A Reply To George Christie

August 18, 2016

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A Reply To George Christie

Some of the people former Hells Angel George Christie has vilified recently, including writer Candy Chand and filmmaker Nick Mead, commented on an article about Christie published on this page yesterday. Not everybody reads the comments. In case you missed it, here is what Mead – in the photo above and who coined the term “The Last American Outlaw” to describe Christie – had to say about him now.

‘Scuse me while I drag myself up out of this alcoholic stupor…

The Last American Clown

The George Christie circus was set to leave Ventura for Joshua Tree, that would be once we had picked up the trailer from UHaul, because The Last American Clown didn’t want to ride all the way there. We un-trailered it for about 20 minutes the next day — and that was all the footage there was of the Last American Clown on his motorcycle.

As the film progressed his lies became more and more apparent — he’d lied about clearing the film at an officer’s meeting, but when I’d arranged a screening at the CBGB film festival in New York he was too scared to go because it was apparently “too close to the clubhouse in NYC” – that was the first I’d heard that there may be an issue between him and the club. I pulled the film from the festival.

Ironically when I then tried to fact check elements of the film with him he refused to cooperate. His lawyers couldn’t get any straight answers out of him either. No one from any club threatened me, the only threat was from his daughter lawyer who threatened to make me bankrupt if I didn’t hand over the film. I refused, stating a clause in the contract with Mrs. Last American Clown that said if anyone made it impossible to continue with the film then the agreement was null and void – any agreement with the Last American Clown and Mrs. Last American Clown was and remains null and void. That was over a year ago. His lies made it impossible to continue. Why the contract with Mrs. Last American Clown? – because Mr. Last American Clown didn’t want to be exposed should any victims of his thuggery come forward for restitution.

He also tried to bully me into being a part of the History Channel and wanted to “premiere” the film on the channel. I said, no, and no again and again. His lawyers tried to pressure me, I said no again and again, and eventually his other lawyer apologized (the only person remotely having any element of integrity in this sea of thuggery and bullying.)

Ironically he suggests giving takethetestGeorge money to an Autism charity. Yet at the charity screening for autism in Ventura, one where Mrs. Last American Clown sold advance tickets and took generous donations at the door, he claimed “we’d barely broke even” and he had “donated $300” by “dropping the cash into a bucket” at an autism charity shop in Ventura. Anyone know of any Autism charity shops with buckets in Ventura?

So nice of The Last American Clown to advise me about dependency problems. I do have an issue with alcohol, the issue being that I am stuck at my age drinking 2013 Les Portes de Bordeaux at $5.99 a bottle from Trader Joe’s, when at my age I should be drinking much nicer stuff. In my job strange things happen and one strange thing was the anonymous delivery of various audio files, one of which was an alleged arrest tape of George – on it, he’s being a total pussy, being arrested for possession of meth and cocaine. He seems to not adhere to the old chestnut of not admitting anything to the police, on this tape he seems to admit to everything – he’s a pathetic example of how to behave when arrested. Based on this tape it might appear that the Last American Clown might have a Meth issue…but I don’t know…

My complaints about his piracy of the film were upheld. You can no longer link from his website to purchase the film. He has no right to sell it, its not complete, finished, nothing is cleared. He’s keeping all the money. No screeners were ever given to Mrs. Last American Clown, he’s lying. I’m tempted to re cut the film as a parody, the Spinal Tap of the outlaw world, and call it The Last American Clown.

The Last American Clown was a big fan of organized crime – I have “ friends” in that world in New York who are interested in my work – when I told them about the film and what it had evolved into – a pathetic lightweight tale of a sad pathetic man carrying out a stupid crime, sealed plea deals and vastly reduced sentences, they halted the conversation mid-flow while brushing their hands on their shoulders as if removing irritating dandruff. They did not want to know. And that is what The Last American Clown is, a minor irritation looking for relevance.

George is the saddest, most hypocritical, clown I know.

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162 Responses to “A Reply To George Christie”

  1. Paladin Says:

    @ Paco & Lipps,

    I think the both of you will have a lot more in common with those that post on the following site: https://www.facebook.com/authoramyirenewhite/ By the looks of it, you and your pal are under appreciated here.


  2. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Austin, that was fall down funny. Thanks much.

    Respects, and Ride Free,


  3. Damon Says:

    “a borderline twitch, given to sudden attacks with little provocation” sounds a lot like an ATF job description.

