Texas Déjà Vu

August 12, 2016

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Texas Déjà Vu

Friction continues in Texas between motorcycle clubs that belong to the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents and clubs that loudly proclaim the COC&I to be a Bandidos controlled racket.

That friction seemed to reach a climax 15 months ago when members of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club crashed a confederation meeting at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas and took all the seats and parking spaces. The settling of differences that resulted killed nine men, wounded at least 18 more and put 177 people in jail. It also justified months of anti-Bandidos and anti-biker propaganda.

In interviews with police and various important journalists after the Twin Peaks brawl scores of Cossacks portrayed the Texas confederation as an extortion racket. Members of the confederation present themselves as advocates for “bikers rights.”

Confederation Motives

Official outlaw biker authorities agree with the Cossacks and the Iron Order, a motorcycle club that loudly refuses to belong to any state confederation and, coincidentally, also has many members who are police officers, probation officers, military policemen, federal agents or prison guards. A month after the Twin Peaks bloodbath, Steve Cook, a self described “Motorcycle Gang Expert, Law Enforcement Trainer,” and “Documentary Television Personality” conducted a workshop in Waco that was intended to inform police about motorcycle clubs and motorcycle club members. While he was in town Cook told television station KXXV that he had, “seen an influx of (street) gang members that are also a part of motorcycle clubs and club confederations. “We do a considerable amount of talking about these confederations and coalitions,” Cook said, “and try to make them understand a little bit the motives behind these is other than what they advertise.”

Less than three weeks after the Waco brawl, local, state and federal police busted up a regular, monthly confederation meeting at a VFW Post in El Paso. Police timed their raid to coincide with the ceremonial presentation of a $4,000 check to the Alzheimer’s Association. The point of the raid was to arrest a Bandido who had allegedly assaulted a member of an El Paso motorcycle club named Los Traviesos El Chuco. The Bandido was charged with “engaging in organized criminal activity,” a vague charge peculiar to Texas and the same charge levied against all of the witnesses at the COC&I meeting at the Twin Peaks.

After the raid on the confederation meeting a  local “biker authority” named Rusty Fleming, who works for the Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Office, told El Paso television station KFOX that the arrest was related to a territorial dispute between the Bandidos and another, unnamed motorcycle club. “They’re going to proclaim that Texas is theirs and that’s their turf and then they’re going to have to do something to protect it and that means violence,” Fleming claimed. “Obviously after Waco you can see they’re not afraid of pulling a gun,”

Last Week

A counter-confederation of clubs led by the Iron Order and Los Traviesos have been skirmishing with the Bandidos in West Texas for about 30 months. The trouble started about the same time the Cossacks began skirmishing with the Bandidos further east. The timing of these troubles may be purely coincidental, or they may betray something sinister about the government’s war on motorcycle clubs, and they continue in El Paso.

Last week Bandidos’ El Paso chapter president Juan Martinez, chapter sergeant at arms James Heredia and chapter secretary Thomas Decarlo were arrested and charged with engaging in organized criminal activity after a confrontation with two Los Traviesos patch holders named Gerardo “DJ” Quesada and Edward Delgado at a restaurant named Hot Chicks Wing House on August 3.

According to a police report, the Bandidos tried and failed to take Quesada and Delgado’s vest and did take Delgado’s cell phone.

Martinez and Decarlo were released after posting $75,000 bonds. Heredia was released after posting a $60,000 bond.

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24 Responses to “Texas Déjà Vu”

  1. Duck Says:

    It’s so fucking funny that the LEO’s spend all week trying to arrest us then all weekend trying to BE us.

  2. The Truth Says:

    Shameful u are completely right the president of las traviesos is a poser gangster trying to make a name for him self for pressing charges on 1%ers his a joke

  3. Scooter Rick Says:

    I haven’t been seeing any I.O. out and about. Did they change their colors from black and white to transparent?

  4. david Says:

    First, they are not LEO, you’re confused Unlisted. Pigs are alleged public-servants(public slaves).
    Second, pigs employment and especially guaranteed pensions are both bull-shit.
    Third,many gov.employee pigs get their rocks off by tyranizing the Public who are fucking paying for it.
    Fourth, pigs are thugs not the other way around.
    Fifth, MC members are not gang members as pigs are.

    Since you are so confused on so many points, you must be riding the thin blue line.

  5. Jim Denny Says:

    Have you found any truth to the rumor that iron order is started and funded by the atf?

  6. caretaker Says:

    ted unlis-never thought I’d say this,but for once I agree with you.


