Johnson Thwarts Justice Again

August 9, 2016

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Johnson Thwarts Justice Again

There was a hearing in Waco yesterday before a gangster judge named Matt Johnson on whether Abelino Reyna, the gangster district attorney of McLennan County, Texas should be disqualified from prosecuting defendants in the criminal cases that resulted from the deadly biker brawl at the Twin Peaks restaurant franchise in the city on May 17, 2015.

The comparatively youthful Johnson (photo above), a second generation judge in Waco, Reyna’s former law partner and like Reyna a member of what should probably be called the “Baylor Mafia,” has been obstructing justice in the Twin Peaks case for a 15 months. For example, he restrained one of the most prominent defenders in the case, Dallas lawyer Clint Broden, from publicly discussing the case for a year. He is an elected politician. He dispenses what passes for justice in Waco like an elected politician. And, at a glance, he deserves to be disbarred.

The issue in the hearing yesterday, as simply stated as possible, was whether Reyna picked who he wanted to prosecute rather than deciding whether the local police had established probable cause for prosecution. There is significant evidence that Reyna was clearly out of line. One piece of evidence – not the only piece but the piece that has been mostly widely disseminated in the last 15 months, is a report dated May 17, 2015 and written by Waco Detective J.R. Price—a 28-year veteran of the Waco police. It is too long to reproduced by most journalistic outlets – because the public’s attention span is fleeting as a hummingbird – but it probably serves the whole goddamn point of journalism to reproduce many of Price’s words here now. They concisely explain how so many innocent people came to have there lives ruined in the aftermath of the Twin Peaks blood bath.

What Price Said

“When I walked into the lobby area of the Convention Center, I saw investigators from not only our department but also the Texas Department of Public Safety as well as Representatives from the McLennan County Sheriffs Office. I was told there were representatives from other Police Agencies there although I did not see any in the immediate area where I had entered the Convention Center. I had seen other officers from outlying agencies providing security around the Convention Center. Therefore, it was easy to assume there were probably other officers assisting our department inside.

“I walked further in through the main lobby. I was able to meet with several detectives from the Special Crimes Unit as well as Neighborhood Services Section, which is part of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Waco Police Department. I learned there was a pending decision to possibly charge documented members of the Bandido and Cossacks Motorcycle Clubs, with the offense of Engaging In Organized Crime. I did confirm that detectives had already started the process of interviewing members of not only those two motorcycle clubs but as well as others that were present at the Twin Peaks Restaurant. I was given information that at least one City Bus had left the Convention Center with individuals that had already been interviewed, indicating they had been released after items such as their ‘colors’ and other personal property that would be essential to the Capital Murder
Investigation. (sic)

“I also confirmed that a representative from the District Attorney’s Office had asked all of the detectives to stop their interviews and go to one of the conference rooms for a meeting.


“I located Assistant Chief Lanning in the lobby area, and very shortly after I began speaking with him I saw that representatives from the District Attorney’s Office approached us, these individuals being Mr. Abel Reyna, Mr. Michael Jarrett and Mr. Mark Parker. It was then when I learned a decision had been made that upon interviews with any of the individuals, if it was learned that they were members of the Bandidos or Cossacks; that they would be charged with Engaging In Organized Crime based on the wording of an affidavit that had been prepared by the District Attorney’s Office.” (All italics by The Aging Rebel.)

“I was also told that information had been given to them from the Texas Department of Public Safety, that their agency had classified these two motorcycle clubs as Criminal Street Gangs.”

(The Cossacks had not previously been classified as a “criminal street gang.” The Cossacks were not classified as a criminal street gang that afternoon when the brawl at the Twin Peaks erupted. The determination that they were to be classified as a criminal street gang was made that night in the Waco Convention Center in order to facilitate the arrest of innocent people who were either believed to be Cossacks or believed to be affiliated in some previously legal way with the Cossacks.)

Price Continues

“I was aware of an ongoing investigation and intelligence that had been coming into their agency, that DPS had been sharing with other local Police Agencies, since at least February or March of 2015. I was also told by representatives of the District Attorney’s Office that if investigators were able to document that anyone else from any other Motorcycle Club was a supporter of either the Bandidos or the Cossacks, then they should also be charged with Engaging In Organized Crime.