  4. Paco Says:

    Hey, the name was only put up as some might remember my bike shop I had some years ago under that name. It has nothing to do with outlaw or any of that. People would think we were associated with Ron’s shop not noting the differences in the name.

    I never said Al was a friend, I just said I knew him and he was an alright guy in most respects and not a cop. I don’t think I disrespected Al by using his name as nothing was said that wasn’t a fact about him. So I don’t really consider that disrespecting him. I am sure if he has an issue with anything I have said he can find me if he wishes. I still live in the same house on the same street that I have lived in for over 30 years.

    Has any one heard the possible rumor that Christie may be moving forward with a lawsuit to get distribution rights to the “Outlaw” segment?

  5. popeye Says:

    Paco says lipps is OK. Well thats good enough for me. Should I call you bro?

  6. FF Says:

    Looks like it didn’t take long for Goerge’s clown shoes to get filled by somebody else.

  7. Austin Says:

    Not to change the subject –
    and we have all had enough of The D & Hillary-

    but has anyone else seen that Christmas Decor is already out in stores?!


    They are not mentioning Hobby Lobby in this article – but I saw it with my own eyes… Christmas stuff had a whole aisle in there July 13th! Now THAT is something to get your thong in a twist about! Tongue! Your tongue. my thong… Now twist…
    Damn spell check.

  8. Sieg Says:

    Someone that is a borderline twitch, given to sudden attacks with little provocation, would seem likely to run up a sheet.

    No sheet for anyone named “Lippinski” comes up, and if you change it to A. Lipinski, you find a guy in Kali got popped for a misdemeanor in 2007…

    Just sayin’.


  9. The Kraut Says:


  10. The Kraut Says:

    It is far better to be thought a fool…than to open ones moth and remove all doubt.

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  11. NCRider Says:

    Paco/Lipps – I “prefer” not to partake in your game. Everyone here has said it all much better than I can. Personally, I don’t even think you are a troll. I think you are here for one reason, but its not working. You flunked your assignment again. Not our fault.

    Respectfully To The Real Regulars,


  12. panamaa Says:

    Do you have ANY doubt this Paco motherfucker and lipps aren’t one in the same??

    He’s a real piece of work, this one is.. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this done quite this way on the site, come in blowing his own horn under an assumed name… Gezzz.. Get a life lipps, Paco, whatever the fuck your name is…

  13. Shovelhead Says:

    I for one, do not give a fuck who you are Paco or your Psycho buddy Lipps,
    A person you haven’t seen in 6 years? Like Paladin said, why are you dropping this guys name?

    It’s amazing how some of you feel you’re more important than you really are!! Who cares who you know. Knowing a bad guy, doesn’t make you bad. Knowing a tough guy or an Outlaw doesn’t make you a tough guy or Outlaw.
    Doesn’t make you anything.

    Pussylipps made his own bed, you do not need to sleep in it. If he’s as tough as you say, there’s no need to defend him.

  14. Base Says:

    Paco, I am riveted! Do you live out on the fringe also?

    Let me see if I’m picking up, what your dropping my man.

    Lipps is a great guy. Someone we should understand and respect regardless that old “Lone Wolf” Big Al (notacop or agent) Lippinski can be quite quirky,defensive, a bit effusive, fused & should one or more of us be so blessed to be in close proximity of man with principles and say the wrong thing in the wrong fashion & he perceive that as a attack we could get smoked? Priciples? I suppose in a manner, even if they are skewered.

    And all we need do is check “certain circles” figure out who you are and that everything contained with in your comment is factual.

    Ooo OK.

    Please allow me to shine some light on a few things.

    I know of at least 3 people that go by the name Paco. Doubt your one of them.

    I was kidding about the riveted thing. I find you, excuse me, you both comedic, that’s about it. I won’t be searching you out or fact checking your comment. You can not hide bull shit, it stinks!

    Not that I fear “certain circles” or any you occupy. I avoid chicks with pink hair , bad attitudes & BO. Also the male counter part, scarves, trendy beards & skinny jeans. You know, serious SJW, feminist extremity.


    Offended? No. I busted your balls because you acted like an ass hole. It’s a character flaw.

    Oh wait, I meant Lipps, yeah I was talking “about” Lipps, not talking “to” Lipps. Apologies, your vernaculars are similar. I must have gotten confused.

