The List Is Out

July 12, 2016

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The List Is Out

Every year or so, the Commanding General of Camp Pendleton in San Diego County issues a general order that lists “outlaw motorcycle gangs” the command staff  believes pose “a criminal and security threat; inhibits the mission” of the base; “interfere with the loyalty, morale, good order, and discipline of” Camp Pendleton; “and discredit the reputation of the installation and the United States Marine Corps.”

The order “applies to all persons aboard MCB CamPen to include: military personnel, Department of Defense (DoD) civilian personnel, contractors, vendors, community pass holders, and any other customers, guests, or visitors.” The order forbids the display of insignia or other indicators of membership or support for the blacklisted clubs. The order doesn’t mention whether membership or support for the clubs might jeopardize civilian employment at Camp Pendleton.

The general order was distributed on June 30. The current list was assembled on May 16 by Charles Warmuth, the Special Agent in Charge of the  Naval Criminal Investigative Service Marine Corps West Field Office.

The List

According to Warmuth, the motorcycle clubs on the list are “criminal organizations or MCs that are closely aligned with criminal organizations such that they pose an immediate risk to the safety and integrity of the USMC and USN. MCs closely aligned with known criminal organizations are referred to as support clubs. Support clubs also participate in criminal activities as members are typically required to financially support MC criminal organizations by carrying out tasks, usually in the form of criminal acts, on behalf of that criminal organization.”

Warmuth explains, “The information supporting listing the below MCs is the product of coordination with the San Diego Sheriffs Department, The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE), and the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Gang Threat Assessment.”

The clubs on the list, in alphabetical order are the: “Bandidos, Boozefighters, Chosen Few, Devils Diciples, Diablos, Dirty Dawgs, Green Machine, Hells Angels, Iron Order, Legacy/Vietnam Vets, Mongols, Outcast, Peckerwoods, POBOB, Royal Aces, Sons of Hell, Thunderguards, Vagos, Violators” and the “Wheels of Soul.”

The general order is officially designated as “MCIWEST-MCB CAMPEN ORDER 5530.2.”


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  1. Unknown known Says:

    There is more to it then one post commander. Those types of briefs were given everywhere I know of by all branches. I know it happened to my peers at Bragg, Campbell, Lejeune etc

    Word is it came down from on high. Cops don’t want to crack down on negros because it gets local law dogs in trouble; feds are in the same bind with hajjis etc so they decided to go after bikers because it’s largely White guys and they all have budgets to defend

    Can’t testify to how legit that is, but it makes sense.

    Reminds me of how Obama etc all started calling the various patriot groups the real terror threat. If true it’s just another phase in the war on working class White guys

  2. R&R Says:

    Well crap. My youngest, an active Air Force, is hanging around with one of the names on that list.

    Different location and different service but anything that compromises his security clearance would derail his life in a hurry.


  3. rollinnorth Says:

    “Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.”

    Address by President John F. Kennedy to the UN General Assembly
    September 25, 1961

    Respect, to those…

  4. Piggy back Says:

    Wow. Why not just ride your bike and live life. Stay under the radar and out of site.

  5. Stevo Says:

    Jonny Sumo-

    The Iron Order is in the UK and at least one of them rides a 125.


  6. Searcher Says:

    Lets not forget PAGANs, (People Against Goodness And Normalcy) or the Hells’ Satans.

    Truth of the matter is the military hates any of it’s soldiers riding bikes and they make it as difficult as possible. Anyone who has served, and owned a bike could tell relate to you, less than thrilling stories, about how onerous your chain of command makes motorcycle riding.

    I’m not sure how you could join a club anyway while on active duty. My understanding, correct me if I’m wrong, is that it’s a pretty consuming sort of lifestyle. How do you make any of the meetings or a run when you are on deployment, and if you are an active duty dude? I never really new what I would be doing from week to week, or where I would be doing it. I suppose there are exceptions or rules for that sort of thing.

    But to my original point, I don’t think its so much that they don’t want you riding in a club, it’s more that they don’t want soldiers wrecking themselves on bikes. If that’s the intention they kind of have a point. The damage I did to myself on motorcycles later on in my life would have finished my military career.

    Incidentally, as a service to the Marines, I should mention that the PAGANS are easy to recognize, given their own uniform, wooly sheepskin chaps, worn with no underwear.

  7. Jonny Sumo Says:

    I just had a urine disorder, my Doctor gave me some tablets and the foul smelling irritation disappeared….would anyone like some of the tablets?

    I don’t think we have clubs like that in UK, all the coppers here ride BMW….
    Peace, love n respect, J

  8. Nihilist Says:

    Joy, the myopia that exists in the military’s closed world extends to every minutiae of one’s life. I can sympathize & empathize with your reaction. Base/Post commanders will not hesitate to clamp a lid down on a type of behavior by throwing out a catch-all order that can, at times, unfortunately lump people together who truly are not like one another, and groups can find themselves unfairly painted with a an all-encompassing brush. But if you can manage to show up in the right place, at the right time, in the right uniform, and as long as nobody in your chain of command gets a phone call in the middle of the night, well you just have to suck it up and remember that it’s all volunteer now.

    Oh yeah, one more thing: FTIO.

  9. Trouble Maker Says:

    Seems like California is crowded Also seems like they missed more than a few. Not that it breaks my heart.

  10. Hold_The_Phone Says:

    NoneUneed2knkow!!!! Oh look at that…a Urine Disorder troll come to talk some shit!

