Neenah Police Execution

April 28, 2016

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Neenah Police Execution

Video obtained by the USA Today Network shows that trigger happy, militarized police in Neenah, Wisconsin executed 60-tear-old Michael L. Funk as he tried to flee to safety during a standoff last December 5 at a bike shop named Eagle Nation Cycles. The video was recorded by the dash camera of a Neenah police car.

Funk was an employee at Eagle Nation. He and shop owner Steven V. Erato were in a basement when a disgruntled customer named Brian T. Flatoff entered the shop armed with a MAC-10 semiautomatic pistol. Flatoff had sold his motorcycle to the shop and wanted it back. Funk went to talk to Flatoff while Erato locked himself in the basement and called police. Neenah sent a Swat team.

When Funk tried to escape the shop to safety police fired multiple shots at him from multiple rifles.

Press Release

A Neenah Police Department press release issued later that day stated:

“At about 9:22 a.m. Neenah police received specific information that hostages were in immediate danger of being killed. Officers attempted entry into the building to rescue the hostages and were met with gunfire. One male Neenah officer was shot by someone inside the business. The officer was struck in his ballistic helmet which prevented the shot from being potentially fatal. The officers were able to exit the building and the wounded officer received medical attention. He was eventually transported to Theda Clark Hospital where he was treated and released.

“A short time later a male subject exited the business with a firearm. This subject did not comply with officers’ instructions to drop the firearm and was subsequently shot at by one or more officers on scene. We do not know if he was also shot at by the subject inside the business. Gold Cross Ambulance was able to provide medical care and transport him to Theda Clark Hospital. That subject later died as a result of his injures.”

Spinning The Video

The video indicates that police did not warn Funk before they lit him up. The video also shows that police left Funk lying in an alley without medical aid while he died.

In March Funk’s widow, Theresa Mason-Funk, filed a $3.5 million wrongful death claim against the city of Neenah and three Neenah police officers named Craig Hoffer, Jonathan Kuffel and Robert Ross after her lawyer, Howard Schoenfeld, saw the video released today.

Neenah Police Chief Kevin Wilkinson immediately began to diminish the video with rhetoric. He told The Associated Press, “It certainly appears from the video that there was no warning given…There is no requirement that a warning be given, either by law or policy.”

Chief Wilkinson explained away his lies to Appleton radio station WHBY. “I said that he had not followed orders, and that was based on the witness statements because obviously I wasn’t there to see what happened and we weren’t at that point allowed to interview our own officers because they were under investigation by the department of criminal investigation, so we had to rely on what witnesses said. And it’s clear that I was also wrong about the medical treatment of Mr. Funk.”

The Back Story

When police killed him, Funk was a party to a lawsuit against Neenah and its police department. According to that suit, a Swat team executed a search warrant on Eagle Nation on September 21, 2012 in hopes of finding “a complex drug manufacturing and distribution operation in conjunction with the Hells Lovers motorcycle gang and suggested activities and persons in the facility as if it were an episode of the television series, Sons of Anarchy.”

The suit alleged the city was trying to “force Eagle Nation Cycles out of business. Eagle Nation Cycles is located on a prime piece of property located in a developmental district of downtown. Finding a large cache of drugs would have resulted in an easy acquisition of property for the city.”

Federal District Judge William C. Griesbach dismissed the suit with prejudice in January after the complainants missed multiple depositions.

In June 2014, Matt Apuzzo of the New York Times used Neenah, which has a population of 25,000, to exemplify the increasing militarization of small town police departments.

“When the military’s mine-resistant trucks began arriving in large numbers last year, Neenah and places like it were plunged into the middle of a debate over whether the post-9/11 era had obscured the lines between soldier and police officer,” Apuzzo wrote.

Chief Wilkinson defended the militarization of his department. “I don’t like it,” he said. “I wish it were the way it was when I was a kid (but) we’re not going to go out there as Officer Friendly with no body armor and just a handgun and say ‘Good enough.’”

It seems unlikely at this point that anybody would ever mistake Neenah’s cop commandos for “Officer Friendly.”

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43 Responses to “Neenah Police Execution”

  1. daniel heartfire Says:

    Having dealt with Neenah police, I can tell you they are at best a mixed bag. Neenah is a town with a strong masonic/satanic component to it and a lot of corruption in it’s government. Just go downtown once and see all the fucked up symbols and statues. The local government here serves the dark side of the force so to speak. The town has many great citizens and other good things but it’s government sucks ass.

  2. Kurn Says:

    Really hard to watch.Mike was a friend of mine from long ago.Ride free,bro.

  3. Sieg Says:

    “Our Calling

    We are Neenah’s guardians – standing between peace and peril to keep our community safe.”


