Reyna Comes Unhinged

July 20, 2016

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Reyna Comes Unhinged

Abelino Reyna, the McLennan County District Attorney told Texas Lawyer Staff reporter Miriam Rozen yesterday that he is “flattered” by court filings that liken him to a pathetic gambler.

Two motions filed Monday by Dallas lawyer Clint Broden on behalf of Matthew Clendennen and Burton George Bergman – both defendants in the bizarre and tragic Twin Peaks Biker case in Waco, Texas – seek the disqualification of Reyna and his assistants from prosecuting the case. The motion states, “Mr. Reyna has been cast in the role of the lone player at the blackjack table at 3:00 a.m…doubling down on every losing hand and the reason he is doubling down is that he has no real choice…. Unfortunately, like the proverbial blackjack player, he will keep doubling down until he runs out of chips.”

When asked to comment on the motions, Reyna told Rozen, “I find it quite flattering.”

Justice Delayed

After a highly publicized and deadly brawl between motorcycle enthusiasts who included members of the Bandidos and Cossacks Motorcycle Clubs in the parking lot of Waco’s Twin Peaks restaurant on May 17, 2015 Reyna personally ordered police to arrest 173 men and four women who were in temporary custody as witnesses. The witnesses were charged with “engaging in organized ordered the arrests, Reyna was in possession of police reports, eyewitness accounts and video evidence that proved that most of the people he wanted arrested were innocent of any crime.

So far, Reyna has convinced a local grand jury to indict 154 people and 14 months after the incident the threat of indictment hangs over the heads of about 40 more. Like everything else about the case, the indictments have been contemptuous of the most basic human rights.

Multiple defense attorneys, most visibly Paul Looney of Houston, have tried to compel Reyna to bring the accused to trial so they can prove their innocence. Fifteen of the accused, including Clendennen and Bergman, are suing Reyna in federal court for false arrest. Among other things, Monday’s filings “allege that…Reyna is pursuing the criminal cases against…Clendennen and Bergman based primarily on his own financial interests” in the lawsuits filed against him.

Software Analysis

Rozen reports, that the case is frozen in amber because “Prosecutors and investigators continue to pore through DNA evidence and other discovery and are awaiting the delivery of additional computer and software analysis equipment to finish the task, Reyna said.”

The arrests ordered by Reyna have literally ruined scores of lives. The complete absence of any progress in the case has blatantly prevented public interest in or discussion of what happened in Waco that long ago Sunday in May. Reyna told Rozen that motions filed to recuse him from the case and the 15 current lawsuits filed against him for false arrest are “silly.”

The news in the Twin Peaks case today is the arrogance with which Reyna regards his mounting legal woes.


30 Responses to “Reyna Comes Unhinged”

  1. Very Baddguye Says:

    In an intelligent conversation, the words “Waco”, and “Justice”
    cannot be used in the same sentence!

  2. RTZ Says:

    38 Bikers arrested and held on 1m bond 15 months ago still not indicted, BUT…

    McLennan County jailer indicted in Twin Peaks investigation

  3. Merrimack Says:

    Commissioners to increase McLennan County emergency reserves

    Felton said he wants to ensure the county never has to implement a significant bump in the tax rate in a single year.

    Commissioner Will Jones asked what the county is saving for.

    “If I could answer that, I could tell you how much to save,” Felton said.

  4. Philo Bedo Says:


    Pretty much. The counties I’ve been involved with use their in house IT guy to do most of the computer shit. It’s a gscam through and through.


  5. Philo Bedo Says:

    This guy is a subhuman piece of shit.


  6. Meh Says:

    I sense a typical bureaucrat trick of using a case to justify equipment buys instead of promptly outsourcing analysis to established (and, oh fuck, perhaps NEUTRAL?) third parties.

    Delay provides opportunity to manipulate information. Selected truth is even better than a lie.

    Humans must still review what a computer produces which requires training and experience. Defense lawyers should discover not only WHAT is being reviewed, but HOW it is being reviewed and WHICH information is CHOSEN or OMITTED from the analytical information pool!

    Say I want to convict the Sons of Bernie Sanders MC of aggravated beastiality. I might supply select circumstantial evidence to skew what the software sees. With some practice on a separate software install on a computer or a virtual machine in another computer (even a personal one which is unknown to the defense) I could figure out how to skew the results. I keep that in my head, DoD wipe the hard disk and do a clean install then use it for something else so it doesn’t LOOK like a clean install, and proceed to manipulate the official process. No trail, no problem.

