Biker Volunteers

July 18, 2016

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Biker Volunteers

There is a whiff of civil war in the air. Just like the last time, many innocents are eager to volunteer.

The lead recruiter yesterday was Chris Cox, a 47-year-old chainsaw artist and the founder and spokesman for an idea whose time has apparently come called “Bikers For Trump.”

The Republican national Convention starts today in Cleveland. The nominee will be Donald Trump who is proudly “not a politician.” Not a politician means that when somebody finally gets around to naming a bridge after Trump, probably the first thing he will do is burn it. Many millions of Americans loathe Trump and thousands of them are expected to protest his nomination. And since this is no longer a nation where people who disagree can just ignore each other, many news commentators expect Cleveland to become something like the Maximum Security Penitentiary of Manhattan, in the 1981 film classic Escape From New York.

Snake Plissken

In that movie, after Air Force One crashes into the hellish prison of Manhattan, an anti hero named Snake Plissken is sent across the Hudson from New Jersey to save the President. Yesterday, Chris Cox appointed himself Trump’s Snake Plissken, if the need should arise, and he vowed to bring an army of motorcycle badasses with him.

Cox told CNN that “as many as seven in 10 of his Bikers for Trump have a military background. Their experience in combat, he suggests, could serve them well if the lid comes off the host city’s tinderbox.”

“Our first line of defense will be dialogue and diplomacy,” he told the cable news network. “And if that doesn’t work, then we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Most bikers I know would rather have their ass kicked than their feelings hurt.”

Cox sees his role as protecting other, less badass, Trump supporters. He said he and other bikers are prepared “to form a meat wall” to protect Trump’s fans.

Other Interviews

Time reported that Bikers For Trump wants “tactical team leadership,” in Cleveland. Time did not report what that means.

It is legal to carry unconcealed firearms in public in Ohio and Cox suggested to the news magazine that his followers, whoever they are, will be armed. “I don’t want to encourage, I’m not going to discourage,” Cox told Time. “These guys have to do. I want them to feel safe. But I’ve also explained to them that (if) the situation gets out of hand, and they have a firearm on their side and they pull it out because they’re nervous, they could end up becoming collateral damage as a result of the police trying to calm the situation.”

Cox told leftish MSNBC “We’ve got bikers coming in from around the country. We could have anywhere from a thousand to ten thousand bikers coming into town. We hope to be a calming factor. Bikers are citizen-crusaders from all walks of life…. We are here to stand with law enforcement.”


71 Responses to “Biker Volunteers”

  1. Bone Head Says:

    We no longer vote for the best candidate. We vote to keep out socialistic, thieving bastards who would steal the very breath out of our mouths…the lesser of two evils.

  2. The Kraut Says:

    Fuck both Dollar Trump and Hilarity Cunt-One…

    “None of the above” is this elections only intelligent choice for writing in…

    Better an Outlaw party tickety of Sieg and Phuquehed…

    …and Rebel as Secretary of State.

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  3. Glenn S. Says:

    Trump obviously supports The police state, not a good thing for people like me. Clinton is all about liberty and justice for minorities only. The media shouts it from the rooftops any time a minority is abused by law enforcement but totally ignores instances when white men are abused by the same law enforcement apparatus under similar circumstances. Neither of the presidential candidates will speak of this. As I’ve said, government is more of a citizens’ thing. No matter who runs it, it will do no good for me and mine.

    For me to support any politician running for public office, he (yes, HE, women tend to come up with more restrictive laws based on feelings than men) would have to take at least some positions favorable to me and people like me. These positions and issues include: A time limit on gun prohibitions after felony convictions. Repealing conspiracy laws and RICO. Ending long prison sentences for victimless crimes, across the board, rather than for a carefully selected few. Re-allocation of resources away from law enforcement and towards fixing infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and parks. Ending criminal investigations by agents provocateurs. (If there’s a crime, investigate that crime, rather than enticing people into committing other crimes so that they can arrest them for it.) End civil asset forfeiture. Marking the “debt to society” paid in full after completion of sentence. Ending the “war on drugs” in favor of non-punitive addictions treatment on demand. (A 28 day rehab worked for me after over a decade in prison did not.) Legalizing pot so that people would have more ways to make

    I could go on and on, but the idea is more freedom and both sets of politicians go in the other direction.

  4. rollinnorth Says:

    It was Justice Scalia who wrote the opinion in Johnson v. US, which will allow many of those incarcerated by the Feds under Armed Career Criminal (or Career Offender) statute(s) to have their sentences reduced (15-year mandatory minimum to “not more than 10 years”.) The “liberal wing” of the Court went along.

    None of us, who believe in freedom, liberty and independence will be better off under another Democratic administration. We won’t fare much better under The Donald, either.


  5. Gandalf Says:

    I guess in the end… 1% are right when they disreguard EVERYTHING about The System and live by their own code. Both sides are wacked. When I/we start thinking how the Justice System or Politicans can help or hurt us I/we already started down the wrong road of thought. Either way we go.

  6. Austin Says:

    @ BMW – “Onto the political discussion, I suppose. I have tried working within both parties in a previous life, and they are much more alike than most people think.”
    When The Great lying, conniving, crooked and power hungry politician, ummm… Communicator did it – he earned the nickname Teflon.

  7. Austin Says:

    Preach @ Todd Jackson!!
    RE: “If you weren’t a bad ass before you turned 30 something and bought a Harley, or before you turned 40 something and joined a club to be like Jax Teller, guess what? You still aren’t a bad ass!”

