May Is Sweeps Month

May 5, 2016

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May Is Sweeps Month

This is sweeps month, when The Nielsen Company surveys viewers to find out what they like to watch on television. And last night,  in an effort to be better liked, a soulless and self evidently brainless corporation in Tampa called WFTS chose a couple of sacrificial victims to slander for the amusement of its viewers.

The victims names are Glen Buzze and James Costa.

Stand By

Television newz, as you probably already know, is to journalism as biting the heads off live birds is to brain surgery. Mindless sensationalism trumps actually information every time. Image is everything. The story about Buzze and Costa.was introduced by a guy who looks like a rookie guidance counselor and a woman who looks like a lot lizard. The guidance counselor was so appalled by the newz he had to report that he performed his introduction, gesturing angrily and sort of clenching his fist. “Members of criminal motorcycle gangs found in public safety positions here in the Bay area,” he announced.

The lot lizard on his left finished his thought for him. “Yeah. I-Team investigator Jarrod Holbrook spent months uncovering the safety concerns that now have law enforcement on edge.”

According to his station biography, Holbrook is a former Marine Corps Assaultman who “specialized in explosives, rocket and missile launchers and small team special ops.” And, he owns a “giant Goldendoodle.” And, an Emmy.

Ain’t It Awful

What Holbrook spent months uncovering is that Buzze is “the president of the Pagans Pasco County Chapter” and also “a fire Captain and Paramedic in Pasco County Fire Rescue.”

Holbrook also uncovered that “Costa as the president of the Outlaws St. Petersburg Chapter” and “a Fire Captain and EMT for Hillsborough County Fire Rescue.”

Buzze has no criminal record. Long ago, Costa may have fought a cop and his charges were dismissed.

Special Agent Do-Right

“Despite clean criminal records,” Holbrook reports, “their status has ATF Special Agent Hundt extremely concerned. He considers it a public safety issue.”

Hundt tells Holbook that the two men are one percenters and when you are a one percenter “You consider yourself not subject to society’s rules and laws.” Hundt should know. He “investigates criminal motorcycle gangs. He says they are known for all types of crimes, ‘Drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, extortion, arson, bombings, you name it..’”

The story repeatedly refers to the Pagans and the Outlaws as “criminal motorcycle gangs.”

Holbrook dug deep in his months of uncovering and “obtained a flyer Buzze made on a taxpayer-funded fire station computer promoting an event for his MC.”

And that’s what happened in Tampa, Florida yesterday.

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44 Responses to “May Is Sweeps Month”

  1. 81supporter Says:

    Anyone knows what happened to Jimmy D?

  2. Frank Says:

    They’ doing something good for the community, better lock them up and throw away the key. Stupid ass news reporters!

  3. Parsifal Says:

    Interesting Austin. Hundt moves around like a man on the run? Or something to hide. The wife is an Aquarius and works for Humana?…. nice touch.

  4. Austin Says:

    Ahhhh the romantic life of an ATF Special Agent; from 11/2013… found this while Hunting for Hundt;

    and after about 10 minutes – Here’s Keary!

    ATF Senior Special Agent / Explosives Specialist
    Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida AreaLaw Enforcement
    Senior Special Agent / Explosives Specialist
    Department of Justice, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
    August 2001 – Present (14 years 10 months)
    2 courses;
    ATF National Academy
    Federal Law Enforcement Academy (FLETC)

    Deputy Sheriff
    Porter County Sheriff’s Department
    1996 – 2001 (5 years)Valparaiso, Indiana

    Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA)

    Correctional Officer
    Indiana Department of Correction
    1995 – 1996 (1 year)Westville, Indiana

    Juvenile Detention Officer
    Dorothy Crowley Juvenile Services Center
    1995 – 1995 (less than a year)LaPorte, Indiana

    Real Estate Transactions – SOLD 1512 Salmonberry St., to Lorenzo Dickens Jr. by Abbie Hundt & Keary Hundt, $375,000, 8/19/2015.

