Disbar Abel Reyna

June 30, 2016

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Disbar Abel Reyna

Suits brought yesterday to disbar Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby and another against five prosecutors in Indiana raise the troubling question of why McLennan County, Texas District Attorney Abelino Reyna still holds a law license.

There are multiple precedents for disbarring unethical prosecutors. George Washington University law professor John F. Banzhaf III, who brought the Maryland suit, formerly agitated for the prosecution of former Maryland Governor (and United States Vice-President) Spiro T. Agnew and the disbarment of Durham County, NC, district attorney Mike Nifong.


Reyna’s conduct following what he has called “The Battle of Twin Peaks” is drearily reminiscent of Nifong’s. Nifong pursued blatantly false sexual assault charges against three members of the Duke University lacrosse team in 2006. As Banzhaf wrote in a reference to the Duke case in his complaint to the Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland, Nifong “brought and continued criminal charges even after it became clearer and clearer than there was insufficient evidence to support any convictions. There, like here, there were also statements beyond those permitted by the rules, and also other ethical violations, including withholding evidence.”

Like “The Battle of Twin Peaks,” the Duke rape case attracted media from around the world. And that news coverage, as the New York Times later put it, “conformed too well to too many preconceived notions of too many in the press;” just as local officials in Waco force fed the press a feast of biker stereotypes to explain the arrest of 177 people after a gunfight in the parking lot of the Waco Twin Peaks restaurant that left nine men dead and at least 19 wounded.

Virtually all of those arrested were innocent. The Aging Rebel has extensively investigated the incident and believes that there was probable cause to charge two survivors of the gunfight – a single Bandido and a single Cossack. Other culpable individuals died during or immediately after the brawl. And other participants could have reasonably argued that they acted in self defense. Most of those Reyna arrested had simply tried to take cover or escape. Local, state and federal police had foreknowledge that the confrontation between members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club and the Cossacks Motorcycle Club was about to occur. There is strong circumstantial evidence that at least one Cossack and one Bandido present at the Twin Peaks were undercover, federal operatives. Four, possibly five, of the dead were killed by police.

The Twin Peaks Ambush

Reyna knew all this and initiated an unjust prosecution anyway. His motives in doing so may never be known.

There is precedent for disbarring an unethical prosecutor even in Texas. About a month after Reyna illegally prosecuted scores of victims, the state bar expelled Charles Sebesta for withholding evidence and using false testimony to “win” a conviction against an innocent man named Anthony Graves.

Rule 3.09

The Maryland suit against Mosby cites five rules of Maryland’s “Lawyer’s Rules of Professional Conduct:” Most obviously Rule 3.8 “which requires that a prosecutor refrain from prosecuting a charge unless it is supported by probable cause” and limits “the content of public statements which prosecutors may permissibly make in connection with criminal proceedings.” The Maryland rules are based on the American Bar Association Rules of Professional Conduct.

The Texas Rules of Professional Conduct differ slightly from the Maryland and national rules but still include a section titled “Rule 3.09 Special Responsibilities of a Prosecutor” that follows the national standard. The first of the special responsibilities to which Reyna was obliged to adhere mandates that he, “refrain from prosecuting or threatening to prosecute a charge that the prosecutor knows is not supported by probable cause.”

That has certainly been the case with Waco.


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  1. Griz's Gal Says:

    Ol’ Clint has been busy this morning…

    Two more motions were filed Monday in an attempt to disqualify McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna from prosecuting the Twin Peaks shootout cases.
    Dallas attorney Clint Broden, who represents bikers Matthew Clendennen and Burton George Bergman, alleges in his motions that Reyna “interjected himself and his staff” shortly after the May 17, 2015, shootout and “countermanded the decision by the (Waco police) upper chain of command in an act of political opportunism.”


  2. XYZ Says:

    Two more bikers file suit over Twin Peaks arrests


    “Christopher Eaton and Owen Bartlett, both members of the Los Pirados Motorcycle Club, bring the total of bikers who have filed civil lawsuits to 15…All 15 of the bikers filed suit in federal court in Austin and all are represented by Dallas attorney Don Tittle, who successfully represented nine sheriff’s deputies who sued McLennan County and Sheriff Parnell McNamara on claims they were retaliated against for backing McNamara’s political opponent.”

  3. gooch Says:

    @ Base

    Right On Base!, nice article. Refreshing to hear, in this day and age where the truth as you have spoken is substituted for pointing fingers at the white man.

    People who point their finger at others are cowards, and sometimes those same cowards have an agenda called greed and or power.

    Rebel On!


  4. Base Says:

    Meh Says:
    July 2, 2016 at 3:47 pm

    The US was once full of Native American tribes. They fought now and then but didn’t get too silly about it. Europeans showed up, pitted them against each other (paying for scalps for example) and wiped them the fuck out.

