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May 16, 2016

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Mayans MC

Get ready to have more Kurt Sutter style biker authenticity shoved down your throat.

Sutter and FX Networks announced last week that the writer and the soulless corporation will collaborate on a Sons of Anarchy spinoff to be titled Mayans MC. Throughout the run of the first show, viewers were encouraged to believe that Sons of Anarchy was an expose of life in the Hells Angels. Viewers were also supposed to understand that the Mayans was a stand-in for the Mongols MC. Now the Mayans/Mongols are getting their own show.

“In the spirit of Sons of Anarchy, Mayans MC will be a dark, visceral family drama that takes a new look at the most American of icons, the 1% outlaw, this time reflected through a Latino lens,” is how FX describes the new business venture.

Sutter told The Hollywood Reporter that the new show’s “tone, pace, storytelling will be unique.” Sons of Anarchy was set in Northern California. THR reports that Mayans MC will be set some place else.

Sutter’s collaborator on the show will be filmmaker, musician and reputed badass Elgin James.

Elgin James

As the web magazine Deadline Hollywood put it, “James’ bio reads like the story of a SOA character.” According to various biographies, James is of “mixed race” and was raised by pacifist, “civil rights activists” on a farm. James was brutally beaten by those pacifists who also smoked marijuana. He told The New Yorker, “I’d grown up terrified of the world. Nights spent curled in a ball trying to disappear in the crack between my bed and the wall while my mother screamed for my father to stop. The worst thing about a 7-year-old being punched by a grown man is that you become emotionally frozen at that age.”

James became a vegetarian when he was eleven and during his adolescence he was inspired by civil rights attorneys William Kunstler and Morris Dees. He attended Antioch College in Ohio when he was 17 but was beaten there too in some sort of “gang fight.” He apparently dropped out and began to read and identify with Malcolm X, Stokely Carmichael and Huey P. Newton. Eventually, he drifted to Boston and founded a group called “Fuck Shit Up” which has now been rechristened “Friends Stand United.” FSU members shared an interest in punk music and developed a reputation for rat packing random victims. “What we lacked in numbers we made up for in viciousness,” James said. According to an article by Debbie Catalano in Soundcheck Magazine, “The founding core of FSU eventually splintered, with a large section moving on to motorcycle gangs like the Outlaws and later the Mongols.”

James’ Career

James made a couple of films about FSU titled Boston Beatdown and Boston Beat Down II, then a short film titled Goodnight Moon and a feature titled Little Birds in 2009, He entered the last film at the Sundance Film Festival in 2011. It won and Hollywood beat a path to his door. That year he was arrested for the attempted extortion of a musician named Tony Lovato and eventually did a year in prison. The conviction seemed to have enhanced James charisma and tough guy credibility..

“I wanted to find a strong, unique Latino voice. Because I didn’t think a white guy from Jersey should be writing about Latin culture and traditions. Elgin is that voice,” said Sutter.

Both Sutter and James are represented by the William Morris Endeavor talent agency.

No casting decisions have yet been announced.

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49 Responses to “Mayans MC”

  1. Scooter Rick Says:

    Hey Phuqued…you should stop holding back and tell us how ya REALLY feel. I love the stuff you write, Bud.

  2. stroker Says:




    noun: aspiration; plural noun: aspirations


    a hope or ambition of achieving something.
    “he had nothing tangible to back up his literary aspirations”

    synonyms: desire, hope, dream, wish, longing, yearning; More

  3. The Creep Says:

    There is this lovely gem too. “The ultimate Anti-Bike Gang, they are self proclaimed motorcycle dorks who all themselves 12 percenters.” What the fuck?

  4. LOSBRIGHT Says:

    I see the apparel marketing on this show being a bit limiting..and isn’t that what it is all about anyway? Making cash? How many wanna-be bad-a$$ latino bikers are there out there to sell T-shirts and patches to? Even the white wanna-bes are too smart to wear a Mayans shirt and pretend to be part of the “gang”..this show will never see the light of day.

  5. Austin Says:

    r whites Says:
    May 17, 2016 at 4:33 am
    why is iron order called an aspirational club?

    A condition in which food, liquids, saliva, or vomit is breathed into the airways.

    FFS Honey- It’s because all members have the condition. Didn’t you read the fine print?

  6. Inkedupirishguy Says:

    ^^Almost as bad as^^

  7. Inkedupirishguy Says:


    very accurate description. Reading Queen’s books was almost as reading Richard Kuklinski and Jay Dobyns books. Self aggrandizing, look at me bullshit with too many people disputing the “facts” they present. I get there are two sides to every story, but with Queen and Dobyns, its more like 5 versions of both sides.

  8. Christina Says:

    So many problems with this idea. So few explitives available.

  9. DocB Says:

    Dear Dark Corner
    Quote:For all the belly aching, senior members of the 81 bought into SOA, and profited from It.

    It sounded like you just called out a rather large professional club for whining and selling out.
    They’re not belly aching. They’re enjoying life and spending the money.

  10. Dark Corner Says:

    That’s my point Okie. Lot of talk about honor and tradition around here,lot of comp!aining about cop clubs pushing their weight around, but not much else.