    I’m an amateur, no coder or cracker. If I can think of that anyone can.

    Sleep tight America, it may be your turn next.

  7. James Crawford Says:

    Re Just Tom

    At least Marylin Mosby has something to fall back on. Unlike Renya, she can make a decent living working as a prostitute.

  8. just tom Says:

    Marilyn Mosby ring a bell…….incompetent! Reyna should be disbarred.

  9. Sieg Says:

    Funny, when I was a youngster and living in el-Lay, we rode all over the place…but Tejas was off-limits. Back then, you could get a double-dime for having a couple seeds in your pocket. Guy I knew got picked up hitchhiking outside of Austin, and had a couple joints in his pocket…drew a dime in Huntsville.

    Place doesn’t seem to have changed much, guess I won’t be going there on vacation anytime soon.


  10. david Says:

    Subconsciously Monkey-boy was saying, “I find it quite flattening”. As in, I’m flattened by Broden’s motions.

  11. Nuke n' Pave Dave Says:

    Flattered? I’d say it’s more like a narcissistic obsession. Is this the old “just spell the name right, I want to be famous” syndrome carried to the Nth degree?
    This pendejo is beyond help…

  12. NCRider Says:

    Reyna’s response that he is “flattered” does absolutely nothing but shows how he thinks he is invincible. It is inconceivable to me that the McLennan County District Attorney would make such an unprofessional and just plain immature remark. I hope Clint Broden eats his ass up.



  13. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Before I ask that the word ‘issue’ be stricken from the language, let me channel Swanton:
    “The issue…er…with Reyna is that he has issues. And issues are the problem, and then there’s the intelligence gathered. But the issue is with Reyna, and his…issues, THAT is the issue. These issues are supported by issue intel that tells us that Reyna’s issues are predominately the issue that is supporting the intel on the issues that are the issue here and there is much to substantiate the issues.”

    Just finished the book Rebel -fine work once again. Review upcoming.

    Respects, and Ride Free,

  14. Gandalf Says:

    @ Meh & Nobody Important. I live in Texas. Drive I-35 all the time. I am not a biker. I’m an American who can see through the BS. I do not stop in Waco for ANY reason EVER. I sometimes buy lots of Air Filters for commercial jobs. A Company called Waco Filters wanted my business… I told them I don’t buy anything from Waco. Dude said, “We are not in Waco.” I told Him to change His Co’s name and I will buy some. (After a 200 word E-Mail rant about Twin Peaks) LOL

  15. HAHAHA! Says:

    Didn’t I see him mowing my neighbor’s lawn the other day? If it wasn’t Abel Reyna it was his clone. Come to think of it, I see him all the time, working in yards all over town. And I’m not even in Texas. He’s even shorter in person. Hmmmmm.

  16. Meh Says:

    Reyna appears to be the type easily goaded into doubling down even more, and to his eventual disadvantage.

    Nobody Important wrote:
    “I live in Texas. Most of the people I know who ride, now go out of their way to avoid Waco. Even people I know who -dont- ride… avoid stopping in Waco.”

    That probably an intended effect of their system which wasn’t built overnight. If they want a “sundown town” they can have it. Motorcyclists are a tiny demographic so with rare exceptions there won’t be measurable economic loss.

    The measurable economic loss from lawsuits could hurt if it exceeds Waco insurance coverage. It would be interesting to know how much potentially applicable coverage Waso has and if more has been purchased since the incident. Any observant underwriter would advise his company to charge accordingly. The lawyers here might weigh in on that issue.

  17. TX_Biker Says:

    That dude is a psycho….

  18. Nobody Important Says:

    I live in Texas. Most of the people I know who ride, now go out of their way to avoid Waco. Even people I know who -dont- ride… avoid stopping in Waco.

    The bikers avoid Waco for obvious reasons. The non-bikers are avoiding Waco for reasons ranging from a perception of raging lawlessness, to a perception that the cops in Waco are a bunch of out-of-control nutjobs.

    The key thing to note is this. People are avoiding going to Waco. Doing business in Waco.

    I wonder how this reflects on Waco’s balance sheet?

  19. Fr. Abraham Says:

    Reyna is the personification of why 99.44% of the people who have seen our (in)justice system in action think it’s a sad and obscene joke.

