Thanks For Reading George

August 17, 2016

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Thanks For Reading George

George Christie will never drown. No lifeguard could ever ignore his furious cries. He has a genius for getting attention. He has managed to get mentioned on this page twice so far this week. He is thisclose to being on TMZ. Probably in another month, when his memoir is published, he will be inescapable. Like Oprah. As Jay Dobyns once seemed inescapable.

Already, in the last year this guy has had a television show, a billboard on Broadway in New York, a billboard on the Sunset Strip and he landed a major, multi-country book deal. But that’s not enough. He wants to be the ultimate definer of reality. If you want to know what fire, rain or algebra are, or what really happened at the Altamont Speedway in 1969, first thing you better check with George.

He will not truck with disagreement. Last week, a Ventura County, California alternative newspaper ran an 88-word open letter titled “A Challenge to George Christie.” The letter was signed by William Gunner Wolf. It challenged Christie to take a polygraph examination. This page covered the letter in a post two days ago titled “Christie’s Honesty Questioned Again.”

Regrettably, Wolf did not check with Christie before he wrote that letter.


Christie (hard at work in the photo above) responded to the letter today on his website with a 1341-word polemic attacking Hells Angels founder Ralph “Sonny” Barger, Barger’s “clowns,” religious writer Candy Chand, Hells Angel Rusty Coones, Wolf, British filmmaker Nick Mead and “a blogger who has been accused of misrepresenting the facts in his stories.”

Because even hack writers know that men reveal their character in their words, and because George Christie’s words are so revealing, and because quoting a self-righteously indignant man is an easy way for a lazy writer to fill a page with content, here is some of what George had to say today.

“The Sonny Barger Clown Show is back on the road. Unfortunately, it’s a one-song act sung mostly out of tune. This time, Sonny’s Clowns are renewing the call for me to take a lie-detector test. I already did. It’s called writing a memoir.”

Exile on Front Street is as close to the absolute truth as sixty years of memory and exhaustive fact checking can get you.”

“…the bizarro-universe reasoning of Sonny’s Clowns would be funny if it wasn’t just so stupid and irritating.”

Background Singers

“There are, however, lots of background singers in the Sonny Barger Clown Show. He’s got Candy Chand, a religious inspirational writer who apparently has had a late-life conversion to biker groupie.”

“And there’s Donald Charles Davis, a hack blogger who thinks a copy of Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations substitutes for thoughtful writing. He’s a wannabe and a coward who would have been chewed up and spit out in the outlaw motorcycle world. He’s fond of calling me a liar, but no mention of what I lied about. I’m a rat, but no mention of who did time or got busted behind my ‘cooperation.’ He’s even let Sonny take over his blog in a point-by-point rebuttal to things I said in History Channel’s The Outlaw Chronicles.”

Nick Mead’s problem…. I believe Nick got threatened by the club and shut down the movie. Now, out of embarrassment, fear, or both, he’s one of the most vocal of Sonny’s Clowns…. He is one of Sonny’s saddest clowns. (Nick, honestly man, I hope you get some help for what seems to me to be a pretty serious drinking problem, and just get some kind of life.)”

“The worst are the members and former members, who are the height of hypocrisy. Even though we weren’t close, I went to bat for Rusty Coones when Sonny and Rusty’s charter wanted to vote him out of the club while Rusty was in jail. It was a violation of the rules and I fought it, and consequently Rusty’s still a Hells Angel. I helped convince attorney Barry Tarlow’s law firm to take Rusty on as a client. My thanks? Rusty’s gotten right in step against me.”

“I don’t do Sonny’s bidding. I never did. That’s the heart of the problem he has with me. I certainly would never do Gunner Wolf’s bidding….”

At Least At Last We Know

“So a lie-detector test? No. I don’t do what Sonny Barger commands. Never have. And Sonny of all people should realize that bullshit about lie detectors cuts both ways. I can think of a dozen questions he wouldn’t want to be asked strapped to a machine.”

“Donald Charles Davis is going to put his bullshit spin on every yellow post he puts up, which I’m sure will periodically include something nasty and derogatory about me. Knuckle draggers inside the club and out will continue to puff up their chests, and tell themselves they’re not liars. Nick Mead will continue to whine like a little bitch.”

“But I do take some comfort in getting it out there and making it clear that I know they’re lying. And they know I know. I guess that’s going to be as straight as the record ever gets.”

You can read all of Christie’s polemic here.

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35 Responses to “Thanks For Reading George”

  1. GRUMPY Says:


  2. FF Says:

    George Christie is a pompous Asshole

  3. Paladin Says:


    Christie has neither contributed to the “culture” or the patch. The government aside, the biggest problem with the biker lifestyle is its marketing. The commercialization of a subculture that is considered a way of life for many has transformed it into a characterization of itself.