“Assistant Chief Lanning also acknowledged this information as he had been in the Convention Center prior to me arriving . It should also be noted there were detectives from Waco PO, Department of Public Safety agents, McLennan County Sheriffs Office staff, that were present in the lobby during the conversation we were having with representatives of the District Attorney’s Office. I assumed a conversation had already taken place between the District Attorney’s office staff, possibly my Supervisor Assistant Chief Lanning, and/or others prior to my arrival at the Convention Center.

“After our conversation in the lobby area of the Convention Center, myself, Assistant Chief Lanning, MR. Reyna, Mr. Jarrett and Mr. Parker went to one of the offices of the Convention Center. Upon arriving in that office, I saw there was another individual from the District Attorney’s Office whom I do not know by name, but I was told he was one of their Appellant Attorneys. I also noticed there were a couple of investigators from the Special Crimes Unit (sic) another office using a computer for some paperwork need. Also present were representatives from the Convention Center, to include the Director Ms. Liz Taylor. I asked representatives from the District Attorney’s Office to provide me guidance regarding what the criteria would be for investigators to either document and/or possibly indicate that individuals would be charged with Engaging Ion Organized Crime. I was told that due to the wording in the arrest affidavit that had been prepared that it specified that these two previously mentioned Motorcycle Clubs had been documented by the Department of Public Safety as a Criminal Street Gangs. I was also told the arrest affidavit would support the arrest of not only any members of the Bandidos or Cossacks, but also anyone else who was a supporter of the Bandidos or Cossacks.

Engaging In Organized Crime

“It was explained to me that if a person was wearing a patch, clothing or insignia that indicated he or she was a supporter of the Bandidos or Cossacks; or if they mentioned in an interview that they were a supporter of the Bandidos or Cossacks, then they should also be charged with Engaging In Prganized Crime. I told representatives from the DA’s Office that detectives had already started interviews regarding a Capital Murder investigation. I learned that we would still be conducting our Capital Murder investigation, but it would be more than likely be a separate investigative report, from that of the Engaging In Organized Crime.

I was told by staff of the District Attorney’s Office, that as written in the arrest affidavit, Engaging In Organized Crime would be a proper and legal charge. I also received the same acknowledgement from Assistant Chief Lanning. I learned that he had already been in communication with representatives from the District Attorney’s Office prior to my arrival at the Convention Center. He acknowledged the decision after discussions with the District Attorney’s Office. At that point, I told both him and representatives from the District Attorney’s Office, I would need to meet with any investigators that were still waiting on instructions as to what criteria would be used and had been set out per the arrest affidavit, specific to charging anyone with Engaging in Organized Crime.

“I walked out of the office with Assistant Chief Lanning and he acknowledged some of the investigators possibly already knew the criteria. I began making rounds throughout the lobby area and the meeting room with the information that had been given to us by the District Attorney’s Office. I also spoke with Assistant DA Mark Parker and asked him to meet with Detective Manuel Chavez. I had been told the arrest affidavit specified that it would be signed by a member of he Special Crimes Unit of the Waco Police Department. Detective Chavez was the On-Call investigator for the Unit at the time this incident occurred at the Twin Peaks Restaurant. Therefore, I did speak with him and explained what I had just learned. I also asked him to meet with Assistant DA Mark Parker to ensure he understood what criteria had been set out by their office.

Who To Charge

“I also explained to Detective Chavez as well as other investigators, that I had asked representatives from the DA’s Office, if someone could be charged under this affidavit if they refused to speak to a detective during an interview; as long as the detective was able to see or document they were either a Bandido or a Cossack, or a supporter of either one. I also had been told this could be based on their jackets or what is referred to as ‘cuts’ or ‘colors,’ as well as a any other patches or particular identifiers to show they were a documented member or a support member. I had noticed there were quite a few individuals wearing ‘colors’ that displayed a patch showing ‘I support the Bandidos.’ I also noticed some patches indicating ‘I support the Fat Mexican.’ I was told this would be specific to a supporter of the Bandido Motorcycle Club.