    He really needs to go find himself a fire and roll around in it. Doing so would benefit humanity greatly.

  20. Jackie Treehorn Says:

    “flattered” is how Reyna responds to the seriousness of 9 dead, 154 shattered lives and 15 law suits?

    The man is Psychotic.

  21. molasses Says:

    Texas justice system as far to many like Renya in it. Just one of the reasons I left years ago and will never ride in it again.

  22. Phuquehed Says:

    The runt is definitely a picnic basket short of a picnic. He’s sick and needs mental help. The problem with that is he’ll never get it in Waco because it seems most everyone else that works with, around or for him are just as demented, corrupt and sick and more than likely any shrinks in Waco are too stupid to see it if it was the runt Reyna walking in and slapping the shit out of them and saying so to their face!

  23. Mike Says:

    Some write as if the corrupt judicial system is at some point going to rite itself and turn on Reyna and the other perpetrators of this massive miscarriage of justice. Never happen, GI. These bastards don’t eat their own. Didn’t we just witness that with the FBI and bitch Clinton?

  24. Bone Head Says:

    I couldn’t stand to finish watching the first video. I became readily apparent to me that he’s been unhinged before he even took office…or he’s just an idiot; hard to tell.

    xplor Says:

    Term limits prevent Abel Reyna from running again.

    This is really not good news…tells me this moron will fuck with peoples’ lives in some other government position when he leaves the DA’s office.

  25. Brad Milch Says:

    Pathetic, Pitiful & Thief. All 3 words are described in the dictionary, but a photo of Reyna describes them all best. Reyna gives new meaning to the Internet slang term POS.

  26. david Says:

    Arrogantly, Monkey-boy Reyna flaunts his incompetence and his disrespect for the rule of law, the people falsely accused, and every other member of the public.

  27. xplor Says:

    Term limits prevent Abel Reyna from running again.

  28. XYZ Says:

    That first video is awesome! Good work, Rebel!

    Did anyone count the number of times he say “my father” or “Felipe Reyna”?

  29. IronRider Says:

    So Reyna is saying that “I find it quite flattering.” that he is mentioned in motions and lawsuits. Well delusions of grandeur do strike people at times and Reyna seems to be having those moments a lot.

    While Reyna wants to project a coll un-nerved demeanor, that of course is facade. Reyna knows full well that these motions and suits will be heard in Texas for now and while this is happening his ass is protected from within the Judicial system in the state of Texas, but one these motions and suits start to hit appeals courts and higher courts Reyna is going to be taking it on the chin and it wont be pretty.

    The fact that Reyna is now saying “Prosecutors and investigators continue to pore through DNA evidence and other discovery and are awaiting the delivery of additional computer and software analysis equipment to finish the task” shows you how much of a fuck up this is going to be.

    The idea that there is no way to finish there investigation because “They are awaiting the delivery of additional computer and software analysis equipment to finish the task” has to be one of the most damning and idiotic excuses to come down in this case. That ought to fly really well when the appeals start getting filed and the lawsuits progress for violation of peoples civil and criminal rights start to make their way thru the courts.

    Honestly if you ever wanted to see how much of a cluster fuck this case has become Reyna making statement right just goes to show you the stalling tactics that are being taken and how the excuses will keep on coming as to why this case is dragging on and on with no end in sight and a 177 people have been victimized and charged with a crime they couldnt have possibly committed or been a party too.

    I would hope the taxpayer of McClennan county do not re-elect Reyna back into office because when all the lawsuits and civil and criminal rights violations lawsuits start getting brought forward and settled that people of McClennan County are going to be paying this till the day they die and the burden shifted to their children all because someone’s ego couldn’t face the fact that they would have to grovel down and admit that there were problems with this case and charging so many people who should not have been indicted in the first place was a mistake.

    If I lived in McClennan county I would get the hell out of there asap before I am paying for the rest of my days because someones ego got caught in the glare of TV lights and liked looking at themselves on the six o’clock news.

    Sooner or later Judge Johnson isnt going to be the one sitting on the bench and Reyna or his lawyer are going to have to answer questions on how he let this shit get out of control and how he felt that he could wipe his ass with peoples constitutional rights and violate peoples criminal rights along the way.

  30. Inn Quizitor Says:

    A criminal defendant’s civil and criminal attorney would be wise to carefully parse postings at this site from the date of the incident going forward. Very illuminating. Just sayin…

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