Christie Still Liar, Thief

July 29, 2016

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Christie Still Liar, Thief

This page would probably just ignore George Christie’s soulless money grubbing and prattle if he would just stop blaming this page for it. Even Christie’s enemies think talking about him enriches and validates the shameless son of a bitch. But he keeps blaming this page for who he is, so in the fewest possible words this is what he is doing now.

Christie has bootlegged and is selling copies of a film the documentarian Nick Mead made about him. The film is a mostly flattering biography of Christie centered around the ex-Hells Angels’ last federal court case. Much of the narration of the film was written by me. At the time I was convinced that Christie was innocent and was being framed. Mead, according to Mead, decided to bury the film after he grew to believe that Christie was a liar and a thief.

Christie, threatened to sue Mead for the film and Mead refused to cave in. He took a significant financial loss on the project and Christie didn’t actually have grounds to sue, so that seemed to end it.

Christie has been trying to cash in on his reputation as a former member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club for the last couple of years. During that time he has also been willing to take credit for or appropriate other people’s memories, adventures and intellectual property. For awhile, he was selling autographed copies of a David Mann poster for $170. He stopped when Mann’s widow, Jacqueline Mann, told him to quit or duck.

Mead has told Christie to stop selling the film and Christie has defied him.

On his website, Christie explains the appropriation of the film like this: “I have been asked by many what happened to The Last American Outlaw. Nick Mead has never addressed it with me face to face, but let me pass on to you what I have been told by friends in his inner circle. Nick, along with a blogger who has been accused of misrepresenting the facts in his stories, caved in under pressure.”

I am, of course the blogger Lying George accuses of “misrepresenting the facts in his stories.”

So, with all due respect to those who want me to stop publicizing this guy, it is probably about time to explain exactly how I stopped being Christie’s defender and became a Christie skeptic.

It is a short story that goes exactly like this: A couple of guys with facial hair invited me to talk in a private place. There were handshakes all around. One guy poured me a drink from a big bottle. Another guy opened up a laptop computer and played an audio file. The first guy said, “Do you recognize that voice?” I did. The voice belonged to George Christie.

Nobody pressured me. I did not cave. I continued to try to tell the truth.

Since then, the reporting about Christie on this page has reflected what I understand to be true about the man.

Now maybe I won’t have to write about him again for another couple of months.


19 Responses to “Christie Still Liar, Thief”

  1. Big Ang Diamondback Says:

    Why is this scumbag still in the news? Let him live out his piss and waste of an existence in solitude and self reflection of going from street captain to lower than rat canary that would give up his own mother for freedom or money. /end

    Ps- Good to see all the familiar faces still posting here. I’m still lurking and reading but work has been crazy the last few months.

    -Big Ang , Hempstead Long Island

  2. Irish 1%ER Says:

    Ripping off the Mann estate was just a lowlife punk move! Is GC really that hard up for money? Honestly it’s almost sad. That’s just such a punk move! Fuck that Rat..

  3. Ken the Citizen Says:

    I guess like it or not time changes everything and every one. To bad it’s not always for the better. It’s hard to understand how the fuck we got to this clowns playing dress up riding around posing on their Harleys. Reality TV stars selling posers what they want and hunger for. Un righteous bullshit needs to be stopped but it’s tolerated. I’ll be glad when time changes the present scene to something better. Reading the above article makes me think the good old days are gone.

    Respect to those who deserve it.


  4. deuce Says:

    Several decades ago, I too thought GC was stand up. You can’t have it both ways, George. You sold your soul to save your ass. Rat fuck. Ripping off the Mann estate is typical of you.

  5. Paladin Says:

    @ Rocco151

    GC’S not smart enough to quit or duck.


  6. Fester Says:

    Shame, shame, shame George

  7. Stray Says:

    Spot On, IronRider

  8. Rocco151 Says:

    I imagine some of GC’s old friends will at some point demand that he “quit or duck”! (borrowed from AR )

  9. dogbreath Says:

    @John Cokos – be sure to follow the link to the Twiliters – Shakin’ All Over clip. Worth a few minutes of your time.

    Every turn that GC takes seems to be a wrong turn these days…at least, wrong to me. His accountant may have a differing viewpoint.

  10. Dark Corner Says:

    Was a time a guy wouldn’t have gotten away with this kind of shit. Doesn’t seem that long ago to me, but it’s ancient history today.

  11. John Cokos Says:

    The only question I have about this post is how did that dancer manage to keep her top on? Not very insightful on my part to sure, but that’s how I roll. And Christie?

  12. Neuro Says:

    Billy G. already set the record straight.

  13. Irish 1%ER Says:

    From what I know about Nick Mead he’s an honest guy with loads of integrity. This is not his first film by any means. He had and has his own reputation on the line and at stake. I have a lot of respect for the man. He lost his ass financially, took a bunch of threats etc from GC and his cheerleaders and faced lawsuits. He neve backed down, he stuck to his principles and waited for the world to catch up . The world caught on and soon found out GC is a pos, lying RAT! Sick punk cashing in on other men’s lives, deaths and story’s!

  14. RLG Says:

    Seems a guy still can’t have it both ways…

  15. Sieg Says:

    Hey Rebel…fuck him. You don’t need to justify or ‘splain shit. He lies, you don’t. Nuff said.
    FTF / FTP

  16. Dasein Says:

    How embarrassing.The question it seems: was he ever actually “real” at some time, and then just morphed into a phony late in life? Or was he always a closet fake, and just managed to stay one step ahead till it all added up finally to more than he could hide?

  17. Phuquehed Says:

    Fuck you George, you lying, rat piece of shit.

  18. IronRider Says:

    Well Rebel obviously you made your own determination based on facts that changed your opinion of Christie and decided that Christie was not worthy of you defending him and that is your right and your choice and if George doesn’t like it tough shit for him.

    There are many readers of the site and non readers who are of the opinion that Christie is not what he leads the media and the public to believe he is and what he once was and what he has done since his days in the HA came to an end.

    More than a few know that Rebel was a Christie believer as were people that read AR and those that did not. There were a lot of folks whose opinion and thought Christie’s story seemed plausible to an outsider.

    Rebel you may have changed your opinion and belief in once supporting Christie, but it takes a man to admit when he was wrong about something as you did in your support of George and you have stated that. Not many would have the balls to do that and sate it aloud as you have done to your readers, and if George doesnt like it, well fuck him.

    Mead as far as I am concerned has every right to shelf his documentary of George and I am sure has the legal rights to do so. Obviously Mead like you Rebel changed his opinion of George and decided that going forward with the documentary was something he decided was not going to do and thus didn’t.

    If George wants “HIS” story out there, then George can buck up the money and pay for “HIS” story to be out there, and if he does not then he can just shut the fuck up!

    Noticed that I stated George can put “HIS” story out there, why would I do that you might ask? Because that is just what it would be, it would be George’s version, recollection or whatever you want to call it because George’s so called detractors (if you will) have a HUGE difference of opinion on George’s take on things.

    Your entitled to your opinion Rebel and that all there is to it and many will defend your right for you to speak it unequivocally without hesitation, and if that bothers George and doesnt fit in with his narrative, that’s just too fucking bad for him.

  19. FF Says:

    The Castaways, alright! Kinda catchy.

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