Rolling Thunder 2016

May 31, 2016

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Rolling Thunder 2016

Rolling Thunder, the massive, patriotic biker celebration that occupies the nation’s capitol every Memorial Day weekend, has been widely regarded as a public nuisance throughout the Obama Administration. This year was a little different.

For one thing, last Friday The Washington Post ran a sympathetic, 2200-word portrait of Rolling Thunder founder Artie Muller by Post writer Steve Hendrix.

The story notes that President George W. “Bush was very good to” Rolling Thunder. “Other White Houses,” Hendrix quotes Muller, “not so much.”

During the Carter Administration, the Pentagon wanted Rolling Thunder to pay an $11,000 surcharge for the President’s participation in the event. Obama once stuck his head into a meeting Muller attended but that was about it. Bush, at least had the grace to welcome home Muller – who was a sergeant with the Fourth Infantry Division in the Central Highlands of Vietnam – in the White House driveway.

Election Year

This election year, Muller is rooting for Donald Trump. Many veterans are and Hendrix asked Muller what he thought of an insult Trump threw at Senator John McCain last summer.

McCain is probably the nation’s most famous, former prisoner of war. McCain was a Navy pilot who was shot down by a surface-to-air missile on Oct. 26, 1967. The explosion broke both his arms and his right leg. He ejected, landed in a lake and did not drown only because he was able to deploy his life vest with his teeth. He was tortured by the North Vietnamese. “I refused to give them anything except my name, rank, serial number and date of birth,” McCain told the U.S. News years later. “I was in such a bad shape that when they hit me it would knock me unconscious.” McCain was tortured multiple times while he was held prisoner. He was eventually released on March 14, 1973.

Ten months ago, Trump said of McCain, “He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured, okay?”

Muller said that he was “not bothered by,” Trump’s insult. “Sometimes people say things. They don’t have time to think, and they say the wrong things.”

Trump, who is about to become the Republican Presidential Nominee, became the first major politician to speak to participants in Rolling Thunder in years. He gave a speech to about 5,000 of the event’s estimated 300,000 riders near the Lincoln Memorial and the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial.


Rolling Thunder is still an event intended to promote awareness of prisoners of war and men missing in action so Trump’s participation was ironic. Rolling Thunder, is now concerned with numerous veteran’s issues, but it started as an event by Vietnam veterans for Vietnam veterans and Trump was a “draft dodger” – a very quaint and politically incorrect term for men of Trump’s age who either cringe or lie when somebody asks them what they did in the war.

Trump received a student deferment from military service (Selective Service classification 2-S) on July 18, 1964 when he enrolled in Fordham University  He was reclassified as eligible for military service (1-A) on November 22, 1966 when he left Fordham. As a result of his reclassification, he took a physical and was found fit to serve on December 15, 1966 but he got another student deferment when he enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania. So far, so good. The Army needed educated officers.

Trump graduated from Penn in the spring of 1968, the year graduate school deferments ended – a year that saw thousands of recent college graduates drafted into the Army and the Marines – but this time Trump was reclassified as a “1-Y,” a young man who was “available for military service, but qualified for the military only in the event of war or national emergency.” Since Vietnam was not technically “a war,” Trump did not have to serve. He has said that between the time he passed his physical examination in 1966 and the time he became exempt from service in Vietnam he developed a bone spur in one of his feet. Earlier this year in Iowa, Trump said he couldn’t remember which foot had had the bone spur.

Trump’s campaign staff tells a different and more absurd story. According to the Trumpkins, their man was willing to serve but he received a low number in the draft lottery that was instituted the year after Trump graduated from Penn. There was no draft lottery when it was Trump’s turn to go. When Trump was eligible, older men were drafted first, so that 22-year-olds were much more likely to be conscripted than 18-year-olds. That was what was considered just then. But, in a press release earlier this year, Trump’s aides asserted, “When the draft occurred, they never got near his number and he was therefore exempt from serving (in the) military…. Although he was not a fan of the Vietnam War, yet another disaster for our country, had his draft number been selected he would have proudly served and he is tremendously grateful to all those who did.”