    You wouldn’t know a real man if he busted a nut in your ole lady and made you watch before you cleaned it up with your tongue like a good little sissy.

    It’s funny that you talk of real bikers when you never were one. You don’t even know what a real biker is. All you know is the image that MoCo sold you.

    You haven’t pounded pavement with everything you own strapped to your scoot. You’ve never just pulled over and camped under the stars. Buying an overpriced MoCo bike and the requisite shirts and jackets doesn’t make you a biker.

    It’s funny that you automatically say the 1% are criminals. This just proves that your education is lacking and that you’ve never bothered to understand what biker culture and the family that the elite clubs are. If you bothered to learn a fucking thing before you stepped into this world, you may have met folks wearing that diamond that don’t even drink, let alone deal in illicit substances or items. Wearing a diamond doesn’t mean you are a criminal, but something tells me you are incapable of warping your tiny little brain around that. I’m not going to even try to explain what that patch means because you have apparently already made up your mind and are incapable of changing it.

    I’m also curious how you claim we aren’t real men, yet we fight our own fights. We don’t cower behind the police and make them solve our problems for us. How week do you have to be as a person to always call for help instead of standing up for yourself? No one can respect anyone who doesn’t at least already have self-respect.

    Next time you see a diamond, have some balls step up yourself. Step up to that man’s face and tell him that he’s “good for nothing” or a “poser”. Seriously, step up…grow a sack and actually stand behind your statements and/or opinions.

    Oh, quick note…as a vet, please call me anti-american to my face. Anyone, be they a civilian, urine oder piss stain, or anyone else, will find out exactly what their own teeth taste like. I’ve lost too many friends to goat fucking camel jockeys with bad hygiene and worse intelligence to put up with anyone calling me anti-american to my face. Hell, the court will probably be fine with me calling it PTSD.

    That’s it…I’m not going to feed the troll anymore than that.

  11. T Hell Says:

    Being a member of ISIS if fine just don’t show up in a vest with bugs in your teeth…..

  12. Nu Yawk Says:

    Bone Head Says:
    July 14, 2016 at 5:59 pm
    I’m not a member or anything to do with any of the clubs on that list. But I do extend my sympathy to those lumped in with the iron order.

    Thank you Bone Head, it really hurts being on the same list as the Urine Order.

  13. BMW Says:

    Seems like groups with a Left Coast presence, for the most part, lumping groups together… I noticed that the mob, the Crips, the Bloods, prison gangs and notorious drug dealer gangs were not mentioned…except for the premeditated murderers gang, the Urine Odor…

    My sympathies for all the legitimate clubs lumped together with those smelly Urine Odor characters!!!


  14. dude Says:

    Some of you all need to relax. 1% clubs have ALWAYS been off limits for active duty as they should be. When you are active duty your #1 duty must be the flag and when you are in a 1% MC your #1 duty is the patch. Nobody should be in both.

    Its a good thing for IO to be on the list because it undercuts a lot of the claims they make.

  15. Bruiser Says:

    These lists are over-arching and certainly not an endorsement on who’s good or bad in the MC realm. Prepared by cops for cops with the help of other cops, did any expect it to be factual or realistic. For some on the list they’ll perceive it as an honor, for others it will be a defacto indictment without facts not in evidence. My personal opinion is like others said – MYOB.

  16. Len Says:

    Iron order is nothing more than wannabes that do not understand the position they have put themselves in….The day will never come when they’re accepted as a three piece patch club…pitifully I think they’re just stupid enough to push this thing of theirs until they start to die from their childish fantasies…

  17. TinCan Says:

    Thanks for the update Rebel. Always appreciate your information.


  18. rollinnorth Says:

    As my grandmother liked to say, MYOB.
    But some trolls just don’t know when to STFU.

    Respect to those…

  19. Tony_Taint Says:

    So correcting someone who had confused who was who which is both public knowledge isn’t any different and not an issue to have a heart attack over.

  20. T Hell Says:

    @Tony Taint

    Rebel does not spew shit that is not verifiable and already in the public sphere, he only makes it available here as a one stop shop for those of us that want news of this world. On the rare instances that mistakes are made he owns up to them and makes it right. He makes no editorial review on posters that talk out there asses, most here acknowledge the value of respect those that don’t usually move on fairly fast.

    Respects to those……

  21. Shine Says:

    @Johnny Outlaw

    We support no one EVER. We stand on our own.


  22. Bone Head Says:

    I’m not a member or anything to do with any of the clubs on that list. But I do extend my sympathy to those lumped in with the iron order.

  23. Gandalf Says:

    I’m betting that list is almost the same every year??? “Iron Order”? Are they new to the List? Isn’t that a good thing?

  24. Tony_Taint Says:

    So AR shouldn’t be writing any articles that mentions a club. Da dum

  25. Joy Says:

    My brother was in the Violators (passed away recently) and the club is a great group of people that have integrity, raised money for bikers, charities and families, help others and help keep Americans aware of their rights. So this list is a load of crap.

  26. Beemer-CM Says:

    Enough already.
    If you are a member, shut the fuck up.
    If you aren’t a member, shut the fuck up.
    Stupid should hurt.

    Respects to those who know the deal.

  27. Elwood Green Says:

    I don’t see how they can make claims like that with “0” evidence. There should be some kind of legal remedy for crap like this! The sad part, is someone actually believes the things that are said.

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