    I have principles that I live by dam it!



  15. Paladin Says:


    Since my last two comments are “awaiting moderation”, I might as well make another observation, which is: Why would you voluntarily give up another posters name without checking with that poster first? To do so, without prior approval is highly disrespectful, unless of course you’re THAT poster. So, if you have Mr. Lippinski’s permission to use his real name, your statement about not having contact with him in six years is total bullshit, which makes everything you’ve said suspect, including whom you purport to be.


  16. Paladin Says:


    I find it interesting that in your initial post, you’re quick to post all sorts of accolades about your “friend” Lipps, and that you know him and have known him for twenty-five years. Yet, when you reply to NCRider’s post, you say:

    “I haven’t seen the man in about six years and not quite sure where he is, both in the head and the physical sense. Not sure why the rant on the Sporty.”

    When it comes to “lipps”, it doesn’t sound like you’re all that sure about much of anything, does it?


  17. Paladin Says:


    If you review Lipps’ postings, I think you will understand why he was received the way he was. When folks start posting here, they start out with a hundred points. If one chooses, one can lose all their points as soon as they start typing, and that’s what Lipps’ did. I learned many years ago that if one open carries one’s manners, one seldom needs to deploy one’s concealed weapons. I have on occasion had to hastily pack. In that process I have inadvertently forgotten a thing or two. However, I have never forgotten my manners.

    I am the individual you referred to when you made the comment about a member here seeming to “call him out in a way”. I consider myself to be a polite, respectful and considerate individual. I don’t say or post things about an individual that I wouldn’t say to that individual’s face. If your friend were to repeat to my face what he posted to me on this site, it could very well be the shortest conversation he would ever have.

    Long May You Ride,


  18. Paco Says:

    Cathy, or do your prefer NCRider? I haven’t seen the man in about six years and not quite sure where he is, both in the head and the physical sense. Not sure why the rant on the Sporty. Most of us owned one at one time or another, it was the entry bike into the Harley world for most of us. Still a nice bike to speed tune. Thanks for the note.

    Cool on ya,


  19. NCRider Says:

    Concerning Lipps – I, for one, do not give a rat’s ass about him, her, it, whatever. I thought maybe he was gone. He said too many things that just did not add up to the picture he was trying to paint. The Sportster comment did it for me. And now this??? Sorry, but that’s just my opinion.



  20. Paco Says:

    New poster here, just thought I would try and shed some light on a couple items. Those that know the name above know who I am and what I stood for, so no need to explain that. I will try and stay in the boundaries of your rules when I write this so here goes; Firstly, let me take the time to thank Rebel for his fine work and information that he provides here to keep us on pace and in the know. Outstanding stuff on all fronts.

    My next thing to comment on is the cat named Lipps. I know this fellow and have know him for over 25 years, and he is no cop, and no agent of any type, but he can be quite quirky and defensive as I have read most of the posts here. First let me say, if you were ever in the shit you would want this guy at your back. If you are a friend, Brother or he has taken a liking to you, he will go to the nines for you no questions asked. He can be a bit effusive as some of you have seen, but all in all a good guy. He just gets a little fused when he perceives he is under attack.

    Next thing, I think it was BCNasty or someone else that questioned him hiding behind a blog name, well here it is and how it came about. Real name is Al (Big Al) Lippinski. Someone years ago had issues pronouncing the name so hence forth he was titled as “Lipps.” Check the name in certain circles and run a check, you will fine him to come back cool, but with some stories.

    Another member here seem to call him out in a way and said that he (Lipps) would not say certain things to him face to face most likely. I think it would depend on the circumstances and his mood at the time. I have never seen him back down from anyone, even if it meant an ass whopping. He has that much principle. the other thing that has et him apart and has kept him, in his own words “Lone Wolf” status is that he is crazier than a shit house rat. you may be having a beer with him one minute and the next if you say the wrong thing in the wrong fashion you could get smoked. That is why my club and several others would never patch him in, to high risk on the tweaker level. So there you have that.

    My last comment, and I hope this doesn’t offend anyone, but I am sure you will let me know if it does after reading most of these posts; this whole thing with GC seems to be getting a bit out of grasp. If I am not mistaken through my channels, was he not turned by several of his club members after they got pinched for this and that, then they let the law know about the “alleged” firing bombing(s) to get them off the hook as well? That seems to be the crux of what got this whole ball rolling in the first place and maybe gave GC that sense of betrayal that he felt he needed some payback for? I in no way endorse a rat, or any body that rat’s on his Brothers, I did a stint just for that very reason, but you can maybe see why this guy has felt justified in what he has done. A rat is still a rat in my book, but just throwing some analogy out there as food for thought. Hope I have not stepped on any toes in the process, that is not my intent.