    I realize it’s not 1968 but dang it….

  11. OKIEDOKIE Says:

    @ Dark Corner
    Another 1% mc was part of SOA before that team and they bought into it for the $$$ too. Funny how $$$ makes everything OK.

  12. John Cokos Says:

    Nice coverage of the ever morphing Series From Hell. will I be watching a decade from
    now when Kurt’s newest series, Honda Dirt Bike Rider’s MC becomes the newest national menace to fret over ? HELL YES !!! I drink a little Kool Aid now and again…

  13. Sieg Says:

    Gotta ride with RVN69 on this one. Leave the Brain-Sucker turned off, and you’ll have a MUCH better life.

  14. Base Says:

    Biker safe space?

    Dam, I hate the PC culture!

  15. Phuquehed Says:

    @Inkedupirishguy, who said “So who are they getting to play Billy Queen?”

    Why, any dumb fuck who’s willing to suck his own dick, scream to the world how bas-ass he is/was, lie – and prove it – from one paragraph on any certain page, to three paragraphs later on the *next* page, and show what a fucking lying shit-staion pussy he is sitting on a motorcysle by saying a ‘bitch’ about to get on his bike has been around bikes and ‘bikers’ for years (according to his dumb-shit description) to supposedly she knows not how to mount a bike and he’sw apparently too stupid to know how it’s all done.

    Yes, Billy, you lying, self-nuking, self-dick-sucking, useless air-wasting piece of shit – you were caught in your deceptive ATF-whining crapoloa long before the dumbfucks who gave you their ‘okay’ to use their name as a book-signing fucktards-of-the-decade, shit-stain liars for you.

    You gutless, scumbag, loser, who wouldn’t know if a woman actually loved you, wouldn’t know a brother who would defend you, who wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you on the ass and who can’t even depend on those who you called ‘brothers’ – the BATF – air-wasting shit-stain. You, who should test the warning labels on plastic bags.

  16. RVN69 Says:

    I think I’ll just pass, I’d rather spend an hour hitting myself in the head with a hammer!


  17. Myron DaMan Says:

    Malo tells it bang. After the Steve Cooks and the off duty ATF dirtbags get their “technical consultant” fees…and the “Mayans gear” starts selling…and advertisers glom up their winnings……the Dark Sith Lords who pull the strings of this world will have another successful propaganda campaign against bikers where no change of venue stop willful legal persecution. It will be win/win for them. I predict that every furrowed brow aimed at this farce will be trumpeted as some form of “racism” against a minority culture; the same culture that will likely be set back years by this farce.

  18. Dark Corner Says:

    For all the belly aching, senior members of the 81 bought into SOA, and profited from
    It. Be interesting to see what the Mongol Nation does when the ball is passed to them.

  19. Inkedupirishguy Says:

    So who are they getting to play Billy Queen?

  20. Nuke n' Pave Dave Says:

    I suppose I should be thankful my mom isn’t still alive. She’d be one of those who would believe every bit of Sutter’s fantasy, eating it up like the wheatball stretcher she used to feed three growing boys when I was young. I can well imagine her believing my life is just like what she saw on the brain sucker. Next thing you know she’d be mad at me because I wouldn’t hit the old biddy down the street who always gossiped about her.
    Small consolation, No?

  21. Malo Says:

    The part that make me mad is that 99% of citizens believe all this horseshit as fact. So when a club member gets a case and this citizen get called for jury duty the DA take the fact that the juror all ready has a predetermined opinion on what a 1%er is. So because of this the member get railed. So FUCK KURT AND ELGIN are both pieces of shit that are only exploiting a world that they know nothing about.

  22. Hangaround Says:

    @ Nihilist

    “I can’t wait to hear about some jagoff in an SOA shirt getting in a fight with some jagoff in a Mayans shirt, each one defending “their” show.”

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA ROFL! I cant wait. You know this will happen!!!

  23. Hammer Says:

    Elgin is perfect! Who better to portray the mongols than a snitch who’s never even owned a bike!?

  24. Irish 1%ER Says:

    Half black, half white snitch who cut a deal and ratted on his old crew. That’s the ” Latino voice !?”

  25. Diocletian Says:

    FSU is one of the many “hardcore crews” that since the SOA nonsense has to decided to wear “cuts” and have a system of prospecting/probating to join. They also enjoy threatening people on the internet.

  26. Mercyful Fate Says:

    The good news is that on show night the Urine Odor will all be at home in their pj’s watching the show and not out pretending to be bad asses on motorcycles.

  27. kidjudas Says:

    Hey cool! Now instead of Dynas, 5 year old Road Kings with 900 miles on them will be flooding the used bike market in 10 years!

  28. andy Says:

    the organization for cruelty to dumb animals should be notified, i can see a dead horse being flogged, again. !!

  29. Meh Says:

    It will be pulp fiction like any other series. It’s ain’t gonna be a documentary nor an idealistic paean to how some bikers would like to think of themselves.

    A documentary would be impossible and hero worship would lure even more people into riding Harleys who should have stayed home.

    Shovelhead wrote:
    “Now every fake wannabee Biker will be riding Cholo style Harleys. Hey!! maybe I should start building them now…they will come!”

