Still Sweeps Month

May 25, 2016

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Still Sweeps Month

The brainless zombies at Tampa television station WFTS continue to agitate for the lynching of area firefighters who belong to motorcycle clubs.

Earlier this month, WFTS reported that two area fire captains, Glen Buzze. “a fire captain and paramedic in Pasco County Fire Rescue,” and James Costa, “a fire captain and EMT for Hillsborough County Fire Rescue” both belonged to “criminal motorcycle gangs.” Buzze is “the president of the Pagans Pasco County Chapter” and Costa is “the president of the Outlaws St. Petersburg Chapter.”

TV Newz

The station claims “I-Team investigator Jarrod Holbrook” was given “months” to discover this. He appears to have had some help from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. So far in May, Holbrook has done on-camera interviews with an ATF agent named Keary Hundt and a Pasco County gang expert named Brian Kozera.

Hundt told Holbrook that members of “criminal motorcycle gangs” like the Pagans and the Outlaws are guilty of “drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, extortion, arson, bombings, you name it.”

Kozera described “criminal motorcycle gangs” as “the mafia on motorcycles, ya know. They’re very organized. It’s organized crime.”

Holbrook’s story is clearly not for people who think or read. His argument seems to be that Buzze and Costa are criminals because of their associations with their respective motorcycle clubs and therefore the public should be outraged that these men should be allowed to work for the public good as firefighters. Holbrook takes every opportunity to utter the pejorative phrase “criminal motorcycle gang.” Some people who do think and read know Holbrook is up to his neck in a logical fallacy called argumentum ad hominem. Real reporters understand it is a dirty trick. WFTS is the only news outlet in the world who thinks this is a news story.

New Victim

Last week the god of fatuous hacks gave Holbrook a gift. Another firefighter and EMT, a war veteran named Clint Walker managed to get himself Tased in a St. Petersburg bar. As is customary when bad police abuse a citizen without provocation, Walker was charged with “battery on a law enforcement officer.” And, as if to make Holbrook’s dirtiest dreams come true, not only did Walker know Jimbo Costa, he called him brother. Walker turned out to be a St. Petersburg Outlaw, too.

So Holbrook got to go on camera and bludgeon reaction quotes out of local officials about all these good government jobs all these outlaw motorcycle gangsters are stealing from good folk.

“The I-Team confirmed Hillsborough’s fire department doesn’t have a policy keeping firefighters from joining criminal gangs, something county leaders want to change,” Holbrook reports.

Reaction Quotes

Hillsborough County Commissioner Lesley “Les” Miller, Jr. promised Holbrook “Whether part of that Outlaw gang or a white supremacy group, we’re gonna put forth those policies in place and anyone who wants to work for Hillsborough County won’t be a part of those things.”

Commissioner Sandra Murman rolled over and sat up and begged for the camera and barked, “The Department of Justice has clearly said that these groups like the Outlaws are criminal type gangs, I mean they’ve said that very clearly. That’s an issue we take very seriously here.”

Holbrook’s noise will stop soon. It is almost June. Sweeps month, when The Nielsen Company asks news consumers to name their favorite television shows, is almost over.


36 Responses to “Still Sweeps Month”

  1. Fmr mc member Says:

    So what!!!…they do THEIR job…probably more honest than half the cops..I personally know one of the members…I’ll take him any day than that crooked cop who used his taser on that bar patron…then lied about what happened…how about doing a story on the crooked cops ASSHOLES…

  2. Parsifal Says:

    @ Frank – here is the “NEWS,” fuck these punk assed bitches that come along and ruin a persons life because they ride a Motorcycle and /or wear a patch. To slander and vilify in the “Name of a Half Assed News story,” is criminal. These little Man-gina fucks wouldn’t know how to write some “real,” News if it was handed to them on a silver platter.

    Here is THE NEWS for these punk assed bitches – if I should ever need assistance because where I have wrecked my bike? I would rather have a fellow motorcycle riding/Patch Holder working on me. They have been around, and “KNOW,” what to do, AND WHAT NOT TO DO. {AND WHAT NOT TO DO!..}
    FUCK YOU! You NON-PRODUCTIVE LITTLE CUNTS! GET A REAL JOB! Leave the M.C., ALONE! You Fucking Parasites. …… and Fuck you Fucks for firing these MEN.