“Det. Chavez told me he would meet with Assistant DA Mark Parker, and then he was instructed to go to a room that had already been set up by the McLennan County Sheriffs Department as a Processing Center, for anyone that would be referred as a person who should be charged with the offense. It should be noted that when I arrived at the Waco Convention Center, I saw representatives from the McLennan County Jail, specifically Captain Kolinec and Lieutenant Armstrong. With them were additional staff from the jail, in the event that people would be processed at the Convention Center prior to being taken to the McLennan County Jail.

“It was my understanding that after the specific interview, or based on any physical observations of their colors or other evidence that fit the criteria as set out in the arrest affidavit; that individual’s name would be placed on a list which would be provided to the Processing Area. In that processing area, there was staff from the McLennan County Sheriffs Department-Jail Division, Det. Chavez, Judge Peterson, a representative from the District Attorney’s Office, and Captain Steve Smith from the McLennan County Sheriffs Office.

“It should also be noted I saw that detectives from the Waco Police Department-Neighborhood Services Section had set up an Evidence Receiving Area in one portion of the Convention Center. This was done for the purpose of collecting any cell phones, Motorcycle Club identifying clothing and any other evidence that would pertain to the investigation that was being conducted on the shooting that occurred at the Twin Peaks Restaurant.

“The interviews once again commenced, and continued to the very early morning hours of 5/18/15. I remained at the Convention Center with Assistant Chief Frank Gentsch until such time we confirmed all those individuals that would be charged per the criteria of the arrest affidavit, had either been interviewed and/or were awaiting transfer to the McLennan County Jail. There were a number of individuals that had not been documented with any criteria based on the arrest affidavit. They had been placed in a holding area until such time they could be taken to a specific location for their release. It should also be noted that individuals that had been transported to the Convention Center had been photographed, their names had been obtained, and other information documented in the event they had to be re-contacted at a later date.”


During yesterday’s five-hour hearing before Johnson, Price testified, “I didn’t know what a Cossack was until May 17, 2015.”

Stroman, who was two thousand miles away at the time, testified that it was his decision to arrest everyone wearing a “I support the Fat Mexican” tab.  Stroman also testified that he had been told by Lanning that Reyna wanted to arrest everybody.

Chavez testified that he never talked to Reyna. Parker said he did.

Reyna insisted that that night, he did “the right thing.”

None of the evidence was straightforward enough for Johnson. There are two motions to disqualify Reyna. One was filed by Broden on behalf of Scimitar Motorcycle Club member Matt Clendennen and the other by Houston attorney Abigail E. Anastasio on behalf of Cossack Ray Nelson.

Johnson refused to rule on those motions yesterday. He told Brodin and Anastasio and Special prosecutor Brandon Luce, who is representing Reyna, to get back to him in ten days with written briefs.

After Johnson delayed his ruling, Reyna told KWTX reporter John Carroll, “I’m telling the citizens of McLennan County they don’t need to worry about the frivolous claims that have been made in this federal lawsuit and the frivolous claims made against me and this office and the Waco Police Department. It is ridiculous.”

Obviously, Reyna thinks his big problem will be his re-election. He and his co-conspirator, Johnson, also seem to think they can delay justice indefinitely. Both of them may be and should be running out of time.


37 Responses to “Johnson Thwarts Justice Again”

  1. david Says:

    The waco-trib article covers a lot. And Sam Sparks is really full of shit.

    8 of the 15 Plaintiff bike riders in the civil constitutional Title 42 law-suits have never been indicted on the bull-shit engaging charge.

    Three of the 8 riders state they weren’t even IN the City of Mistake-O when the shooting began.

    With those known facts,bull-shitter Sparks rules the possibly never happening State court prosecutions must occur first. Where did the Federal Court find this “Justice”?

  2. Griz's Gal Says:

    “The civil rights violation lawsuits filed by bikers arrested after the Twin Peaks shootout will remain in Austin but must wait to proceed until after the criminal cases are disposed of, a federal judge in Austin ruled.
    U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks, in separate orders filed Wednesday, denied a motion from McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna and other civil suit defendants to transfer the civil cases from Sparks’ Austin court to a federal judge in Waco.
    Sparks also granted a defense motion to stay all proceedings in the 15 civil lawsuits until after the Twin Peaks criminal matters are resolved.”