Except, of course, even if his number had come up Trump would not have had to serve. His draft classification remained “1-Y” until he was reclassified as “4F” which means “unfit for service,” on February 1, 1972. In 1968, affluent young men routinely avoided Vietnam by paying friendly doctors to invent an imaginary illness or medical condition. So some young men had to fight and die and others did not. Trump went to work for his father instead of Vietnam and he has has never been exactly guilt-stricken about it. In an off the cuff conversation in 1997 with Howard Stern about sexual promiscuity and venereal disease Trump said “I’ve been so lucky in terms of that whole world. It is a dangerous world out there. It’s scary, like Vietnam. Sort of like the Vietnam-era. It is my personal Vietnam. I feel like a great and very brave soldier.”

So What

None of this is secret and despite it all Trump is still the favorite of a lot of veterans besides Artie Muller. Trump has espoused numerous Veteran’s causes.

He also likes bikers. Trump told Bloomberg Politics he was speaking at the rally “in honor of the great bikers who have been totally supportive of my campaign, and now I want to be supportive of them.”

“Look at all these bikers,” Trump told the crowd last Sunday. “Do we love the bikers? Yes. We love the bikers.”

And veterans. In the same speech Trump acknowledged veterans “have been treated so badly in this country” and vowed to remedy that. He promised that after he is elected veterans in need of care could visit private doctors rather than waiting for an appointment at a Veteran’s Administration hospital “and we’ll pay for it.”

Trump was invited to speak to Rolling Thunder participants. The Democratic candidates, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, were not. Muller told the Post about Hillary Clinton, “Kiss the country goodbye if she gets into office,”

Neither Sanders nor Hillary was in Vietnam either. Sanders petitioned his draft board for “conscientious objector” status during Vietnam. Clinton, whose husband used political connections to avoid military service when he graduated in 1968, protested against the war. She did claim to have come “under sniper fire” in Bosnia during a trip there in 1996. When video surfaced that contradicted Clinton’s claim, and showed her being presented with a gift by an eight-year-old girl instead, she explained, “I say a lot of things – millions of words a day – so if I misspoke, that was just a misstatement,”

What Matters

Who did what during Vietnam isn’t relevant anymore because most of the electorate wasn’t born until after the war ended. The point of Rolling Thunder has grown fainter as the event has grown bigger and as its founders have aged. But it is still the largest one-day gathering of bikers in the country. And the people who attend it and identify with it do represent a piece of the electoral pie that has been taken for granted and belittled for decades. The Rolling Thunder riders are what used to be called “the hardhats;” The plainspoken people who fight the wars and know how to make things and do things.

Trump spoke to and was welcomed by Rolling Thunder because what he says resonates with that crowd. And Trump’s appearance, simply because he is Trump, elevated the importance of this year’s event. So it was a win for both Trump and Rolling Thunder.

It is usually hard to tell what exactly Trump is saying or what the words that fall out of his mouth mean so it isn’t yet clear to whom Donald Trump thought he was talking on Sunday. But somebody in his campaign is probably smart enough to know that he was talking to the new hardhats.

Which is why it seems like a shame that neither Clinton nor Sanders was invited to speak. At the least it would have been fun to find out who they think all those people who ride in Rolling Thunder are. Maybe Sanders would have said that back in the day he was ready to go to prison for his beliefs. It would be interesting to see how something like that might play with the Rolling Thunder crowd in 2016. Who knows what Hillary might have said if she had been invited and if she had accepted.

Best of all, it might have been illuminating to find out now who besides Donald Trump would think that talking to Rolling Thunder was worth the bother.

But it didn’t happen in 2016. Maybe in 2020.