  3. Frank Says:

    Well WFTS isn’t the only news outlet that thinks this is a story…it was widely reported across the UK when 81 member and journalist Steve Jones was fired from his job at the BBC when his membership was discovered. It was also widely reported across western Europe when the mayor of Amsterdam began the process of eliminating outlaw bikers from the city payroll after a civil servant and 81 member was sentanced to prison for 8 years.
    Do you know why these things are reported? Because it absolutely is news.

  4. Bone Head Says:

    Danish42 Says:
    Disclosure: I am a civilian who has been reading this blog for years ,enjoy the topics, and have learned a lot . Thank you

    You have not learned a lot.

  5. Maven Says:

    After months of investigation, they were able to determine that one of them used a state computer to make a fundraiser flier….oh, the humanity!! Call in the freaking National Guard!!!

    I just hope these guys don’t end up losing their livelihoods over some knee-jerk legislation based on this crap.

  6. bcnasty Says:

    @ danish42, if you live the life long enough you will see club helping club at one point. It is called compassion. While the life tends to suck it out of you after a bit. Quite a few manage to maintain a sense of decency when someone is injured. Been to funerals that sworn enemies showed up to pay respects because the brother that passed was fair and honorable

  7. CCRider Says:

    It’s a shame that these men will get dragged through the mud for their choice to belong in a brotherhood of comraderie, while the sniveling rat Holbrook and the rest of those cunts think this is ok and as many men and women have already said here, look at the cops! Clint was cooperative with them and they pointed a finger at him and tased him unjustly because there’s a fucking witch hunt for some ratings and Tampa has nothing else to offer, I’ve spoken with Mr Walker multiple times and a down to earth proud veteran is what he is as well as a family man. Revenge is a dish best served cold!

  8. rollinnorth Says:

    “Go pick up some Danish for Belle.”

    Respect, to those…

  9. Glenn Says:

    But why never any talk of “outlaw automobile gangs”?

  10. T Hell Says:

    true story you make my fucking head hurt……

  11. xplor Says:

    True story , two guys walk into a bar in the beach cities. One is a ambitious  investigative journalists  the other is an old muckraker , both seek to profit from a past tragedy. Can they make a deal to promote each others work? At what price a couple of cold drinks ?

  12. gooch Says:

    WFTS; if they aren’t under a rock. Should know that the Urine Queers, are a better story for them. they are the ones committing crimes. I guess they don’t want the Fire Department and the pigs mad at him at the same time

    Rebel On!

  13. Dave Says:


    A couple years back I was riding though Oklahoma City on my way out west. On the I44 to I40 on-ramp I was cut off by some jerk in a Blue HHR and sent down into the ditch. I was wearing my club colors which are colors that aren’t particularly popular in Oklahoma. The first person to stop and help was on a bike, patched Black and White. He came to my aid without a second glance to what patch I had on. Firefighters are that type of person, they see someone in need and they help, not wring their hands about what they are wearing.

  14. Just Bob Says:

    @ Danish42
    Your scenario brings the question to mind perhaps you have witnessed this type of neglect and abusive behavior. While we do see and hear of many instances of abuse under color of authority by law enforcement almost daily I can’t recall a incident of hearing about it by EMR.

  15. IronRider Says:

    I actually like Fireman, they run into the face of danger instead of away from it and they dont shoot innocent unarmed civilians out of fear.

    Gee maybe this Tampa TV station should look at the wanna be Police officers who belong to the Urine Order.

    Let’s see the members of the Urine Order who are mostly Law Enforcement go out looking for trouble, start fights, cower and then decide to pull out a gun cause their tough guy act wasn’t going over and the pee started running down their leg when they realized they were about to have their ass handed to them by some MC member and decide to open fire in a building with a large amount of bystanders in it who were minding their own business.

    I guess the Tampa TV station was worried that if they reported on the Urine Order the parking tickets would come flying for their employees and the relentless traffic stops would be too much. Much easier to pick on the fireman

  16. Sieg Says:

    Danish, ya know that even soldiers will give enemy combatants medical treatment, right?

    NO questions have been raised about the conduct of these men, nor is it alleged that they violated any law.

    Once upon a time in America, freedom of association was guaranteed by the Constitution. Now, in amerika, anyone that isn’t a part of the Oligarchs protection or production team is liable to slander, arrest, or homicide.

    Fuck it-time to hit the reset button.

    FTF / FTP

  17. The Confederate Celt Says:

    @ Mr Danish42,

    Are you implying that these gentlemen would deliberately allow a victim to suffer because they believed the victim belonged to a group of which they disapproved? How do you know that they might even think about doing that? I doubt they’d even be in those public service positions if they thought that way.

