Blood In The Water

July 19, 2016

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Blood In The Water

Dallas attorney Clint Broden continues to carve up McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna like a shark carving up a whale.

Yesterday, Broden filed a motion on behalf of two of his clients, Matthew Clendennen and Burton George Bergman, to recuse the McClennan County District Attorneys Office from any further involvement in the Twin Peaks case. Both Clendennen and Bergman were accused of “engaging in organized crime” because they were present at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco on May 17, 2015. There is no evidence that either man actually committed or intended to commit any crime.

Reyna ordered the arrest of an additional 175, mostly innocent, witnesses that night. So far, a grand jury has indicted 154 people for a violent brawl and gunfight in the Twin Peaks parking lot that left nine men dead. At least four of the dead were killed by police.

Three Motions For Recusal

Clendennen and Bergman are both suing Reyna in federal court for false arrest. Another defendant named Ray Nelson has also moved to have Reyna and his assistants disqualified from prosecuting the case. Nelson is represented by Houston attorney Abigail Anastasio. Nelson is not suing Reyna for false arrest. Anastasio filed Nelson’s motion to disqualify the prosecutors in March. A hearing on her motion is scheduled for August 8.

Anastasio’s motion alleges that that Reyna should be disqualified from prosecuting the case because ne violated his neutrality in the case by “commandeering” the investigation and that his assistants, Michael Jarrett and Mark Parker, are potential witnesses in the case so they should be disqualified from prosecuting it as well.

Anastasio’s motion and Broden’s motion are all before Waco judge Matt Johnson. Johnson is Reyna’s former law partner and so far his rulings in the case betray his partisanism.

The Twin Peaks Ambush

Financial Interest

In the motions filed yesterday, Broden argues that “Reyna and his assistants arrived at the Twin Peaks scene within hours of the incident and inserted themselves into the role of investigators” and that Reyna “countermanded the decision by the ‘upper chain of command’ (of the Waco Police Department) in an act of political opportunism,”

The Clendennen and Bergman motions allege that Reyna is pursuing the criminal cases against the two men “based primarily on his own financial interests in that Reyna is being sued by them in federal court for violating their civil rights….  Reyna could be held personally liable to them for hundreds of thousands of dollars, or more, if the civil lawsuits succeed.”

“Reyna certainly has a financial interest in this case and his actions to date reflect that financial interest,” the motions argue. “Indeed, it is submitted that no right minded prosecutor would have sought an indictment against Mr. Clendennen in this case given that there is video showing Mr. Clendennen sauntering along the Twin Peaks patio when the violence is taking place outside the patio and which then shows Mr. Clendennen running inside the restaurant when the shooting began.”

Loser Doubling Down

“Nevertheless, Mr. Reyna did seek an indictment in this case. Moreover, given the time devoted to presenting the motorcyclists’ cases to the grand jury (less than five minutes per defendant) it is sadly obvious that Mr. Reyna did not present any of Mr. Clendennen’s exculpatory evidence to the grand jury. Likewise, Mr. Reyna’s office refused a request by Mr. Clendennen’s counsel to allow counsel to appear before the grand jury and make a presentation on behalf of Mr. Clendennen. Simply put, the grand jury proceeding amounted to nothing more than a rubber stamping of Mr. Reyna’s absurd theory of prosecution in this case. The only logical explanation for seeking an indictment against Mr. Clendennen was to give Mr. Reyna cover from the lawsuits which he knew were on the horizon. Lest there be any doubt, the only explanation for Mr. Reyna rushing an indictment and then requesting a year long delay in trials was so that he could use the existence of the indictments for his own financial self-preservation. Indeed, Mr. Reyna is now using the grand jury indictments in the federal civil rights cases in an attempt to avoid responsibility for his civil rights violations.

“Similarly, if Mr. Reyna was somehow able to obtain a conviction in this case, he could reduce his personal financial exposure arising out of the federal lawsuit. In light of the lack of evidence against Mr. Clendennen, it is difficult to understand how an objective prosecutor would take this case to trial. Unfortunately, Mr. Reyna has painted himself into a corner in which he must take the risk of taking the case to trial based on his own financial interests. Indeed, it appears that Mr. Reyna has been cast in the role of the lone player at the blackjack table at 3:00 a.m. in the morning doubling down on every losing hand and the reason he is doubling down is that he has no real choice but to double down.”


9 Responses to “Blood In The Water”

  1. Phuquehed Says:

    Burn, Reyna, you air-wasting piece of cowardly, corrupt shit!!

    It simply amazes and boggles my mind *knowing* that the motherfuckers in Waco *know* they’re liars, corrupt and scum-of-the-earth shit-stains and just don’t seem to care. What the fuck made those people that way? How the fuck were they brought up? Their parents have got to be or have been just as useless as they are now!

    Hopefully when the NCW (new civil war) breaks out, their kind will get to see what it’s like to have a 5 minute trial, be found guilty (whether they are or not) and put away for life or put down like rabid animals.

  2. Breezer KMSMC Says:


    Just finished reading “Out Bad” (in one day. Couldn’t put it down), “Twilight of the Outlaws” and am now reading your book “The Twin Peaks Ambush”. You’re writing is incredible man. I’ve been following your site now for a couple years (way before the IO took it down, fuckers). First time commenting however. So far I’m about 1/3 of the way through “Ambush”. You a fighting the extremely good and important fight here man. I’m sure that as this travesty of a case continues to unfold you’ll have enough material to write a follow up book from all this corruption and revelation of facts. You’re work is so extremely important. From every freedom loving outlaw and American we beg you to continue your work and the fight. For the sake of honestly in the press and reporting, continue. There are many out here that depend on you for actual honesty in these stories and we trust your word more than any other media outlet. Keep it up man.

    Massive L&R


    Breezer, KMSMC

  3. BMW Says:

    IMHO,Reyna has publicly demonstrated his dishonesty and used his personal connections in the community to subvert the law,judiciary and LEO to his personal desires.

    I think that the legal argument is cogent and accurate, but with a corrupted judiciary, how will the defense get a fair hearing? If the persecution has a clear financial interest in the outcome of the case, wouldn’t his law partner, the judge, have the same obvious financial interest in the outcome? In business, if I lose money, my partners do, too.

    Unfortunately, as other writers have noted, the law in WHACO is even more corrupt than most places this side of the border.


  4. Dino Says:

    Nicely written.

  5. East Coast Says:

    Forgo the rope and tree, what happened to stocks in town square. Build enough for Reyna and all his co-conspirators.


  6. oceans14 Says:

    Really its appalling that DA Reyna has not been dismissed earlier for his conflict of interest,His ulterior motives are clearly visible. The contempt and smugness shown to those innocently ensnared victims throughout this event is a real indication of the police and DA Reyna attitude toward this case. There profiling of bikers and misinformation to main stream media has enabled them to distort the facts and delayed the right to a unbiased trail. Its a transitivity of justice


    Live to Ride

    Ride to Live

  7. Dan-O Says:

    Sadly I agree with R&R above in that, given the level of corruption there and everywhere in the government, no matter what evidence (or lack of evidence) is presented they’ll defer to the prosecution.

    Look around. Things are going to shit and they’re getting there fast.

  8. Dasein Says:

    There should be 175 lawsuits. Reyna would go crazy(er), and broke.

  9. R&R Says:

    Don’t have any faith that motions heard by Matt Johnson will turn out favorably. An ocean of corruption exists in Whacko. Still.


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