Biker Brawl

May 14, 2016

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Biker Brawl

This might be a good week for McLennan County, Texas District Attorney Abelino Reyna to stop telling laughable lies and start telling the truth about what happened before, during and after the brawl in the parking lot of the Waco Twin Peaks restaurant last May 17.

Monday at 9 p.m. in both the Eastern and Pacific Time Zones, CNN will air an hour long special titled “Biker Brawl: Inside The Texas Shootout.” The program was written by CNN correspondent Ed Lavandera and veteran journalist Ann O’Neill who is now a part of CNN’s Enterprise Team in Los Angeles. The show will be anchored by Lavandera.

In the last year the cable network’s coverage of the tragedy has often been seen sensational and deferential to police. Monday’s program should be at least slightly more skeptical of official accounts.


The official news release for the special report reads:

“On May 17, 2015, a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas was the site of one of the deadliest brawls in American outlaw biker history. The shootout between the Bandidos and Cossacks motorcycle clubs left nine men dead and several dozen wounded. Investigators confiscated 480 weapons and arrested 177 bikers.

“A year after the deadly battle, the CNN Special Report Biker Brawl: Inside the Texas Shootout investigates exactly what happened through graphic surveillance video, dramatic dash cam footage, crime scene photos and investigative documents – much of it obtained exclusively by CNN.

“In the hour-long special, CNN’s Ed Lavandera gains exclusive access to major figures of the Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs – including Jeff Pike, President of the Bandidos, who is currently under federal indictment, and key members of both the Cossacks and Bandidos involved in the shootout.”

The anniversary of the Twin Peaks ambush is Tuesday.


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  1. Austin Says:

    Hey Thanks! I missed it on-air.

  2. xplor Says:

    Thank you fugitivus.

  3. Neuro Says:

    Cheers fugitivus !! Great work, thank you so very much.

  4. fugitivus Says:

    Been a lurker on this site for years, but since i live on the other side of the pond i have not had reason to comment . so this being my first post i’d like to thank Mr Rebel for his brilliants and to all the regulars here for there*s .

    Anyway found this online for all of us that don’t have cnn and couldn’t see the program .

  5. brotherlove Says:

    That show was a steaming pile of manure! For the most part they parroted the Waco Police press releases. There was no mention of how many were killed by police fire or that it appeared to be a police ambush. At the end they did indicate the blanket indictments and extended detentions were bogus but for the most part it was police propaganda.

  6. AVAGOVFFV Says:


    Good morning thanks for the compliments Sir. Yeah I was not able to get away to go due to some minor restrictions but its obvious my family represented well on such a unfortunate and sad day.

    As for the back story on the other guys? Everyone in the motorcycle community see’s through the smoke and knows who did and said what.

    One of the first things I learned from a grey beard as a young and dumb prospect was that you NEVER talk to the cops or press. Also you never rat or dry snitch on anyone including your enemies. Seem’s that some were never school’d on that expectation.

    Viva Los Vagos

  7. NCRider Says:

    I believe Rebel was right as usual. “Monday’s program should be at least slightly more skeptical of official accounts.”

    In my opinion, the good thing about the CNN special is that it clearly indicated that the Cossacks started the “brawl”. I thought Mr. Carrizal was very credible and even tempered. Professional yet personable. On the other hand, “Dean” came across as whining and looking for something to jump on.

    For what it is worth, my most sincere respects to Mr. Jake Carrizal.



  8. Simon Says:

    Does anyone have a video link on this CNN story. Thanks

  9. T Hell Says:

    I do not have cable or pay-TV so I can’t comment on the show however in the CNN printed article I did notice one interesting fact, according to CNN the Waco police admitted to recovering 44 shell casings from their department a large increase from the 12 that they originally admitted to.

  10. Reply Says:

    Here is what purports to be the audio from the CNN story:

  11. xplor Says:

    Welp the Huckleberry : If you were a reader of Aging Rebel you would know that one chapter of a well known club consisted of ATF field agents and their imformants. What makes you think that didn’t happen in Waco ?

  12. STFU Says:

    So that “Dean” guy believes so much in what he says, and expects everyone to think of what he is saying as the truth, yet hides like a coward behind darkness. That group is probably an actual group that was founded in the ’60s that now gives the UO a run for their money as far as being posers and fakes. In interviews talking that they are not and do not wish to be 1%ers, but everywhere else typing and talking about the latest 1%er ring they bought from Sam the Ragman and his online gallery. These are the same idiots who talk about being real, but actually reported the Bandidos to the police saying they were being bullied? Do they have to have a Safe Place now? I find it funny that they use the bully card, saying they should be able to ride in Texas without paying the Bandidos, but yet they admit that they were never bullied or pressured to pay the Bandidos anything. They did not think they should have to pay COC dues, the same as the Bandidos and everyone else pays.
    And when they showed the prospect talking about not getting hit, even though that douchebag Wilson claimed he did, it reminded me that the prospect basically reported that those dumbasses actually told him he could not start a club and ride in Texas where he was from, like those posers accuse everyone else of doing.
    They are yet another group that should be added to the likes of the Urine Odor and the Urine Legacy. They should do like those other two groups and add LE to their backs. Anyone who lets one of those idiots around them after Waco deserves what grief that comes their way.

  13. TX_Biker Says:

    @AVAGOVFFV Great post. I saw some of your brothers last year at Candyman’s funeral as well as reps from many other 1% clubs. It was good to see everyone together.

    The Cossacks story is BS, they were given permission to wear the the Texas bottom rocker. I’ve never paid any dues to another club here in Texas as a support club patch holder. and each club only pays a once a year membership fee to the COC and that’s only around 100 bucks, well worth it for the wealth of info and the safety and awareness programs. Whatever happened within the Cossacks I can only guess at. Maybe they watched to much Sons of Anarchy or something. They started pushing traditional and Mom and pop clubs around and acting like assholes once they put on the Texas bottom rocker. That’s what started this….

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