Howard Pleads In Rebels Case

April 25, 2016

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Howard Pleads In Rebels Case

Cory Robert “Sonic” Howard, a member of the Leathernecks Motorcycle Club, pled no contest Friday to aggravated assault in the aftermath of a brawl between five Leathernecks and about 25 members of the Rebels Motorcycle Club in Rochester, Pennsylvania on October 13, 2014. Howard had been scheduled to stand trial today.

Sources have asserted that Howard acted in self defense after a Rebel brandished an AK47.

According to an informed source, Howard pled no contest as part of an agreement with prosecutors that he will be sentenced to 59 days in the Beaver County Jail. Howard is a disabled Iraq War veteran who would lose his veteran’s benefits if he was sentenced to 60 or more days in jail. The agreement also stipulates that Howard will be the only Leatherneck charged.


The Rebels is the largest motorcycle club in Australia. A man named Mike “Sawdust” Cunningham began establishing chapters of the club in the United States in 2014. At the time of the Rochester brawl, Cunningham claimed the Rebels had chapters in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Georgia. Club members portrayed themselves as one percenters.

During Cunningham’s tenure in the club, the Rebels in the United States instigated multiple. public confrontations with the War Dogs, Pagans, Kingsmen and Leathernecks Motorcycle Clubs. Sources alleged that Cunningham personally supervised some of these confrontations from the safety of a nearby car. Rebels patch holders have cooperated with police in the prosecution of members of other clubs.

In Cory Howard’s case, at least three Rebels incriminated the Leatherneck.

Rebels Chat

Dwayne “Hobo” Bogolea, a member of the Rebels Motorcycle Club and a former member of Satan’s Syndicate, “was interviewed and gave a voluntary statement” to Sergeant Dawn Shane of the Rochester Borough Police. “Bogolea stated that Cory, a short guy with a little beard and is from Pittsburgh is the person who was shooting at him and JD.”

Rebel Scott Hartley, “identified the shooter as Cory Howard” “He supplied a verbal and written statement.”

Rebel James Lambert III told Sergeant Shane “that Cory Howard had pulled a gun and waved it around at everyone.” “Lambert…stated that Howard fired shots at his girlfriend inside her van.”

Lambert had been scheduled to testify against Howard if the case had gone to trial.

In April 2015, the Rebels Motorcycle Club in Australia stated that “Michael Varnard Cunningham also known as ‘Sawdust,’ ‘Solo’ and ‘Da Realist’ has been expelled from the club for theft of national funds, theft of club merchandise and breaking rules of club bylaws.” The Rebels also warned, “If any club accepts his membership they accept his debt, too.”

Cunningham now claims to be president of the Comanchero Motorcycle Club in the United States.


23 Responses to “Howard Pleads In Rebels Case”

  1. The Doctor Says:

    Sonic, way to take one for the team, and set the example of true brotherhood and our way of life. Standing up to bullshit and telling the cops to fuck off and not pointing fingers and/or rolling over on your brothers. Semper Fi Marine!

  2. Acunn1 Says:

    Now that he wants to start a chapter of the Comanchero Motorcycle Club, Seems like sawdust wants to start all clubs with aussie hertigage. Is this because he thinks he is too far from them to be held accountable.

  3. Irish 1%ER Says:

    Thank you for your service Sonic! Semper Fi

  4. Irish 1%ER Says:

    Anyone who would join a club with a rat Muslim monkey as the president deserves everything they get ! I don’t care how many guys you kick out, the Pebles RC will never be respected or earn a legitimate place in our world… Once a rat always a rat and no amount of word play or changing of the guard will ever wash the smell of shit off your IO spin off club. Respects to the real.

  5. Tooj Says:

    This rat behavior isn’t all that surprising when you start looking at where our culture has been headed.

    Coming soon to a neighborhood near you: The Special Snowflakes MC.

  6. Bigfoot Says:

    Please have more respect than what you have shown. Us true Southern boys are not pleased. Afterall; your from down under and to be honest we all know that is just a Progressive commie country. Go home.