  7. Ted Unlis Says:

    Any LEO who gets their rocks off dressing up like an outlaw biker thug and hanging out with other LEO losers who share the ridiculous hobby of emulating the criminal MC gang member lifestyle are an embarrassment to the thin blue line and deserve to lose their job for even the slightest display of pseudo 1%er thuggery.

  8. LoneWoofwoof Says:

    Conspiracy Alert: Please note, Bill O’Reilly and Steve Cook are both wearing the same necktie. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

  9. life insurace Says:

    I agree with the popeye Say “Steve Cock looks like that retarded banjo player”.

  10. Base Says:

    It is always the worst of humanity that asked for payment so they may protect us from the worst of humanity that we know nothing about!

    Chatted up by a friend, he called Cook a Shyster. I disagreed, he is more of a Huckster.

    Just like Chicken Little.

  11. panamaa Says:

    Iron Order and Los Travieso = Tethered goats” to quote a phrase….

  12. Phuquehed Says:

    The only good pigs, fake club faggots – IO, LO, Cock-sack-lickers, etc – and so-called ‘mc gang experts: are those not breathing.

  13. david Says:

    Bill Oh’Reilly receives more than a 4.5 million dollar salary, PER YEAR, to push his gov. lies, and the lies of fake expert con-men like Crook.

  14. Paladin Says:

    If one doesn’t have what it takes to be the part, one shouldn’t act the part.


  15. Cwb j0ker Says:

    All those urine order lames meet up in cars near Athens,Ga at top dawgs.
    Got all this vest bling bullshit and look like strait key board warriors pigs.
    Also the lames go to hooters at mall of georgia in buford.
    They also ride around in cars with there brand new vest lmao.

    Hopefully they run out of seats to drive people around in there internet biker bling bling

    Support your local OL.

  16. Brad Milch Says:

    As Glenda (good witch from the North) whispered to Dorothy (Judy Garland pretending to be a young girl from a Kansas farm family): ‘Close your eyes, click your heels 3 times, and repeat after me, ‘I will not let this shit get to me’, I will not let…’

  17. Nihilist Says:

    There are plenty of independents and other clubs who co-exist with the Bandidos MC (speaking from direct personal experience, here). The truth of the matter is put-up jobs like UO and Traviesos start crying when they get called out for their particular brand of disrespect.

    We’ve all heard the reports of creepy guys acting as cops, pulling people over, etc. to either power trip or find a way to assault women. Know your place. Well put, Shameful.

    I love how Rebel bandies about the same phrases these ass clowns surely use on their resumes! Just go ahead and say it out loud while looking in the mirror, Steve Cock!

  18. tiopirata Says:

    Jesus wept!!
    That was difficult to read.
    Thank you again Rebel for producing articles that are factual, as opposed to these fools who seem to believe their own press.
    Surely even the police are better informed, they are either liars or imbeciles, which is it. Perhaps one of the resident trolls will tell us, as they usually do.
    Respect as always.

  19. popeye Says:

    Steve Cock looks like that retarded banjo player from deliverance all grown up.

  20. Steve Apocalypse Says:

    I’m not a biker although I love my 72 honda cb. What do you expect from an anti Democratic government. You scare them. They will fight you. Freedom for all! Fuck the pigs. No rulers ride on!

  21. BigUglyMotherFucker Says:

    You know it’s just sad that these”Motorcycle Gang Experts” get on Fox and the others when they aint ex-cops, ain’t ex- bikers, ain’t shit but con artists that the “news” uses to keep the public stupid and get more of us shot. Having been a patch wearing, dues paying, kinda biker most of my life I am willing to accept the risks of my chosen lifestyle but I have trouble when these bitches start talking about us like they know something. Ignorant fools lying to bigger fools. Fuck ’em.

  22. Head Chingon Says:

    Steve Cook, a self described “Motorcycle Gang Expert, Law Enforcement Trainer,” and “Documentary Television Personality” is also a dumb fuck drunk ass fool.

  23. Erin go bragh Says:

    Simply put, the Feds, state & locals, can make the rules (law) as they wish and whatever the situation dictates (to them), in their favor…which is Bullshit…

  24. Shameful Says:

    Cossacks/Iron Order/Los Traviesos: one and the same type of group. Just a bunch of posers, cops, and people looking to bring charges against 1%ers. No one goes to their local donut shop and acts like they can write tickets, so quit trying to wear patches you didn’t/couldn’t earn and stay in your own lane.

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