    You respect Ralph Barger, yet you admire George Christie? Rebel considers you to be kind of stupid. I disagree. I think you’re so stupid that the birds peck you.


  4. Big Ang Diamondback Says:

    Fuckin A @rebel !

    Blackfxr- you admire George because he is a better story teller? Are you for real or just being sarcastic? To me what that really comes down to Is you’d rather admire a man that would stab you in the back and put your mother in jail , rather than the one that would protect you and have your back 24/7 .well to each his own I guess?? What do I know?

  5. Rebel Says:

    Dear BlackFXR,

    I know who betrayed who and who is telling the lies.

    George Christie is a pathological liar. I think most recently George has been telling the lie that his plea deal is sealed because it contains the names of confidential informants. George doesn’t mention that the names of the same confidential informants are in the unsealed plea deal of his co-defendant. Go to PACER and look. George’s deal is sealed because he debriefed. His sentencing was delayed for more than six months because the government was waiting for him to make good on his end of the deal and debrief. He was facing life. He got seven months because he debriefed. Okay? He was voted out bad. He lied about that. If you want to know why, go ask an Angel. Then George lied that he was retroactively voted out bad because he made Sonny Barger feel insecure. Think about that one for about a minute. You have probably seen both guys on TV. One of George’s lies is that he was voted out bad because he intimidates Sonny Barger. How does that lie smell to you?

    I don’t care very much. But the fact that George is so stubbornly trying to make himself out to be the opposite of who he actually is, makes him interesting and I write about people and events that are interesting. So I write about him. And the same international media establishment that wouldn’t piss on me if I was on fire is busy trying to make money by portraying George as somebody he isn’t to gullible fools. And that both makes him interesting and also gives me a little axe to grind. Okay?

    The first guy George wanted to write his biography was Bill Hayes. I don’t know what happened there. The second guy was me. I was going to do it because George’s house was in foreclosure and I wanted to try to help him save it. I didn’t know as much about George then as I do now so I probably wasted a month trying to do something nice for George and his family. I couldn’t sell the book proposal. Nobody in publishing had ever heard of George or cared about George or knew who might be interested in reading about George. Now he acts like he’s a legend and he has gone out of his way to try to bad mouth me personally by name. Because I tell the truth about him. Because I think who George really is much more interesting than his bullshit public persona.

    George got away with being a petty bully who literally sat on a throne for years because of his status as an Angel.Sometimes the man makes the patch. Sometimes the patch makes the man. The patch made George and he is still trying to cash in on it. How can you not notice that?

    Ralph Barger, on the other hand, doesn’t have to bother to lie. You don’t have to like him. Many people don’t. He is just who he is. He doesn’t have to pretend to be a movie star.

    If you admire George you are kind of stupid and you have no idea what you are talking about. I don’t care if you are stupid. You can be as stupid as you want to be. But George is the Kim Kardashian of outlaw bikers. Do you admire her, too?

    Thanks for reading and commenting,

  6. BlackFXR Says:

    I know it’s unpopular to say is around here, but…

    I don’t know who betrayed who or who is telling the bigger lie, but from where I’m sitting, George Christie is more charismatic and the better storyteller.

    Sonny is the iconic outlaw and undisputed architect of legends. That’s his claim to fame. I respect the man and on the occasions that I’ve met him, he’s gone out of his way to make me feel welcome.

    Christie, on the other hand, has the marketing value over Sonny. No one can dispute George’s contributions to the culture. Both with the patch and without.

    His show is great. His interviews are great. I’m looking forward to his book.

    As I said before, I respect Mr. Barger. George Christie, gets my admiration.

    I refuse to be one of the people who picks sides in somebody else’s fight.

  7. Philo Bedo Says:

    ‘Back in the day’ dude like this would disappear, one way or the other. Says alot about how far our society has fallen, that they become “celebrities” instead. Dark days ahead.


  8. Mercyful Fate Says:

    “Christie (hard at work in the photo above) responded to the letter today…”

    Rebel, your writings, and the wit you inject into them, are why I read your works. Well, that, and the fact that you’re one of the few journalists out there with reporting integrity.

  9. Bobby Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if George started a new club With a similar name , Such as Hell’s Angels (With an apostrophe)

  10. Neuro Says:


  11. Rick Says:

    Maybe George should join the Iron Order

  12. Phuquehed Says:

    Maybe ‘Last American Rat Clown’ would be a better title.

    Thanks Mr. Mead for letting us in on your side of the story, though most everyone uderstood within moments of reading about what the lying rat fuck George was doing knew you were in the right.

    Hey Georgie boy…why don’t you ever invite any of the pigs to your blog(?) to give testimony to anything you say or do? Is it because even they won’t lie for a gutless worm lying rat fuck like you? Yep, thought so.

