Names On A List

June 22, 2016

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Names On A List

The so-called Global War On Terror is still the global war on motorcycle clubs. This month the proofs of that are in a Dutch proposal to ban the Mongols and Hells Angels Motorcycle Clubs and in a series of deportations incidental to the Hells Angels’ World Run earlier this month near Rynia, Poland, about 25 miles from Warsaw.

Officials estimated that about 1,000 Angels from around the world attended the event. The Poles deployed 5,000 police. A significant but unknown member of American police representing the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms also attended the event. The Americans came with a list.


A source, speaking on condition of anonymity lest his name wind up on a list, said, “What’s new is that the Polish police were holding lists of mainly American names supplied by American Feds. When someone with a name on the list was identified at the airport or on the road somewhere they were hauled away, held for several days then basically extorted of several thousand dollars to pay for their deportation back to the United States. It wasn’t a blanket ban on Americans. There was a list. What’s interesting and worrying is that all of this included the so-called accused being nailed under some new kind of anti-terror legislation and then hit with a five year no fly ban within or to the Schengen countries.”

The Schengen Area, created by the Amsterdam Treaty of 1997, comprises a “common travel” area of 26 European nations. Visitors who are admitted to one Schengen country can travel to other Schengen countries without obtaining additional visas. Anyone banned from visiting any Schengen country is banned from visiting all Schengen countries. Hells Angels banned from visiting Poland will also be banned from visiting Bulgaria, Britain, Ireland, Sweden and Iceland, for example.

“What I do know,” the source continued, is “that nearly every name on the list might well be considered in the liberal wing of the club. Dialog and  talk rather than blasting and action. COC reps…and like minded people.”


The Consolidated Terrorist Screening Database – the so-called terrorist watch list – was established in 2003 and is administered by an impenetrable bureaucracy called the Terrorist Screening Center. It is public knowledge that the database was enlarged and revised after a flurry of terrorist attacks in Paris last November. At least two of the Paris terrorists had posed as political refugees the month before and had been admitted to the Schengen Area through Greece.

What happened this month in Poland is not the first time federal police agencies and the State department have worked together to use laws and procedures intended to thwart Islamic terrorists against members of motorcycle clubs.

The Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation filed suit against Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas in August 2012 after the Departments of State and Homeland Security identified the Hells Angels as a “known criminal organization” along with “organizations like the Mafia, the Chinese Triads, the Yakuza, organized Salvadoran street gangs, and other biker gangs.” The administrative action made foreign members of the club “inadmissible to the United States solely based on their membership in the group.”

The HAMC sued on the grounds that the defendants misinterpreted the congressional intent of the Immigration and Nationality Act. The Hells Angels corporation withdrew its complaint in December 2012.


23 Responses to “Names On A List”

  1. nada Says:

    They are going to wish that Angels, Rebels and so many others from every side of the globe will come to their aid when fucking Islam takes over.You know what they say about wishing in one hand and shitting in the other. Guess which hand fills up first.
    greetings from down under…ride safe

  2. Michael Nessy Says:

    To the American bikers this would be all the reason to vote Trump…Yes Vote….Bikers do as well

  3. Jayce Says:

    3 Canadian HA’s murdering a guy after their world run in Corfu Greece last year Might have had something to do with this

  4. Myron DaMan Says:

    Folks….we better hope for the success of the Convention of States. I know of no other way to deal with the 16+ agencies that are programed to simultaneously swamp us with shit. Just MHO.

  5. Parsifal Says:

    @ Straight Shooter. — GUN BAN = a convenient way to be tried for WAR CRIMES. {Should the rebellious lose.}

  6. Straight Shooter Says:

    The real power that control the side show in DC are deliberately taking this country down. There really is a New World Order waiting in the wings to enact a global (economy for one) dictatorship. It has always been the Communist (not Hitler) who have been slowly consuming each host nation of their freedom. Nationalism. Natural resources. Economy (bank system) Military. It is our turn. These so called ‘muslims’ are merely another trained death squad (think ‘Nam, Central & South America, All of Africa the past 50 years) brought in on YOUR DIME to create a crisis for which the locals cry for intervention. The PUPPETS in DC are script READERS. The ASHKENAZI tribe are alway in the details. Wake up. Civil War II shall be soon. That is why the GUN BAN is so critical for THEM.