46 Responses to “Rolling Thunder 2016”

  1. Rodney Shippey Says:

    Thank You

  2. Gary Says:

    The major function of Rolling Thunder®, Inc. is to publicize the POW-MIA issue: To educate the public that many American Prisoners of War were left behind after all previous wars and to help correct the past and to protect future Veterans from being left behind should they become Prisoners of War-Missing In Action. We are also committed to helping American Veterans from all wars.

  3. Rodney Shippey Says:

    On a more somber note, my uncle TSGT Alton F. Joyner was listed as MIA on 3-6-1945 in the pacific, I wear his name and unit patch on my vest along side my fathers who served in the pacific as well, I am honored to do so and wear it proudly. To me as an individual that is more important to me than anything political, and I believe that it should remain untarnished by political preference.. We need to keep that unblemished as a true value for the sake of our Country and peace of mind….

  4. Rodney Shippey Says:

    Is Rolling Thunder only honoring Republican MIA’s..?

  5. Rodney Shippey Says:

    A bird with only a right wing, flops on the ground, Politics have no place in honoring the MIA’s who gave their lives for are freedom of choice as individuals. Those who would make that a political cause need to turn in their patches as they are dishonoring the fallen with their political agenda…no where in their mission statement is there mention of endorsing candidates…You need to wake up and stop drinking the political cool aid…I’m an Independent and will remain so, and I say that with all respect to both parties candidates..

  6. Gary Says:

    Trump was invited cause he is the only one that is not off the charts with his agenda. Hillary and Sanders are clearly intending on rushing us off to socialism with the Government being the all powerful. Those Rolling Thunder members that criticizing having a politician speaking at the Rolling Thunder Demonstration should turn in their patches as Rolling Thunder IS A POLITICAL ACTION organization and if you don’t know that it is not the place for you!

  7. NCRider Says:

    Not sure where to put this, but to be blunt, I’m pissed. Obama chooses a time like this to defend Muslims to all of America. Rants on why he does not use “radical Islam”, but yet 49 dead and 53 injured by a Muslim who pledged alliegence to ISIS. He said he was not going to let it happen….what about the last 8 years??? I despise that man. IMHO, unfortunately, he’s making Trump look better and better.



  8. Rodney Shippey Says:

    I for one will be putting my Rolling Thunder vest away for awhile, I don’t want to wear it and be associated as a “Trump supporter”..How could national be that stupid, when there are Democrats and Republicans listed as MIA’s who fought and died for my right of “Freedom of Choice”..

  9. Base Says:

    Lawsuit on election fraud

    Snap shot:

    Full meeting:

  10. NCRider Says:

    Davr – Personally, I do not care at all who has a “Voter ID card”. Card or no card, there are many people here that I respect and learn from their comments including this thread. So much that several are influencing where my vote will go. So your stupid comment means nothing.


  11. david Says:

    @ Davr ,

    If voting was a means of constructively benefiting the people, it would immediately become illegal.

  12. Davr Says:

    Piss n moan, scream n cry, all you sidewalk commando’s. Trying to tell us who is best for America, or why we are doomed.
    Yet ill bet that most of you do not have that one thing in your pocket that gives your voice meaning. A Voter ID card……..

  13. James Tomlinson Says:

    Vietnam Era Marine, disabled, 65 years old, has a dream of earning his Bachelor’s Degree to honor Vietnam Era Veterans. Unfortunately, I need four final prerequisite classes to graduate, but lack tuition to complete. Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, Ky. 41071, has a tuition holder from August 2014, denying me that privilege. I have P.T.S.D. and that depresses me and makes me feel like a failure! The college has sent this debt to a collection agency (Department of Revenue, Frankfort,Ky. (502)564-4921.) This only keeps building added interest until paid back. I pray that there is a blessing somewhere that can help me to reach my dream/goal. I was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps in January 1973. Education should not be denied any veteran from any wartime era, past or present. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  14. xplor Says:

    You favor the Donald, who would take charge, set the rules and crush dissent ? Better sell your bike now.

  15. Mike Smith Says:

    Why, when Donald needed and availed himself of this event didn’t someone implore him to challenge the atrocity in Waco?