    $530,000 Resale 07/30/2015 4001 49th Avenue S, St Petersburg, FL 33711 B: Keary Hundt, Abbie Hundt BA: N/A
    S: Lisa K Bage, Joseph Bage SA: N/A

    High School;
    Keary Hundt
    School:South Central High School Union Mills, IN, 1987-1991

    Previous Addresses;
    Keary M Hundt 812 Daumer Rd, Kouts, IN 46347 (219) 766-3256
    Keary M Hundt 10219 Altavista Ave, Tampa, FL 33647 (813) 907-0836
    Keary M Hundt 8731 S 700 W #700, Union Mills, IN 46382 (219) 733-2093
    Keary M Hundt 812 W Daumer Rd #a1, Kouts, IN 46347 (219) 766-3256
    Keary Hundt 30330 Ingalls Ct, Wesley Chapel, FL 33543 (813) 907-2559
    Keary M Hundt 1512 Salmonberry St, Wesley Chapel, FL 33543 (813) 383-8006
    Keary M Hundt 23 Adalia Ave, Tampa, FL 33606
    Keary M Hundt 996 Millpond Rd #c, Valparaiso, IN 46385
    Keary M Hundt 701 Mccord Rd #2, Valparaiso, IN 46383
    Keary M Hundt 3252 E St Hwy, La Porte, IN 46350
    Keary M Hundt 271, Wanatah, IN 46390
    Keary M Hundt 501 E Polk St #1100, Tampa, FL 33602

    His wife is an Aquarius and works as a Sales Executive at Humana Inc.

  5. CORNDOG Says:

    Why would you fuck with an innocent person who is willing to save lives and possibly lay down their own life for the community? What a bunch of assholes!

  6. stroker Says:

    This happened in my neck of the woods, to a paramedic who was in a club. Not even a 3pc patch club. BUT, because he was pulled over during the Hollister rally a few years back, and put through the wringer (searched, held-up, found with a pocket knife) the pigs reported him to his Fire Dept. which KNEW he was in an MC beforehand, but were pressured to drop him. He fought it through the system, but ultimately lost his job because of local LE pressure, because his “gang” was a “known associate” of the R&W!!!

    Whole thing makes me sick! And damned mad! This is NOT the country I proudly served in the Navy way back in the 60’s!!

    FOAD Holbrook!


  7. Jackie Treehorn Says:

    Homeland Security agent murders 3.

  8. Jackie Treehorn Says:

    and a bit more….

  9. Jackie Treehorn Says:

    Here you go folks.

    [email protected]

  10. East Coast Says:

    Cops, Urine Odor, Politicians, etc. are murders, pedophiles, deviants and thieves.

    A couple of bikers are firemen! Stop the presses, breaking front page news. The idiot reporter should have his meal ticket taken away for trying to take these men’s jobs away. The new Fire Chief sounds semi reasonable, hopefully saner minds prevail.

    Next they’ll try and stop me from building their homes because it’s a safety issue. What a pussification of America! But the president is a raghead, not American, and a follower/enabler of terrorists; the demicrook presidential candidate should be in prison for treason, and this is what this moron is wasting our time with.

    Wow! Is all I have left to say.


  11. xplor Says:

    This is an example of black public relations. It is a form of antilocution. You have to ask yourself who benefits (cui bono).

  12. gooch Says:

    This is the type of shit that pisses me off. Bust you’re ass your whole life, maybe raise a family. Save a few lives along the way, and happen to be a motorcycle enthusiast.

    So some fucking jealous nerd with a microphone and a camera, can try to discredit you, take away your credibility. And snitch you out to the feds, for using the printer for some fliers.

    Fuck You! Never step on ANYONES fucking latter. Fucking judge me? Come after me for no reason other than to be a fucking prick. People like the Guidance counselor, and the lot lizard most have a permanent soldering iron shoved way to far up their ass.

    “Living my life in a way that I choose
    You say I should apologize
    Is that envy in your eyes reflecting jealousy?”

    “How many times can you put me down?
    ‘Til in your heart you realize
    If you choose to criticize, you choose your enemies

    Everything that I say and do
    In your eyes is always wrong
    Tell me where do I belong in a sick society?”

    ~ Ozzy

    Rebel On!

  13. Tomo Says:

    The PH’s in question look like men who would put their lives on the line for others.
    Hundt looks like he’d put other peoples lives on the line for you.

  14. Meh Says:

    How does a fire have conflict of interest issues?
    “Fire hot, save the victims, put our fire.” Simple process though demanding and complex in practice. A firefighter is not typically a cop.

    EMS ditto. “Treat, transport, next”. Also not typically a cop.

    OTOH police forces. corrections officers and other bacon DO have “divided loyalty” conflicts of interest/reasonable perception of conflicts of interest which are understood by both outlaw and pseudo-law cultures.

    Only one of these groups is empowered to kill American citizens.

  15. fallendesperado Says:

    Geezuz what unbelievable drivel and tripe.