  7. gooch Says:

    Now that’s how you Sonic! Much respect.

    Where I come from we look for quality not quantity of members. Sounds like sawdust was just out to make money.

    @ Michael ” Selling patches to people that haven’t earn the right or got nothing to do to with the 1% world is ludicrous and outright wrong.”

    Well said Michael. Its a slap in the face to everyone who has ever earned a set of cuts.

    Rebel On! (I don’t mean the club lol)

  8. Michael Says:

    Their supporters say that the Rebels mc has clean up house and expelled the rat members. Well, the only one out of the pic is Sawdust. The lucrative patch selling still going on. Selling patches to people that haven’t earn the right or got nothing to do to with the 1% world is ludicrous and outright wrong.

  9. Ziocles Says:

    I don’t get it, why play at something your not.

    There is no dishonor in not being able to live a 1% lifestyle, there is however, dishonor in pretending to be something your not and being a rat.

  10. chromedome Says:

    some stand up shit. fuck a rat. rebels in Clarksville all ran away from what im hearing…..


  11. LoneWoofwoof Says:

    Every Club has it’s share of Rats. Just depends on how much squeeze and how much fear.

  12. cHARLIE Says:

    Rebels have always had a poor rep for patching in prospects that have fulfilled the 10 minute nominating process in OZ. Now this guys starting the Commo’s up here. This is high comedy.

  13. Jim666 Says:

    Troll 1% Says:
    very well spoken my friend, Respects

  14. Jim666 Says:

    Dave my understanding he wad booted out bad for stealing funds and selling patches by mail order $500,00 bucks a set, not bad if for a halloween costume

  15. Dave Says:

    My understanding it that “sawdust” is a frikkin Muslim. I’ve seen pix of him in Lebanon starting up chapters.

  16. CORNDOG Says:

    I don’t know about Australia but the Rebels in America are a bunch of rat cunts. It’s a disgrace that they have an MC cube nevermind the 1% patch that they plaster all over their vests to make sure it’s seen from every direction. I’m just glad the Marine didn’t get screwed too bad. Semper Fi!

  17. dogbreath Says:

    Supporter, this is from the article above, dated todays date, about a trial that would have begun TODAY:

    “Rebel James Lambert III told Sergeant Shane “that Cory Howard had pulled a gun and waved it around at everyone.” “Lambert…stated that Howard fired shots at his girlfriend inside her van.”

    Lambert had been scheduled to testify against Howard if the case had gone to trial.”

    Internet proclamations by supporters will not stand, but time will tell, and truth will out as to whether or not there has been a clean up in the ranks.

  18. Blind Says:


    How are the claims false? Do the ex rebels who were rebels and collectively acting this way somehow retroactively removed from membership? Is Doc Brown and Marty Mcfly somehow involved in it? Support don’t go fighting for their reputation on the Internet because that deck is stacked against you man(or woman. Whatever)

  19. Troll 1% Says:

    Sonic ,SEMPER FI from an old horse soldier TROLL 1%

  20. Supporter Says:

    The Rebels have thrown out all people involved in any testifying in any case and have cleaned things up here in the United States so these claims are false. Still bashing them for stupid shit Butt fucking dust did is just shitty. I am glad things worked out for you Sonic.

  21. so cal Says:

    Fuck dick dust cunningham, rebels, u.o.fake ass bitches.MUCH RESPECT TO SONIC THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE

  22. Phuquehed Says:

    So, looks like Rebels have been taking lessons from UO – How to Murder and be a snitch in one day.

  23. Blind Says:

    I’m gonna say this is a win. Nobody touches the mans VA benefits and the Rebels are exposed as rats. He gets to eat shitty food and have shitty things to sleep on in a shitty confined area for a little but but the man was a marine so it should be nothing new to him. If he has a job and loses it that would suck but he took one for the team and showed the rebels how to act! Mad Respect.

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