  3. xplor Says:

    Why did Abel Reyna show up at Twin Peaks and take charge ? What did he know and when did he know it ?
    How did all the outside agencies get there and who did they talk to ? How long had they plan this ?

  4. Gandalf Says:

    Sometimes I think ted is Reyna himself… LOL Psyco people are known to do shit like that.

  5. xplor Says:

    Sixth Amendment : right to a speedy trial

    How is any of this helping the folks that went to lunch when the shoot out took place.
    If Abel Reyna is removed then a new prosecutor will need time before they can bring a case to trial, say a year.
    If Abel Reyna stays how long can he stall ?
    When will these folks get their lives back?

  6. david Says:

    @ Unlisted,

    1) My mistake was to incorrectly assert Texas “statutes” PROHIBIT any JP from issuing Felony arrest warrants as Petersen did.

    The Texas Constitution, which supercedes all state statutes, and the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, because it is the highest law in the state,

    Art.5,Sec.19 , “Justice of the peace courts shall have original jurisdiction in criminal matters of misdemeanor cases punishable by fine only.”

    Chap. 2 and 15 of the Criminal Code are irrelevant, since the TX Const. is in fact, the highest law in Texas. Likewise, the “fact”, except for the major metro areas, JP’s issue the majority of felony arrest warrants statewide, does NOT abrogate, negate, or nullify the Texas Consti. as the highest state law in Texas.

    You merely used my literary mistake, failed to even cite the High Law, and convinced me you are a state prosecutor, a state judge, or an attorney officer of the corrupt courts, protecting your BS employment/pension at public cost.

    Justice Pete Petersen , acting JP, in the JP Court he WAS presiding over “at that time”, un-constitutionally issued multiple un-lawful felony arrest warrants for every single man and woman arrested May,17. As the attorney you in fact are, you know any arrest via invalid warrant is not a valid lawful arrest, and does not subject the arrested to the jurisdiction of the court. Motions to dismiss the “engaging” charges for lack of a lawful warrant ARE the slam shut wins for all defendants.

    This blog is read and followed by many Defendants to Monkey-Boy Reyna’s major unlawful cluster-fuck, you are attempting to do to them the exact same criminal bull-shit Reyna has done, and continues to do.

  7. Potmetal Says:

    I agree with a slice or two that you’re selling @Gandalf, but I keep getting h6ng up on the age old question of “what’s better the evil you know or the evil you don’t”?

    I detest LE, or really, control in any fashion. But I surely don’t want to see any blue helmets or nationalized (international/INTERPOL?) LE.

    Of course, I prefer Reynolds Wrap over the generic stuff.

  8. Gandalf Says:

    What I meant was that ALL those “Street gang” Laws are headed to the SCOTUS because LE uses them against whole populations (and areas) of people. In Houston a whole section of the city comes under a “gang” Law. It is my opinion that ALL these “street gang” Laws will be stricken by the SCOTUS because the BLM people hate them. Waco Twin Peaks is a roadmap to set precedent over these “Gang Laws” and their use by LE… and SCALIA IS DEAD! (not voting). Clinton looks like a shoe-in for Pres. LE’s time of shitting on EVERYONE is nearing it’s end. For what ever its worth… The Libs are going to shut down these BS Laws that Fuck with everyone. A Lib SCOTUS would have a field day with the, probable cause, excessive bail, speedy trial and “street gang” aspect of Twin Peaks… If Reyna isn’t indicted before that. If this happened in any other State it would already be over. He has let His “Alligator mouth get ahead of His Hummingbird ass” and hangs on a the thin rope of Texas/Waco corruption. That rope is about to break. IMHO

  9. Ted Unlis Says:

    You’re mistaken David, Texas JP’s are Magistrates pursuant to Chapter 2 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure ( ) so they can and routinely do issue felony arrest warrants pursuant to Chapter 15 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure ( ), as a matter of fact except for the major metropolitan areas, JP’s issue the majority of felony arrest warrants statewide. I think you’re confusing the fact that JP’s only have jurisdiction to try Class C Misdemeanor offenses and do not have authority to try Class A or B misdemeanors or any felony offense, but the authority to issue a felony arrest warrant and the authority to try felonies are two seperate issues covered by different statutes in the Texas CCP.

