A Reply To George Christie

August 18, 2016

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A Reply To George Christie

Some of the people former Hells Angel George Christie has vilified recently, including writer Candy Chand and filmmaker Nick Mead, commented on an article about Christie published on this page yesterday. Not everybody reads the comments. In case you missed it, here is what Mead – in the photo above and who coined the term “The Last American Outlaw” to describe Christie – had to say about him now.

‘Scuse me while I drag myself up out of this alcoholic stupor…

The Last American Clown

The George Christie circus was set to leave Ventura for Joshua Tree, that would be once we had picked up the trailer from UHaul, because The Last American Clown didn’t want to ride all the way there. We un-trailered it for about 20 minutes the next day — and that was all the footage there was of the Last American Clown on his motorcycle.

As the film progressed his lies became more and more apparent — he’d lied about clearing the film at an officer’s meeting, but when I’d arranged a screening at the CBGB film festival in New York he was too scared to go because it was apparently “too close to the clubhouse in NYC” – that was the first I’d heard that there may be an issue between him and the club. I pulled the film from the festival.

Ironically when I then tried to fact check elements of the film with him he refused to cooperate. His lawyers couldn’t get any straight answers out of him either. No one from any club threatened me, the only threat was from his daughter lawyer who threatened to make me bankrupt if I didn’t hand over the film. I refused, stating a clause in the contract with Mrs. Last American Clown that said if anyone made it impossible to continue with the film then the agreement was null and void – any agreement with the Last American Clown and Mrs. Last American Clown was and remains null and void. That was over a year ago. His lies made it impossible to continue. Why the contract with Mrs. Last American Clown? – because Mr. Last American Clown didn’t want to be exposed should any victims of his thuggery come forward for restitution.

He also tried to bully me into being a part of the History Channel and wanted to “premiere” the film on the channel. I said, no, and no again and again. His lawyers tried to pressure me, I said no again and again, and eventually his other lawyer apologized (the only person remotely having any element of integrity in this sea of thuggery and bullying.)

Ironically he suggests giving takethetestGeorge money to an Autism charity. Yet at the charity screening for autism in Ventura, one where Mrs. Last American Clown sold advance tickets and took generous donations at the door, he claimed “we’d barely broke even” and he had “donated $300” by “dropping the cash into a bucket” at an autism charity shop in Ventura. Anyone know of any Autism charity shops with buckets in Ventura?

So nice of The Last American Clown to advise me about dependency problems. I do have an issue with alcohol, the issue being that I am stuck at my age drinking 2013 Les Portes de Bordeaux at $5.99 a bottle from Trader Joe’s, when at my age I should be drinking much nicer stuff. In my job strange things happen and one strange thing was the anonymous delivery of various audio files, one of which was an alleged arrest tape of George – on it, he’s being a total pussy, being arrested for possession of meth and cocaine. He seems to not adhere to the old chestnut of not admitting anything to the police, on this tape he seems to admit to everything – he’s a pathetic example of how to behave when arrested. Based on this tape it might appear that the Last American Clown might have a Meth issue…but I don’t know…

My complaints about his piracy of the film were upheld. You can no longer link from his website to purchase the film. He has no right to sell it, its not complete, finished, nothing is cleared. He’s keeping all the money. No screeners were ever given to Mrs. Last American Clown, he’s lying. I’m tempted to re cut the film as a parody, the Spinal Tap of the outlaw world, and call it The Last American Clown.

The Last American Clown was a big fan of organized crime – I have “ friends” in that world in New York who are interested in my work – when I told them about the film and what it had evolved into – a pathetic lightweight tale of a sad pathetic man carrying out a stupid crime, sealed plea deals and vastly reduced sentences, they halted the conversation mid-flow while brushing their hands on their shoulders as if removing irritating dandruff. They did not want to know. And that is what The Last American Clown is, a minor irritation looking for relevance.

George is the saddest, most hypocritical, clown I know.

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  1. Base Says:

    Some parting words for Lipps & Paco as you return to living on the fringe.