    I wrote and his Campaign Manager for Kalifornia did send me an response and noted that he forwarded my letter to the National Campaign.

    But I don’t have the swing to get him to really act on it.

    The organizers of Rolling Thunder still have some entre with Donald. If any of the people reading these things have a connection then put it to the man to ensure that there is an independent review. He doesn’t have to take sides.

    How about it Rebel? You got anyone in your Rolodex that you can call?

  16. Base Says:

    There is a 3rd option that is better than a write in or not voting at all.

  17. cwb_joker Says:

    Hes not a politician ,if he doesnt follow through on his words.
    He knows it will be the end of image in public and will become yet another shit president.
    One thing i noticed,hes the only one doing something for and talking about real problems.
    Shows up to so many places around the united states,really works his ass off.but yet always under fire.
    I know if eather one of those fucked off dems get in the white house ,were fucked.
    If trump does just one of the things he talks about ,will be one of the best presidents we had in a long time.
    My thoughts,To each his own.

  18. russell1946 Says:

    This election is a no-brainer for those who support the 2nd Amendment.

    The National Rifle Association endorsed Trump.

  19. Brain Phart Says:

    All politics aside, they actually shut rolling Thunder down 30 minutes after only about 1/3 of us got out of the lot because no one could hear Trump speaking. I had just parked and only two rows came in behind us. Trump started talking and no bikes were moving. All the tourists were commenting about why it was over so early. Trump finished and the bikes rolled in again for about another hour. It was a cluster fuck run of epic proportions compared to every other year just so Rolling Thunder leadership could kiss some Trump ass.

  20. Dino Says:

    I hate having to choose between the lesser of two evils. I can’t remember the last time I was excited to vote for anyone above a local election. I have to think about what is important to me personally and vote for the person I believe is the most willing to support those areas. I can’t be sure who it is but I can be sure who it isn’t.

  21. Herb Says:

    The military is a brotherhood forged in blood and sweat
    We always take care of our own rolling thunder
    Pays respect to those who gave all
    It’s not a picninic or happy biker event
    Was never supposed to be that it exists because
    We are never supposed to forget and show respect

  22. Just Bob Says:

    Have you guys heard the latest about Jax and his SOA crew getting duped with bum checks for an appearance at Huston Comic Con?


  23. Jackie Treehorn Says:

    It cracks me up to hear these political idiots say, “I’ll fight for your votes”. Fight? Fight who? I really don’t think any of them would know what a fight was if one was to hit them in the mouth.

  24. bcnasty Says:

    @ Austin, I too was a Ross Perot fan. Remember watching the debates and his line, ” who do you want creating jobs for Americans someone like me that worked my way through life or my opponents that never had to look for one ” ? Still makes me laugh till this day.

    @ Russel1946, repsects

  25. Austin Says:

    @Whitepride – RIGHT??
    I hated Bush and I didn’t like Clinton, so in ’92 I Voted for Independent Businessman Ross Perot!! Which took votes away from the main race but not enough to win.
    So – We’ve done that.
    Yeah – Mr. Perot made a good run at it, but it gave Bill the edge to win.
    I know Willie Nelson had a plan to run – I’d go knock on doors for Willie.

  26. Bone Head Says:

    Once we voted for the best candidate…those days appear to be gone.
    Now we vote to either:

    1. For the least of the evils.

    2. To remove some incumbent because he’s started to smell.


  27. tiopirata Says:

    Seeing Kissinger blood eagled on the White House fence would be my political statement of choice, one worthy of the sacrifices made by veterans. It annoys me that he may die of old age.
    Trump has no idea, but then nor do any of the other probabilities. That then should not be a factor in deciding your next president. We are the many, they are the few, if we voted for any of the third party candidates and ignored the Trump/Hillary/Bernie circus we could have a president who is not a Republican or Democrat. It is as simple as it is unachievable given the electorate now existing.
    As is Rebel, most of us who read and comment here are generally independent thinkers, why then this resistance to actually doing what must be done to motivate change?
    As for the core of this article, why do bikers tolerate politicians at these events? They have never proven to be friends to us.

