Gypsy Joker Murder Case

July 14, 2016

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Gypsy Joker Murder Case

The local press is having a field day with a sensational murder case involving members of the Gypsy Joker Motorcycle Club in Portland, Oregon.

Former club member Robert Lee “Bagger Bobby” Huggins’ bloodied and broken body was discovered by loggers in Ridgefield, Oregon on July 1, 2015. His skull, leg and one rib were broken; he was missing a nipple, nails had been driven through his boots and he had numerous cuts and blunt force injuries to his back and face. Police characterized his death as a “torture murder.”

He was quickly identified using his tattoos and the police have been trying to connect his murder to the Gypsy Joker every since.

The Accused

Four club members, Mark Leroy Dencklau, Earl Devearl Fisher, Tiler Evan Pribbernow, and Mark Malichi Watkins are accused of Huggins murder.

Dencklau, Fisher and Pribbernow were arrested in April and have been held without bail since then. They are each charged with two counts of murder, one count each of criminal conspiracy to commit murder and solicitation to commit murder, two counts of criminal conspiracy to commit kidnapping and two counts of solicitation to commit first-degree kidnapping.

Watkins is currently incarcerated at the Coyote Ridge Corrections Center in Washington on an unrelated charge. Watkins has a previous conviction for molesting four children. He is charged with one count of murder, two counts of first-degree kidnapping and two counts of criminal conspiracy to commit first-degree kidnapping.

Two more people, Ron Thompson and Kendra Castle are charged with obstruction of justice. Police raided the Gypsy Jokers Portland clubhouse in May but actual proof incriminating the defendants remains sparse – which may explain why the press has been encouraged to take a sordid interest in the case.

Bail Hearing

In a bail hearing that concluded Wednesday, a Multnomah County detective named Jim Lawrence alleged that Huggins was a heroin addict who had been expelled from the club in 2014 for intravenous drug use and theft. According to Lawrence, Huggins burglarized Dencklau’s home the next year and tied up and threatened Dencklau’s girlfriend. Lawrence characterized the burglary as the motive for the killing.

There is no fingerprint or DNA evidence to connect the accused men to the murder. A poor quality surveillance video shows Huggins being kidnapped by men who arrived at his house in a Chevrolet Suburban. Fisher made a cell call near Huggin’s home about the time he was kidnapped. A Suburban police allege was the one used to kidnap Huggins was found in an auto detailing shop owned by Thompson. Police found a speck of Huggins’ blood in the Suburban in Thompson’s shop.

Police charged the six defendants after interrogating unnamed informants.

Circuit Court Judge Gregory F. Silver took the defendant’s bail motions under advisement.


11 Responses to “Gypsy Joker Murder Case”

  1. Mike Oxlong Says:

    The molester was never a member.

  2. Ange b Says:

    For those that know Bobby he had issues but he was a good guy with a hugh heart and would if given his life gladly If deserved. To be tortured and have nails driven into ur feet is beyond belief.. karma is a bitch.. having said that he will be missed, especially by his boys..

  3. Philo Bedo Says:

    So they all got charged twoce, for killing the same guy once, except the one guy who’s already locked up, who got charged once, for killing the dead guy one time? Gotta love our justice system.


  4. Mike 184 Says:

    I know me or mine wouldn’t have it Seig…. Now, gotta wonder who the CI might be????

  5. Irish 1%ER Says:

    Sieg you took the words right out of mouth! Sounds like two holes should’ve been dug. The times they are ah changing!

  6. bcnasty12 Says:

    All fun and games till they find the body. As Meh said, ” even a cat knows enough to bury it’s own shit ” Sad times indeed.

  7. BMW Says:

    More likely, someone in “law-enforcement” got tired of busting a no-good junkie and performed a vigilante community improvement project by getting rid of a pest.

    The tactic of “trial by press” is often used by corrupt persecutors when they don’t have enough evidence. The slow leaks, drip by drip, create a conviction-assured” jury pool.

    BTW, the idea that a guy is a child molester presupposes an honest court and jury system. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t, but as we all know, a conviction doesn’t always mean a guilty party goes to jail…


  8. Meh Says:

    Even a cat knows enough to bury its own shit.

  9. dogbreath Says:

    That had to be the most biased “news” clip I have ever heard. Even in news reports where the perp is absolutely known, the word “alleged” or “allegedly” is sprinkled heavily thru the narrative. Every statement in this clip is stated as though it is proven fact.

  10. Whitepride Says:

    @Sieg. You got that right. Times have fucking changed

  11. Sieg Says:

    Wait…the dead guy got put out-bad for being a junkie, but one of the “righteous” Brothers has a jacket for tampering with four kids?!?!?!

    Fucking times have changed…I’m getting gladder by the day that the day is getting closer.


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