    The above is from the Neenah, PD website. Sez they have 40 sworn piggers. Think is, most of the towns and smaller cities here in Wisco use a lot of part-time cops. That way, they don’t hafta pay em benefits, and it keeps their costs down. I don’t know for sure that Neenah does that, but I know towns where they claim to have 20 sworn cops, and of those, all but 2 or 3 are part-timers.

    What do you get with that? You get a cop that’s been through the academy…MAYBE. They can get in with a department if they have a 2-year associates degree, or are almost through with one, and then they can go through the police academy with Tacklebury on the cities dime. A lot of them only work a few shifts a month, so you may end-up with a 21 y.o. “cop”, no actual training, who is on the street for maybe 8-24 hours A MONTH.

    And people wonder why we don’t trust ’em.


  4. Dark Corner Says:

    I don’t get why all them coppers ran back out. Once you make an entry what training manual says pop off some rounds, then run like school girls?


  5. Sieg Says:

    Bonkadonk, your last little missive, “…one more thing,,if these were black dudes in chicago rather than white biker wisconites ,,i doubt you guys would be accusing the cops of murder,,,,just my opinion…”

    OF COURSE we wouldn’t be accusing the pigs of murder. Maybe taking a buck without a tag, but hey, Blacks have the Demicans to accuse whoever does anydamnthing to them. Case you hadn’t noticed, this blog, and 99.999% of the people who post here, are associated with motorsickles some kinda way. Why would we concern ourselves with Indigene bangers getting popped?


  6. Potmetal Says:

    @Meh 100% accurate.
    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    I know combat, I know CQB, and I know how stressful a “shoot, no-shoot” situational call is.

    This is a no-brainer. He looked for cover behind the truck after falling during his egress. That man feared what was inside, the pigs were outside threatened by what was inside; one and the same. Ray Charles can see this was an execution at worst, a pig who was untrained and couldn’t hold his mud at best.

    Either way a innocent man was killed and (surprise) a pig pulled the trigger.

    There should be more consequences than a deposit into his peoples bank account. Its the only way these fucking stains will ever understand.

    Too bad I’ll never see it in my lifetime.

    Respect to those who deserve it,

  7. xplor Says:

    Meh you got it right.

  8. Meh Says:

    “I knew a relitive of one of the bank robbers. They were not about killing people. They wore homemade full body armor and fired shots into the ceiling of the bank. They returned fire only after being shot at. How easy would it have been to watch them and follow them home.

    Da fuck? That’s absurd and of course the relative is an apologist for the robbers. If you do nig shit you need to be shot, so don’t rob banks!
    Those asshole robbers went out in full battle rattle ready for war and that’s what they got. Goon or not, da cop got the weapons and solved the problem in the obvious matter. Letting the enemy run off would have permitted their choice of redeployment to their own tactical advantage. He helped kill some of the people society NEEDS to kill.

    Beware of thinking like a nigger who thinks everything black is wonderful and everything white sucks. Substitute any group for “black” or “white”.

    I don’t claim shitty white folks and if they get shot I smile. If a pig deserves capping, fine. If a non-pig thug deserves capping, that’s just as fine. If both shitbags cap each other, double fine.

    Neenah wasn’t North Hollywood and is in no way comparable. Mr Funk wasn’t a perp. The shooters lied about why he got capped then the video came out.

  9. xplor Says:

    I knew a relitive of one of the bank robbers. They were not about killing people. They wore homemade full body armor and fired shots into the ceiling of the bank. They returned fire only after being shot at. How easy would it have been to watch them and follow them home. I watch a lot of local police chases and the ones that turn out best are when they just go into tracking mode.

  10. johnnie hammastix Says:

    @ Bonkadonk: Fuck off PIG! if you don’t Clearly see an execution take place then you are one of the pigs involved or a pig supporter! Fuck OFF!!!

  11. Mike Brady Says:

    @ xplor
    I worked with the bitch that was married to the infamous LAPD pig who ran and got the semi autos from B&B Guns in that North Hollywood shootout. Officer Papworth was hailed a hero and his actions brought about the new policy of all piggies to carry autos in the trunks of their cars.

    Its an us vs them world to the pig. They are sizing you up, characterizing and profiling you the moment they lay eyes on you.

    BTW, I had occasion to meet Papworth one time. This guy was the picture perfect image of a cop goon.

  12. Ken the Citizen Says:

    Condolences to the family.
    May the pig shortest rot in hell.
    If their job is so fucking scary they can’t do it,get the hell out.

    Respects to those that deserve it.


  13. Bonkadonk Says:

    one more thing,,if these were black dudes in chicago rather than white biker wisconites ,,i doubt you guys would be accusing the cops of murder,,,,just my opinion

  14. Bonkadonk Says:

    the dude that got shot came running out ,got near the back of the pick up truck,then whipped out a hand gun,,he must have known the cops were right there,that was his fatal move-drawing the handgun in public.the fuker shoulda just ran with his hands up. The cops could have handled it better by calling out for him to drop the weapon,but it looks like just one of those bad luck things rather than an “execution”.

