Got The Sturgis Itch

August 3, 2016

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Got The Sturgis Itch

There are still rooms and camping spots available for the 76th Sturgis Rally. They aren’t cheap but they don’t seem to be any more expensive than they always are.

At least 29 hotels and motels in Rapid City still have rooms available. Ypu can get a room with a queen sized bed at the Comfort Inn for $278 a might, which works out to about $2400 for the week – if Sturgis means that much to you. The Country Inn and Suites wants $224 a night and the Fairfield Inn wants $265.

If you are willing to camp, the Iron Horse Campground is charging $100 for the entire rally. You can tent camp at the Buffalo Chip for $400 for the week. Cabins at the Full Throttle Saloon are sold out but tent camping is still available for $225 per person for the week.


A reported 739,000 people attended last year’s Sturgis Rally. Apparently that was the largest rally ever. The previous peak attendance was 633,000 in 2000

The Sturgis Rally was started by an Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company dealer in Sturgis, South Dakota named Clarence “Pappy” Hoel. Hoel formed the Jackpine Gypsies Motorcycle Club in 1936. The first Black Hills Rally was held on August 14, 1938. The rally was suspended in 1942  and 1943 due to gasoline rationing. This year’s rally will be held from August 8 through August 14.

For the last couple of years Harley-Davidson has been the official motorcycle of the rally. About 442,000 attended the rally two years ago. Official attendance reflects the number of people who visited the rally in downtown Sturgis at least once.


The rally is an important feature of the economies of South Dakota and Wyoming as well as motel and restaurant owners  located on interstate highways throughout the western United States. The city of Sturgis, with a population of about 6,900 makes about $1.5 million from the rally each year.

The official sponsor of the rally is non-profit Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Inc. According to a court filing two years ago, the corporation uses revenue generated from the rally,  “to the betterment of the Sturgis community, such as by making contributions to over 90 different causes and organizations, including the Meade County summer school program, Salvation Army’s food cupboard, Sturgis Arts Council, Sturgis Jaycees, Sturgis Little League, Sturgis Police Department D.A.R.E. program, Sturgis Volunteer Fire Department, Black Hills Area Habitat for Humanity, Crisis Intervention Shelter, special projects of the City of Sturgis, and Girl Scouts of the USA.”


27 Responses to “Got The Sturgis Itch”

  1. Stray Says:

    Have a hard enuff time staying upright around Baltimore, Murderland as it is…too many liabilities and unknowns for me. Much rather roll alone then to get in that shit.

  2. Tooj Says:

    “The Sturgis Itch”. Used to call it jock itch or crotch rot, but if the shoe fits…

  3. kidjudas Says:

    Best thing about Sturgis, I have heard, is the day after people roll out. A guy I know goes around and picks up tents, sleeping bags, coolers, grills, etc that “bikers” have left behind at campgrounds.

  4. Steel Says:

    Too many people, too many posers, too commercialized and over priced. Best events are those that a few are told by word of mouth and kept small in number. I’ll pass on Sturgis and Daytona too these days.



  5. ORDVET Says:

    Been out there in the off season – Spearfish Canyon, Custer, Mt Rushmore, Deadwood, etc. Beautiful riding but I would never go there during the rally. Waaayy too many people for my taste.

  6. Phuquehed Says:

    Fuck Sturgis. GFuck big, lame-assed crowded so-called ‘biker’ gatherings. The only ones worth going to are those that the whole planet weren’t fucking invited to!

    My back fucking yard is a better ‘Sturgis’ – *WHEN *I* WANT IT TO BE* than any shit-stain thing like ‘Sturgis’.

    After is a gimped-up fuck like me, who can be dropped to his knees if an 85 year old granny bumps him just wrong – supposed to enjoy walking around miles and miles seeing the same damned garbage shit shop after shop and think a bar between every three of those lame fuck shops is supposed to make me happy enough to keep doing that shit?

    The first poor fuck to accidentally bump me wrongly is going to be knocked the fuck out because I reacted from sheer pain and *I* will be the fucker who suffers for it in the end by the air-wasting useless idiot pigs!

  7. NCRider Says:

    Sturgis does not really excite me, but I have always wanted to ride the Black Hills and Badlands. Not really a huge crowd kind of person. Don’t care for the bikers that are not really bikers or the Harley Davidson bandwagon.



  8. The Great One Says:

    My last trip to Sturgis..
    was my LAST trip to Sturgis..