  10. Gandalf Says:

    @ted: My Quote:”NEVER been upheld by the SCOTUS.” if you had bothered to read. I suspect this one will get there if the bomb doesn’t drop sooner. Det. Price is going to tell the truth. The case is already on the way because Y’all been using it on the BLM people in Houston. BTW Scalia IS DEAD!

  11. david Says:

    The pig street gang also has an identifiable leadership who continuously ass-ociate in the commission of major criminal activities.

  12. david Says:

    The common identifying symbol used by the Texas government criminal gangsters is , the five-pointed star in a circle, the “badge”. Also, the star on the flag.

    For a slam shut win for ALL the criminal case unlawfully arrested defendants, it’s completely unnecessary for any court to rule the Organized Crime statute un-constitutional when existing Texas statutes PROHIBIT any Justice of the Peace from issuing ANY FELONY arrest warrants, as “Pete” Petersen did.

    Just so you’ll know Unlisted, the common identifying sign used by attorney criminal gangsters is their BAR Card. Is your BAR card current?

  13. rw Says:

    Ted is one of those folks that’s not happy just letting everyone think he’s a moron he likes to open his mouth or in this case turn on his keyboard and prove it.
    If we go by the guidelines o7f what makes a group of people a gang any girls softball team would qualify. Heck they all have insignias they hang out together and they talk about stealing bases. Go get em terd oops ted

  14. Burgess Says:

    I’ll be sure to print one of the jock straps for Ted, so he can be a part of as Reyna said ‘betting on our gang’

  15. Ted Unlis Says:

    Gandalf if you’re holding out hope for your outlaw biker compadres to beat the rap by somehow getting a State or Federal Court to rule the Texas Organized Crime statute “Un-Constitutional”, get ready to be disappointed.

    Texas Penal Code Chapter 71 ( ) is similar but much more straight forward and easier to prove than the Federal RICO statutes, and has consistently been upheld by State and Federal Appellate Courts, so the suggestion the statute has ever been declared “Un-Constitutional” is delusional.

    If you actually take time to read the short and sweet statute, you’ll see that Section 71.02 begins with “A person commits an offense if, with the intent to establish, maintain, or participate in a combination or in the profits of a combination or as a member of a criminal street gang, the person commits or conspires to commit one or more of the following”, then continues with a list specifying 18 categories of felony offenses, and no “every family in Texas that smokes weed” is not included on that list.

    Just so you’ll know Gandalf, smoking weed in Texas is a misdemeanor offense, generally a class B misdemeanor, but whenever possible, most Texas LE Agencies prefer not to bother with a custody arrest for small user quantities of marijuana and at worst might write the accused weed smoker a Class C misdemeanor ticket for possession of drug paraphernalia.

  16. Gandalf Says:

    @rollinnorth: I usually don’t but ted is “special.” Seems Rebel’s joint is His Fav eatery. He reminds me of Tokyo Rose….Waitin on “The Bomb” still yapping. HEY TED, “We are coming by day and by night”

  17. baddguye Says:

    Reyna still thinks his safe place is under Judge Matt’s “Johnson”, but at some point, Judge Matt is going to pull his “Johnson” out of this mess! At least he should!

  18. rollinnorth Says:

    The Troll Underthebridge comes up for air.
    Don’t feed the trolls.


  19. Gandalf Says:

    @ Ted again. BTW; “Mr. Abel Reyna, Mr. Michael Jarrett and Mr. Mark Parker.” I COUNT 3! Understand this Ted… That Detective J.R. Price is a good cop and your friends WORST FUCKING NIGHTMARE!

  20. Gandalf Says:

    @ Ted Unlis So every family in Texas that smokes weed is considered a “Street Gang” BTW EVERYONE KNOWS that Law is Un-Constitutional and has NEVER been upheld by the SCOTUS. But Hey, Fuck the USA this is Texas and it takes 10 years to overturn the conviction. Texas Styl Justice. Y’all HAVE NO SHAME!

