No Contact In Waco

April 25, 2016

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No Contact In Waco

Waco judge Ralph Strother denied a motion last Friday that would have allowed Bandido Jeffrey Lee Battey to legally have contact with members of his own and other motorcycle clubs until he is finally given the opportunity to clear his good name.

Strother refused to consider that motorcycle clubs might represent what the late Tim Hetherington called “Man Eden:” Which is to say that they are better understood as paramilitary organizations held together by love than as for-profit “mafias on wheels.”

In a written motion Battey’s lawyer, Seth Sutton, argued: “The state will likely scoff at the notion of Mr. Battey suffering an emotional impact from this isolation as it has paraded a propaganda campaign to the media to dehumanize Mr. Battey and bikers generally,”

“Mr. Battey is indeed human,” Sutton wrote. “If you cut him, he will bleed. If you take away his friends, it will take an emotional toll on him.”

The social isolation the cruel criminal justice system in Texas has imposed on Battey illustrates the extrajudicial punishment rampant in the Waco Twin Peaks case. The police, prosecutors and judges in Waco have all been allowed to mock the basic American rights for which, at last count, 1,264,123 Americans have fought and died.


Battey was with another Bandido named Ray Arnold Allen when he was shot by Cossack Matthew Mark Smith. Smith, a computer repair technician for The Geek Squad, fired at Allen and then aimed at Battey’s chest. Smith fired just as Battey raised his arm. Battey was wounded in the biceps. Smith may have been shot by Allen with a .45 caliber pistol in self defense. Smith’s pistol was recovered four feet from his body. Smith was still alive when police reached the three men. Smith began to aspirate and died sometime in the minutes after police finished searching him. Smith was 27-years-old and, like most of the Cossacks there that day, he had very limited experience in the motorcycle club subculture.

McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna knew all this before Battey was charged.

Battey’s medical care after he was wounded was substandard. Knowledgeable sources have told The Aging Rebel that Battey appeared to suffer from “compartment syndrome” even before he was transported to Hillcrest Medical Center. ” Compartment syndrome is a condition that results from bleeding inside an enclosed space in the body, like an arm. Unless compartment syndrome is treated promptly it can quickly lead to the death of the effected limb which necessitates amputation. The police and medical personnel who encountered Battey seemed to think that because Battey was not bleeding heavily his wound was not serious.

Battey saved his arm by becoming the first arrestee to bail out of the Waco jail and traveling to a Dallas hospital. He was prepared to bail out 48 hours after the Twin Peaks Ambush but McLennan County officials would not release him for another day because, the official explanation goes, his jailers needed a full day to fit him with an ankle bracelet so his trip to the hospital and then home to recover could be tracked.


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  1. rollinnorth Says:

    Another Texas “Law of the Parties” travesty:

    “Right now, as Flores counts down the days to his execution, Richard Childs is out of prison.

    Even though Childs was arrested months before Flores, prosecutors waited to bring him to trial until after Flores’ conviction. It wasn’t until more than a year later that Childs signed a guilty plea on April 5, 2000.

    Childs, who did not testify during Flores’ trial, had agreed to a plea bargain in which his charge of capital murder—murder that is eligible for the death penalty—would be reduced to simple murder. He would serve 35 years in prison, and be eligible for parole after half the sentence.

    The reason Texas law can find two people guilty of the same murder is because of a doctrine called the Law of Parties, which holds accomplices who participate or conspire in a crime to the same level of accountability as the person who actually committed the crime. Basically, you can be guilty of murder even if you didn’t pull the trigger.”

    Meth, hypnosis, and murder: An incredible true story of race and punishment on Texas’ death row

  2. popeye Says:

    It would be nice if they interviewed Rebel on the show but I dont see it happening. It doesnt take much to see thru the official police version but that might take a more work than reporters are willing to do.

  3. NCRider Says:

    Thanks, popeye. I hope this will be unbiased and CNN reports on the REAL story and how Waco has trampled people’s constitutional rights while playing out their “cover up”. But, that’s probably expecting way too much.


    Justice For The Waco Hostages

  4. popeye Says:

    Inside the Biker shootout
    Monday May 16th 9pm
    CNN special report

  5. Patrick Kraemer Says:

    Fake combats—Similiarities of Waco 1, 2 and Chile.

    Starting in the late 1970s the regime begun to use a tactic of faking combats,
    usually known by its Spanish name: “falsos enfrentamientos”.[47] This meant
    that dissidents who were out-rightly murdered had their deaths reported in
    media as if it had occurred in a mutual gunfire exchanges. This was done with
    support of journalist who “reported” the supposed events, in some cases the
    fake combats were also staged. The faked combat tactic ameliorated criticism
    of the regime implicitly putting culpability on the victim. It is thought that
    the killing of the MIR leader Miguel Enríquez in 1974 could be an early case
    of a faked combat. The faked combats reinforced the dictatorship narrative on
    the existence of an “internal war” which it used to justify its existence.

  6. Fr. Abraham Says:

    Popeye, Wood’s words are absolutely true and correct about the judge being able to set whatever conditions he chooses…and this is the case because Americans do not have an absolute right to bail. The constitution only states that it cannot be “excessive”, and the prevailing doctrine is that the cost of your bail is most often determined by the severity of the charge and the likelihood of your attendance in court.

    As a result, judges have the legal authority to impose any bail conditions they deem necessary, including such absurd things as no-contact orders and ankle monitors (paid for by the defendant)…because the defendant has no absolute right to bail, he is making a choice to either accept the terms and leave jail or disagree with the bail terms and remain in jail.

    It’s fucked up, but that’s the way it is.

