Tampa Bay Clown Show Continues

June 15, 2016

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Tampa Bay Clown Show Continues

Jerry Theophilopoulos, the lawyer for a couple of Hillsborough County firefighters named Clint Walker and Robert Ramirez told “investigator” Jarrod Holbrook of television station WFTS yesterday that the men were filing complaints with the St. Petersburg Police Department, “the Department of Justice, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Tampa, and” the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. He also told Holbrook, “We intend on pursuing a civil suit at the appropriate time.”

Walker is a patch holder with the American Outlaws Association.

Holbrook started the month of May with a pair of broadcast reports condemning local fire departments for employing members of brand name motorcycle clubs. Holbrook repeatedly called the clubs “criminal motorcycle gangs,” quoted a couple of local law enforcement sources who agreed that the clubs were mafias on motorcycles, and confronted local officials with demands that they do something about it.


Two days after Holbrook’s first report, Walker was attacked in a St, Petersburg bar called the Del Mar Gastro Lounge by a local cop named Ruben DeJesus (photo above). Walker’s apparent crime was wearing an Outlaws tee shirt. DeJesus Tased  Walker four times, handcuffed him and then kicked him in the groin. Dejesus then lied about the incident, in writing, and charged Walker with felony battery on a law enforcement officer.

Ramirez, who is not a member of any motorcycle club, tried to stop the assault on Walker by standing between Walker and DeJesus and was arrested for obstructing a police officer. After he was handcuffed, DeJesus shook Ramirez face as one might shake a bad dog’s and shoved him.

DeJesus is currently on administrative leave while his actions are investigated by the department’s Internal Affairs Division. This will be the third time DeJesus has been investigated by Internal Affairs in the last five years.

Previous Incidents

In January 2011, DeJesus was one of several officers who shot and killed a suspect named Hydra Lacy, Jr. Lacy had shot two other police officers while barricaded in an attic. DeJesus was subsequently awarded a Medal of Valor by his department.

Eight months later, DeJesus shot and killed an 18-year-old named Jared Speakman. Speakman was sitting on a bench with another young man, drinking alcohol in a closed city park. Three policemen approached the pair. Speakman had a blood alcohol level of .071 and was holding a small dog on his lap. Speakman turned to hand his dog to the other man. DeJesus interpreted that action as resistance and would later claim that he saw a .22 caliber revolver in Speakman’s waistband.  Allegedly, a struggle for the gun, which the two other officers had not seen, ensued and Speakman was shot four times. After he was dead, a .22 caliber revolver was indeed found in Speakman’s waistband. Speakman’s death was later ruled justifiable homicide.


After officers in internal affairs complete their investigation of DeJesus conduct toward Walker and Ramirez, his “chain of command” will review “the case and determine whether” DeJesus “has violated any city or department policies” and decide if he should be disciplined.

St. Petersburg also has a “Civilian Police Review Committee,” which “is a volunteer advisory body whose purpose is to review citizen-generated complaint cases and cases that have received a high level of community interest, which have been filed against St. Petersburg police officers. The CPRC role is to determine whether Police Department policies and procedures were followed by the accused police officer and the investigating police officers. These cases represent administrative investigations and are not criminal in nature.”

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12 Responses to “Tampa Bay Clown Show Continues”

  1. Jimmy Joe Says:

    It used to be a judge would and most juries would take a cops word over anybody. Thanks to technology, those days are gone. Good on the bystanders for coming forward and telling the truth.

  2. Jonny Sumo Says:

    Tasered 4 times…and kicked in the bobby danglers??…Damn, they build those firefighters tough! In the UK a british cop would more likely have tasered one of his colleagues or gassed himself with pepper spray..these things happen regularly…
    @FF; I laughed real hard at ‘any blubber loaf who can fog a mirror’…I’m a nurse and some of my colleagues may well meet that recruitment criteria…
    Generally…I am concerned that wearing a t shirt can lead to you being treated like that by, a supposed, law enforcement professional..but then a lot of things concern me about the treatment (worldwide, not just in the USA) of people who ride bikes by the ‘authorities’…give respect, get respect? perhaps if this was practiced by the ‘authorities’ generally, rather than simply demonizing any club member, or rider, there could be a better working relationship?
    Respect to all, J

  3. FF Says:

    Florida towns pig department will hire any blubber loaf that can fog a mirror.

  4. James Says:

    As much as I would like to think the right actions will be taken against the asshole we’ve seen way too many cases where these fuckers get a pass and we the public are told that “his actions were not out of line and he followed protocol in this situation blah blah blah……”. I hope I’m wrong but the pigs do look after their own.
    Fuck Dejesus!!

  5. Just Bob Says:

    “This will be the third time DeJesus has been investigated by Internal Affairs in the last five years.”

    If it smells like shit it usually is.

  6. Skagg Says:

    It’s not good enough to fire these scum. They need to be decertified as well. Perhaps if decertification was more frequent, these cocksuckers wouldn’t be so fucking arrogant. Fire one and they just turn up in another dept. Guaranteed

  7. Lou Sassel Says:

    This is exactly why LEOs don’t want to wear body cameras. Fucking pigs claim resisting arrest and the video shows the exact opposite. Fuck the cops – not just DeJesus but all the ones that covered for him too. They should all be charged with obstruction.

  8. Lou Sassel Says:

    This is exactly why LEOs don’t want to wear body cameras. Fucking pigs claim resisting arrest and the video shows the exact opposite. Fuck the cops – not just Ramirez but all the ones that covered for him too. They should all be charged with obstruction.

  9. Maven Says:

    This piece of shit has already murdered two people. How many more is he going to be allowed to ice before he’s prosecuted?

  10. Phuquehed Says:

    Dejesus is a flip. Every flip I ever met in the Navy had a chip on his shoulder and a bone to grind with everyone they ever seemed to meet. They get worse the older they get. This one is typical of one that gets some amount of ‘power’, like a flip in the Navy that gets to first class petty officer or above. They become intolerable cunt hairs that all you want to do after ten minutes around one is slam his face into a steel hatch – multiple times.

    This Dejesus fuck is just that. He needs to be fired and made to do some time in jail and pay a high-dollar fine to Walker and the other guy. With any luck, he’ll accidentally find himself in gen-pop and get a lesson on what it’s like to have shit happen to you and everyone say it’s a lie.

  11. T Hell Says:

    @Bone Head
    I agree he should be fired the question remains should it be a .223 from a distance or a nine from up close?

    (to the pigs monitoring this feed THAT WAS A FUCKING JOKE much like your pathetic existence……)

  12. Bone Head Says:

    Dejesus should be charged, convicted and fired. Plain and simple. But he won’t.

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