Christie’s Honesty Questioned Again

August 15, 2016

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Christie's Honesty Questioned Again

George Christie, who has made a late life career of telling tales about the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, has had his honesty questioned again.

Last week the Ventura County Reporter, an alternative weekly newspaper with a circulation of about 35,000 in Christie’s hometown, published a letter titled “A Challenge to George Christie.”

The letter read:

“Ventura, SFV, Dago and So Cal Motorcycle Club charters offer you $2,000 to take a three-part polygraph test regarding your upcoming book, Exile on Front Street, and the Outlaw Chronicles television show. You were dishonorably kicked out of the motorcycle club, yet you continue to profit by using the club’s name and logo in the media. While a few in the general public may believe you, we were there and know the truth. We will prove that multiple claims in your show and book are lies! Contact [email protected]

The letter was signed by William Gunner Wolf, Ventura.

Back Story

Christie was expelled from the Hells Angels in 2011. Even as a member, Christie apparently sought to profit from the status the club gave him and on multiple occasions he informed on club brothers and associates. During his last racketeering case, he became the subject of a sympathetic documentary about him called The Last American Outlaw by the British filmmaker Nick Mead. After years work and a significant investment, Mead shelved the film when he became convinced that Christie had been lying to him.

Late last year, Christie starred in a very fictionalized, television history of the Hells Angels and in it, went out of his way to smear Hells Angels founder Ralph “Sonny” Barger. In his book, which will be published next year, Christie goes out of his way to settle scores with Mead and The Aging Rebel.

He wrote: “I have been asked by many what happened to The Last American Outlaw. Nick Mead has never addressed it with me face to face, but let me pass on to you what I have been told by friends in his inner circle. Nick, along with a blogger who has been accused of misrepresenting the facts in his stories, caved in under pressure.”

In the meantime Christie has instigated multiple, bullying lawsuits and appropriations. He threatened to sue Mead. He threatened to sue a man who bought a motorcycle from his late son. He bootlegged copies of Mead’s film and sold them online. Jacqueline Mann, the widow of the late, biker artist Dave Mann, had to threaten Christie with a lawsuit to get him to stop stealing pirated copies of her husband’s art work.

Christie has not yet agreed to take the lie detector test.


13 Responses to “Christie’s Honesty Questioned Again”

  1. T Hell Says:

    Those that devised the conceptual plan that became the U.S. Constitution understood a few things that transcended the day to day political bullshit that is ever present in a Democratic society. Those that wrote the bylaws of the major clubs understood this as well. Shit should be handled in house in a timely manner for a reason, if not, it festers and grows cancerous left alone long enough there comes a point when no further action can be taken without irreparable harm done to the host. Because Christie went public first that does not mean your dirty laundry belongs on the front lawn. Fuck George Cristie, club business, and not my club. This too shall pass but for now you must wait.


  2. Big Ang Diamondback Says:

    All of the veteran AR readers here already knew this to be true about Christie, I mean fuk most of us said this even before the TV show came out and way before that. We still had some troll LEO backed accounts on here trying to back him up . But it really doesn’t get any clearer than this.

    I mean the fkn guy said “don’t tell my club what I’m talking about right now because I will get in trouble ” to a detective and even admitted to wearing wires and ratting out brothers to the detective on these audio taps.. . rebel, this is really good stuff .. The problem is, we are the only people that are going to read this .. All of the sons of anarchy buy an road glide ultra 40k bike and buy a patch and leathers … people that watch FOXNews would never get real information like this .. Isn’t there anyway you can get this to mainstream media rebel ?? Calling out the credibility of the entire 81 show and fuck getting some of this morning back to the club that was made illicitly

    Respect to the hardcore readers

    Big Ang NY

  3. Nick Mead Says:

    Warthog — the only pressure or threat I’ve ever had is from George’s lawyer daughter, threatening to make me bankrupt unless I handed over the film. George is totally lying.

  4. BMW Says:

    WTF? From far away, it looks like Christie folded after screwing up and facing jail time. Too bad– for a while, he was one of the most articulate spokesmen for bikers– in clubs and out. In construction, we have a saying that also applies to this: “One ‘oh Shit ‘ wipes out all your attaboys”. Sad to see an old dog go down that road, but there is absolutely NO justification for ratting out your former friends and brothers. Hell, I expect him to be selling razors and “I support Shillary” on TV,any day now…
    Cynical in the Midwest,

  5. WARTHOG Says:

    “Nick, along with a blogger who has been accused of misrepresenting the facts in his stories, caved in under pressure.”

    Pressure from whom?




  6. R&R Says:

    Jeeeeezuzz. Half expected George to offer a blow job to the detective in his whiny rat fuck back stabbing way. He won’t be taking any test.


  7. Phuquehed Says:

    Fuck you George, you air-wasting, shit-stain rat fuck.

  8. Neuro Says:

    Billy G. is for real.

  9. Rocco151 Says:

    Being relatively new to the motorcycle world ,
    and learning from you veterans, I’ve come to realize that there is a subtle common sense logic to your actions which I find very refreshing ! On that note, I think there is only one reason that a guy who is writing a book and trying to make a movie about his life is telling tales out of school…money ! Why then wouldn’t this same individual take any easy $2,000 from some former associates ? Even an amateur like me can figure that one out !

  10. NCRider Says:

    Screw you, George Christie. The people that matter already know the truth. The Hells Angels and Rebel’s readers know who the liar is.

  11. Ziocles Says:

    Truth always comes out in the end, even if it takes a few decades.

  12. david Says:

    Question which needs to asked and researched, Was Christie an imbedded gov. agent from the git go?

  13. IronRider Says:

    I dont think anyone needs to really make a comment about this, the recordings speak volumes.

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