Dixie Utah Biker Menace

April 26, 2016

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Dixie Utah Biker Menace

St. George, the biggest, little town in the part of Utah called Dixie, is determined not to be raped or looted or by marauding bikers. The city’s police force also must justify its $12.3 million annual budget.

“We’re kind of…best word I can think of is a shiny pearl to these clubs that they would want to get a foothold in St. George,” a police propagandist named David Williams told Salt Lake City television station KTVX.

Of course. All that stands in the way of murderous psychopaths getting “a foothold in St. George” is the police. Pay them and there ain’t gonna be no problem. Say no and they may be forced to withdraw to a perimeter around a lawless zone, as the Hollister, California police threatened to do a few years ago unless that city came up with $300,000 for overtime during the lucrative, annual commemoration of the Hollister Riot. Or, as the Waco police did last year at the Twin Peaks.

The police have had St. George in panic mode since August 24, 2014 when a dozen members of the Eastside Motorcycle Club and the Legion Motorcycle Club allegedly attacked two men who had been standing in the parking lot of The One and Only bar in St. George mocking the two clubs. One of the victims was stabbed in the armpit.

The Biker Riot

The incident was investigated for four months by the St. George Fraudulent Identity and Security Threat task force. Witnesses told FIST (yes, they call themselves FIST) investigators that one of the assailants had yelled “Eastside, let’s roll” after which according to St. Goerge FIST biker investigator Aaron Bergquist, “the altercation broke up, club members left on their motorcycles, and (the stabbing victim) was taken to the hospital.”

Bergquist determined that the Eastsiders were an “organized crime group” because “Some members of the motorcycle clubs acted in concert with each other and engaged in violent and tumultuous behavior that resulted in a victim being stabbed and suffering bodily injury.”

The suspects were then arrested by representatives of  St. George FIST, the Washington County Sherriff’s Office, the Department of Homeland Security and the United States Marshals Service and charged with rioting. Police continued to identify the men as “gang members until a preliminary hearing this February when Judge Jeffrey Wilcox told Bergquist to stop saying “gang” in court. The judge didn’t rule that television reporters couldn’t say the word.


Voila! There was still a jury pool to be poisoned and KTVX was willing to step up. The station reported that “every major outlaw motorcycle club in the country wants to start chapters in St. George;” that the brawl at The One and Only was between “alleged motorcycle members of rival gangs;” and that local police were “putting the heat on club members, citing them for minor violations.”

Have there been any biker riots in St. George recently? See what a great job the police are doing.

“We try to make ourselves a hard target,” Williams told reporter/anchor/prairie wear model Hailey Higgins. “That they don’t want to be here. They realize they are getting police attention, they know we are watching so they want to move on.”


According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, St. George was the Fifth Safest Metropolitan Area  in the West in 2015 with one murder and a statistically adjusted crime rate of 141 violent crimes per 100,000 residents. St. George has a population of about 77.000.

KTVX reported that “the city’s close location to Las Vegas and I-15 make it prime real estate for outlaw motorcycle clubs.” St. George is about 120 miles from Las Vegas. Vegas, according to the FBI, is the fifteenth most dangerous Metropolitan Area in America ranking just behind Fairbanks, Alaska.

Oh, and the other thing you need to know about this story is that the City of St. George will be setting its budget for next year in about another two weeks.


22 Responses to “Dixie Utah Biker Menace”

  1. Myron DaMan Says:

    Panati and Hudson did a book on radiation about 30 years ago, telling how tailings from uranium mining in the St George area contributed to a skyrocketing cancer rate. Per their book, a major motion picture was shot there (“The Conqueror”) in 1956. 91 of the 220 people who worked on the set in St George died of cancer, including John Wayne, Susan Hayward, and Agnes Moorehead, and director Dick Powell. It is laughable that local LEOs want to bait trouble in this zone. You would think they would clam up to keep from getting that second look and seeing their real estate values fall like a hippie’s yurt. In 2001 the state of Utah listed 20 potential SuperFund sites. http://www.deseretnews.com/article/250010204/Toxic-Utah-Paying-the-price.html?pg=all

  2. Tommy Says:

    Just another cry for more money to line their corrupt pockets with, Its like a broken record from your most hated band playing constantly

  3. MON5TER Says:

    I love reading these Utah “oh no what if the scary bikers move here” stories. Is everyone not paying attention to the fact that the biggest gang in the country that wear blue uniforms and have nice Shiney badges and guns are literally getting away with murder as they gun down unarmed bikers for no legitimate reason at all? Iron Order mc is a nation wide cop motorcycle club killing people left and right without ever getting charged! Nobody is or has ever noticed or cared to recognize that those of us wearing 3 piece patchs do more and raise more for every charity possible, than all of the law enforcement agencies and government agencies combined, and let’s not forget how much B.A.C.A. does for abused kids and women than the the cops will! A report gets taken on a little note pad and then it seems to disappear into thin air. So everyone in Utah should pay attention and watch out for the real danger….the gangs of l.e.a’s.