    Interestingly, the United States and the Philippines are the only nations in the industrialized world that allow for-profit bail bonding and require a cash-upfront deposit (except for personal recognizance bonds) to ensure the appearance of the defendant after release. In other countries, attorneys are charged with crimes if they participate in for-profit bail schemes.

  7. Wood Says:

    @ Popeye,
    Unfortunately when bond is granted the judge can pretty much do whatever they want. That is in addition to whatever hoops your bondsman puts you through. All part of the the punishment whether you are found guilty or not.

  8. Gandalf Says:

    …and still 38+ innocent witnesses falsely arrested, charged, 1,000,000 bail… bikes/phones confiscated AND NOT 1 PEEP of OUTRAGE for the 38.

  9. popeye Says:

    I had a no contact order with my parole back in the 80’s but wasnt aware that they could do this before you were found guilty. Seems like civil rights abuse to me

  10. TX_Biker Says:

    @Meh “Risky “asshattery” always has an ulterior motive. Any group, any culture, any century.” this is my new favorite quote…..


  11. Chance Nixon Says:

    TX_Biker – You couldn’t have said it better!

  12. gooch Says:

    Nothing is inclined to make sense. Especially in this age of militarized police in our great country. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    “Just as every cop is a criminal. And all the sinners saints. As heads is tails, Just call me Lucifer. Cause I’m in need of some restraint”

    ~ Rolling Stones

    Rebel On!

  13. TX_Biker Says:

    Oscar Wilde was right….”Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life”….

  14. Mike 184 Says:

    like most of the Cossacks there that day, he had very limited experience in the motorcycle club subculture.

    No JOKE!!!! If one prospect had been doing what prospects do, not trying to get in a pissing contest a Patch (Of a well established and respected club)over a parking spot…. Yeah. You guys may have missed a few things. Especially if you are trying to deal with/be around 1% clubs.

  15. STFU Says:

    Diabolical insulence Says:
    April 26, 2016 at 7:29 am
    like most of the Cossacks there that day, he had very limited experience in the motorcycle club subculture.

    Really? So much for unbiased reporting.

    For sure. After all, all you guys watch so much Sons of Anarchy that you’re practically Redwood Originals! Idiots. Perhaps you’d have more experience if you actually prospected your members instead of handing out patches to anyone who rode a motorcycle. When the old guys left, they left for a reason. Too many idiots who were friends of members given patches rather than having to earn them like it was done in the old days. But according to some, if it is in your heart, prospecting isn’t important. When prospects call themselves Cossacks, put CFFC and GFCD on everything they write and type, you idiots are teaching them wrong. They aren’t a C of any type. They are nobody. But Jax Teller does not tell you that. Apparently they get it honest. Keep watching TV. Keep playing Jax Teller. You have already ran headfirst into one truck. Keep putting other legitimate Clubs’ names out there, talking about what you think they do and what the TV says they do, and you will run into many more.

  16. Meh Says:

    Risky “asshattery” always has an ulterior motive. Any group, any culture, any century.

  17. rookery Says:

    TX-Biker…your looking at a world wide policy there. Seen the same shit over here in Europe and else where, massive expansion of what were smaller clubs, often I would think cop or informant led, leads to confusion errors and zero command and control. Its pumped by the FEDS and Europol without doubt.
    No coincidence that local COC or 1 per cent councils are specifically targeted by the Feds either. Our very effective country wide council had to be given up when we uncovered government plans to charge all the council member clubs under conspiracy/extortion laws. It was a quite deliberate attack on how things have always worked.
    The traditions and the understanding of how this world of ours functions and the pathway to developing from a small front patch club to full colors came grinding to a halt.
    Now every village has its idiots, who seem to change name, patch and allegiance at the drop of a hat and there is in reality fuck all we can do about it.

  18. TX_Biker Says:

    @Diabolical insulence, yeah really. How is it that Hundreds of other MC’s get along well here in Texas yet an old club that should know the ropes, grows exponentially in a couple of short years, puts on the Texas bottom rocker then starts acting like Asshats. To many idiots in the ranks watching to much sons of anarchy….

  19. Diabolical insulence Says:

    like most of the Cossacks there that day, he had very limited experience in the motorcycle club subculture.

    Really? So much for unbiased reporting.

  20. TX_Biker Says:

    No man can put a chain about the ankle of his fellow man without at last finding the other end fastened about his own neck. -Frederick Douglass

  21. RLG Says:

    ‘who watches the watchman’

  22. chromedome Says:

    im with PH


  23. Phuquehed Says:

    Rope. Tree. All judges, DA’s, pigs, fedtards and other ‘just-us’ fucktards involved in the Waco farce.

  24. BMW Says:

    Unfortunately, this is what we have learned to expect from those who falsely imprisoned so many innocent people!

  25. Troll 1% Says:

    To think I gave up s few of my more exuberent youthful years to ,what I thought was,the defense of a great concept ,and nation. Now I am much older ,and a little wiser, and I realize my “FOLLY” The debacle that is WACO and TEXAS and DENVER and OKLAHOMA ann PENNSYLVANIA and MARYLAND and anywhere else those useless SCUMBAGS ,that profess to be government officials ,exist is an insult to every person who ever served to protect the “constitution of this land” I am over this shit of URINE ODOR and so is every one I know. It’s all just another GOVERNMENT SUBSIDISED CROCK OF SHIT It all goes back to alphabet !!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks for your time .sorry ’bout my tyraid . To those that know , I’m at 17 and a wake up Rebel ,thank you for all you do for us.To all else ,you know how thiS is meant, ALPHA MIKE FOXTROT

  26. chromedome Says:

    some how some way we keep pushin forward


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