    There was a dear fella named Lipps. His lips work harder than a twerking Chicks hips. He thought he was cool, instead showed he was a fool and managed to sink his own ship!

    Then came our man Paco. He popped in and became Lipps jock-o. It became clear as the stench filled the air that he was nothing more than the same ol’l some-o!


  2. panamaa Says:

    You just don’t know when the fuck to shut up do you…. Gezzz
    Flush “em out Rebel…….

    Respects to you sir..

  3. The Kraut Says:

    Fuckers answered questions no one was asking…or cared

    piss on ’em.

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  4. Paladin Says:




  5. NCRider Says:

    Thank you, Rebel. Your site is way too good for those idiots.



  6. popeye Says:

    Thanks Rebel for taking out the trash.

  7. Rebel Says:

    Yo Paco,

    You still at the Edgely Estates Apartments?

    Got a video for you.


  8. Rebel Says:

    Dear Lipps,

    First of all, you are what all the young people nowadays call a “troll.” Which kinda makes you stand out because the most polite people I have ever met are motorcycle outlaws. So you really invite everybody’s attention. So I look at the obvious.

    I think you and “Paco” are both using a Verizon smart phone in Alexandria, Virginia. I look at different spellings for Lipinski.

    There is an Albert Lupenski who lives in Alexandria. He is an Air Force General. That makes me go “Hmmmm” as well. I take a look at the Iron Order rosters for the various chapters in Virginia.

    I wonder why a couple of guys just show up one day to insult people and tell them all how inauthentic THEY ARE.

    I always know more than I say. I think I know everything I need to know about you. There is a David E. Miller in Alexandria. Not only are you rude, but you are a moron.



  9. Lipps Says:


    ATF?, DEA?, Agent?, smell of Bacon? Sheeeeit!! You tough ass clowns had all these agencies walk right into your clubs and bite you on the collective asses, and you didn’t even know it, how good does that make your sniffer? You jokes are a pack of delusional paranoids that think anyone not associated with your little group of rump ranger posters is some sort of cop! Get a friggin grip! No agency is that impressed with what you post here, and like I said before, if you ain’t doin nothin wrong then you got nuthin to fear! Smell of bacon my ass, you clowns couldn’t sniff out a turd in an outhouse!

    And Paco, you Dairy Queen Hells Angel

    Piss on you all!

  10. Paco Says:


    Solid advice. I too started reading on the GC thing and some of the other areas of interest and when I saw some comments made I felt compelled to respond, I guess a bad idea.

    I will regroup, and just keep reading for a while and stay the silent minority. I see your point, thanks for taking the time.


  11. panamaa Says:


    Your killing me here.. It seems, by the way you respond, you have no fucking what the hell is going on, especially with Paladin and others

    A word of advice if I may. This site is almost 10 years old, many of the people you are addressing and the people addressing you here have been on this site since day one. I only starting coming here after the Tipton Murder ( a couple of years ago) because it was the only place to get informed information about the murder.

    When I first started I didn’t post , I just read. I also went back to older post and read… I did have a flurry of post about a month in and the only reason for that is we we’re trying to get something together for information leading to the circumstances into the murder.. I now post from time to time in response to something someone said, but mostly I read. And I’ll tell you, I’ve learned a lot.

    Reiteration of your “life” and views will get you no where here. Stop and listen to what these guys are saying, try to comprehend it and learn from it. Anything else is just a waste of your time and theirs. In your first post you mention someones name… I thought at the time that was a very stupid thing to do and I also thought you didn’t know much about the lifestyle just by the fact that you did that…

    My advice would be to stop posting for a while, kick back, read, and stop stating things you have no idea about, it may serve you well, probably not but anyway “It`s better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt”. Also there’s a saying that goes “ Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference” which is to say if you keep on like you’re going, no one will reply to you…..

    Take it or leave it…

  12. Paco Says:


    Thanks, funny site. Do you know the lady personally? She has a wicked sense of humor, like the one about 7 days in Face-Book jail for Mohamed bashing.

    Hey while I think of it, are you the same Paladin that used to write (or still does) for one of the major motorcycle mags? If I remember correctly you had a column in one?


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