  15. Sieg Says:

    Hugo, how do I put this politely…you’re full of shit. “…even in combat you must say halt who gos there or drop it before firing”. (sic)

    BUT. As Gooch said, the piggers here do love their toys, and there is a pretty steady stream of military goodies coming out of Fort McCoy, and to a lesser extent, Volk Field. Little ‘ville on the WI/IL line I moved away from not long ago had squads outfitted with a pair each of M4’s, latest generation night-vision, all that happy shit, and what they had stashed at their station house could outfit a heavy squad on a real hairy insertion.

    Depending on where you are in the state, and what kind of license plate you got on your vehicle, the pigs run from ignoring you to jacking you for no particular reason. To me, just my experience over the last 30 years, they aren’t as bad as Illinois pigs, but I never have lived in the Milwakky Indigenous Peoples Preserve, or in Madison Left-World Theme Park. May be different around there. Up here, you got Wisco plates and don’t scare the touristers, you’re gold.

    Towns where the pigs are the most aggressive are the ones that industry forgot, business left, and don’t have a tourist-trade. They’re trying to GET those tourist dollars, and trying to get some kind of business into their old, bombed-out downtowns, and because they are, the town leaders have pretty much given the local pigs carte blanche to do as they will, and oh yeah, they do!

    Neenah fits that description perfectly. Too far south for muskies, too far north for factories, and too many walmarts outside of town.

    Stay safe, Gooch…you ever make it up north of Rt. 8, hit me up.


  16. Hugo Says:

    The guy should have dropped the gun before exiting the building fucking pigs shot him anyhow, this ass holes are running wild this would never fly even in combat you must say halt who gos there or drop it before firing

  17. Gandalf Says:

    “Silence like a cancer grows” (Media’s silence)
    And the people bowed and prayed To the neon god they made. (Media)
    And the sign flashed out its warning (this song)
    And the sign said, “The words of the prophets Are written on subway walls
    And tenement halls And whispered in the sounds of silence” (Listen to Rebel’s “crackpot Graffiti” he speaks the truth.)(also listen to the “sound of silence” from the Media.)

  18. Drifter Says:

    oopps @ Jim Denny, sorry for adding an extra “e”…


  19. RtC Says:

    @Jimmie Crawlford, Fornicate thou and the equine that provided transport for
    your ingress.

  20. Drifter Says:

    I hope Mr. Funk gets to piss on them from Heaven. May he Rest in Peace.

    “Chief Wilkinson defended the militarization of his department. “I don’t like it,” he said. “I wish it were the way it was when I was a kid (but) we’re not going to go out there as Officer Friendly with no body armor and just a handgun and say ‘Good enough.’”””

    You over compensate and blast everything whether it is just or not. Your pd has already shown how cold blooded, un-American, uncivil, hostile, and just good old fashioned oath breakers by their/your behavior and actions.

    Don’t you have a dog to kill, a warrant-less search to make, a photographer to hassle on public property.

    You got caught having sex with the blue wall, just admit it.

    @Jim Denney; many already have it, and without web searching cause I am working right now, I am fairly certain there is indeed cross over training.

    It is difficult for me to believe that many of them, especially swat types, are not familiar with tactics like interlocking fire and slicing the pie, to name a couple. Many are indeed being trained or have been in CQB, part of the basics the way I understand.

  21. Austin Says:

    Sorry about your friend. Way too many people have stories like yours while the dirty scheming bastards follow their IRA’s in the Wall St. Journal.

  22. gooch Says:

    Condolences to the Funk Family. Its more like watching a ISIS in Syria video on live leak, then small town Wisconsin. My best friend of 27 years shot down the same way last October 24th, in front of his wife and kids.

    New laws fought for to protect our citizens, by not letting the police investigate themselves. Has not changed their trigger happy ways.

    Knowing the police in my state. It was probably an assassination to kill a man, a lawsuit, and property grab all in one. The triple threat. If you lived here or you study what’s been happening here. You might say that’s very easily a possibility.

    One more point, when the Wisconsin police murder people, and they do this often, it hurts way more people then the person they’ve killed. There were Sons, daughters, wives, grandmas grand pa’s sisters, brothers, life long friends, neighbors.

    This militarized cop problem is REAL here in our state. Some of us honestly feel like fish in a barrel.

    Rebel On!

  23. oregonloner Says:

    And this is why you can never trust police, no matter what the situation.
    Does anyone know if his family or shop has a fund set up to donate to for his family?

  24. xplor Says:

    The whole problem began with the north Hollywood shootout. The key word is shootout.,just like the great Northfield shootout with the James gang. Police tactics have not changed. With eyes in the sky you can follow the robbers, track the licence plate and make the arrest latter when you can control the situation.