    Recycle old Softails and make money! TaiWan Ted has all the parts.

    When the series premieres torrent a copy, check the details and have at it. At least none of the mods would be ruining classics like the mongoloid “Marlboro Man” trend of fucking up FXRs. Softails were made for what would be done to them.

  30. Shovelhead Says:

    r whites,
    Shouldn’t you already know?

    I mean, what the fuck. IO is a fake wannabee Club made up of Cowards. You joined so obviously you’re a fake & a Coward too.

    Any other questions?

  31. Potmetal Says:

    This fucking guy again….

  32. Dino Says:

    @ T Hell
    I am going with “fucking idiot”.

  33. T Hell Says:

    @R whites

    You have asked that question on other posts before and it has been answered do you have memory problems or are you a fucking idiot?

  34. r whites Says:

    why is iron order called an aspirational club?

  35. Shovelhead Says:

    Now every fake wannabee Biker will be riding Cholo style Harleys. Hey!! maybe I should start building them now…they will come!

  36. Dan-O Says:

    Cool now guys can ride around town wearing a different fake patch to the bar and feel cool.

  37. Mike Brady Says:

    @ Googs, “Either way, we saw what kind of new riders and clubs SOA spawned….this will just produce more of the same.”

    You are correct. I saw this lifestyle get sold away. There must of been 30 or so of these pop-up little clubs introduce themselves at the So Cal COC. Some of them had to have their own little side bar meetings because they were so intimidated by the big bad 1% clubs after getting mud checked on occasions. Not to mention the whining and crying to upper club managements after getting those itty bitty feelings hurt. There was even some fag from one of those little chickenshit outfits that announced he was going to write a book of protocol to guide the wee clubs along the right path.

    And shazaam we now have the Urine Odor.

    Thank you Kurt Sutter.

  38. Smack Down Says:

    Elgin Is not a mongol. But many of them use to be FSU , here on the west coast now are mongols. Never let friends fight alone!

  39. T Hell Says:

    @James Elgin
    A vegetarian at age eleven, at age 11 you don’t become a vegetarian nor do you become a homosexual transgender deviant, you eat whatever the fuck is put in front of you, that wasn’t a gang fight beat down you experienced at 17 it was a fucking intervention, and apparently it failed. I have little doubt that the IO will one day “erect” a statue in his honor. Unless you received your degree from the school of hard knocks your bona fides don’t entitle you to speak here. The biker from village people comes to mind when I read this crap.

  40. Googs Says:

    Concerned citizen is right, James is half black and half white. FSU is a hardcore/punk crew that spread around Boston and Philly and then out west. Most were straight edge at first but that changed and some of their guys did go on to the Outlaws and Mongols. Elgins definitely lived a tough and hard life but isn’t any kind of authority on Motorcycle clubs. Either way, we saw what kind of new riders and clubs SOA spawned….this will just produce more of the same.

  41. tiopirata Says:

    I cant wait either. I reckon the best entertainment will be off screen.

  42. Concerned Citizen Says:

    Last I heard Elgin James was blacc and white now he’s Latino I’m very confused

  43. Nihilist Says:

    I can’t wait to hear about some jagoff in an SOA shirt getting in a fight with some jagoff in a Mayans shirt, each one defending “their” show.

  44. popeye Says:

    Coming soon , Iron order spinoff club featuring izod and the ese’s – iron taco. (a law abiding club)

  45. Paladin Says:

    Watching the meaningless attempt the meaningful would be entertaining, if it wasn’t so embarrassing.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  46. Trueborther Says:

    Many fsu became outlaws mc and various other clubs, Elgin James never to my knowledge even road a motorcycle let alone joined a single motorcycle club. This would make him a bullsht artist cashing in on the story of his previous family /brothers for money . Fuck you Kurt sutter did you get off mor watching the rape scene of your wife or your own prison rape scene

  47. old & stoned Says:

    FSU – fuck sutter’s uterus.

    the feds saw how well the first decade of propaganda worked,, let’s do it again, Latin Style.

  48. Bob Smith Says:

    SOA was written for teenage boys and this will have the same quality of writing only now this is Kurt Sutters chance to jump on the Social Justice bandwagon by virtue signalling to other regressive leftist shitheads how liberal he is. The running theme of this show will be “brown people good, white people bad”. If you thought SOA was nauseatingly politically correct (wasn’t one member openly gay?) this will be a constant barrage or pro-mexican propaganda with scene after scene of “white racist bikers” and “evil white Americans” keeping the poor mexican heroes down. But who knows, maybe this will be an accurate accounting of how motorcycle clubs were in the early 70’s. Maybe they will actually ride their motorcycles, go on runs and do real biker stuff. Yeah right. This will be race based melodrama followed by bad ‘A-team’ level gun fights and slow chase scenes with each episode ending in a “Shocking” cartoonish death scene. SOA was the dictionary defenition of schlock, this will be absolute dogshit.

  49. ipsick Says:

    Oh great. When that series runs its course they can do a Black Biker point of view. After that, it’ll be the transgender Biker fighting The Man to use any bathroom.

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