Bigger Than Neenah

May 24, 2016

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Bigger Than Neenah

Without context, the news is just noise.

Big picture, it is starting to look like the American democracy has been corrupted by police violence and abuse. A breaking story today describes the ordeal of a 43-year-old mother named Julie Mall who was arrested last year in Bald Head Island, North Carolina for allowing her 11-year-old son to drive a golf cart for a couple of blocks. Mall was roughed up and charged with child abuse, public intoxication and resisting a public officer.

Last week, the San Francisco Police Chief resigned after a cop shot and killed an unarmed woman. San Francisco cops killed six people last year. Ninety-five people have been shot by police in San Francisco since 2000. Forty of those victims died. No criminal charges were filed against police as a result of any of those incidents.

After a Chicago cop named Jason Van Dyke shot a 17-year-old in the back 16 times, and only stopped when he ran out of bullets, and the police covered up the murder for more than two years, Mayor Rahm Emanuel admitted that there is a “code of silence” in his city’s police department.

This is the new normal. This is what America now means. The Fraternal Order of Police, the nation’s biggest police union, has started a social media campaign called “Blue Lives Matter” that is intended to portray police officers who kill citizens as heroes and victims.


Five months after his murder by Neenah, Wisconsin police, as he tried to escape a kidnapper, the Wisconsin Department of Justice announced that two Neenah Swat “operators” named Craig Hoffer and Robert Ross fired 19 shots at Eagle Nation Cycles co-owner Michael L. Funk. Police had previously claimed the pair fired only a dozen shots at Funk. The killers used M-16 style rifles. They dressed like toy heavy commandos – not like soldiers who actually patrol but like soldiers in movies. They fired at Funk from a conversational distance – the distance at which a pistol is effective. More than half their shots missed. They still managed to shoot Funk nine times. According to the Wisconsin DOJ, “The majority of these wounds were to the left side of his back; his left shoulder; and his left torso, hip and leg,” He was shot at least twice while he lay dying on the ground. Afterward, Hoffer was videotaped laughing about the murder.

Funk, was taken hostage by an armed, deranged, disgruntled customer named Brian T. Flatoff. Police responded, after 45 minutes, by trying to storm the store like Eagle Nation Cycles was a house in Fallujah. The original intent of Swat when it was invented in Los Angeles, after a shootout between police and a radical group called the Symbionese Liberation Army, was to contain hostage situations and negotiate with the hostage takers: At its inception Swat was supposed to be a way to minimize violence not give police some much needed target practice. During the Neenah assault, Swat looked like the Keystone Kops or small boys pretending. When police scrambled out of the motorcycle shop in disarray they left the back door open. Funk escaped through that door, hid behind a truck and then was gunned down when he tried to run to safety.

Healing To Do

It wasn’t the first Swat raid on Eagle Nation Cycles. A lawsuit followed a raid in 2012. Police knew who Funk was. Funk was one of the complainants in that lawsuit. Hoffer was videotaped trying to plant drugs in the motorcycle shop during that 2012 raid. Funk believed police erased a portion of the tape that caught Hoffer red-handed. Funk’s murder and the events peripheral to it was recorded on 92 videos.  You can watch all the videos used in the Wisconsin DOJ investigation into the shooting here.

Funk’s murder was not a whodunit. Everybody knows what happened. Hoffer and Ross were not charged with Funk’s death because they had invented a baseless, preposterous, paranoid fantasy that the hostage taking at the bike shot was really an ambush intended to kill them. And the Wisconsin DOJ thought that fantasy was reason enough for them to kill Funk.

Last week, in a nauseating display of self-absorption, Neenah Police Chief Kevin Wilkinson portrayed the Swat team operators who murdered Funk as victims. He told USA Today Wisconsin, “Five of our sworn officers … have recently been the victim of attempted murder, and that impacts people. And so we have our own healing to do.”

Hoffer and Ross are currently on desk duty awaiting an evaluation from a psychologist. “I would expect them to be back to work in the next month or so, as long as the doctor approves,” the Chief said.