  16. Drifter Says:



  17. Kelt Says:

    I was forced to retire from the fire department as well. I know it was due to my club affiliation. Heaven forbid anyone profiling a 25 year old male raghead but,a patched MC member is fair game. Pussification of America is sad to see. LnR, Kelt

  18. BMW Says:

    So many great responses from those above this note — said it better than I. Firemen run INTO burning buildings while the normal citizens run out…the only other people who tend to do this are bikers, and of course the other threat to public order: mail carriers. This fake Exposé is just wrong on so many levels.

    Let me get this straight: the guys who SET fires want the guys who EXTINGUISH fires to be FIRED???

    As previously pointed out, the only serious threat to citizens seems to be the Urine Odor/LEO faction.



  19. FNU LNU Says:

    It’s abhorrent that a rogue federal agency run by incompetent and criminal skells like Corky Ciccone are allowed to protect shirt bags like Mike Kramer but will persecute and destroy decent citizens.

  20. Base Says:

    You are what they think you are!

    30 plus years & clean records.


    Someone thinks your a threat to the public’s safety!

    I almost spit my coffee when they said this reporter did month’s of research & found out a flier was made on a city computer! Who’s the simpleton? Months of research & that’s what you have?

  21. Brad H Says:

    Just today in my home area, a public school resource officer, a sheriff’s deputy with ten years on the force, was fired for having sex with a female student.

    In my home town, the CHIEF OF POLICE was fired last fall for sexual harassment of subordinates.

    In my home area, another deputy is being investigated for sexualy assaulting a female deputy while she was passed out from drinking to much at a christmas party for the sheriff’s office.
    And these mother fuckers have the unmitigated gall and audacity to say we bikers are the problem and a danger to our community!

    Fuck all but six of ’em and save them for pallbearers!

  22. tiopirata Says:

    I read this and laughed, then thought about and grew very angry. I have saved lives without judgement and those I rescued were always universally grateful and did not judge me.
    By any standard and every standard my brothers and colleagues are nobler then those that here demean us, that is all we need to remember.
    You know who you are, the good and the bad.
    Tio Pirata 1%er.

  23. RtC Says:

    A good friend who happened to be a PH from a respected 1% MC stated”If we are
    ALL major drug dealers, where the fuck is MY MONEY?” This was about 20 yrs.ago!

    Redwolf the Conchoman

  24. Meh Says:

    Second link. These fuckwads promise more of same and are milking it for all it’s (not) worth.

  25. ak rack Says:


    Ex = has been
    (S)pert = drip under pressure

    “Despite clean criminal records,” Holbrook reports, “their status has ATF Special Agent Hundt extremely concerned. He considers it a public safety issue.” Right … what a fucking nimrod. I consider ATF the public safety issue . . .

  26. Sohn Says:

    Of course, wasn’t the ATF involved in the burning down of a church, resulting in the deaths of several innocent children. Allowing the whole building to burn down while they, the FBI, Waco police force blockaded the building not allowing anyone access to put the fire out or pull anyone to safety. I’m sure they hate all non loyal fire fighters

  27. Parsifal Says:

    Seen this the other day – it will fit right here: I’m sorry…. I didn’t realize you’re an expert on my life and how I should live it! Please continue while I take notes…..

    experts? Both the comedy and the tragedy. ….. “Expert,” is another word used for – Mental Illness/Character flaw/Asshole/Dumbass – all of the above. Well at least when we are talking about LE.

  28. Sohn Says:

    Do they have devided loyalty? Curious that the jack ass used that fraze and not questioned if they engaged in criminal conduct!.

    They also do have access to things that the general public doesn’t, like defibrillators , respirators things that can save a life. The exact opposite thing law enforcement seems to engage in.

  29. Big Dave Says:

    Lollipop Bitch kid ciccone and his idiot GANG at it again

  30. Hold_The_Phone Says:

    This just in:

    OMFG GUYS!!!! Can you believe it!?!?!?!?! 1%’rs actually have real jobs doing real good for the community! We must put an end to this! You mean 1%’rs might actually be men of honor and integrity? I can’t believe it! Do you mean to tell me that the government pigs lie about real MCs and use their lies as excuses to persecute bikers? It can’t be!

    In a related story, entire chapters of the U.O. are caught moonlighting at “The Blue Oyster” bar wearing only their toilet paper patches and chaps. Unlike the upstanding and honorable citizens we found the 1% to be, the U.O. members were fighting each other over who got to be the bottom “bitch” to “service their customers”.

  31. TX_Biker Says:

    If they investigate us all they will find we have infiltrated every walk of life and have done heinous things like, coach little league, donate our time at homeless shelters, given every last dollar in our pocket to another biker or friend of a biker or someone not even related to the motorcycle world because they need it, go on toy runs, run out in the middle of the night to help a stranded brother, or in this case run into a burning building to save their child, mother, wife, dog and property….I hope karma comes around for those yellow journalists at that TV station….