  28. Phuquehed Says:

    @clayusmcret – EXACTLY!

  29. clayusmcret Says:

    NCRider, not to vote is a vote for Hillary. As stated earlier in the thread, democrats ARE voting for her whether she’s in jail or not. So sitting this out is equivalent to voting for her by not canceling out another vote. It’s just old school math.

  30. USNDragon Says:

    NCRider- Well for me sitting out this Presidential Election is the only thing I can live with. No way I can back any one of these Ass-Hats and not feel like shit about it. I realize that some will say “your irresponsible if you don’t vote” or “how do you expect to be heard if you don’t vote”. The true reality is it will make no difference if I vote or not, except to me. The lesser of 2 evils thing doesn’t work for me either. Just another non choice. Maybe these Candidates should fight to the Death, last person standing is the President. That would be fun to watch and makes about as much sense as the Billions of special interest Dollars pouring in to all of them because you know, money is free speech and its legal and all, it won’t corrupt anything, are you fucking kidding me? When in History has that ever been true? It is a tragic fucking joke on all of us.

    As far as Freedom goes you just kind of have to make your own. I pretty much do what I want to do, go where I want to go, ride where I want to ride. That won’t change after this election regardless of who wins.

  31. Meh Says:

    I strongly agree with USNDragon. Trump is saying anything to improve his brand.

    Although technically I’m a “combat” vet, watching a few Scuds hit the sand around KKMC doesn’t mean jack. What I do know after 26 years (Hollow Force in ’81 to lavishly funded in 2007) is that no civilian politician who never served has a fucking clue about either the military or war. They can’t really acquire one. That leaves most of them either indifferent or vulnerable to manipulation.

    What nearly all pols do is pass out emotional handjobs to everyone including veterans. “We love you long time, now go fight for Aramco, er, freedom, uh…KBR “(once Brown and Root of SEA fame in the same game).

    Most of what the US Armed Forces are tasked to perform is bullshit of negative benefit to the American public done in behalf of liars. That’s no reason not to take the King’s shilling, but there is every reason to do it with eyes wide open.

    I had a satisfying career, but whenever anyone thanks me for it I smile and say they don’t owe me, but Wall Street does.

    Support the troops by helping destroy the lie the US defends freedom. If our clients were worth dying for they’d be more enthusiastic about doing it themselves.

    Much love for my brothers and sisters in arms. If it weren’t for the Nam vets raising hell about military reform, the .mil world would be as shitty as it was then and so would VA care. I and every later vet owe those guys.

    Now it’s every later vet’s turn to hold Uncle Sam’s feet to the fire for our younger troops.

  32. EclecticAK Says:

    @Whitepride….. you just said it all….. A vote for “non-of-the-above” is almost the only rational choice this time around……

  33. Whitepride Says:

    Why can’t there be an honest politician out there for us to vote for? I will probably vote for that jackass Trump because he’s the less of the other evils. Why can’t this nation just give a big middle finger to the 2-party system and vote in a Libertarian who sincerely believes in the Constitution and true freedom?

  34. NCRider Says:

    USNDragon – When it comes to politics, I know enough to form my own opinions but not enough for an intelligent conversation. With that being said, I think you nailed it. I like some things about Trumph, but overall I think he is all about the money and power. But, I would not vote for any of the others. So what do you do? Not vote or vote for Trumph because there’s no one else?



  35. USNDragon Says:

    My 2 Cents on Trump is if anyone believes he gives a shit about Veterans or Veterans issues they are fucking deluded or stupid. He spoke to a group of Bike riding Vets and now considers himself a Hero, a “real” supporter of Vets and Bikers and especially Vets who are Bikers. Fucking Jackass. Such unbelievably transparent Bullshit. Vets don’t need his weak ass “support”. His background and History do not give one ounce of credibility to the statement that he supports the Troops. Not one thing has he done. In fact we will find out shortly that his supposed “help” to Veterans was just another in a long line of money scams like Trump University. The Guy is a flagrant liar, an old school Con man, a Carnival Barker that happened to be born rich. Holy shit what the fuck are people thinking supporting this Moron. The rest of the field pretty much sucks too, but Goddamn Trump takes the Cake.