    Interesting concept you have there Meh, it is an old misguided concept and a miss-interpretation of the truth. Spoon fed history as my Grandfather called it. He was found of telling us:

    “Seek the truth and you will find it, get fed someone else version of truth and you will discover it is flawed”

    History is being and needs to be looked into and rewritten:

    Due to advancements in technology & methodology it is happening by leaps & bounds.

    More often than not when peoples meet from different cultures there are clashes. Mostly over resources & territory, but also beliefs systems tend to come into play as well. The belief that the White Man wiped out the Native Americans is a flawed belief.

    The path to peace is bloody & brutal!

    As a child it was always a big deal especially for us young males to listen to the elders talk about our history most notably the 100 year war. This all predates so called white settlement of America.

    Like all young men we wanted to be warriors our Fathers & Ancestors would be proud of and sought the glory of war. As a young adult I found out that war is not glorious but it is very brutal and it can be addictive.

    War fare in America between Tribes was an up close & personal and it happened often. Torture, mutilations, dismemberment, rape, murder & even cannibalism some of it out of hate, some of it ritualistic. Wiping out another tribe or a blood line was often the intent. This meant killing entire family’s. This was more common than many know or choose to accept

    Does that sound even close to your description of

    “They fought now and then but didn’t get too silly about it.”

    Couple tid-bits to ponder about population.

    An 1830 census put Native American population at 400,670 (roughly).

    A 2014 census put the population at just under 3 million. (roughly)
    Even if you allow for an error rate this is an increase.

    If the white Man had committed the Genocide on the Native Americans, recent DNA studies would reflect that, they don’t. Especially female DNA. Because to truly wipe a blood line the women must be removed because they are the vessels that produce life. Yes, even early man understood that! Native American DNA is among all the population of America, this would suggest Assimilation or interracial relationships and breeding. Not sure about anyone else, but race has never been a factor for me when seeking friends or intimacy with the opposite sex.

    The history of the Human race is violent. Here in America the White man is the scapegoat for everything. It is easier and has become common to lay blame instead of reflection and accepting personal responsibility. This is due to an agenda pushed by bought & paid for politicians, media & other factions unable to move forward and accept truth. And of course money!

    Example: ,Blacks blame all Whites for slavery, even though there were Black slave owners and only 3 to 5% of White’s owned Slaves.But every White person today is suppose to pay for it? What a load of institutionalize spoon fed crap!

    Fact: there are more slaves today than at any time in history, with an estimated 45 million slaves worldwide,many of them children, yet no one wants to talk about that! It’s not juicy enough and there are no $$$ attached to it! Yep, FREE MONEY! Reparations,Native Americans got it! Japaneses got it! Jews got it! Why not me? So many want that so called golden ring of free money!

    A side note: Yes, I am eligible to receive federal dollars from the Government because of my blood line. Never have taken a dime from our Government that I didn’t earn, I’m a Veteran. But I do not & will not accept reparations, my reasons are my own.

    Apologies, slipped off topic.

    No doubt migration to America caused conflicts but there where plenty of that before that migration, just as bloody & brutal. Yes, there was plenty of brutality from both sides afterward. Here is a thought, if it hadn’t been Europeans conquest of the America’s it would have been possibly the Chinese, Middle Eastern, someone. Human expansion and conquest is what the human race does! I give you Islam once again, not that America is an Angel,America has totally destabilized the Middle East.

    I would link some references and studies, but just don’t do much of that anymore because people should seek the truth on their own. Do that and perhaps your eyes will be opened.

    White people as a race are not the devils people paint them to be. Through out history of the world many White people have stood against injustice. All people should. The human race as a whole is violent and seek to conquest others be it by sword or policies & regardless of race. Compare America to say South Africa where so called white oppression was a problem. Well whites are no longer in charge there and it’s a shit hole full of violence, murder, torture, rape & murder. Look at any Islamic run states, More shit holes!

    But yet it’s all the White mans fault!


  5. Meh Says:

    Troll Unlis at it again I see. At least make an effort to troll better.

    Rebel is not a lawyer. His function is investigation and public awareness. Obviously he doesn’t have a “staff”. The lawyers involved are doing their thing which may include that avenue of attack if it fits with the rest of their strategy.

    Not being a lawyer I’m not hip to the best SEQUENCE of attack or the best TIMING for such a motion. It is reasonable and logical for Rebel to bring it up for discussion including possible insights from readers who ARE lawyers.