  9. Freeman Says:

    I’m perfectly happy hitting the dirt roads in my area in search of a nice river to camp thank you, and fuck sturgis.

  10. Mountain Cruiser Says:

    I’d go off season and camp.

  11. stroker Says:

    That would be 1982. The year the shithouses in City Park got burned down cuz the city wouldn’t pump ’em out! The blue gang cleaned up that year, pulling each and every one of us over for “no eye protection” “tail-light bulb burned out” etc. Had to pay the coppers right in the front seat of the prowl car, or go to the grey bar hotel. They still pull that shit to this day.
    There are two things I like about Sturgis: the ride there, and the ride back. Haven’t been since 2010. Might go again, I dunno, might not. Too many people that don’t know how to ride, and too DAMN MANY COPS!

  12. Richard Says:

    I had a great time at Sturgis in 1973, even though on the trip home a trucker who hate bikers hit me on purpose. I tried to avoid, fucked me up pretty good.
    I returned for the 50th, had a blast and saw lots of old friends.
    Wanted to go to the 75th, don’t feel old but my body been put up wet too many times.
    Go to Sturgis. Enjoy the countryside. It is beautiful and everyone who goes never forgets.
    Old man shit. All heart, no body.

  13. L-Frame S&W Says:

    A couple years ago I saw a piece by one of the local native American tribes in the Sturgis area about a location that had deep history as a holy site for this tribe being invaded and trampled on by one of the rally campgrounds. I couldn’t give a fiddler’s fart about anybodies religion, but I also will not step on any group’s religious ground out of personal respect.
    Bottom line, I’ll never go to Sturgis.

  14. direwolf Says:

    Last time I was in Sturgis you could still camp in the city park, which was also the last year they allowed it. Haven’t been back since and don’t really care too.

    Let the Yuppies, Buppies, RUBS and dentists have it.

  15. TX_Biker Says:

    Exactly T Hell

  16. Hangaround Says:

    Keep in mind you can see the same stripper that was your bartender at Sturgis in your local club on the pole, and get a better drink from the real bartender at the same time, all without a $270 dollar motel room,

  17. Cap'n Bill Says:

    @ Thell – Amen, etc. tarp is in the garage, tent and sleeping bag are in the closet…

    Doing the QUICK math, 5 grand(give or take) to go there for a week, that’s just crazy…

    That down hill side of life is grabbing me right where it hurts…EVERYWHERE!


  18. Abishai Says:

    My first Sturgis was 1979, my last was 07. Pappy is rollin in the grave over that mess.I got some memories and I remember all the bro’s who didn’t come home from Sturgis upright on 2 wheels, RIP.

  19. RT Says:

    Fuck Sturgis, Fuck all rip-off organized corporate rally’s. Get back to the days of a run with your brothers old school style!

  20. Beard McOperator Says:

    How can you get vacation or time off without pay and go there and afford to eat out and camp or stay in a hotel in this economy? Sturgis no, Sturgis Kentucky maybe.

  21. Dripy Says:

    Passed some of the trailer queen parade riding to work this morning. ‘course I could be going west , they’ll never know. Shiny ‘sturgis bound’ sign on the tailgate….

  22. russell1946 Says:

    this ol’ tramp would hafta win the lottery to make that run.

    cheers to the doo-rag crowd who can afford it.

  23. IronRider Says:

    T Hell Says:
    August 3, 2016 at 7:34 pm
    Perception is truly in the eye of the beholder, sturgis is not what Sturgis once was. Today it is still a Sons Of Anarchy, Iron order dream come true but to those of us on the downhill side of life the 6×8 blue tarp will remain stashed on the shelf in the garage with the memories of days gone by rolled tightly within.


    Hit the nail on the head right there!

  24. T Hell Says:

    Perception is truly in the eye of the beholder, sturgis is not what Sturgis once was. Today it is still a Sons Of Anarchy, Iron order dream come true but to those of us on the downhill side of life the 6×8 blue tarp will remain stashed on the shelf in the garage with the memories of days gone by rolled tightly within.


  25. Sieg Says:

    The last time I was in Sturgis, I think I spent $35, total. $25 was for a lid, the rest I wasted on beer.

    Time to abandon this piece of shit to the Yuppies, Buppies, RUBS and dentists.


  26. caretaker Says:

    Stugis can kiss my pasty white ass

  27. Fester Says:

    There is nothing funnier than midgets but I gotta ask. What the fuck was that in the purple skirt?

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