An Evening With George

June 8, 2016

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An Evening With George

The ballooning legend of George Christie continues to fly with the wind while the truth can only limp after him.

Christie, an unprepossessing and aging man who seems about to be credited with the invention of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club – and then all motorcycle clubs and then motorcycles and then, who knows, maybe photography or the alphabet – is hitting the lecture circuit. He has a book coming out in a very big way in September and he has joined the team of “tastemakers” and “influencers” at some kind of agency with offices in Los Angeles and New York called Flutie Entertainment.

“Hello. We’re Flutie Entertainment,” the company announces on its website. “We’re storytellers at heart, and have a passion for helping creators find their voice. In fact, that’s what get’s us up in the morning. That and coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.” The statement is obtuse but at least it seems to have been written with a smile.

The breezy story of George, as told by George or Flutie Entertainment, or George and Flutie maneuvering together like a pair of synchronized swimmers goes:

Who Is George

“As an ex-Hells Angel president – the longest serving president in club history – and one-time international spokesperson for the club, George Christie was also the rare peacemaker in a brutally violent culture. Having fought first in the early wars between motorcycle clubs on the streets of Southern California, he came to believe that guns and knives weren’t an answer. George eventually brokered peace not only among a variety of American clubs, but also helped negotiate a truce to the infamously violent Nordic Biker Wars fought between the Scandinavian chapters of the Hells Angels and the Bandidos.

“After four decades of riding with the Hells Angels, George walked away, quitting in 2011. He paid dearly for that decision. Club informants seeking to save themselves provided the basis for trumped-up federal charges that sent George to La Tuna federal prison for a year. He’s been a target of his former club brothers ever since.”

What He Is Selling

“Since his release, George has starred in the History Channel TV show, Outlaw Chronicles: Hells Angels, started Felony Prison Consulting, a company that helps defendants navigate the justice system, and written his memoirs, Exile on Front Street. He regularly lectures to groups ranging from civic organizations and criminal justice classes, to trial lawyer conferences. After the Waco, Twin Peaks shootout, George was asked to speak to law enforcement audiences and agreed to speak on his terms to audiences of police officers, with the goal of preventing any further outlaw biker deaths.

“An Evening With George will feature a lecture in George’s riveting plainspoken style, revealing the gritty, incredible-yet-true stories from his years as a Hells Angel. From the funny to the profound, these anecdotes weave a tale of the outlaw life—and how it changed over decades from an all-for-one brotherhood, to the current me-first scramble for power and riches. He’ll also narrate a history-rich slide show of fascinating personal photos from his own (and the Hells Angels) history, and answer questions in a no-holds-barred question-and-answer session. Each attendee will receive a copy of Exile on Front Street, which George will personally sign at the end of the evening.”

It is a story that flies like the wind and from the vantage of the ground it is a glory to behold. It does not matter that it is a vacuum sealed pack of lies because the repudiation of those lies would necessarily take about four times as many words as the lies themselves and because, as Pontius Pilate the patron saint of public relations famously observed, “What is truth?”

Much Respect

There are, apparently, very many people who are eager to hear this story from Christie’s own lips in his “riveting plainspoken style.” (Or as some people might write it, “riveting, plainspoken style,” with a comma between the two adjectives.) His Facebook page is followed by about 9,000 admirers. Most of them find George to be “an amazing man with a warrior spirit” and wish him “much respect.”

A couple of days ago Christie showed his Facebook followers a photo of himself seated in what appears to be a courtroom next to his youngest son. The father was dressed in a black waistcoat over a black tee shirt and he seemed lost in thought as he scribbled on a hidden pad of paper. His thoughtful countenance was reminiscent of his fellow authors, Ernest Hemingway, William Shakespeare and Sophocles. And the photo was captioned “Preparing Pepperdine Law School Lecture.”

See You There

An evening with George at a law school seemed like a worthy event to report and cover. Pepperdine is in Malibu, an easy ride from the rest of Los Angeles and from many of Christie’s admirers and detractors. Whatever it cost, the “no-holds-barred question-and-answer session” might be worth the price of admission.

Which led to a half a day of trying to find tickets before Suzanne Inman, the Events Manager for the Pepperdine University School of Law finally replied, “I’m sorry, but at this time I am unaware of any events featuring Mr. Christie.”

But George said. Or Flutie Entertainment said. Or George and Flutie entwined like copulating snakes said. So see you there!


18 Responses to “An Evening With George”

  1. Ol'Goat Says:

    …followed all of the George Christie BS for a couple of years now.
    “Peacemakers” like George make make “peacemakers” like Barry Mason look like honorable men.