    On to Vets. Every Combat Vet knows that War is a Bitch. Thinking about why your Country sent you there or fighting for old Glory never comes up during Battle, only before or after. What does come up is fighting for your Brothers, a willingness to die for your Brother if that is the way it needs to be at that moment. Sound familiar? Most people that read Rebel are aware that returning Veterans started the original MC’s and it was mostly about Brotherhood and shared experience. Does that sound like Trump? The correct answer is Hell fucking No. If you are a Vet and you think the Trumpster has your back, you need some serious re-training and some knowledge forced back into that Brain-pan of yours. Make America great again my Ass.

  36. Sieg Says:

    Good stuff, both the article and the comments. The S.E. Asian Wargames were fought for parallel and complimentary reasons; to boost the profits of the military/industrial complex, and to boost the careers of the politrxians, Demican and Republicrat, who oversaw it, not to mention the fact that the various branches of the Armed Forces, pretty much gutted after Korea, wanted the increased funding that goes with even a “brushfire” war, and once they got that, there were just so many officers who needed that ticket punched. After all, if you’ve never commanded a rifle company in the field (even if it is only for three months), then you can pretty much forget that promotion.

    One thing I will disagree with is characterizing the Donald as a “draft-dodger”. He slipped and slid, and managed not to get drafted, but pretty much did it fair and square, at least by the mores of the day. When his student deferments were running out, he came up with a medical deferment. Legit? Only his doctor knows for sure.

    Bernie, on the other hand, is pretty much a straight-up, no shame, draft-dodger. He lost his student deferment, so he got married. His wife shit-canned him when he was 27, and he lost that deferment. THEN he decided he was a concie. Thing is, as many of you who were around back then know, it took AT LEAST a year to process a concie claim, and while you waited, you were 1-H, available but waiting. Coincidentally, Bernie turned 28 during that waiting year, and aged out of the draft.

    Neither one has any great claim to fame behind that shit, but at least Trump did it (at least semi) legit. If I had to choose between the two of them to see who would give service-members and vets a fair shake, I’d say Trump is FAR more likely to do so than Bernie.

    Hillary? Anyone see the story came out today, most Hillary supporters would still vote for her, even if she gets indicted. Unreal…the pod-people are trying to take over.


  37. Bubblehead Says:

    @Meh: The real client was the Military Industrial Complex that needed to transition to civilian production once WII was concluded. I grew up watching the Vietnam war on the nightly news. When I was 16, my draft number was 03! By the time I graduated high school, the draft had ended. But being from a military family, I enlisted in March of 74. The post Vietnam era was probably the worst time to serve, as by then active duty and veterans were treated like shit by our fellow citizens. Always bothered me and had to know the reasons why we got involved in the first place. Two years ago I took a college course on the Vietnam war and began to look for the root cause of our involvement. Vietnam prior to WWII was a French colony. It was the source of significant revenue from the rubber and rice plantations. At the conclusion of the war, Ho Chi Minh was a big fan of the United States and went to Paris to petition for independence for a unified Vietnam. He proposed an alliance with the United States in order to keep the Chinese in check. He was rebuffed and Vietnam was returned to France so that France would have the income necessary to purchase American manufactured goods to rebuild their devastated country. My grandfather, a Colonel and WWII vet, always told me to “follow the money”. Ho returned to Vietnam, got support from the Chi-Coms, and began an insurgency against the French. The rest, as they say, “is History!”

  38. Largeandy Says:

    @Rebel, @Sandman and @russell1946

    Wow…..well really stated men….ride on and respects to ALL WHO HAVE SERVED

  39. panamaa Says:

    Meh, Well said….