  21. Ted Unlis Says:

    Texas Penal Code Section 71.01(d) “Criminal street gang” means three or more persons having a common identifying sign or symbol or an identifiable leadership who continuously or regularly associate in the commission of criminal activities.

  22. Austin Says:

    hoosier.roadie Says:
    August 10, 2016 at 8:26 am
    There is only one or maybe it’s three reason(s) that a police officer with 28 years of experience writes a police report like this.


  23. tiopirata Says:

    Thanks for being on to it and staying on it, much appreciated.
    “I support Reyna” jock straps!!! Brilliant notion, RICO here he comes.

  24. Nihilist Says:

    I know it’s been said many times before, Rebel, but thank you for what you do. Your honest, in-depth coverage of this–the book, regular updates–is greatly appreciated.

    Keep on keepin’ on.

  25. Griz's Gal Says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Waco Police Chief Brent Stroman gave DA Abel Reyna the keys to his badge

    Paul Looney, whose firm, Looney & Conrad, did the research and initial draft of the motion to disqualify Reyna that was heard Monday, announced today that, after hearing all the evidence Monday, he is of the opinion Reyna is in serious danger of having his entire office disqualified from all Waco biker cases. If disqualified, a substitute attorney will be appointed by the District Judges. Looney doubts any other attorney in America will continue the prosecution of most of those currently charged.

    The testimony of Reyna and the Waco Police authorities place Reyna in the untenable position of being a necessary witness and the responsible prosecutor in all biker trials. Somebody is lying about the decision making process that resulted in the arrest of 177 bikers at Twin Peaks. Either all of the police are lying, or, Reyna is. There is no way to reconcile the contradictions. Somebody is telling abject lies. “The testimony clearly showed Chief Stroman gave Reyna the keys to his badge and Reyna ran with it,” said Looney.

    Reyna caused 177 people to be arrested even though not one Waco Police official agreed with the appropriateness of such an over-the-top course of action. Looney is of the opinion that no valid theory in law supports the extreme actions taken at Reyna’s instruction following the Twin Peaks episode last year. “A horrible situation was made much worse. I can only attribute Reyna’s decisions to extreme ambition. It had nothing to do with seeking justice,” said Looney. Seeking justice, as we all know, is the only thing any District Attorney has the power to do.

    Looney is so confident of the potential for disqualification that he volunteered his partner, the esteemed appellate attorney, Clay Conrad, to draft the legal brief for Judge Johnson pointing out the reasons for disqualification. That offer was quickly accepted by both attorneys in the hearing and by Mr. Conrad. In a couple of months we should have a final ruling. In any event, Looney is of the opinion, based on the evidence in the Monday hearing, that Reyna’s grandiosity resulted in the illegal arrest of most of the people facing charges as a result of the Twin Peaks mess.


  26. david Says:

    Great coverage by a true journalist Rebel. The legal-incest between Johnson, and Monkey-Boy Reyna, is outstanding. Monkey-Boy, shit head, has never been concerned with “doing the ‘right thing’ “.

  27. hoosier.roadie Says:

    There is only one or maybe it’s three reason(s) that a police officer with 28 years of experience writes a police report like this. He knew that what was taking place was wrong, that the excrement would hit the fan one day and he wanted to make sure that he had documented exactly who was responsible for this mess when it did.

  28. neverwaz Says:

    Johnson gave his pal Reynas’ attorneys time to draft a brief that will nullify all the damning testimony from the hearing. It might be easier to season a shit sandwich.

  29. Burgess Says:

    so, if I print up a bunch of”I support Reyna “jock straps—-does that mean he thinks I’m on his side?

  30. IronRider Says:

    XYZ Says:
    August 9, 2016 at 7:02 pm
    One has to wonder if it is wise for a Defendant in a civil rights case (Reyna) to state the case is “frivolous” when the Federal judge has already suggested otherwise. Shouldn’t Reyna be leaving such comments to his lawyer?