  25. ipsick Says:

    I must have missed something…was this the Neenah police or the local chapter of the UO?

  26. Punisher Keeper Says:

    These fucking RAT/COPS are out of control though out the whole USA

  27. Wood Says:

    1207 US citizens were killed by various LE in 2015. 42 police killed for same year. Somewhere around 13000 total homicides for 2015.Hey America, wake the fuck up and take control of the police departments. You have been told a lie. Think about it this way your local office friendly is responsible for 10% of all the killings in America!

  28. James Crawford Says:

    I eagerly await a reply from the microcephalic and microphalic who will castigate me for my spelling and grammatical errors.

  29. Mike 184 Says:

    Jesus Christ….. “Well we fucked up today and shot the shit out of an innocent man, but since it’s our job we can’t be held liable.” Bullshit. And it sure does seem a bit off with the property situation.

    …. Hey, we didn’t have this conversation, but we will let you out of the cage if you go in the bike shop waving a gun and get him to run out. We’ll take care of the rest.

    Maybe maybe not, but when its brown and stinks….

  30. James Crawford Says:

    Some years back, the Portland Oregon police department had a hostage situation involving a victim who was an 80+ year old woman. While her assailant was busy haranguing the cops, the unarmed, little old lady slipped out the back door. The cops shot her and killed her because they felt threatened.

    Barely a year ago, a similarly armed and armored group of Washington County Oregon sheriff’s Deputies confronted a suicidal woman armed with a small knife. When gas and beanbag rounds failed to subdue her, they simply shot and killed her even though she was contained and presented no credible threat to anyone except herwelf.

    The common denominator isn’t excessive armament. The problem excessive fear. Modern cops have been conditioned by their bosses and the politicians to suffer from a Freudian phobia of being outgunned by the criminals.

  31. hoosier.roadie Says:

    Bone Head,

    You are exactly right. Scared and stupid.

  32. Casper T Ghost Says:

    Shot in the Back by cowards. Typical Police coward move. Every cunt I mean cop involved should do time with other folks they have wrongfully imprisoned. Karma comes back around.
    As a veteran I am ashamed that these police hide behind the same flag I fought and bled for.
    Every coward pig involved needs his name and address published. From here on out we should publicly shame these cowards, from social media to the parking lots where they work. Enough is enough brothers. Murderers with a badge is no excuse or safety net from public humiliation.
    I hope for the day every MC stands up together as one against the true enemy……

  33. stlrzfan Says:

    phuquehed +1 to your website

    They executed that man. I hope his widow doesn’t settle out of court.
    Fuckin’ largest armed gang in america does it again.

  34. Meh Says:

    “Federal District Judge William C. Griesbach dismissed the suit with prejudice in January after the complainants missed multiple depositions.”

    Something is fishy about that. A decent lawyer would have dragged his clients to court rather than forfeit the case, and assuming his clients were not batshit insane or unusually ignorant, the only other logical explanation is a setup.

    If my business and property were on the line I’d show up if it took a wheelchair, oxygen mask and diapers. Money trails are traceable, but influence and favor trails less so. Somebody knows more than they are letting on.

  35. East Coast Says:

    If I was watching the same video, I saw a man run out the door covering himself from the shooter inside. Period.
    Fuckings cops who should be trained should have seen that too. Instead they opened up on him without hesitation, acting like the scared little girls they are.
    Sincere condolences to the family, and friends.

  36. Jim Denny Says:

    Pigs have military gear but not military training. Like giving a 9-year old an Uzi.

  37. Bone Head Says:

    Why would anyone with a shred of sense arm the Neenah cops with anything more than slingshots? Watching the video it is readily apparent they are both scared and stupid.

    Rest in peace Michael Funk.

  38. RtC Says:

    FTP!!! ACAB TOSIAR!!!!!!

  39. Phuquehed Says:

    This’ll get my site another visit from the DoJ…

    Rope. Tree. Neenah pigs.

  40. IronRider Says:

    Doesnt even seem like the guy had a chance. Looks like the cops didn’t even contemplate it was a hostage. As soon as he started to run from the truck they opened up. WTF?

    Why wouldn’t they be telling him to get down and stay down and then go and get him and cuff him up till they could ascertain who he was? why no attempt to find out if he was a hostage or a gunmen? Why just open up? I get it’s a tense situation and it seems like the Lillie sheriff’s in the town just didn’t know what to do other than open up.

    This is f*cked up.

  41. Devchonachko Says:

    Fucking hell. Guy never stood a chance. Fucking cops should enjoy prison since they’re bitches anyway. We should send them knee pads, they’ll need em. RIP Funk. A plague on all those fucking cops and their families.

  42. Mike Brady Says:

    Pretty obvious the pigs murdered Mr. Funk. Condolences to his widow and family. I hope he lawsuit bankrupts the Neenah bastards.


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