Theresa Mason-Funk, Micahel Funk’s widow, has filed a $3.5 million claim against the city.


20 Responses to “Bigger Than Neenah”

  1. kidjudas Says:

    (im)Moral of the story= do not sue Wisconsin law enforcement or cities or you’ll end up gunned down like a rabid dog or set up like Avery.

  2. Wood Says:

    I challenge LE to find as many news stories pertaining to MC’s in year and compare that to 1 month of their press. It is a sad damn time in our country.

  3. Herb Says:

    Lawinforcement is the biggest illegal
    Club in the country government funded
    It’s a fucked up mess
    Great job rebel keep up the good work

  4. Meh Says:

    Either bug out and fight from a distance or be VERY visible and active in bikers rights and groups fighting to make bacon obey the law.

  5. slow-n-low Says:

    I would highly recommend that Theresa Mason-Funk gets the hell out of the area while her wrongful death lawsuit goes forward.

    Support your local established clubs.


  6. Casper T Ghost Says:

    @ dark corner you are right. these cowards are disgusting as are the legal loophole cunt attorneys who defend their actions even when the video proves the Police murdered a man they had previously failed to frame! We need to publicly shame these officers and use the freedom of information act to find and publicize their history of failures. We can no longer sit on the sidelines waiting to be victims. We have to unite as 1 voice bringing noise to the once quiet sins of so called Law Enforcement.

  7. Maven Says:

    Fuck Blue Lives…murdering pigs.

  8. stlrzfan Says:

    Largest Armed Gang In America. At least one is being charged with murder, in Arizona (!) of all places.

  9. Nags Says:

    AK, the last 3 words of your post is 1 of the most honest statements I’ve ever seen!


  10. Phuquehed Says:

    The only good cops, are those not breathing.

  11. Oceans Says:

    Its fucking obvious that they clearly pursue Mr Funk, with 19 rounds of murderess intent. Its a stark reminder that the law and its thug enforcers are beyond reproach. The media only adds to the melee of misinformation as its seduced into paraphrasing the blue gangs mantra… This is a heinous act of premeditated murder…..

    Live to Ride

    Ride to Live


  12. ak rack Says:

    “They fired at Funk from a conversational distance – the distance at which a pistol is effective. More than half their shots missed.”

    Deer hunters shoot this poorly when they want to kill something so badly it makes their hands shake violently. Cops with “buck fever” are the worst kind of criminal.

    Blue Lies Matter.

  13. Cookie Says:

    Anyone who doesn’t believe that all elections, local, state and federal, are decided long before any votes are cast isn’t paying attention. It’s time for a reset!

  14. johnnie hammastix Says:

    how much more evidence can you possibly Get?! you can clearly see the pigs on the corner of the building watching Mr. Funk from the moment he dove out the back door. they knew who he was, knew what he looked like and what he was wearing. how in the Fuck could they have mistaken him for flatoff???!!! this is Cold blooded murder!… nothing less. this case needs more attention…someone has to do Something!

    r.i.p. M. Funk

  15. Sieg Says:

    And on it goes. Ready to listen yet?


  16. Dark Corner Says:

    It is my most sincere desire that these Neenah cop cowards, and their ilk everywhere, suffer a great, debilitating and life changing loss in their lives.

  17. shovelNY Says:

    amazing writing as always
    i don’t comment much but i always read
    you hit the nail on the head once again

  18. Base Says:

    Some people deserve to live out the remainder of days breathing through a tube & eating through a straw.

    These trigger happy cops fit that bill.

  19. xplor Says:

    Chris Dorner gave his life to warn you police are not to be trusted.
    Watch Peace officer on youtube.

  20. Paladin Says:

    The corruption and lack of accountability or oversight in federal, State, and local law enforcement has become so blatant that no one really tries to hide it anymore.

    It seems that the only distinguishing feature between Black lives Matter and Blue lives Matter is the color. Both are government funded. Welfare funds the one, while government direct deposit funds the other.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


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