  4. RtC Says:

    Hey, REAPER, should be read “I was FORCED to be FISTED in St George”
    The other way has too many Urine Odor connotations & desires, ya know?!

    Redwolf the Conchoman

  5. Candyman1340 Says:

    It sounds like the police chef lost one of his wives to a biker.

  6. Reaper Says:

    Hahahah I’m making shirts “I got FISTED in St. George” good one Gooch.

    And also, it’s funny how they don’t talk about all the cases that got dismissed in that case. It’s wrong that the people who are supposed to “protect and serve” are arresting and blasting innocent people in the media. Get the facts.


  7. xplor Says:

    This is what happens when the NSA gives millions of your tax dollars to the state of Utah to protect their storage unit in Bluffdale. Look up NSA bluffdale. Is it time to disarm police ?

  8. xplor Says:

    This is what happens when the NSA gives millions of your tax dollars to the state of Utah to protect their storage unit in Bluffdale. Look up NSA bluffdale. Is it time to disarm pol

  9. 99%Biker Says:

    Sounds like a reality TV series is coming soon…

  10. hoosier.roadie Says:

    Sounds like FIST needs to order up a surplus MRAP, some recently decommissioned automatic rifles and a boatload of NATO 5.56 cartridges and turn that into a real safe place. What could go wrong with putting military hardware in the hands of a bunch of wannabes?

  11. IronRider Says:

    Holy, this is some real bullshit. Honestly, do the citizens of St.George really think that MC’s are dying to set up there? Christ they have a better chance of a Wal-Mart setting up stakes there then they do an MC.

    Seriously citizens of St.George, you are being gamed by the Police who are using your tax dollars to create an avenue for them to tip you upside down and shake you till all the money falls out of your pockets by manufacturing a crisis that will never happen.

    This is the Police departments way to justify all the new toys and hardware they have always wanted but never had the funds to buy because there was no need for it. Now that they have a crisis and a need for the toys and hardware ~wink wink~ they can justify the excuses and have the money to pay for it all on the premise of something that will never happen.

    Congrats citizens of St.George, your Police Department has turned a one off bar fight into a revenue scheme to fund all their wish list that they couldn’t fulfill before thanks to your tax dollars.

    A little tip for you citizens of St.George, just because someone looks like they would be a bad ass, doesn’t mean they are their to cause you trouble, sometimes it’s the people you least expect that are the one you need to watch out for, and the people you need to watch out for that are out to rob you are driving cars that say POLICE on them.

  12. Fantasma Says:

    I second the Mormon Cult post. I don’t think many or any maurauding one Percenter’s are eyeballing St George Utah. Cops are such punks. Creating a problem, to be paid to solve it. Isn’t that what gangsters do?

  13. Nihilist Says:

    There’s an MC in St. George – Mormon Cult.

  14. Phuquehed Says:

    ‘FIST” was thought up whilst one was up the ass of the top pig, or mayor, or whoever it is in charge.

    I lived in Vegas from ’72-’87 (minus 4 years in the Navy), and some of the best fun we’d have was to get a bunch of beer and weed and head to Salt Lake City in my ’65 Chevy van. The chicks there loved us because all the guys that live there are nothing but mormon pussies and we’d show up and show those girls what fun was all about.

    Fuck Utah and happy ‘FIST’ing each other you fucktard pigs of Saint George.

  15. Drifter Says:

    Couple of Saint George’s blue gang, getting busted for weird things a couple years ago. How many more have been covered up or not caught?

    article; http://archive.sltrib.com/story.php?ref=/sltrib/news/57729665-78/police-utah-council-suspension.html.csp

  16. WheresMyBoots Says:

    “…a shiny pearl to these clubs…”
    Ah, let’s see here: one bar, no booze, Mormons, probably no sportin’ women…lemme guess: WAIT! A huge stash of WWII vintage Harleys/parts like in The P.I. in ’78? No?
    Just getting FISTed? (That was highlarious gooch -Respects).
    I think maybe Monsieur Williams has his wires crossed: “a shiny pearl” to hairdressers maybe.
    Also highlarious that the judge told the ‘gang expert’ to stop saying ‘gang’. That makes him just, an ‘expert’ I guess.

    Respects, and Ride Free,


  17. Mike Brady Says:

    @ gooch
    “I got FISTED in St. George” LMFAO!!!

  18. gooch Says:

    Wow! I’m hated in St. George and they haven’t even met me yet. They should sell T-Shirts. I got FISTED in ST. George.

    Rebel On!

  19. Paladin Says:

    I’m sure a “law abiding” group like the io would be welcome in St. George.


  20. Wood Says:

    I’ve been to St. George and I’ve been to the “One and Only” it’s name is appropriate as it is the the only bar in town (no liquor though). Unless the Mormons decide to throw on a set of rags I don’t think the other 3 non-mormon citizens there will have anything to worry about in regards to MC’s.

  21. TX_Biker Says:


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