Waco Gag Order Lifted

June 15, 2016

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Waco Gag Order Lifted

Earlier today, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals lifted the gag order that has suffocated public discussion of the arrests of 177 mostly innocent men and women who were arrested after a brutal brawl at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas on May 17, 2015.

The gag order, issued by 54th District Court Judge Matt Johnson, compelled defendant Matthew Clendennen and his attorney, Clint Broden, to remain silent about the case for almost a year. Johnson’s order also gave local officials including District Attorney Abelino Reyna an excuse not to answer reasonable questions or explain inflammatory official statements made in the immediate aftermath of the brawl.

In a statement released earlier today, Broden wrote:

Broden’s Statement

“Following the arrest of 177 motorcyclists in Waco, Texas on May 17, 2015 arising out of the tragic incident at Twin Peaks, the Waco Police Department and the McClennan County District Attorney’s Office launched an unprecedented publicity offensive designed to scare the public with horror stories of roving ‘biker gangs.’

“Indeed, they held multiple press conferences before local, national and international media in an attempt to prejudice the motorcyclists in the eyes of potential jurors and to deny the motorcyclists a fair trials.

“When one motorcyclist, Matt Clendennen, bravely spoke out to defend himself, only then did the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office seek a ‘gag order’ in his case. The District Attorney’s Office disingenuously claimed to seek the gag order in order to preserve ‘the paramount importance (of) the trial rights of Mr. Clendennen’ despite the fact that its motives were very transparent. Moreover, the District Attorney’s Office sought the gag order in a perfectly orchestrated plan, ten minutes before a totally unrelated hearing with no notice to anybody so that the State’s statements to the same media groups it had no problem speaking to for several weeks about ‘biker gangs’ would forever go unchallenged.

“On August 7, 2015, the Tenth Court of Appeals entered its unanimous opinion essentially vacating the gag order. Nevertheless, the District Attorney’s office then even sought to challenge that opinion in the Court of Criminal Appeals resulting in a stay of Tenth Court of Appeals’ opinion.

“Today, almost a year after the gag order was entered, the Court of Criminal Appeals, in a unanimous opinion, lifted the stay and restored Mr. Clendennen’s First Amendment rights. While Mr. Clendennen certainly does not welcome the publicity that has surrounded this case, neither will he allow the police and the District Attorney’s office to manipulate the public unchecked.

“Mr. Clendennen thanks the Reporters’ Committee for Freedom of the Press and the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers’ Association for filing amicus briefs before the Tenth Court of Appeals and the Court of Criminal Appeals in the case. Justice Brandeis once said that ‘sunlight is the best of disinfectants.’ The ruling today affirms that principle.”

The Twin Peaks Ambush


20 Responses to “Waco Gag Order Lifted”

  1. Nuke n' Pave Dave Says:

    Why is it proper for the queer victims of the fla. massacre to have our flag flown at half mast? For the answer to that we’d need to ask “Bathhouse Barry” (our very own Presidential apologist in chief) if any of them used to frequent the same Chicago fag bathhouses he did back when he was a community organizer. (Excuse me while I barf…)
    All of this half mast business for them is a travesty of the first order. It also serves to denigrate the purpose of honoring the loss of someone of great national character that lowering the flags is supposed to represent.

  2. wallrider Says:

    Why is it proper for the victims of fla.massacare.to have flag flown flown at half mast.and not the victims of waco,i am offended to point of disgust.what is more american then scooter tramp.the press should put just as much emphasis positive of course.and forget about about all this p.c.shit thats all i have to say.are we any less important.thank you.wallrider

  3. Hangaround Says:

    Rebel, You have just been gifted a shovel. Good luck with your digging and be sure to fill us in on your finds.

  4. Meh Says:

    I don’t see any great difficulty in firing that much ammo at close range if you aren’t concerned with accuracy. He could have hosed (at semi-auto rate of course) anyone close then expended his ammo on the rest including firing into any likely shelter areas.

    Hadji had adrenaline and hate to energize him.

  5. david Says:

    Attorney Mike Snipes(center video) failed to state any TX Justice of the Peace is state constitutionally PROHIBITED, from issuing any FELONY arrest warrants, as Peterson did May 17.

    The people permitted JP’s to issue misdemeanor warrants ONLY. Attorney Snipes has NO excuse for not stating TX highest law in the news conference, and for not knowing current TX law, after law school AND 39 years of experience.

    All arrests based on Petersen’s un-lawful warrants are false, un-lawful, and way over the top of any, due process proceedings. Peterson needs to be named a defendant in EVERY Title 42 civil and constitutional rights violation lawsuit already filed, and yet to be filed.


  6. TX_Biker Says:

    With the right equipment I could probably fire about 7 to 10 30 round mags in 7 minutes in a controlled environment with no distractions. At night, in a dark club, with all the confusion, highly doubtful….

  7. James Crawford Says:

    When the mass shooting at Thurston High school in Springfield Oregon occurred, the students were initially stunned but the males quickly rallied to rush the attacker and take him down. They held him until police arrived. Such a response has seldom been repeated in mass shooting incidents. However; Springfield was then a rural commuhity where most of the kids had fathers who were real men who worked as loggers, ranchers, farmers, mechanics and such rather than artists, actors, hair dressers and interior decorators.

    Much of the rhetoric about semiautomatic rifles and magazine capacity is predicated on the idea that mass shootings would be less deadly if assailants had to reload more often which would give victims an opportunity to use physical force or even shoot back if they have a gun. (Why would you wait for your would be killer to continue shooting at you until he ran out of ammo before you returned fire or even rushed him to take him down) Unfortunately; the effete elites are emasculating our society so that resistance by victims is becoming extremely unlikely.