  8. NCRider Says:

    Gandalf – I disagree with you. If Hillary cares about race, it will only be for the black people and most likely only when something big happens in the news. Just as Obama’s racist ass. I do not think she will do anything for any race that will positively affect 1%’s or any bikers. If Hillary becomes President, are you going to hand over ANY of your guns? You know, just give up that little amendment. The one about having a right to keep and bear arms. By far, taking away my rights “hurt me and mine more” as it will hurt others. I think fighting for ALL of the admendments is the only hope we have, if there is even any hope left. Personally, I will vote for Trumph to keep Hillary out. I do not see anything good about Hillary. Just my opinion.



  9. Sieg Says:

    Gandalf, you miss one large point, namely that the various “minorities” are, for the most part, protected species. Inside or Freeside, the pig looks out for them, first. Leo are nothing but gun-thugs for the pigs in power, and while both sides of our corrupt system want that power, the Left will toss the Constitution faster than a used rubber out a car window at a drive-in. How do YOU spell “Branch Davidian” boys and girls?

    FTF / FTP

  10. Gandalf Says:

    @Sieg. If you think that Trump is better for 1%ers who are stopped, arrested and/or shot/killed by LE… Your not smoking enough ice. While I am “down for my race” I believe LE doesn’t care about race as much as BLM or the Lib Media might have us think. Waco is a prime example. ONLY the Media cares about race. LE is an equal opportunity oppressor. So is the Justice System. Laws and rulings that help Blacks help 1%ers. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” There will be plenty of time to deal with BLM after LE is delt with. IMHO. I guess the question is…. Who does a person hate more? And/or who hurts me and mine more?

  11. Sieg Says:

    Gandalf, if you really believe that hitlery and her Frankfurt School cronies are “good” for ANY White man, you’ve been smoking way too much ice.

    FTF / FTP

  12. Gandalf Says:

    Mike Smith said it best. My thoughts are that Trump is BAD for 1%ers. Clinton and the Left are good. The Left HATES that “gang” label and the extra time that goes with it…. The Left (SCOTUS) saved my friends from dying in Prison. (JLWOP) I’m thinking 1%ers and Blacks have a lot in common when it comes to treatment by Police and the Justice System… they just react differently. BLM people burn down the CVS and rat on their “brothers.” 1%ers get Lawyers and remain Silent. :)

  13. John Cokos Says:

    PS: This just might be Republican Party Co-Intel project by the sound of Cox’s pro Cop rhetoric. They are past masters at infiltrating Veterans and allied groups.

  14. John Cokos Says:

    I’ve been following Cox’s adventure’s in Biker Voyeurism for somme time now. Just what is his End Game Plan? Cabinet level appointment to Department of Biker Affairs? Trump hasn’t really shown any real Biker empathy that I’ve seen,and he didn’t ask for Cox’s Nomads Chapter for any protection.
    Mike Smith pretty much sums up my observation of Bikers For Trump.
    Buy a T-shirt though, they might just be collectors items if Trump wins :)

  15. NCRider Says:

    Mike Smith – Amen.


  16. Mike Smith Says:

    Did any of these Bikers for Trump, think to ask Donald to be a Trump for Bikers and call for an investigation into the Massacre at Waco?

    Just how righteous and bad ass can they be; if they squandered that golden moment to bring justice in Waco?

  17. Philo Bedo Says:

    The only bad thing about this is they didn’t actually flatten any pinko hipster leftist shitbags. I don’t know if Trump will be a good potus or not, but I know what it’s like to have a Clinton in the white house. That fucking cunt can not be president, and America can’t survive another four years of top heavy government leftist horseshit. Even if Trump gets elected and burns the whole thing down, it’ll be a win as far as I am concerned.


  18. Jaded Says:

    Well said, BMW. Well said.

  19. Todd Jackson Says:

    Is it written somewhere that anyone riding a Harley Davidson, especially someone in a motorcycle club, is a big bad ass? Don’t get me wrong, though I don’t have a motorcycle today, it was a pretty big part of my past. During the almost 14 years that I rode in a club I met a ton of so called “bikers”, that couldn’t provide security for the mayor of Arp, TX. Most self-professed “bikers” that would make a line of “meat” for a political candidate are likely not bikers to begin with… Second, why does everyone seem to have to rely on being in a big group of “bikers”, or “blm” to be a bad ass? If you think your bike, or especially your colors, make you a bad ass, you got it all wrong. If you weren’t a bad ass before you turned 30 something and bought a Harley, or before you turned 40 something and joined a club to be like Jax Teller, guess what? You still aren’t a bad ass!

  20. BMW Says:

    Onto the political discussion, I suppose. I have tried working within both parties in a previous life, and they are much more alike than most people think. Hillary has proven herself, time and again, to be the most worthless sort of lying, conniving, crooked and power hungry politician. Unfortunately, Trump has shown repeatedly that he can’t be trusted to keep a deal–all his supposed “dealmaking” in business has been shown to be re-writing a deal to his advantage after ignoring and breaking a previous deal. He is a personal friend of Shillary, and if he’s already shown willingness to sell out American communities repeatedly, who could ever trust him not to sell out the country. If you look deeply into his candidacy, you will see that his entire candidacy has been developed by such “American-friendly” groups as the militantly pro Shillary MSNBC, NBC, CNN (used to be known as the Clinton News), at THEIR own cost and coverage. It is purely a candidacy of the Big Business FOR Big Business! He says the right sort of things that freedom loving Americans love to hear, and talks about trade. But– I personally know for a fact that he imported illegal immigrants to work on renovation work in New York while I was working there–and fighting him to try to get American workers hired. Look at his “Make America Great Again” hats, for instance. The first orders came from FOUR different foreign countries–but only after public derision did he look for an American Company to perform the work.


  21. Damnit All Says:

    Well, the Trump women are a lot easier to look at than the Obama she ape and that dried up ugly Clinton bitch.

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