Tampa Area Outlaw Cleared

June 9, 2016

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Tampa Area Outlaw Cleared

Police in St. Petersburg, Florida announced yesterday that charges against Clinton Walker have been dropped. Walker is a member of the St. Petersburg chapter of the American Outlaws Association and a firefighter with Hillsborough County Fire Rescue. Since May 7, Walker had been charged with felony battery on a law enforcement officer.

Walker’s arrest coincided with a series of reports by Tampa television station WFTS which expressed the station’s outrage that members of the Pagans and Outlaws Motorcycle Clubs were employed by local fire departments. The television station ran a photograph of Walker standing next to Hillsborough County Fire Rescue Captain James Costa. Costa is president of the Outlaws’ St. Petersburg chapter.

Biker Experts

The reports included inflammatory comments by a local agent for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives named Keary Hundt and a Pasco County gang expert named Brian Kozera.

The station reported that Hundt was “extremely concerned. He considers it (the employment of members of motorcycle clubs) a public safety issue.” WFTS reported as fact that Hundt, “investigates criminal motorcycle gangs. He says they are known for all types of crimes, ‘Drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, extortion, arson, bombings, you name it..’”

Kozera described “criminal motorcycle gangs” as “the mafia on motorcycles, ya know. They’re very organized. It’s organized crime.”

Rogue Cop

Two days after the television station’s initial report, Walker was the victim of an unprovoked attack in a St, Petersburg bar called the Del Mar Gastro Lounge by a local cop named Ruben DeJesus. Without provocation, while Walker was standing still with his hands behind his back, DeJesus Tased  Walker four times, handcuffed him and then kicked him in the groin. Walker was wearing an Outlaws tee shirt at the time.

DeJesus was responding to a call that a University of Florida student had been punched. The student, 21-year-old Zachary Taylor, suffered a fractured skull. His assailant has never been identified..

Robert Ramirez, a second firefighter, was arrested on a charge of obstructing a police officer after he tried to prevent the assault on Walker by standing between Walker and DeJesus. As other officers handcuffed Ramirez, DeJesus made a macho display of grabbing Ramirez’ jaw and shaking his face before shoving him out of the bar.

After Walker’s arrest, a St. Petersburg police spokesperson named Yolanda Fernandez alleged, “One thing we know for sure is, from the very beginning, Mr. Walker did not cooperate with the officer. From the minute the officer walked into the bar and was told that Mr. Walker was the one, which we know now was wrong information, and he approached him, Mr. Walker did not cooperate. It escalated from there. Whether the officer’s actions were right or wrong from there, that will be something for the Office of Professional Standards.”

Cell phone video shot by other customers soon surfaced that proved Walker had been completely cooperative and that DeJesus had assaulted Walker and Ramirez. DeJesus (photo above) is a 31-year veteran of the St. Petersburg police department. In 2011, he was not charged in the shooting death of 18-year-old Jared Speakman. DeJesus shot Speakman four times with a 10 mm pistol as Speakman lay on his back at Dejesus’ feet. DeJesus is currently on administrative leave.

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22 Responses to “Tampa Area Outlaw Cleared”

  1. Drifter Says:

    @Drifter Says:
    June 11, 2016 at 8:19 pm
    Glad to hear charges droped”

    Could use another screen name, you are not me.

  2. david Says:

    ABC = A Bunch of (lying) Cunts

  3. Kevin Hammer Says:

    Cops: “We’ve investigated ourselves and found ourselves clear of any wrong doing.”

  4. BMW Says:

    This has been standard fare for “sweeps week”, when radio and television trot out the old “government misconduct” stories to raise the blood pressure of the audience. The TV stations like to zoom in on road crews at lunch, city workers sitting out of the hot Florida sun, street lights that are not working, all that sort of thing that is EASY to film and does not require any real investigation. Fire Department personnel are always good targets for several reasons —
    #1-Fire Departments don’t give traffic or parking tickets,
    #2-Crooked cops really hate firemen and keep notes on them,
    #3-Crooked cops are ALWAYS looking for a story to divert attention,
    #4-TV stations are usually in newer buildings that don’t usually catch fire,
    #5-Firemen will still rescue lying TV personalities if called

    The usual fireman stories are “part time job”, second job, political activity, and now a new standard– “motorcycle riders”. If I remember correctly, the TV stations in Florida also did a number on a couple of Warlocks members a few years back. Now, somebody–I would guess the Communists at the ATF and their deeply disguised disciples of dis-information, who call themselves “outlaw motorcycle gang experts”– decided to drop a dime on a couple of actual heroes who belong to motorcycle clubs. This is just more of the ATF’s crusade to poison the minds of potential jurors by branding any motorcycle rider as “an outlaw motorcycle gang” member. OMG, indeed!

    Of course, the sweeps week “government misconduct” stories rarely focus on the highest form of consistent government misconduct: the plague of crooked and murdering cops in Florida. So far, the TV station personalities never seem to report on that recent reincarnation of Murder, Incorporated:the Urine Odor. Want to bet on whether DeJesus is a member of THAT girls club? If so, the TV stations will never mention THAT relevant piece of information about government misconduct.

    Kudos on the bikers who were “cleared” of LEGAL activities protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution. Shame on the state of Florida, the ATF and the TV station for re-introducing the Inquisition.

  5. Roswell Says:

    As I read this, which is just another of the endless stories of police brutality, my local Sunday paper arrived and the headline about a local event yesterday reads ” a celebration of law enforcement”. We live in a day of coward police ( their safety is the number one priority) that steal people’s property, shoot them until their magazine is empty, and then watch them bleed to death. All the while, the establishment declares louder and louder their status as heroes. We are a long way from this getting anything but worse.