  7. david Says:

    While this is happening, the bull-shit FBI and DHS look the other way as Muslim “Bath-house Barry” continues bringing in his Muslim Brotherhood caliphate cohorts for the destruction of the U.S.

  8. Wrong Way Says:

    Once again the powerful in the government and it’s branches of enforcement flex their ability to take away free citizen’s rights based on presumptions and information which is false.

    Being familiar with the particular individuals involved in this persecution I am personally infuriated. What makes it worse, there does not seem to be a dang thing we can do about it. They (enforcement agencies) lock you up. They extort you. They manipulate the public and the system. It is a travesty and it goes against everything American founding documents have tried to establish in this country. Apparently other counties have decided to cooperate in this action.

    It seems the end game of these forces is to end certain clubs. I imagine they may think if they just jerk members around enough eventually people will decide it is not worth the hassle. The problem with that idea is clubs have lasted over decades through all kinds of situations. I don’t believe they are going anywhere. This isn’t simply pride. This is a belief system. As we know from history, belief systems are the strongest, lasting movements. They traverse thousands of years of human history. You can’t stop that.

    Of course, that doesn’t convince the authorities to relax. They figure if that is the case they will just make it difficult anyway based on principle. They don’t like certain clubs. That is what it comes down to. So, the conflict goes on.

    It sort of reminds me of that “Irresistible Force Paradox.” Except in this case we are dealing with human beings with lives, responsibilities, dreams, families, jobs. Not a cold theory or mathematical equation.

    If you read all this, thanks. Not sure how it would be received but I hoped to share my thoughts.

    Take care everybody and my hope is that as we all push through this kind of thing we maintain perspective. Big picture. If you can look at it all and weigh the good and bad together, and find it is worth it, then in the end you are the free man. You are the victor. No matter what any ignorant sheep of a citizen (no matter what country you are in) says or thinks. Of course, I haven’t met very many members of clubs who give a crap what some outsider thinks anyway. Be blessed. Wrong Way out.

  9. SLED TRAMP Says:

    Same deal happened to American Gypsy Jokers visiting Norway a few years ago.Isolated,detained,deported.Ain’t the first time….ain’t the last time.

  10. Stevo Says:

    Britain is not in the Schengen Area Don, but we had the ATF etc outside rally sites here last year too


  11. Dean Says:

    SMH…… The USA feds exporting their agenda and crucifying men for no good reason. Shameful

  12. Meh Says:

    While our pigs setting up Americans for interdiction by foreign governments is bullshit, no government has the slightest moral obligation to allow free travel by outsiders into its territory.

    There being no benefit in allowing outsiders into Poland, their government acted accordingly. It’s easy to make the case that clubs are mostly fraternal affairs, but hard to make the case why other countries should welcome non-indigenous club personnel onto their turf, especially after frolics like the Nordic biker war.

    The only country which owes us anything is our own, and our government has serious ethical deficiencies.

    It’s interesting Feds apparently targeted moderates. This implies a VERY high degree of surveillance to know who is “moderate” (by whatever metric they use), and raises questions regarding what outcomes Feds want from their choice. It might be just to sow division where there should be none. COINTELPRO tactics won’t be far from their minds, and now they have metadata and near-total comm monitoring. Sifting international traffic lets them bypass Constitutional protections and of course each foreign intel outfit can play by their own rule or absence thereof.

  13. Bubblehead Says:

    Our 4th and 5th amendment rights are being squashed every day. The latest attempt was to take away our 2nd amendment rights without any due process whatsoever! In most cases you don’t even know that you’ve made the “list” until you are denied your liberty. Shit has to change before we all become “slaves” to the ruling class!

