Getting Away With Murder

April 19, 2016

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Getting Away With Murder

As reported here yesterday, Denver District Attorney Mitchell R. Morrissey issued a 177-word press release this morning confirming that “no criminal charges will be filed” against Colorado prison guard and Iron Order Motorcycle Club member Derek “Kong” Duran.

Duran indubitably carried an automatic pistol into the Colorado Motorcycle Expo in Denver on January 30. The Iron Order, many of whose members are peace officers, military policemen and prison guards advises its members to carry pistols and conducts role playing classes for members – the club calls the classes TRU Training – about how to contrive confrontations with members of traditional motorcycle clubs and civilians which may lead to gun play and what to say to investigators afterward.

Over the last forty years, all traditional motorcycle clubs have collaborated to create a sophisticated code of intra-club and interclub behavior that unambiguously defines the use of symbols of organizational identity (to borrow Wiliam Dulaney’s phrase) and an evolved etiquette that allows clubs to avoid confrontations with one another. This evolved etiquette – defining who can be assumed to be whom, who can be where when, and when fights can be avoided and when they cannot – has been the dominant characteristic of outlaw motorcycle clubs since the 1980s. Anyone who knows anything about outlaw bikers knows that club members are very private and that clubs have very many rules. Outlaw motorcycle clubs are paramilitary fraternities that value self-reliance, discipline and courage. They are not, to use a common phrase, “mafias on wheels.”


The Iron Order has gone out its way to parody and insult these club conventions and that, according to numerous witnesses, is what led to the tragedy in Denver. Duran and other Iron Order members went to the Expo wearing black and white insignia that parodied the Mongols’. They did not avoid the Mongols but rather sought them out. They didn’t just seek them out but went out of their way to challenge them. Their actions were premeditated and strategic and were intended to shove the Mongols into a psychological corner in which their choices were either to be “punked” or to fight. The Mongols, predictably, fought.

Duran, who appears in photographs to have been intoxicated won his individual fight by pulling a gun and shooting his opponent in the stomach. Iron Order members habitually gloat about shooting members of other clubs by saying “He should have brought more than his fists to a gun fight.” It is almost a club maxim. After Duran seriously wounded a Mongol, he retreated to the high ground, at the top of a set of stairs, and continued to brandish his pistol in a threatening manner. Someone shot at him. The bullet grazed Duran and more seriously wounded another Iron Order member. In the District Attorney’s account, Mongol Victor Mendoza, whom Duran then killed, fired the shot that grazed Duran. Other accounts say the shot that grazed Duran and struck another Iron Order member was fired by an unknown person.

The District Attorney’s account appears to be contradicted by photographic evidence.

Four people were shot in the encounter. Two of them were struck by a single bullet fired, the District Attorney alleges, by Mendoza. The other two were shot by Duran. Duran shot first. By most accounts, Duran was the first person involved in the altercation to use deadly force.


The incident at the Denver Expo was the third Iron Order homicide in 19 months.

In June 2014 during an apparently contrived confrontation, Iron Order prospect Kristopher Stone shot Black Piston Zachariah “Nas T” Tipton in the head after Tipton punched him in the nose at a bike night at Nippers Beach Grille in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

Police immediately determined that Stone had acted in self defense when he shot at Tipton four times as Tipton was backing away from him because Stone, an Army Reserve medic, knew that a blow to the head could be deadly. Stone had a slight fracture of his nose which prosecutors interpreted as a threat of “imminent death or great bodily harm.”

Stone was moved out of Florida by Iron Order club officers including current club vice president Mike “Cgar” Crouse. Crouse is an Army Lieutenant Colonel and former military policemen. An Iron Order attorney and club officer named John C. “Shark” Whitfield conferred with police after the murder. State Attorney Angela Corey, who is a little famous for having indicted vigilante George Zimmerman, stonewalled the public about the case until November 7 when she officially announced that Stone had acted in self defense. The statement she released was larded with gratuitous innuendo and, in some cases – particularly summaries of witness statements, with outright lies.

On June 19, 2015 a student at Alvernia University in Reading, Pennsylvania named Tonya M. Focht was punched in the face and either shoved or pratfalled under the wheels of a car during a fight between her boyfriend, a former Pagan named Mark Groff, and Iron Order Reading chapter sergeant at arms Wayne “Mo” Ritchie and Iron Order Reading chapter member Timothy “Munch” Martin. Groff has alleged that Focht was murdered. A month after she died Berks County District Attorney John T. Adams ruled that Focht’s death had been an accident and charged Groff with disorderly conduct.