  6. Drifter Says:

    Glad to hear charges droped

  7. xplor Says:

    What if we hold the police unions responsible for the conduct of its members. They would have less money to buy politicians and to pay pensions for dirty cops.

  8. Base Says:

    Such incidents is exactly why the police unions push so hard to make it illegal for the public to film police. Oh sure they scream public safety and that is all BS. They would rather it went back to their word against who ever. Because when the stack of lies is higher than they truth, the truth gets tossed out!

    It is obvious the cops targeted Walker for no other reason than his affiliation.

    Noticed at the very end of the news report that Cathy had to toss in the “gang” label. Could this be an attempt to muddy the waters? I believe so because that’s what they do.

  9. 10Guage Says:

    This is so disgusting…and it happens all the time.

  10. bikerjohn1 Says:

    I would be surprised if the cop knew that Clint was a firefighter. Mr. Walker is in Tampa which is a different county than St. Pete. It’s also interesting as the PD chief just got replaced about a year ago after a bunch of complaints about the local PD abuse of power. Most of the complaints came out of the black areas. Hopefully (doubtful though) the new chief will keep his word and crack down on abusive cops. The bar where Mr. Walker was at is on the main bar strip in down town. On weekend nights there are hundreds of drunk collage kids, tourist and locals. Usually the cops don’t mess with anyone unless there is a fight or something. My guess is that the cop saw Mr. Walker’s soft colors and assumed that he must be guilty. Also, I am guessing that unlike a collage kid or tourist, Mr. Walker didn’t start kissing the cops ass when the cop started on his power trip.

  11. Dirty Dingus McGee Says:

    Sure would hate to be that cop if his house was to get hit by lightning and catch fire. But I bet the FD could save the slab.

    And the reason cops hate firefighters; Firefighters aren’t pussies.

  12. Jackie Treehorn Says:

    Fuck that wormy little faggot piece of shit at station What the Fuck in Tampa that started all this shit about Walker.

  13. Shovelhead Says:

    So who was the piece of shit that pointed out Walker as the assailant when the Coward Dejesus walked into the bar? Was he or she a Cop, did anyone really point out Walker or did the Pig Dejesus just beeline it straight to him because he was wearing an Outlaws T-shirt?

  14. Flstcjay Says:

    Pigs. Every last one of them. Pretending to be tough guys hiding behind a badge and one sided laws, but are little wee men with small dicks and even smaller personalities. I fucking hate with a white hot blinding rage every fucking pig. Strutting around with their superior attitudes and talking down to me. Fuck them. I wouldn’t even piss on a cop if his head were on fire.

  15. Preacher Says:

    Walker needs to get a lawyer and sue the heck out of the St. Petersburg police dept….a strong message must be made clear, that law abiding taxpaying citizens shouldn’t have to go through random beatings and unethical treatment by the very people who are payed to protect us!

  16. James Crawford Says:

    Interesting how the spin of the story changes if the victim is identified as a firefighter verses a member of a “motorcycle gang”. They are of course the same person. Question: If someone is a member of a “mafia on motorcycles” that smugglers and distributes drugs, runs extortion and prostitution rackets, why are they risking their lives and working their asses off as firefighters?

  17. GaryS Says:

    As a professional firefighter and “motorcycle enthusiast” in the northeast this drives me up a fucking wall! Cops hate firefighter and cops hate bikers. When we are both holy shit! I’m glad this looks like its working out the right way. OFFO

  18. Brad H Says:

    “Drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, extortion, arson, bombings, you name it.” Yepers, sounds more like their local St. Petersburg p.d. than the local chapter of the M.C.!
    And they wonder why only little kids and groupie’s trying to get out of the latest DUI or speeding ticket like them.


  19. Jaded Says:

    Amazingly, station WFTS updated their story:


    I hope that both of these fire fighters receive the justice they deserve!

  20. IronRider Says:

    So The Cops walked into the bar looking for a fight instead of actually investigating what had happened and asking people if they had seen who hit who. Instead they went in with a battle mode attitude and looking to play the heavy card.

    This is the mindset of a lot of cops is that you have to play the heavy role as soon as you start dealing with any member of the public who automatically has to be the perp in their minds.

    I didnt see anywhere in the video where either of the two guys attacked or provoked the cops that they needed to pull out a taser, once again this is the cops playing the heavy do as I say or else, if anyone else did this we’d be in a cell now.

    Once again if it wasn’t for cell phone and surveillance footage the truth wouldn’t have come out about what the cops did, because I count 4 cops in the video and you can bet your ass the other three never report the abuse of power that one of their own got out of control and crossed the line, the blue wall stuck together, which begs my next question of why were the other three charged for falsifying their report.

    We all know why no charges against the other three because they dont want to charge their fellow cops, the idiot cop who tazed this guy was charged only because of the video footage coming to light. Gee I wonder if this reporter and her station reported that gem, my guess is no.

    I think this firefighter who is an MC member ought to sue the reporter, the station and the police department and it’s officers since I am of the opinion this was all caused by the reporter and those who piled on how bad and evil these firefighters were and then the police goading there officers to step on toes of those firefighters.

    And this is how shit like Twin Peaks happens because people like to amp shit up and start shit that would have never happened in the first place if it wasn’t for rumor mongering and stirring up shit to start trouble to fit your agenda.

  21. Meh Says:

    Might be time to reopen the Speakman case…

  22. Phuquehed Says:

    Fuck the pigs and fuck you Yolanda, you stinking cunt, and fuck everyone involved at that TV station who tried their best to burn Walker, a professional firefighter.

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