  14. Just Bob Says:

    @ popeye
    Not only did Obama welcome theme. He made it legal for illegal immigrants to stay here. But today the Supreme Court said NO! It’s too bad we did not learn from Europe’s mistakes.

  15. TX_Biker Says:

    They are going to wish Bikers will come to their aid when Islam takes over…You know what they say about wishing in one hand and shitting in the other. Guess which hand fills up first…..

  16. Nags Says:

    I wound up on a list just for riding with a group of 3 piece patch wearing club members. Never would have crossed my mind that day until the state cop saw my ink and out came the digital camera. He’d never seen my ink if I hadn’t given him my CCW. After giving him that and telling him I had twin Ruger .45s in a shoulder holster he asked me to remove my rig and lay it behind my sled with my coat. It was all down hill from there.

  17. popeye Says:

    Its a little late for europe to be worried about who they let in. They’re well on the way to being muslim dominated. Cant close the barn door once the wolf’s inside.

  18. Just Bob Says:

    Apparently Poland didn’t learn after the first ass fucking they got in 1933.

  19. DocB Says:

    If you wear a three piece patch with a cube, you’re on a list
    If you’re a veteran, you’re on a list
    If you have a concealed carry permit, you’re on a list
    If you’ve ever been arrested, you’re on a list
    If you’ve ever been convicted of any crime, you’re on a list
    If you have a driver’s license, you’re on a list
    If you own a motor vehicle, you’re on a list.
    and the list goes on. The lists are connected.
    I was stopped about a year ago and the cop asked me for my concealed carry permit. Didn’t ask for license, proof if ins, or registration, just wanted my concealed carry paper. That showed me the lists are connected. He got that I have a concealed carry from my license plate. He also asked if I was carrying. He was trying to get a gun off the street. If I had been carrying without holding the paper on my person, he could have taken the gun, put a case on me and taken my carry license in court.
    Cops like lists

    Ride safe

  20. Phuquehed Says:

    Poland of most all places should know better than to pull this kind of shit. Seems those in charge over there are The New Nazi’s and their Nazi leader is apparently the alphabet souptards here in the United States.

    Make no mistake, this is *exactly* how Nazism/fascism gets a foothold, just like happened in 1933 Germany, only Germany learned a lesson, the rest of the supposed free world thought it was nothing but a ‘Good Idea’ apparently, just carried out incorrectly and now they want to show us how it’s *supposed* to be done.


  21. Brad H Says:

    And for their next trick; the feds are trying to enact new firearms restrictions based on no fly lists and supposed terrorist ties. If memory serves me, according to the homeland security act, motorcycle clubs are considered domestic terrorist’s. How long before the alphabet gangs, who have lists of most members of most clubs in these United States, apply said firearms restrictions, if made the law of the land, to active club members, retired members, prospective members and even ‘ol ladies?

    If you believe this might be a stretch, simply look what’s happening in wako. What length do you believe the feds will go to disarm you, him, me and others based on club affiliation?

    I personally believe in some office somewhere in D.C. there are agents with their hands in their pants rubbing furiously in anticipation.


  22. Duck Says:

    This sort of thing got really old a long time ago. There are really awful people in the world walking around on dirt they should instead be fertilizing- But I don’t see the guys from the HAMC or any other legit club for that matter displaying the traits of such a people. I get it, tribal cultures can get a little rough, but you can always choose to not join the tribe- so why is my tax $$ being used to level natsec actions against people who aren’t remotely a threat to the world at large?

    I’ve never heard of a patch walking into an airport and exploding.

    I’ve never heard of a patch walking into a bar and unloading a couple magazines into random citizens

    I’ve never heard of a patch hijacking a plane or bus

    And oh yeah- I’ve never met a patch who wouldn’t happily cut one of these jihad freaks into bits and feed them to starving kittens or some shit- which I’m pretty sure is GOOD for national security.

    I feel like maybe we could start the largest class action suit in history, against the .gov for misappropriating our tax dollars under extremely false pretenses, a blatant fraud. Of course they’d probably disappear us in short order anyway.

    Fascist crap.

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