  18. TX_Biker Says:

    WTFS, Holbrook, an ATF agent named Heary Kundt and total disregard for the Constitution and journalistic integrity (which at WTFS is an oxymoron)

    All I can say is WTF!

  19. Austin Says:

    Danish42 – News Flash. Military and Service Professionals are mature, and they do the job. Who WANTS to go into a burning building or pull a bleeding body from the wreckage?

    When I was the nurse on call and the emergency C-Section was the POS homewrecker who stole my man… She knew me, and I knew her. Birth wasn’t stopping, and I had no-one else to call. We had that moment of recognition, and then we moved on, got down to business and safely brought a beautiful new baby into the world. In fact -I probably did a better job with her than average. Did he hear about it from both of us? …Oh Yeah, but much later. Are we BFF’s now? F*K No.

    Do you think there are any Republican Conservative guys in the Secret Service? Do they have to guard Obama? WTF?!

  20. Lunchbox Says:

    @99% Thats a good question, probably one that will never be looked into though.

    I dont wish harm on any one, but it would be ironic if that reporter was to beinvloved in an accident of some type and these two were first responders and they saved his life, maybe then he would realize that just because a man is a member of an M/C, he is not a criminal.

  21. 99%Biker Says:

    Do any of their cops belong to the urine queers or what ever they are called?

  22. Phuquehed Says:

    Rope. Tree. Air-wasting bitch Holbrook, Miller and cunt Murman.

  23. Mike 184 Says:

    Same dumbasses who think that when we get together to do Charity stuff its to “deceive the public”. Bullshit, we don’t care what the public really thinks overall. We want to help someone or some charity and we pull things together like no others can and make it a huge success. (Good job Fresno!)

  24. Dark Corner Says:

    Leaving club membership aside, if these smarmy law talking fucks applied the same standards to coppers, LEO ranks would be cut by 2/3.

    Not every copper is a lying, criminal scumbag; but every copper knows one that is, and says nothing.


  25. Danish42 Says:

    But what happens if I am injured and belong to a MC who is an enemy of the clubs that Bussie and/or Costa belong to? Will they be able to set aside those differences to treat me fairly while on duty and injured? That is a fair question to ask. Could not help but to think about the animosity a club may have for another. If I saw my brother killed last week by my enemy, would I help my enemy in my profession (Firefighter, Doctor,etc) if hurt?
    Disclosure: I am a civilian who has been reading this blog for years ,enjoy the topics, and have learned a lot . Thank you

  26. Elwood Green Says:

    Innocent until proven guilty? If all the Club Members are criminals breaking the law, why don’t the folks doing all the accusing go and arrest all of them? Sorry I did not mean to clutter the issue with facts!

  27. Rich Says:

    For those concerned, if you ever require the assistance of an emt or firefighter, be sure to ask if they are a member of any organization you look down upon so you can confirm wether or not they are good enough to save your sorry ass. The only clubs reporters should be concerned about are the cop clubs that start shit and leave dead people in their wake. The only criminals I saw in the video were all wearing badges.

  28. Potmetal Says:

    Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What in the actual fuck was the point of this bullshit witch hunt?!?!?!

    These guys save lives, NOT COMMIT CRIMES!!!!

    I hate the media, fucking hate them.

    These law abiding men have families.

  29. Meh Says:

    BTW if these firefighters have any documented saves that would be worth hammering in response to the newstard fearmongering.

  30. Paladin Says:

    In the rush to save his life, it would be a tragedy indeed if the jaws of life somehow got clamped around Holbrook’s head.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  31. Meh Says:

    Feel free to make intelligent comments on the Youtube videos.

  32. Ziocles Says:

    Jesus fucking Christ. Guy’s a war vet and continues to serve his country by his chosen career as a firefighter, lets shit on him and ruin his life though.

  33. R&R Says:

    Hope Holbrook gets in a wreck and his 1st responders are either Buzze or Costa and when they identify Holbrook come down with serious migranes or some other physical malady that renders them unable to help. Let the squirrely fuck bleed out.

  34. Austin Says:

    Personally – I wouldn’t want to make enemies of any guy willing to pull my baby out of a burning house, or get the jaws of life to cut me out of a car.

    I would also hate to be thought unfriendly by any of his friends.

    Generally – I try to make chocolate chip cookies for firemen. Just Sayin’.

  35. Jackie Treehorn Says:

    “Commissioner Sandra Murman rolled over and sat up and begged for the camera and barked”.

    That’s right Sandie. Put on a show for public display and job security you stupid vapid bitch.

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