Twin Peaks Franchise Pulls Threads

June 2, 2016

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Twin Peaks Franchise Pulls Threads

The crooked city of Waco, the shady state of Texas and the corrupt Department of Justice have already proven how easy it can be to slander, falsely imprison and generally bully the scores of innocent bystanders who stumbled into the filming of their movie in the parking lot of the Waco Twin Peaks on May 17, 2015.

Many mistakes were made that day which is why all the villains – McLennan County DA Abelino Reyna, Waco Police Chief Brent Stroman, vigilante Justice of the Peace Walter H. “Pete” Peterson and so on – have stubbornly continued to exercise their Fifth Amendment rights to remain silent. Preeminent among the official mistakes, was allowing a braying jackass named Patrick Swanton to blame the debacle that left nine people dead on the Waco Twin Peaks franchise.

The franchise was owned by a corporation named Peaktastic Beverage, which in turn, is owned by a $500 million corporation named the Chalak Mitra Group. Blaming the Waco Twin Peaks for what happened twelve and a half months ago has always been like blaming Sushi for the attack on Pearl Harbor. But so far the villains have gotten away with it. Most of the Texas and national media have let the villains get away with it. When you are a $12,000 a year truck mechanic you can’t do a damned thing about the villains, the press or the slander. But when you are a half-billion dollar corporation you can.

“Pete” Peterson

After hearing Swanton’s line of horse feathers, six survivors of the Waco ambush and the company that owns the Twin Peaks chain sued the Waco franchise. The franchise hired a national law firm named Baker & Hostetler, and one of their attorneys, a fellow named James C. Winton, has been trying to pry open Waco’s big box of secrets for months. Tuesday, Winton filed two more subpoenas.

First Winton subpoenaed the “Custodian of Records for the Honorable W.H. Peterson, McLennan County Justice of the Peace,” and ordered whoever that might be to be deposed on June 15 in Waco and to produce “Writings or recordings, including but not limited to autopsy records, photographs, medical records, reports, autopsy reports, pathology reports, laboratory reports, toxicology reports, gunshot residue test reports and results, medical examiner’s reports, files, papers, notes, memoranda, corres-pondence, printouts of any type of data stored in electronic format, including email transmissions, and any other type of records and/or documentation contained in the file, whether generated from Your office or elsewhere, that refer, relate, or pertain to:” the nine men who died that day.

Criminal Investigations Division

Then Winton sent a subpoena to the “Custodian of Records, Texas Department of Public Safety, Criminal Investigations Division.”

The subpoena lists 19 allegations made in United States v. John Xavier Portillo, et al.,  a federal racketeering indictment of three Bandidos international officers unsealed last January, and demands that the Texas state police reveal when, if ever, they told the restaurant about those allegations. The subpoena also demands access to another 36 categories of documents that might shed some light on what police forces were at Waco on May 17, 2015 and what they thought they were doing there.

For example:

“Writings or Recordings that refer, relate, or pertain to any investigation of motorcycle clubs or bike nights at any other restaurant or other venue hosting “bike nights” in Texas during the period May 17, 2014 – May 17, 2015.”

“Writings or Recordings that refer, relate, or pertain to any investigation of the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents, including but not limited to regional meetings in Texas during the period May 17, 2014 – May 17, 2015.”

“All Writings or Recordings that refer, relate, or pertain to the ‘support and investigation assistance’ provided to the Waco Police Department concerning the Incident.”

“Operations plan, tactical or otherwise, including notes from any preparatory meetings discussing the planning, staffing, overtime forces needed, assignments, location/deployment of officers, weapons to be used, emergency medical personnel assigned and on standby, and defensive measures to be used such as helmets/body armor, including but not limited to bulletproof vests.”

“Memorandum of understanding between You and the Waco Police Department.”

“All Writings, Recordings or other communication, including text, e-mail, and radio, between You or officers of any other Law Enforcement Agency or and any other personnel of any Law Enforcement Agency that refer, relate, or pertain to the Incident or
to the anticipated Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents meeting scheduled to occur at 1 p.m. on May 17, 2015 at Twin Peaks Waco.”

“All video and audio recording of any activity of the Bandidos, Cossacks, or other motorcycle clubs, gangs or organizations between April 1 and May 17, 2015.”

“All Writings and Recordings, including but not limited to field notes, reports, and MDT entries or logs, that refer, relate, or pertain to any visits made to Legends Cycles by Your personnel at any time between May 17, 2014 and May 17, 2015.”

“All Writings and Recordings that refer, relate, or pertain to social media postings of any of those arrested on charges of engaging in a criminal conspiracy in relation to the events of May 17, 2015 at Twin Peaks Waco or any of their immediate family, friends, or

The Twin Peaks ambush is a well of metaphors. This week it looks like a ragged shroud and the victims of what happened in Waco keep pulling, pulling, pulling at its many loose threads.

twin peaks


30 Responses to “Twin Peaks Franchise Pulls Threads”

  1. Randy Says:

    Rebel, I read your book. Finished this AM. Good read, a lot of good information. I bought two, to share with a friend. Those that have not read it, will learn a lot. It is about our expectation of God given rights and the constitution. It is scary what happened and is happening in Waco.

