Gypsy Jokers Denied Bail

July 15, 2016

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Gypsy Jokers Denied Bail

Calling the evidence against three Gypsy Joker Motorcycle Club members accused of murder a “jigsaw puzzle,” Multnomah County Circuit Judge Gregory Silver yesterday denied club members Mark Leroy Dencklau, Earl Devearl Fisher and Tiler Evan Pribbernow bail.

Silver said that “no single piece of evidence that was determinative” in his decision,

Each of the three men is charged with two counts of murder for the one murder of a former Gypsy Joker named Robert Lee “Bagger Bobby” Huggins. Technically, Judge Silver granted the three men bail in one of the murder counts but not the other. Silver did not say if the jigsaw puzzle he imagined when he drew his metaphor was a Sons of Anarchy puzzle.

The decision not to grant bail came after a three-day hearing.

Back Story

Huggins was not a sympathetic victim. He was a former chapter treasurer who stole club funds to support his heroin habit. He was expelled from the club in 2014. But he never could say goodbye. The following year, according to police, he broke into Dencklau’s home, tied  Dencklau’s girlfriend to a chair, threatened her with a gun and stole Dencklau’s property.  Police identify Dencklau as a regional club officer.

In July 2015, loggers found Huggins mutilated body. He had an arrest record so he was quickly identified as an out bad Gypsy Joker.

Ten months later, police arrested Dencklau, Fisher and Pribbernow as well as Mark Malichi Watkins, Ron Thompson and Kendra Castle. Watkins is charged with murder and is incarcerated at the at the Coyote Ridge Corrections Center in Washington. Thompson and Castle run a car detailing business and are accused of cleaning a Chevrolet Suburban that hypothetically was used to kidnap Huggins. According to police, a small amount of Huggins blood was found in the SUV.

The evidence in the case has always been hypothetical and thin. Police raided the Gypsy Joker clubhouse in Portland in May, a month after the arrests, in search of more substantive evidence but apparently they came up empty.

None of the suspects has a trial date yet.


6 Responses to “Gypsy Jokers Denied Bail”

  1. Roswell Says:

    Each one charged with two counts of murder for one murder? I’ve never been to mathnasium, but…

    After what he did to the guys girlfriend, he needed to be killed. If I was on the jury manslaughter would be the max I could go for but I’d be hoping the defense could show me a half decent case for self defense or protecting the girl from future threats and I’d say call it a day.

  2. RVN69 Says:

    “Each one is charged with 2 counts of murder for the one crime” ? WTF!!! So the evidence is a jigsaw puzzle but the judge decided to deny bail any way! Definitely trial by media.

    Best of luck to these men in this biased persecution!

    Lex Talionis

  3. BMW Says:

    More misconduct by a persecutor seeking re-election, I figure. How many of these persecutions of bikers would happen if corrupt persecutors weren’t seeking notorious criminal charges and convictions for personal advancement?


  4. Dark Corner Says:

    Few years ago, I broke a clutch cable in Portland on a Sunday. The Jokers happened to ride by, got me a new cable, invited me and my friends to their house and treated us real good. They were a real classy crew in all respects.

    Very sorry to hear of these troubles.

  5. Meh Says:

    Huggins deserved it for being human garbage, but failure to Zippo the Chevy was utterly stupid. GM engine compartment fires are common as dirt so it would not be unusual. (If you own one, check for recall notices!)

    It figures detailers would have an inflated opinion of their own abilities.

  6. Paladin Says:

    “The following year, according to police, he broke into Dencklau’s home, tied Dencklau’s girlfriend to a chair, threatened her with a gun and stole Dencklau’s property. Police identify Dencklau as a regional club officer.”

    If the above is true, I too would have killed Huggins.


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