    Even good lawyers aren’t omniscient and may not have considered going that route. Just because someone is very good at their trade doesn’t mean they always think of every option. It might be tactically better to damage Reyna’s position with a court victory which establishes what he did, then follow up afterwards. If other players broke the law they might flip on him. Smart lawyers play the long game.

  6. Nagalfar Says:

    This case looks huge to those who know little to nothing about it. It will only take just one civil rights lawsuit won in court with a award that will be so big that the rest go down like a string of dominoes, the out of court settlements will pour in, after that is done, Waco will file bankruptcy and most wont get a single dime, there will be mass firings when the cities elected officials try to distance themselves from all the chaos of their minions… and as usual the victims of this horse-shit system in Waco will be the only ones getting fucked over… not one cop who blindly fired in a crowd of innocent people will be fired or tried, Some prosecutors and a few other legal eagles who went along with it will lose their lic. to practice law.. none will head to the gray bar hotel for a long deserved break they worked hard to earn.

  7. Anon Says:

    Unlis,Ted –

    Isn’t it possible one or more of the 13 who filed a civil rights suit alleging unlawful arrest and due process violations has already “made a play”.

    Surely if they or their attorney can find their way to the courthouse and plop $350 down to file a civil suit, they can likewise figure out how to email a grievance for free?

    And, the attorney representing the 13 is the same attorney that cleaned McLennan County’s clock two years ago in another civil rights matter?


    Who knows?

  8. dogbreath Says:

    And once again, an adult conversation is interrupted by the drooling mongoloid in the corner. Go back to drawing on the walls with your feces, Toad, the Urine Odor viewpoint is not relevant to this post, nor any others on this site.

  9. Shovelhead Says:

    I see Teddy bear is having another temper tantrum. What’s a matter Teddy, no one paying attention to you today?
    Put an ad on CL, maybe you can find another cops dick to suck.

  10. Base Says:

    Well look who poked it’s head from under the bridge Ted Unlis.

    It’s a good thing you decided to come in and pop off with another moronic comment Teddy, reminds the rest of us that dumb asses never take a day off from being dumb asses!

    You enjoying being the turd in the punchbowl of life? How proud you must be of your self.

  11. Ted Unlis Says:

    “There are multiple precedents for disbarring unethical prosecutors”. Then what’s the holdup Reb? Why doesn’t the team of legal experts on staff at AR make a play to disbar the DA in Waco? WTF are you waiting for? Stop bullshitting and just git-r-dun! Put up or shut up Reb! Absolutely hilarious!

  12. Gandalf Says:

    @ Meh… On that note; Imagine if a Bandit and a Cossack rode side by side flying colors through Waco every Sunday until the Trials. Just rode around. LOL

  13. Meh Says:

    IronRider wrote:
    “There are many many branches of Law Enforcement that were involved in inciting various MC’s and their members into the belief that war was imminent and violence and death is coming because of tensions between the clubs. That very narrative was propelled by Law Reinforcement and their stooges to try and incite the various MC’s and their members and goad those MC’s and their members into a confrontation which Law Enforcement would then use to further their own agenda.”

    The clubs could, it bears mentioning, just fucking drop all the shit they fight over even if it involved some loss of face and instantly negate that strategy forever. It would evaporate because it COULD NOT WORK. If there is nothing to be tense over, motive for tension evaporates.

    There’s a bit of a rock and hard place issue there. If they are purely fraternal organizations they have no more reason to shoot each other than a knitting circle of old women. We have to pretend that they are purely fraternal to have adult conversations on this site, and that is simple courtesy which should be maintained. It isn’t logical to believe that’s all there is, but we can’t feed bacon so I and most others don’t. (Mentioning this doesn’t feed bacon who have their own agenda nothing will ever change.)

    Clubs could make adult decisions to preserve their rights to ride free, party, fuck, and have large fraternal fun. Failure to hang together is a fine way to hang separately.

    Saloon societies aren’t a bad thing. They are a damn GOOD thing for many people. Buying into conflict as a way to define tribal identity is often a bad thing.

    The US was once full of Native American tribes. They fought now and then but didn’t get too silly about it. Europeans showed up, pitted them against each other (paying for scalps for example) and wiped them the fuck out.

    I wonder who paid for what scalps at Waco?

  14. david Says:

    Disbarment, repayment to the injured for all losses, and deportation.

  15. Jackie Treehorn Says:

    @ Gandalf
    “self regulating” is that what they call it? Fuck me!

  16. Bubblehead Says:

    The once independent 4th Estate has completely failed in their once “sacred” duty to uncover the truth. Not just in Waco, but hundreds of instances where so called journalists are more interested in supporting a particular political narrative than uncovering the truth. Thankfully there is now the “5th Estate” consisting of the blogsphere writers such as Rebel who do not toe the line, but seek to shine the light of truth on the cockroaches in todays society.