    The owners of Twin Peaks can not afford to lose a case. They are wealthy, bright people, hired the big guns. The politicians and attorney’s at Waco are likely no match.

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I hope, echoing what was said earlier, that the innocent are sent free, name cleared and compensated, and those that would deny innocent’s their rights, pay.

  2. XYZ Says:

    LOL @ Patricia Volk

  3. Charlie Primero Says:

    It’s always amusing to watch people first begin to figure out their governments are criminal enterprises run by rich people for the purpose of harvesting sustenance from working people.

    They fight hard to stay inside the Rancher’s fence. Most people actually fear and hate freedom.

  4. Rebel Says:

    Dear Patrick Volk,

    You are a moron. You have no idea where I got the information I disclosed in the book. None whatsoever. I live in a shield state. Texas is also a shield state. Paula Broadwell is a name you picked out of the air to belittle me. Nobody is going to cop a plea behind this bullshit unless they are actually guilty of something. A number of attorneys in the case expect this case to go federal. I think that is a possibility. I can’t wait to see the federal charge against, say, Morgan English. The civil suits have turned into the most interesting part of this case. They are in federal court.

    Fuck you,


  5. Mike Smith Says:

    I said this from Day One.

  6. Jaded Says:

    “After hearing Swanton’s line of horse feathers, six survivors of the Waco ambush and the company that owns the Twin Peaks chain sued the Waco franchise.”

    This just gets more insane by the minute. Maybe I am just getting old and jaded but the all levels of our over burdened system appear to be a mess in this country. The silent, complacent sheeple out there don’t seem to realize that if it’s okay for the rights of others to be trampled, that they are next.

  7. Jose Q. Publico Says:

    What happened before the first punch was thrown?

    Very simple.

  8. rollinnorth Says:

    Meh needs to buy Rebel’s latest book.

    Respect, to those…

  9. david Says:

    The “Criminal” justice system IS the perfect name for a BS “justice” system operated by real criminals.

  10. gooch Says:

    And then came the shot! Right on TX_Biker.

    But it seems this tangled web that Waco officials have weaved, is starting to slowly unravel. My hope is that the innocent whos lives have been ruined, are somehow compensated for their civil rights being violated.

    Further I hope that they clean house in the Waco Criminal justice system. I don’t even like driving through Waco, Every time I do I think about the branch Davidians, and now the Waco Ambush. I just drive right through. Never stop in Waco

    Rebel On!

  11. Patrick Volk Says:

    Hey Don, Rolling Thunder…what a blast again! Anyway, I know one of the defense attorneys in all of this shared some of the discover with you, but all these civil suits won’t get anywhere. You will always be able to claim the “Paula Broadwell” defense and say you’re with the media to keep from getting in any trouble. The only thing it’s going to do is make the law enforcement agencies attorneys work a bunch of late nights. They will be able to keep all of the information under wraps until all of the criminal stuff is wrapped up. A bunch of the guilty pleas should be coming out here shortly. I’m sure some credit for time served sentences will be the norm.

  12. TX_Biker Says:

    @Meh, War and a show of force are two entirely different things. Now let’s say you went with your club en mas to back up brothers should there be trouble. unknown to you one of your brothers was goaded in to starting something by say, Law Enforcement, perhaps to to help bolster a federal investigation that was not really bearing any fruit….Then the shooting starts…..

  13. Meh Says:

    If the “war” were pure fabrication that still begs the question of why Cossacks assaulted the meeting. Pigs do what pigs do but there was apparently no shortage of bikers willing to murder the opposing team. That’s war and war’s aren’t random.

    COINTELPRO aggravated existing conflicts in the black activist movement using willing players, but those players had some ability to escape reprisal. Murder at a public gathering where the (non-LE) shooters know they will get busted can’t just be passed off as some CIs hoping for a pat on the head.

    Until more is known there is no way to explain suicidal stupidity but there was no possible winning move for the Cossacks. Hypothetically assuming LE manipulation, you still “can’t rape the willing” so what made some of them willing?

    I hope this shit isn’t a trend because if bikers take up banger customs the culture will be fucked in a hurry.

    Who might benefit from the change? (Oink, oink….)

  14. Brad Milch Says:

    When comparing the Twin Peaks biker ambush to the recent Rhoden family massacre in southern Ohio, one can’t help but notice the immediate grab for victims’ assets in both cases. Involved bikers lost their rides, cellphones & a huge chunk out of their wallets in the Twin Peaks tale in exchange for no trials (to date). Besides their lives, the Rhodens lost their homes, the cars from their huge car repair & re-sell operation, plus bank savings. Legal heirs were effectively bypassed & placed in a stranglehold.
    Had Waco LEO accused the bikers of a drug operation at Twin Peaks (as the Rhodens were accused of after their deaths) Waco LEO could have pulled the same stunt in Texas. They might have even been able to seize Twin Peaks.
    Looks like Reyna’s gang wasn’t greedy enough by Ohio LEO & state officials standards.