    Go back into the hole you were spawned from, you’re stinking the planets good air. Better yet, just test the warning label on a trash bag…something you can actually be proud of afterward because you didn’t have to rat out any friends or brothers or lie.

  13. IronRider Says:

    Well George since you a fan of reading Rebel’s site, maybe you’d like to explain your conversation with the cops that are posted.

    IMHO the tapes say quite a lot, and obviously the cops recorded the conversation with you (btw George here is a tip for you, Law Enforcement loves to get tape, remember that for the future)

    Oh George How can I contact you, from listening to your conversation with the cops, I came to the conclusion you could use a case of lip balm, cause if your really going to kiss that much ass, you ought to protect yourself.

    Let me know where to send that Lip Balm George…Cheers!

  14. Irish 1%ER Says:

    I know both Nick and GC and I can tell you this. When Nick started to see cracks in GC story he was not happy, why would he be, he wants to make a great film, he wants to make some money but when the lies started getting bigger and bigger Nick new that if he went ahead he would never make another movie again! In the documentary world if your caught making a bull shit doc you’re black balled! He knew no one would ever want to work with him again! Believe me no one wants to shut down and loose their ass but GC was such a turd eventually Nick just had to flush it! GC is a piece of shit, many of us knew for a long time and knew it would all surface. You can not hide in the 1%er world, if your a turd eventually your covers will be pulled and you will be flushed! Sometimes it takes a prospecting period sometimes a few decades but it always gets flushed! Respects to the real!

  15. RLG Says:

    There are no happy endings in meth stories…

  16. xplor Says:

    Neuro :
    You would think the President of the club would know who’s a nark and deal with it at the time insted of giving Michael Mulhern $500 up front.

  17. Shirley Rogers Says:

    Looks like George finally wrote the book he always told me to write. QUOTE “Why don’t you write a book about what you don’t know”

  18. panamaa Says:

    Ol’ Georgy’s lucky this ain’t the 60’s,70’s or even the 80’s… If it were, this wouldn’t even be an issue…. He wouldn’t have been around long enough to make it one…. What a dickhead….

  19. Neuro Says:

    @ Xplor: Didn’t you watch the OutBad Chronicles on the History Channel ? You would know that supposedly he suspected Tom of being an informant against Club members, and that Tom had his girlfriend wear a wire, trying to entrap George making incriminating statements. Wasn’t it Tom Chaney whose death was faked and paraded by prison staff ?

  20. Sandmann Says:

    @nick mead
    thank you for sharing YOUR side of the story.
    very… insightful, to say the least.

    respect to the deserving,

  21. Stevo Says:

    They say an anorexic is a person who looks in the mirror and sees a fat person looking back at them. I wonder if the word for a lying, thieving, money grubbing snitch who looks in the mirror and sees a hard done by man of honour looking back is a George? Or a Christie? Maybe you can look it up in your copy of Bartletts Don, and let us know?

  22. Candy Chand Says:

    Thanks Rebel for another excellent piece. I was a bit surprised to read George’s comments about me. However, I’ve certainly written plenty about him, so I guess I’m fair game.

    The difference between my articles and his? I never write lies.

    Oh, and George, although I’m a 3 Decade friend of Sonnys , I’m far from a ” groupie, ” and I don’t do anyone’s bidding

    Candy Chand –Writer @Facebook

  23. Dasein Says:

    Brotherhood isn’t for everybody, even in a world where it’s THE most important quality in a man. Strong acting skills, and no mirrors.

  24. Brad H Says:

    Not knowing Mr. christie, his response resembles what we in Alcoholics Anonymous call “a severe reaction to the truth”.

    One of the first things I learned in the club was to be myself, because “a mans’ true nature will eventually surface”. This held true when someone I believed a brother folded under pressure. I can imagine how his Club must feel about him now his true nature has surfaced.

    As far as this blog being a good example of a bad example, I’ll continue to read the information here and, as many do who read the news do: use it as a reference, look for corroborating stories elsewhere. So far, this site, while having a different tac from ‘lame stream media’, has steered me towards numerous stories I wouldn’t have found.

    Besides, it’s bookmarked.


  25. xplor Says:

    I hereby boycott all posts about the mythical Gus the Greek until someone explains why he wanted to kill Tom Chaney.

  26. Luke Says:

    It made me laugh. He called you a hack

  27. NCRider Says:

    Thank you Rebel for keeping it real once again. Thank you Nick Mead for speaking out. The Last American Clown seems very appropriate. Wow, George. Its very impressing of you…being the badass ex Hells Angel that you claim to be… attacking Candy Chand. Does she scare you also?



  28. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Read the polemic. Ah…the sentence that begins “According to them…”, check the spelling on the club name.

  29. Big Ang Diamondback Says:

    Rebel. Thank you sir. This website is truly a beautiful thing.