    …seems as time marches on, the integrity and quality of Human Beings diminishes exponentially and we are becoming more and more self centered.

  2. Dark Corner Says:



  3. Dino Says:

    “International” representative of the club?………because he carried the Olympic torch? I’m with the rest, just go away.

  4. kidjudas Says:

    LOL I come here for the great writing, Rebel.

    “The ballooning legend of George Christie continues to fly with the wind while the truth can only limp after him.”

    You have a fucking awesome way with words! Keep it up! The pigfuckers need to get pointed out.

  5. popeye Says:

    snitch academy

  6. Slide Says:

    I am with Nick; Will there be a question and answer session following this edge of your seat story telling? There must be at least a few hundred people who would like to ask you some questions on “how really did you get to be no longer pursued by LE; You know; “the man law enforcement pursued for over 30 years…” That great Tammany Hall type speech, that got you off that 120 year sentence, no fines, a year stint at La Tuna, any good con would question that walk in the park.
    Any law student would think the same. How and why is he here? Why was the case sealed? Informants, but they are in the transcripts, until at a certain part they became know as CI 1-5. The DOJ is not after you NOW. Thought you were the big fish to catch over the past 30 years. Gotti’s informant pointed; said Gotti ordered it, the Bull did it and away both of them went. Both rode off into a different cell block, the rat got 6 years, Gotti got life with out.
    And the rat Bull was way more of a fish to catch than you. Gotti did not give a “bad Leadership speech, make a movie about how bad a leader he was and give up what he knew about the “mafia”. He died in prison. He was top of the line, prime beef for the DOJ for years and like you a informant gave him up. He did not say a word or a interview. His prison phone conversations were recorded and made public.
    Now that is a true outlaw, he held his oath, even if it meant never being free again. He did not whine and bitch like you. His words were: this is my reality, what the fuck am I going to do. True to his words, even though betrayed by his close “family” he went off to die in some hell hole.
    Pepperdine. How ironic is that? A law school, where you can tell them how to get clients out of 120 years by being a poor leader. That rates right up with the Twinkies Defense.

  7. Nuke n' Pave Dave Says:

    The air would be so much calmer if ol’ Georgie would just start breathing . . . through his nose!

  8. Phuquehed Says:

    The lying shit-stain has found a group of imbeciles (another?) to believe his bullshit and lies…the pigs don’t count as *anyone* could get those fucktards to believe anything one says so long as it was something ‘bad’ about a club or clubs.

    Hey George…there’s a whore with your name on her fishy cunt and hep in her blood waiting just for you on some dark street corner near your home. You should utilize her services, you air-wasting, lying sack of shit.

  9. T Hell Says:

    George? Who the fuck is George?


  10. Brad H Says:

    If you could hear the sound I made after reading the latest instalment of “An evening with George”, it would sound like a cat choking on a hair ball!

  11. FF Says:

    Drop dead, loser

  12. IronRider Says:

    There is that saying that if you repeatedly say the same thing over and over again to yourself you start to believe it.

    It is like that with con men. Con men tell a lie and after they tell the same lie over and over and over again to people they have become so good at telling that lie that people believe it because the con man can say that lie so convincingly in a story and say it effortlessly that most people dont doubt the story.

    George can say what he likes, the people in the know, know what the truth is. MC members even from rival MC’s don’t buy what George is selling to the public. You dont get excommunicated by your club and be in good standing, that’s is a punishment. Enough said

  13. Neuro Says:

    Billy G. already set the record straight.

  14. Parsifal Says:

    Only people frontin are people frontin, frontin down on FRONT STREET. Something? about legends in their own mind. Expert? That word gets thrown around a lot in the now “Non-Outlaw/cop speak world.” FUgggggggg em!

  15. TX_Biker Says:

    At this point we should all be replying “George who?” Don’t go away mad George, just go away……

  16. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Dear Flutie, et al,

    Information regarding punctuation and other esoteric tidbits with regard to the written English language are cleverly concealed in books. Books like the massive, rare volume “The Elements of Style” by two characters named Strunk and White.
    Good luck.

  17. Nick Mead Says:

    I so want to go to this. I’m so excited to hear more from this expert. I spoke to Pepperdine and they have no record of it, nor do the law school there and nor do their events coordinator. I’m calling 310 506 4000. Is that the right number ? Am desperate to get tickets …

  18. Paladin Says:

    At this point, I’d rather be trapped in a phone booth with a Wolverine than hear anymore about George Christie. This guy really needs to get parked.


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