Gonzalez Re-Arraignment Today

June 23, 2016

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Gonzalez Re-Arraignment Today

Vago Ernesto Manuel “Romeo” Gonzalez will plead not guilty this afternoon when he is re-arraigned for the murder of Hells Angel San Jose charter president Jeffrey “Jethro” Pettigrew during the Street Vibrations motorcycle rally in September 2011.

After deliberating for about five hours, a five man, seven woman jury in Reno found Gonzalez guilty in August 2013 of seven charges including first and second degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to engage, challenge to fight resulting in death, carrying a concealed weapon and discharging a firearm in a structure.

The case against Gonzalez centered around the testimony of a disgraced Vago named Stuart Gary “Jabbers” Rudnick. Rudnick deliberately picked a fight with Pettigrew and then became the star witness against Gonzalez. There was a blatant quid pro quo relationship between Rudnick’s testimony and his eventual punishment.


Rudnick arranged a plea agreement and pled guilty before Gonzalez trial but he was not sentenced until after he gave his testimony against Gonzalez. He testified that he and Gonzalez had a meeting prior to the fight with the international president of the Vagos; that the club president authorized a “green light” on Pettigrew, and that Gonzalez agreed to kill Pettigrew.” Rudnick was the only witness who testified that there was a conspiracy to kill Pettigrew.

The case, in the words of defense attorney David Houston, boiled down to, “Either Gonzalez is telling the truth or Rudnick is telling the truth.” The jury believed Rudnick.

Washoe County District Court Judge Connie Steinheimer both sentenced Rudnick and presided over Gonzalez’ trial.  Rudnick spent 26 months in a Nevada penitentiary before he was paroled in October 2015.


Gonzalez appealed his conviction to the Nevada Supreme Court. Last December, that court overruled his conviction on the grounds that Judge Steinheimer abused her power when she refused to answer juror questions that “suggested the jury was confused or lacked understanding of a significant element of conspiracy to commit murder.” She also failed to ward the jury that Rudnick’s testimony was unsubstantiated by any other evidence.

Today the case starts all over again in Steinheimer’s courtroom.

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20 Responses to “Gonzalez Re-Arraignment Today”

  1. VFFV Says:

    Its bullshit he’s being tried by the same judge, who already showed prejudice against Romeo the first time, and wants to see him put away. This judge should have recused themselves from the trial in lew of a judge who would be open and honest.

    I am glad that Romeo was able to fight to overturn conviction and now its time to FREE ROMEO!

    @AVAGOVFFV I have talked to him many times inside and always send that brother money all the time. I make sure he knows he’s loved! Viva Los Vagos!

  2. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Just Me, I know that. I also know how thankful you are he was there that preventable and tragic night. Just Me, do Romeo a solid favor and drop letter in a mail during the holidays maybe send a few bucks when you got it to spare let him know he’s not forgotten. Our lives are busy and noisy its easy to run through the days and not fit people in thst earned the Respect.

    Take care Sir.

    Viva Los Vagos

  3. Paladin Says:

    Life offers many lessons if one is only willing to pay attention and learn. The lesson to be learned here is to carefully consider the mental stability of those an MC chooses to admit. Rudnick is a textbook example of just how devastating the actions of a loudmouthed, mentally unbalanced individual can be and the consequences of not immediately locking down said individual. Amateurs are to be avoided.

    To this day, there is a sub culture that immigrated to this Country in the late 18, early 1900s. They learned quickly to eliminate those within their ranks that threatened the peace or drew unwanted attention to themselves.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  4. Ol'Goat Says:

    ATTORNeys oath’s in all states are clear: Their ultimate allegiance is to the court. They are officers of the court.

  5. david Says:

    @ Ol’Goat, Exactly, Romeo’s worthless attorneys will not demand the prior judge recuse himself for the obvious BECAUSE the bastards are attorneys, “practicing” only for their own profit, not caring for their own client’s welfare.

  6. East Coast Says:

    Free Romeo. Don’t know the legal details only that he is innocent, no conspiracy exists and Jabbers earned his nickname as a load mouth drunk lying shit stirrer.

    There are very few brothers as straight up as Romeo, who is innocent.
    Free Romeo my Brother.


  7. Ol'Goat Says:

    Whats ridiculous is that the useless ATTORNeys allow the same judge to preside. Based on the quid pro quo/conflict of interest in the previous trial you would think that even a worthless law school flunky could get a new judge….Romeo, fire that worthless ATTORNey of yours (o, almost forgot they are all worthless pieces of shit who bring their clients into jurisdictions that they would otherwise be free of….and no, conceptually, I don’t expect any attorneys to understand what I just said because you are schooled in statutes and procedure, not the Law). jusy my 2 cents.

  8. Terry F Says:

    What was he sentenced to? How much time?

  9. Elwood Green Says:

    Let’s see, Judge screws pooch and gets verdict thrown out. Now new trial, with same Judge? WTF am I missing? Does this make sense to anyone?

  10. REDimus Says:

    FREE ROMEO!! See you soon brother. VFFV -REDimus

  11. shovelNY Says:

    jabbers is a punk no doubt
    it is beyond ridiculous they same judge gets the case again

  12. Just me Says:

    Romeo saved my life that night. There isn’t a day that goes by I don’t think about that. All the best to you Romeo. I pray that you prevail.

  13. ShameShameShame Says:

    If you ever had a conversation with Stuart Gary “Jabbers” Rudnick aka Tommy Jones, you realize after 3 sentences he is an idiot with the intelligence of a hamster wheel. WTF? How the fuck did that retard ever get patched? What a good catch! A conspiracy to kill Pettigrew? LMFAO!!!!!

    You wrecked a lot of people’s lives Jabbers. You should hope you find a real deep hole to hide in.

  14. Parsifal Says:

    JUSTICE? JUStice? justice? jus …..?????????????? seems like I remember a word like that once ????? I think it was in a history book a long time ago.

  15. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Rat fuck Jabbers can now lie somemore, punk loudmouth whale turd. Perfect example of how the patch made the man, disgusting. As for Romeo after almost 5 years I sincerely believe he got screwed not only by the judical system but also those he truely and genuinely loved. There are not many that would give their life away to save anothers.

    My very best to my Brother Romeo in his fight for freedom.

    Viva Los Vagos

  16. Potmetal Says:

    I’m no legal scholar, but damn!!

    How in the blue fuckall is this in any capacity show any manner of working to ensure a fair and honest, unbiased, ethically legal trial?

    Fuck me once, my fault, fuck me twice, my fault as well it would seem.

  17. Nihilist Says:

    Is that quid pro quo?

  18. Lunchbox Says:

    Oh wait I guess it doesnt matter in their eyes we are all just a bunch of terrorists on motorcycles any how!

  19. Lunchbox Says:

    Same Judge? How is that even legal or fair?

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