    -Big Ang NY

  30. Freeman Says:


    Respect and trusts takes years to earn, milliseconds to lose.

  31. Paladin Says:

    It’s really pretty simple. christie is upset because he was kicked off the team for unsportsmanlike conduct. christie’s continual crying is an embarrassing attempt to stretch his fifteen minutes of attention to twenty-five. My eyesight isn’t good enough to see that ever happening.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  32. Sticker Says:

    Christie said “I took a lie detector test, I wrote a memoir”. He’s a fucking delusional old man clinging like a survivor to a piece of wood in the middle of the Atlantic. It’s well known in human nature that wounded animals fight the hardest and right now Christie is flailing with all his might at every shadow. They say the truth shall set you free but in Christie’s case the truth is whatever he is thinking on a particular day. He’s a con man only interested in trying to make a buck off 81 in any way possible. You better install a urinal next to your grave Christie because then people will have the option to piss on your grave or next to it. I’m guessing the grass won’t be very green.

  33. rollinnnorth Says:

    Thank you, Rebel, for the “high”lights of Christie’s latest rant. Thanks for the link, but I will not be clicking that one. My intention to boycott all things Christie (other than what you write) is prevailing over my morbid curiosity. Such a sad spectacle.


  34. Nick Mead Says:

    Scuse me while I drag myself up out of this alcoholic stupor…

    The Last American Clown

    The George Christie circus was set to leave Ventura for Joshua Tree, that would be once we had picked up the trailer from UHaul, because The Last American Clown didn’t want to ride all the way there. We un-trailered it for about 20 minutes the next day — and that was all the footage there was of the Last American Clown on his motorcycle.

    As the film progressed his lies became more and more apparent — he’d lied about clearing the film at an officer’s meeting, but when I’d arranged a screening at the CBGB film festival in New York he was too scared to go because it was apparently “too close to the clubhouse in NYC” – that was the first I’d heard that there may be an issue between him and the club. I pulled the film from the festival.

    Ironically when I then tried to fact check elements of the film with him he refused to co operate. His lawyers couldn’t get any straight answers out of him either. No one from any club threatened me, the only threat was from his daughter lawyer who threatened to make me bankrupt if I didn’t hand over the film. I refused, stating a clause in the contract with Mrs Last American Clown that said if anyone made it impossible to continue with the film then the agreement was null and void – any agreement with the Last American Clown and Mrs Last American Clown was and remains null and void. That was over year ago. His lies made it impossible to continue. Why the contract with Mrs Last American Clown? – because Mr Last American Clown didn’t want to be exposed should any victims of his thuggery come forward for restitution.

    He also tried to bully me into being a part of the History Channel and wanted to “premiere” the film on the channel. I said, no, and no again and again. His lawyers tried to pressure me, I said no again and again, and eventually his other lawyer apologized (the only person remotely having any element of integrity in this sea of thuggery and bullying).

    Ironically he suggests giving takethetestGeorge money to an Autism charity. Yet at the charity screening for autism in Ventura, one where Mrs Last American Clown sold advance tickets and took generous donations at the door, he claimed “we’d barely broke even” and he had “donated $300” by “dropping the cash into a bucket” at an autism charity shop in Ventura. Anyone know of any Autism charity shops with buckets in Ventura ?

    So nice of The Last American Clown to advise me about dependency problems. I do have an issue with alcohol, the issue being that I am stuck at my age drinking 2013 Les Portes de Bordeaux at $5.99 a bottle from Trader Joes, when at my age I should be drinking much nicer stuff. In my job strange things happen and one strange thing was the anonymous delivery of various audio files, one of which was an alleged arrest tape of George – on it’s he’s being a total pussy, being arrested for possession of meth and cocaine. He seems to not adhere to the old chestnut of not admitting anything to the police, on this tape he seems to admit to everything – he’s a pathetic example of how to behave when arrested. Based on this tape it might appear that the Last American Clown might have a Meth issue…but I don’t know…

    My complaints about his piracy of the film were upheld, you can no longer link from his website to purchase the film. He has no right to sell it, its not complete, finished, nothing is cleared. He’s keeping all the money. No screeners were ever given to Mrs Last American Clown, he’s lying. I’m tempted to re cut the film as a parody, the Spinal Tap of the outlaw world, call it The Last American Clown.

    The Last American Clown was a big fan of organised crime – I have “ friends” in that world in New York who are interested in my work – when I told them about the film and what it had evolved into – a pathetic lightweight tale of a sad pathetic man carrying out a stupid crime, sealed plea deals and vastly reduced sentences, they halted the conversation mid flow while brushing their hands on their shoulders as if removing irritating dandruff. They did not want to know. And that is what The Last American Clown is, a minor irritation looking for relevance.

    George is the saddest, most hypocritical, clown I know.

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