  17. IronRider Says:

    With everything that took place in Waco that day and how Law Enforcement presented ” their story” of the events that day and the murders of many innocent people and the violation of constituional rights, civil rights and due process to those wrongly detained and arrested that day there should be many of the people on the Law Enforcement side of the equation who should be fearful of losing their careers.

    I believe that not only should Reyna lose his job but his law license and be prosecuted for malicious prosecution and failure to follow the rule of law as an officer of the court and then be sued civilly (which I have no doubt will happen)

    There are many many branches of Law Enforcement that were involved in inciting various MC’s and their members into the belief that war was imminent and violence and death is coming because of tensions between the clubs. That very narrative was propelled by Law Reinforcement and their stooges to try and incite the various MC’s and their members and goad those MC’s and their members into a confrontation which Law Enforcement would then use to further their own agenda.

    The fiasco and murders of nine people and arrests of another 170 people with serious violations of the process afforded to an accused person and their civil and constitutional rights were grossly abused that very day and continue to be abused with grand jury indictments and ridiculously high bail amounts that were strictly designed to inflict damage to those falsely accused and to prejudice them from being able to secure bond to be released from custody not to mention that ridiculous gag order the accused had to abide by to silence their voices and those of their counsel to keep Law Enforcement’s narrative what took place that day in Waco as the only one reported in various media to the public.

    Not only has Reyna abused his powers of office IMHO but their seems to be a great deal of collusion of various Law Enforcement agencies in the state and county along with the court itself to stifle and query into law Enforcement version of what took place that day in Waco, which is why I believe there are a lot of people involved who should lose their jobs and wind up facing charges criminally then have to answer for their actions civilly in the various lawsuits that will be filed.

  18. Austin Says:

    @ old & stoned;

    Thank you for that.
    *Devilish Laughter*
    I will be using it in a conversation soon.
    … Still laughing

  19. Jaded Says:

    Here is a link to the Texas State Bar site:


    The “TEXAS DISCIPLINARY RULES OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT” provide some interesting reading. If I interpreted one area of their procedures correctly, if an attorney is aware of gross misconduct (my wording not theirs) they must report it; not unlike the fox guarding the hen house. Hopefully the complaint process is already underway.

  20. Jaded Says:


    Some interesting reading on the Texas State Bar site. Click on the “TEXAS DISCIPLINARY RULES OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT” link.

  21. old & stoned Says:

    whatever happened to disembowelment,,, fuck his job, it’s what’s left of his soul we’re after

  22. Gandalf Says:

    @ dogbreath I believe Texas is a “self regulating” State when it comes to Conduct/Ethics violations…. I’m thinking any Lawyer involved in the case can file suit.

  23. xplor Says:

    Two prosecutors have left Reyna’s dream team and he’s is looking to replace them. Anyone want the job?
    Experience in preemptive prosecution would be helpful.

  24. Brad Milch Says:

    It won’t be easy to get rid of Reyna, regardless of who launches against him first. As Waco’s biggest thief, his loss would cost the city’s string pullers big money. Not to mention that there are plenty of rumors that he got his job by not only swallowing, but sucking pipe from tip of head to way past the nutz & into the ass area.
    A city noted for its inbreds will fight like the devil to keep a pipe polisher like him nearby.

  25. Neuro Says:

    Probable cause against a member of BMC ? Undercover fed in BMC ? Say it ain’t so, Vern !!!

  26. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    4 was killed by the 3 officer’s with the rifles of the. 223 rounds, 14 officer’s fired their weapons that day. So with that what did the other 11 officer’s fire? and who did they kill?

    As these people are being to hire a Constitutional Attorney 2 of them contacted me yesterday to let me know that they have done just that. I messaged many more in getting this done and it shouldn’t be any out of pocket cost to them.

    None of those families of the 9 killed have yet to be notified of their deaths as I thought once the gag order was dropped then they would take responsibility of doing their jobs givin these people some closure. Because the autopsies reports were done last June the Forensic done, the ballistics done…

    As for the Forfeiture of many of the vehicles and bike’s for transporting of a fire arm wasn’t illegal if they crossed 2 county line’s in the state of Texas. As many of them did cross more than 2 county line’s and was completely legal.

  27. dogbreath Says:

    My questions would be – WHO can bring forth this type of suit? and, if a private and unconnected individual has that ability, what kind of money would be needed? Is there any potential for a GoFundMe driven suit?

  28. Lurch Says:

    Hell YEA! Disbar him then let the criminal and civil suites start rolling in!!!

  29. Paladin Says:

    I guess the unanswered question is: Has a disbarment suit been filed against Reyna or is there one in the works?


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