  15. Austin Says:

    This is a flow chart of what I mean. Peaktastic Beverage LLC has a relationship with Chalak Mitra Group in that the same people and their relatives own pieces of both companies.

  16. Gandalf Says:

    Nice. I’m betting the people at Baker & Hostetler and JC Winton are following Rebels blog for direction… probably have been. They know Operation Bottom Rocker HAD EVERYTHING to do with what happened in Waco. The DOJ fabricated evidence (a war) then snatched up the cell phones looking for RICO evidence. The only way they get those phones is by arresting everyone. They duped Waco into doing the Obama DOJ stomp on innocent Texans.

  17. T Hell Says:

    Snag a copy of Rebel’s book it sheds more light on that subject.

    If memory serves Winston Churchill coined the phrase “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an Enigma.” regarding the Twin Peaks Massacre we seem to have “a colossal fuck up, wrapped in lies, inside paper shroud”. A thousand broke ass bikers could not pool their pennies to make any noise about the Waco cover-up but perhaps the franchise and their high priced mouthpieces can yell a bit louder.

    Respects to those deserving….

  18. Austin Says:

    Do not underestimate the Indian opponent.
    5 American-Educated businessmen, who worked their way through college together, then founded a corporation together, several of whom are related, are not going to suck this up without a fight. It is ALL about the money. Whether they are 2nd generation or fresh immigrants, these men have vast resources and much wise counsel behind them.
    My guess is- this shrewd move, demanding every conceivable record or documentation, proof if you will- of what the agencies have been saying – will ultimately reveal the agencies are a bunch of lying cocksuckers.

    Surprise!! That really, there was no plan with the Breastaurant. I assume a corporation named “clever friends” ( intend to eventually confront the franchiser who pulled the lucrative business away from them on law enforcement’s flimsy “grounds”, show there were no grounds, get the business back, and then probably sue the Franchise for damages on top of suing the city, and the agencies.
    Go Chalak Mitra Group (CMG)!!! Swanton et. al. will end up being persona non grata in convenience stores and hotels from here on out.

  19. Base Says:

    “Blaming the Waco Twin Peaks for what happened twelve and a half months ago has always been like blaming Sushi for the attack on Pearl Harbor.”

    Great Article rebel, that particular sentenced jumped out at me for some reason.

    The Villain’s of Waco nuts should be drawn up into so tight that when the speak it sounds like they have a mouth full of marbles. Really small salty marbles!

    Side Note:
    Placed that review on Amazon for ya.


  20. Rusty Says:

    I don’t see how the one franchise is gonna have money to fight the corporation that owns TwPks,,,,

  21. Paula Carroll Swann Says:


  22. Hangaround Says:

    I found this one to be particularly interesting

    “Memorandum of understanding between You and the Waco Police Department.”

    Why exactly would the Department of Public Safety have a pre determined agreement with the Waco PD that was far enough outside of standard operating prodcedure that they would have to make note of it?

  23. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Those AUTOPSIES REPORTS FROM THE SOUTHWESTERN INSTITUTE OF FORENSIC SCIENCE AT DALLAS, was done first of June last year. Then they say that they gag order themselves in order not to contact these 9 families. The Autopsies list MURDER as the cause of death as we know that and the cop’s are responsible for those MURDERS. They could have prevented this & they knew it.

  24. TX_Biker Says:

    I hope they succeed. There are a lot of unanswered questions and Americans deserve to
    know what happened.

  25. Paladin Says:

    “The Twin Peaks ambush is a well of metaphors. This week it looks like a ragged shroud and the victims of what happened in Waco keep pulling, pulling, pulling at its many loose threads.”

    May it unravel soon.


  26. david Says:

    Hope the Twin Peaks attorney can obtain all documentation sought in the subpeonas.

    Unfortunately, the criminal gang operating both McLennan County JP and TX DPS offices have had paper document shredding machines for some time now.

  27. Mad Dog Says:

    This is why I was glad that civil lawsuits were filed. I’ve always thought that bringing in a corporate defense attorney was the key to opening the can of worms that Waco’s law enforcement practices represent. As you mentioned, Rebel, the defendants in the criminal cases have severely limited resources to engage in this kind of discovery, and the criminal discovery process differs significantly from the civil process, I believe.

    The more defense counsel pulling threads, the more likely this fabric of lies that Waco law enforcement has woven will unravel.

  28. Sieg Says:

    And in amerika, ink., corporations pull WAY more weight than people, so these guys may actually have a shot at getting close to the truth.

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