    I am sure Reyna can’t resist the TV camera and his opportunity to pump up his ego for the public so they think he’s doing awesome. I dont think the taxpayers of McClennan County are going to like all the payouts that are going to be coming out of their taxes and their children’s taxes for years and years to come

  31. IronRider Says:

    So basically Reyna and his co-conspirators decide that just because of the shirt you wore or the cut you wore that you were part of a criminal conspiracy, and the Texas Department of Safety decided that the Cossacks were a criminal street gang ( I am sure if you asked any MC member or club none of them would think highly of being called a criminal Street Gang, I am pretty sure they would rather they weren’t associated with the Bloods or Crips or MS13 or any of the other criminal street gangs out there.

    So really the fact that many were charge because of a t-shirt or vest with any club insigna or motto or figure meant that you were charged and indicted. This is where and why many peoples rights were violated and their constituional rights and criminal rights were violated and why the state of Texas and the citizens of McClennan County will be paying out settlements for years and years to come out of their taxes.

    No offence to anyone, but if you think Johnson is impartial and going to rule against Reyna, your dreaming. Johnson IMHO opinion will keep ruling the way he has so far in protecting these cases. Sure Johnson said give me submissions and I will consider it, of course Johnson will say that, he is trying to make it seem like he is playing fair when that is no where near the case. If those submissions get any consideration it will be to wipe his ass with because they sure dont mean shit to him.

    When this goes to appeal and sooner or later it will I expect we will see Reyna , Johnson and the McClennan County D.A’s office all get a good spanking. Johnson obviously has a conflict of interest and dont think that wont be presented on appeal because it will. IMHO Johnson should have asked to have this heard by another judge. Honestly isnt it amazing how anything to do with this case has landed in front of Johnson? of course not.

    Reyna can crow on and on about how there is nothing to see here and we shouldnt believe anything the defense is saying, but wait till this gets to an appeals court, the shit will hit the proverbial fan and the lawsuits will really fly and they are going to come .

    Reyna can only hide behind Johnson’s rulings for so long, there is no way in hell this case fits RICO or an organized crime case, I am not even sure a bar brawl would fit the description. The more we learn about the case the shoddier it seems to be, if it wasnt for someone wearing a t-shirt or cut this wouldnt even be a case period.

    We have heard about ballistic evidence and video evidence and future ways to develop evidence in this case that havent even been developed will all be part of the proof of guilt by all involved.

    Honestly why doesnt Reyna use a Ouija board and try and develop evidence with that it ought to at least give him something to work with, because like everything else with this case, there is a whole lot of maybe’s associated with this case.

    This really is a travesty of peoples constitutional rights and an egregious violation of them. The fact that a case had to be manufactured to charge 170+ people is outrageous and it just shows how tilted Law Enforcement has become with the “however you can mantra” evidence and proof are no longer required.

    I really cant wait to see how this will go when it gets in front of an appeals court. No court is going to think the criminal charges based on a t-shirt or vest is going to be enough to charge people with what is usually used for RICO cases, and the peoples constitutional rights and criminal rights are still afforded to them and that you can just go and violate them on a whim because you want to look like a hero on the 6’o clock news,

  32. T Hell Says:

    Thank you Rebel, your updates are all most of us have to this travesty.


  33. XYZ Says:

    One has to wonder if it is wise for a Defendant in a civil rights case (Reyna) to state the case is “frivolous” when the Federal judge has already suggested otherwise. Shouldn’t Reyna be leaving such comments to his lawyer?

  34. ak rack Says:

    ‘Reyna insisted that that night, he did “the right thing.”’

    The right thing for Reyna to do is to strap on a tin beak and go scratch with the chickens.

  35. Gandalf Says:

    “I also asked him (Chavez) to meet with Assistant DA Mark Parker to ensure he understood what…HERE IT COMES… criteria had been set out by their office.”

  36. Burgess Says:

    The only way I see the judge relieving Reyna in this is if after a little heart to heart he decides to bail his old buddy out of a bad spot. Seems like this is such a clear case of incest that the lawyers ought to be able to get it before someone at least not clearly connected

  37. robert collins Says:

    this is like watching a snake eat a rabbit. we are hopeing the rabbit has a knife and will slit the belly of the snake

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