    And a salute to all that served when the country called or demanded, regardless of the “degenerate US politicians”……

  40. Sandmann Says:

    @Rebel: Another great piece of writing- hat off to you, sir!

    @russell1946: “we simply can’t change people who don’t want to change… and this might also apply to both the Iraq War, and the war in Afghanistan.” – very legitimate argument. i experienced the outcome of another war on another continent – and it confirms exactly what you stated above.

    i personally think that everyone who is physically able should serve – if nothing else, it’s good for character building. here in germany, they abolished the draft in 2011. the consequences are already noticeable.

    respect to those who served and serve,

  41. andy uk Says:

    From over here Mr. Trump looks like man who will sing any ones favorite song on request,but it is not much better here.

  42. Meh Says:

    The worst were the lying, incompetent, corrupt and degenerate US politicians who began then escalated the war in the first place.

    That’s worse even than abetting the enemy. Jane Fonda is a piece of shit, but she didn’t throw away tens of thousands of Americans for nothing. She didn’t give the orders that killed, wounded, maimed, PTSed or otherwise fucked them over.

    Johnson and Nixon sent our people to die for zero strategic benefit and they cheerfully lied and distorted select truths to do it. There was no legitimate strategic reason for the war, and that makes it unjustifiable for politicians to prosecute and escalate it. Viet Nam was not worth one dead G.I.

    There is no moral obligation to make wrong strategic decisions. There is every obligation not to.

    The Domino Theory was drivel and the fall of Saigon had nil strategic impact. All Nam did was drain troops and materiel away from protecting NATO. That’s why the Soviets and Chinese we glad to aid the gooks. The Communists chanted “two, three, many Viet Nams!” because they were smarter than our Presidents AND our military leadership. Since when is a war of attrition against an endless supply of expendable peasants intelligent?

    Lest we forget the excuse for the Viet Nam war was to contain China. The Vietnamese and Chinese are ancient enemies, a fact ignorant American politicians ignored. Not only isn’t Nam pro-Chinese, China and Nam fought the Sino-Vietnamese war in 1979. The Vietnamese want to buy US equipment because they need it for self-defense against the same ChiComs the US was supposedly trying to save them from. The gooks always knew the real score.

    If we want to honor our dead, we should speak out against American elites responsible for sending them to useless wars for worthless clients. Diem, Minh, Ky, Thieu etc weren’t worth dying for. Diem was so bad we supported the coup which killed him.

    Since then we’ve supported a bunch of Muslim shitbags against other Muslims for the benefit of Israel and Big Oil. What the American public get out of it besides terrorist attacks and casualties is questionable…

  43. russell1946 Says:

    Got a draft notice shortly after high school, in 1965. Had been working out of town, and like any other 18 year old, I wasn’t paying attention to the news. My dad showed me the newspaper… 22,000 other guys were on the government’s mailing list. Couldn’t run… my dad was an Infantry man in WWII, and would’ve kicked my ass if I’d tried to run. So, I signed up.

    Fast forward to the late 1960’s, and the weekly protests and riots in the streets. I couldn’t understand it. We were brought up to support our Armed Forces.

    So, in an attempt to understand why so many were opposed to the war, I requested duty in Vietnam, and did a tour in II Corps behind 105 Howitzers, concertina wire, and trip flares.

    As a result, I think I learned what the protesters knew all along… we simply can’t change people who don’t want to change… and this might also apply to both the Iraq War, and the war in Afghanistan.

    I harbor no ill feelings towards those who pulled strings to avoid serving in Vietnam.

    Yet, forever, I will bitterly despise those who aided and abetted our enemies.

    Welcome Home to my brothers and sisters.

  44. bikerjohn1 Says:

    Rolling Thunder is about remembering our POWs / MIA / KIAs, not hearing some dbag shilling for votes. IMHO no one running for office should be there speaking

  45. James Crawford Says:

    Rolling Thunder might get more participation from major politicians if they welcomed them rather than rejected them.

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