  32. Drifter Says:

    “Despite clean criminal records,” Holbrook reports, “their status has ATF Special Agent Hundt extremely concerned. He considers it a public safety issue.”

    I consider any member of the ATF (Alterations,Tales, and Fabrications) a threat to the innocent public.

    EMT’s are the ones that save people, you know, when they are pouring blood out, when they are cyanotic, having a heat attack, having babies, shot, car wreck victims, all those type of situations considered “dire need”. Often going into a hostile situtation without any sort of defense.

    On the other hand, ATF attacks people, guilty or innocent it don’t matter….so who am I supposed to be worried about again?

    The talking head attacks the caregivers, while the caregivers with a likely proven record of compassion, professionalism, and desire to do his job as best he can does it with no complaints or fanfare.

    and……puts the warrior cop, on a pedestal…

    holbrooke, you put the accusatory guys with guns that have hurt many people who were undeserving, over a caregiver that could save your stupid ass one day, and has likely helped many injured cops as well.

    Next time you are going to talk trash about something you know not a FUCKING thing about, get both sides of the story, and at least list ALL the good things the caregiver has done for the public. Compare that, to the benefits the atf guy you quote has done for society, now that would be interesting.

  33. Paladin Says:

    Wow; and right here in River City!


  34. Concerned Citizen Says:

    I mean who cares that they save lives and have no criminal record they’re scary bikers so let’s just try and fuck with them and fuck up their lives because fuck the fact that they could be good men.But the U.O and their other dick loving support clubs run around starting fights and killing people but no they’re the victims of these “dangerous” clubs it’s shit like this that upsets me.

    Much Love and Respect to the real

  35. Mike 184 Says:

    I saw a support club member who was a Captain who had been with the fire department going on 30 years almost lose his retirement and was forced to retire early. All this because he was in a damned support club. He is an EMT/Paramedic with all kinds of a resume. An awesome guy to boot. Called him into the “Government Building” and all. Gang taskfoce waiting along with his station Chief. I don’t see how they made a good move there.

    I also don’t see how this turd of a reporter is doing anyone a service except trying to screw these guys out of their jobs.

  36. Lunchbox Says:

    Big deal! Leave those guys alone. Niether one has done anything wrong. Stupid ass newz anchors suck!

  37. Sieg Says:

    Whoa..that’s some HEAVY shit, man.

    You know how much toner you could run through, just copying one or two flyers a month?!?!?!?!?

    Now, wouldn’t it be interesting if the noozboyz did a show on who, in public life, has ties to so-called “criminal street gangs”?! I can think of a LOT of public figures who would be major embarrassed, including Obungawe or whatever the hell that guys name is in Washington.


  38. Hangaround Says:

    Thank God!

    Finally all those youtube journalists will have some new material to add to their renamed and chopped up Gangland footage! I’m so tired of watching all the rehashed outlaw activity from 20 years ago.

    This might even be cause for a RICO indictment. A government piece of paper and ink was used to promote an OMC event in which mass crimes were probably committed.

    The horror the horror! Has anyone put in a good word for a raise for Holbrook yet? I mean I feel safer knowing that after months of investigation this finally comes to light. I wonder if these guys wives participated in the firefighter bake sale? I might need to check the cookies I bought for meth!

  39. rocco151 Says:

    “Public safety issue”….get a reality check ! Fire Department Captains are men and women that are respected by their fellow firefighters, and usually the community in which they serve ,as professionals in one of the most dangerous professions a person can choose ! Tell me, when a family member is having a heart attack, or suffers a dangerous fall or your child is trapped in a burning building ,are you going to ask the EMT or Paramedic or fearless rescuer is they are a 1%er who likes to ride a motorcycle with his friends on his free time ? What a bunch of crap from people who watched too many movies, which coincidentally have to be sensationalized to sell…just like the news !

  40. Savage Says:

    Oh, let’s also not forget Tamp Fire captain Schaffer who just got busted stealing over 100k from charity. What MC was he in?

    Oh wait he wasn’t in one?

  41. Savage Says:

    Well I mean it could be worse….they could be police officers…

    Or people who are privy to more information then where a fire is currently taking place…

    Or like…you know…Iron Order…

  42. hoosier.roadie Says:

    So the Firefighter or EMT who is risking his life to save mine might possibly be a member of an MC??? This is scandalous. If I’m trapped in my burning home, I certainly don’t want an outlaw biker pulling my sorry ass out.

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