent the trampling of their beliefs and values, and resent the elites’ notion that America is nothing more than an open-air mall, where anything and everything American can be sold, traded, bartered or discarded… where people’s livelihoods and welfare are subordinate to a global economy that mostly benefits the privileged… where nation and patriotism are dismissed as the province of yokels.

    A Trump win would mark a departure, both destructive and creative. Global elites would have to find new ways in a new world. It’s not what they want. With Hillary, though, the fuse will burn down and the powder keg will blow sky-high. That’s when, not if. The consequences of an explosion are surely cataclysmic but, otherwise, unpredictable, with one exception: it won’t end well for global elites.

    Read more:
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  10. Marcos Soria Says:

    Trump has his own agenda…more $$for Trump.

  11. fayettenamhoe Says:

    trump equals more fucking pigs, no self respecting biker would trust any politician, and fuck any of you that would,

  12. Breezer Says:

    Phuquehed: hahahaha, seriously…

    Thanks “straight shooter”… that was…well…. special. good laugh there..

    Anybody got any commentary from planet earth?


  13. Phuquehed Says:

    Off your meds, man?

  14. Straight Shooter Says:

    The ‘selection’ is all ASHKENAZI/KHZAR descendants. Look up TRUMPS name before it was Anglo/Saxon-ized. They all answer to IS RA EL. And for the love of Pete, these ISIS/boogie men are the by-product of the MOSSAD?CIA/MI 5&6 That’s IS RA EL USA & UK’s Spook gangs that are dividing everyone so the take down will be far easier. Take down? Yes, the impending Civil War here, fueled by importing millions of 3rd world criminals (trained by you know WHO) and armed w/the military surplus purchased by local PDs. W/USA tax payer money. The same USA tax payer that made the initial purchase w/a bogus ‘war’ on ‘terror’ based upon lies & propaganda splashed upon the media (OWNED BY THEM) to scare the sheep into submission.

  15. 55 Says:

    A vote for Hillary is a vote for George Soros. Look it up. Sonny is right.

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