    Ride Hard, Stay Free to all

  21. Tooj Says:

    Well Lipps did say it was “on the fringe”…

    Proof is in the pudding.

  22. bcnasty Says:

    Gee, Lipps come back and used his keyboard to insult folks, go figure. Reminds me of a retarded kid in the neighborhood that rides by your house every day and flips you off. You can go outside and stomp him into a puddle but he is too stupid so next day he will ride by again and flip you off. You can not fix stupid so at the end of the picture all you do is beat up a retard.
    Respects to the real,

  23. panamaa Says:

    Paladin Says: Actually, the phraseology used is more apt to come from a female than a male. Especially when one considers the name used by the poster.

    Paladin, I would think Richard Simmons would fall into that category..

    Respects my friend…

  24. The Kraut Says:

    @ Panamaa; Was doing well reading your post…then read the Richard Simmons bit…fucking brilliant! Coffee came outta my nose and coated the keyboard…thanx

    Respects, The Kraut

  25. Paladin Says:


    Actually, the phraseology used is more apt to come from a female than a male. Especially when one considers the name used by the poster.

    Long May You Ride,


  26. Austin Says:

    Hey Lipps- Roll over and nudge Jay. Maybe you two can just eat out for breakfast instead of going out to eat.
    Bye Felicia!

  27. slycechyx Says:

    “You guys are a real giggle”

    I agree with panamaa, Who the fuck talks like that?

  28. dogbreath Says:

    Another court decision critical of how the prosecution handled the most significant criminal case ever brought against the Hells Angels in Quebec has reduced the sentences 35 bikers received for conspiring to murder their enemies.

    And – http://www.cjad.com/cjad-news-quebec-beyond/2016/09/17/millions-of-dollars-in-cash-found-buried-near-former-hells-angels-bunker

  29. NCRider Says:

    Had to hit the hay early last night so I missed Lipps’ intelligent remarks. Tuna twat??? That’s new, never been called that before. Lol.
    Thank you, Paladin. I appreciate your kind words. Actually, I was afraid you might think I was interfering, but I had just enough of Lipps’ stupidity.

    Lipps – Basically, you are a moron. You proved it, Special Agent Idiot.

  30. rollinnorth Says:

    If it sounds like bacon, if it acts like bacon…

    Perhaps it needs to pad a time sheet before the Federal fiscal year ends on September 30.

    Respect, to those…

  31. panamaa Says:

    Lets see, “guys are a real giggle”, “after all it is quite amusing”, “ruffle a few feathers”, “it worked like a charm”, “say all the nasty’s you want”, “aloof guys”………..

    Who the fuck is this guy, Richard Simmons?…… Gezzz

  32. dogbreath Says:

    And, btw, in his first reply to you, Rebel did also point out the odor of bacon.

  33. dogbreath Says:

    Lipps – You said you were leaving, and then hung around to see if you caused any damage. When a man cannot be counted on to keep his word, what can he be counted on for? Nothing.

    In reply to your earlier reply to me:
    “Dog Breath,
    STFU, come on man, I’m well over 60, heard that one long time ago, maybe even before you quite possibly?”

    Shut The Fuck Up – it was meant as advice, which you did not take. And yeah, I’m well over 60 as well. Again, so fucking what?

  34. Lipps Says:

    and that make you what? Credible?

  35. Dasein Says:

    So, Lipps, I’m guessing here you’re not “hiding behind blog names…”, so, apparently your birth name is “Lipps”? Seriously? Naah, probably a well earned nickname.

  36. Paladin Says:


    You show up out of the blue, acting like a total ass, get called out, then acknowledge that you were said ass, then try to get chummy. When that falls flat, you get all butt hurt and start in with your childish, disparaging remarks.

    NCRider has been posting on this site for quite some time, as have a few other women. Unlike you, their posts are thoughtful and intelligent. And again, unlike you, they are respected by others that post on this sight.

    If your goal was to “ruffle some feathers”, be advised, you are a piker among the trolls that have parked their inane drivel on this site. Mind games? Oh pleasssse.