    While I have no doubt that a reasonably competent shooter could expend hundreds of reasonably well aimed rounds during the incident, I share the suspicions of others that many of the victims were shot by the police. The fact that the police bravely ran away after the initial exchange of gun fire then had a three hour circle jerk before finally breaching the wall of the club enabled the victims that were merely seriously wounded to bleed out.

  8. bcnasty Says:

    If you look at 12 rounds per minute. That would be a low estimate ,in close quarters with folks hovering against the wall and in bathrooms that is 84 rounds in seven minutes. fish in a barrel with no one shooting back at 5 seconds per round to aim and shoot.That would make a marksman out of the in experienced.

  9. Paladin Says:


    My personal experiences are as follows:

    In my day, a standard combat ammo load for each of my crew was 480 rnds. (16 / 30 rnd. mags). If we weren’t carrying Claymores and other gear, we could have carried even more ammo.

    My current vest carries 8 / 30 rnd. mags. I carry 2 more in a thigh rig and 2 more on the gun, for a total of 14 / 30 rnd. mags. If the need were to arise, I can carry more.

    I’ve read a couple of articles on the shooting and I must have missed the part where someone had mentioned a time frame of 7 minutes and an expenditure of 900-1000 rnds. I can tell you from personal experience that in a gunfight, one can expend an awful lot of ammo in a very short period of time.

    Obviously, I don’t know the size or the layout of the nightclub in question, but most are crowded, dark and filled with extremely loud music. Given the foregoing and that there were reportedly 300 or so patrons in the club, I wouldn’t be surprised if more than one victim was killed or wounded with the same bullet.

    Long May You Ride,


  10. James Crawford Says:

    Although I am very conservative, I am forced to agree with skeptics including Gandolf and XYZ. The US government and the police are becoming a far greater threat to our safety and freedom than the terrorists. Obama and the idiot homosexuals who are blaming the Orlando massacre on guns and Christians are an even greater threat to my freedom and safety than the Islamic terrorists. I am not certain that Trump would change this. It is enough to make me pray for a nuclear 9-11.

  11. IronRider Says:

    One constitutional violation out of many cured, but there are many many more to be fixed out of Reyna and Co. handling of this fiasco. Next let’s hope the many innocents that were caught up with million dollar bounds and just happened to be there get their charges dropped and their bonds removed.

    I wonder how happy the citizens of Waco and the state of Texas will be at all the settlement money that is going to end up being paid out to those families who lost a loved one and those who were maimed and those who were innocent. The taxpayers of Waco and Texas will be paying for this fiasco that Reyna and his minions tried to cover up and hide the truth.

    Every fight like this that is won, is one more step to being closer to the truth and getting those who violated the law, and peoples constituional and civil rights thrown out of office and charged with the abuse of power and disbarred and brought up in disciplinary hearings and hopefully terminated.

  12. Brad Milch Says:

    I believe it was all about grabbing the bikes, cars & pickups. Waco police & their crooked, greedy DA saw a fortune in rolling thunder parked around Twin Peaks & jumped on the opportunity that presented itself to grab the goodies. Modern day USA pirates.
    Lady Karma should have a field day dishing out Karma to the dirty hands that ripped off the bikers rides.

  13. tiopirata Says:

    In a parallel to Twin Peaks we see that no Pulse nightclub security cam footage is yet available to the public and I suspect it may never be so. It is unlikely Omar Mateen, on his own, killed 50 and wounded 53 with just two guns, neither fully auto,and expended some 900 rounds doing so. Thirty magazines of thirty rounds, 40lbs of ammo, in seven minutes, reloading in the dark, I don’t think so. I could not have done so.
    This readership has many experienced warriors, I would value your opinion.
    What are the odds some were killed by police fire at some point?
    Like Twin Peaks we are sure to see much ducking and diving over the next few weeks.

  14. XYZ Says:

    Iraqi in Denton? (Denton? – Really?)

    And so it makes perfect sense the now years long effort to arrest/prosecute Morgan English, Clendennen, the Vice Grips, etc.


  15. Gandalf Says:

    The “more” to the Orlando Story is that Orlando’s Finest did the “Neenah Skidaddle” then chit chatted with the Terrorist for 3 hours while they searched for their balls for another run at it. Dooming every person bleeding out in the bathroom and allowing Him rest, reload and to un-jam His AR-15. 1 man, 2 guns, 50 dead/50 wounded. Un-heard of. A Hero is a sandwich.

  16. XYZ Says:

    I think there is more to the story about Orlando. It is a damn shame so much Federal LEO effort has been expended on stupid shit like Twin Peaks.


  17. T Hell Says:

    The gag order is lifted just as every member of the press in the entire country is wholly engaged and predisposed with the reporting of 50 dead queers. A coincidence, You tell me?

  18. Brad H Says:

    Wow, it’s refreshing to hear news for the side of the defendants for a change, regardless what group they’re with.

    These men and women have been through an unnecessary shit storm so as to justify the actions of a bunch of self aggrandizeing, discriminatory, murderous, bigoted law breakers. One can only hope the city, county, state and federal organizations and individuals responsible for this unconstitutional breech of rights be found liable, lose their jobs, be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail.


  19. Just Bob Says:

    Fuck you Reyna you fucking pendejo.

  20. Bone Head Says:

    Thank you for reporting this Rebel. I hope in the months to come more shit rolls downhill.

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