  37. Lipps Says:


    You pathetic tuna twat, go back and read Rebel’s comments again. He lambasted me for what he thought was a credibility attack on Mr. Mead not on anything else. Crusty and dusty old hoser, so sad.

  38. FF Says:

    Good ol’ fish lips!

  39. NCRider Says:

    Lipps – No one has been “vulnerable to mind games”. Rebel called you out immediately and so did others including myself. Obviously you are a pathetic person with no life since you “love to go to sites such as this one and ruffle feathers”. Lipps, VA…Arlington, VA…..Special Agent Idiot. It was fun reading your dumb ass posts knowing you were a fake.

  40. Lipps Says:


    You guys are a real giggle. The badest of the bad, the patch holders, the super secret guys. It really amuses me that you all think you are so stealthy hiding behind blog names and the like. If YOU all are who you say you are and think you are then hell’s bells the law dawgs have all your names and jackets any way, so why be so timid and hide behind all this secret bullshit? If you’re doin’ anything these days then you have nothing to worry about, and my guess is yourself and the majority of the “aging” crew have too much to loose to be full time any way. So you guys can go on with don’t disrespect this and don’t say that and keep up this show, after all it is quite amusing. I just dropped in to make a few comments and ruffle a few feathers because I love sites like this as you are all so vulnerable to mind games, and it worked like a charm. I do however mean everything I stated to Mr. Mead and I hope some day he can get some payback with GC. I’ll acquiesce to your wishes and bow out and you guys can say all the nasty’s you want, no worries. You just keep being the badest, most secret and aloof guys on the planet. No one will ever know who you are, and nobody will really care but you. Fun playin the game with ya, I thought it would be better.

  41. Paladin Says:



    Long May You Ride,


  42. Lipps Says:


    Cute, but you have way too much time on your hands if you’re crusin spots like that. Oh well, gotta do what ya gotta do to stay intertained :)

  43. Dasein Says:

    somethin’ a little too “friendly” about lipps. and, what IS it with that name? makes me think of

  44. Lipps Says:


    Didn’t Sonny Routt also invent the “850 Morgo Kit” for the 750 Bonnies? I know his shop was over in Maryland back in the day and he built some really boss drag bikes, along with Larry Welsh, famous for the “rocket” bike. Yes, those were the days indeed.

    Sorry folks about the double post above, thought the computer had dropped the first one.

  45. Lipps Says:

    Mr. Mead,

    Saw your film and after have a very negative view of GC and his ego and lies having your hard work being dismissed. It seemed a nice piece of work on your part and I liked the way it was put together. To bad there is always a rat in the Kitchen! By the way, the little Triumph Trophy’s made great trials bikes, I enjoyed them.

  46. Lipps Says:

    Mr. Mead,

    I hear you loud and clear with your call for GC. Seems he has a lot of explaining to do to a lot of people. Most won’t want to listen anyway. Glad the reverse has happened to you and all his BS has helped you rather than hurt you. I have a friend that has one of the movie pieces and the work that you did seems damn credible indeed, shame it had to all be tossed by someone’s ego and lies. Hope yo do a positive rebuff piece and let him have it good. To bad there always has to be a rat in the kitchen. By the way, loved the little Triumph Trophy, rode a lot of trials with those in the day.

  47. Paladin Says:


    Lions’ also had a moto-cross course. When my partner and I were racing side hacks, we raced moto-cross at lions, TT at Ascot Park and road raced at Orange County Raceway. Those were good times!

    Long May You Ride,


  48. stroker Says:

    sorry for double post.

  49. stroker Says:

    Respects to Mr. Mead.
    Not trying to highjack this thread, but the references to Sonny Routt struck a chord. I still have (though not running) my 1953 Triumph Thunderbird with a 750 Routt big bore kit. Turned 12.9 in the quarter at Lions in the early 70’s with street exhaust. (yes, was at “The Last Drag Race” at Lions in ’72)

  50. stroker Says:

    Respects to Mr. Mead ………….not trying to highjack this thread, but the references to Sonny Routt struck a chord with me. I still have my 1953 Triumph Thunderbird, w/ 750 Routt big-bore kit. (Currently not running!) Turned 12.9 w/ street exhaust at Lions drag strip in the 70’s. (Yes, I was at the “Last Drag Race” at Lions in ’72.)

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