Officially Speaking

The Denver District Attorney’s complete statement on his decision not to charge Duran with anything – not anything at all including disorderly conduct – reads in full:

“The investigation into the shooting at the Denver Coliseum on January 30, 2016, in which one person was killed and several others were injured, has concluded; no criminal charges will be filed.

“The extensive investigation, which has been ongoing since January 30th, confirmed that following a confrontation, shots were fired by both Derek Duran and Victor Mendoza. It was determined that Duran fired a shot first, injuring one person. Within a minute or so of that shot, Mendoza fired at Duran, grazing Duran’s torso and hitting another man behind Duran. Duran immediately fired a shot at Mendoza, killing him.

“The lengthy investigation was complicated in part by the large number of eyewitnesses and numerous 911 callers. In addition to the four people hit by gunfire, there were also two additional assault victims and a victim who had been stabbed during the incident.

“The case was presented for consideration of charges yesterday, and the legal review concluded that there is no likelihood of a conviction due to the self-defense claim of Mr. Duran.”

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97 Responses to “Getting Away With Murder”

  1. David clay Says:

    Get your facts straight Ager….Groff was an ex Reading cop never a Pagan. That’s all it is in the pa chapters. Ex cops, current cop drama.

  2. xplor Says:

    Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey is a lame duck and may explain why he was bought off by the police union.

  3. Base Says:

    James Crawford

    That’s what happens when you ignore questions.

    That predictive text is killing it!

  4. Nihilist Says:

    Jim666, that’s a great idea; maybe it could catch on nationwide until they are eliminated by attrition…but the challenge will probably go unanswered just like the HA’s offer to the Iron Brotherhood in AZ. Can’t draw guns or hide behind the badge in the ring…

  5. James Crawford Says:

    Base accessing me of being a Clinton Democrat is hitting below the belt.

    I chose to ignore the jack hole comment.

  6. Jim666 Says:

    wrong on so many levels we at least we now w/ out a doubt whose corner the feds/ pigs stand in FTP ACAB support your local 1% m/c\\\

    Oh yhea i almost forgot asny 10 or you io punks wanna drop your gurns and badger and climb in a ring w/ me i promise ill be the last man standing !no rings c gloves bare knuckle no guns batons no mace my moneys on me any time anywhere come on tough guys scared ?I could use a new used scoot and the rest will go to the children’s cancer fund
    Jim espects to the real here ftio

  7. Quentin Says:

    I hope that fat fuck gets splattered all over the road by a garbage truck. FUCK THE UO

  8. JC Says:

    I have been looking for: The Purple Gape, Sleepy, or Smarts. I knew them from B-ham, Alabama around 1985-87…I just wanted to say hi. I will traveling through Alabama sometime first couple wks. of May

  9. just tom Says:

    Rtc is correct……when was the last time a cop was killed by a 1%,and these street gang’s just don’t give a rat’s ass. Just another shit sandwich served up corrupt DA’ s and they want everyone to take a bite. Fuck em!

  10. Tommy Says:

    The fake black and white now have to deal with the real black and white….Good luck

  11. rw Says:

    Kta bless your heart.
    Some people arn’t satisfied to let you just think they’re stupid they have to open they’re mouth and prove it.

  12. Base Says:

    James Crawford,

    Your right my man, it must have been a monumental task, these hand held communication devices are finicky, then there is the weather, dust, wind rain, lions & tigers & bears, oh my!

    Been there, done that, admitly the chick with the red shoes & pig tails was a lot of fun.

    It truly is a small world!

    It’s all good, Raising Arizona was a funny flick

    My comment was a satirical way of thanking you, kta and old & wise for pointing out the obvious. I do agree with some of your follow up comment but fail to see if that is your definition of a jack hole or you ignored the question all together, because I could not find it in there any where. Even read it twice.

    Oh hell, are you one of those Clinton Dem-o-crats?


  13. RtC Says:

    DAMN Parsifal! Can you be more OBTUSE or moronic? FUCK MAN! Yer dealin’ with a
    bunch of BIKERS! GEEZ! Put down the pipe a’fore ya write.

  14. Parsifal Says:

    Well? …… there was a movie about and Ape looking fucker, went by the name Kong …. we all know how that turned out. Offed by the Government.

    Note: Alternative ending – The drunk man in the urine odor Ape suit needs tossed out with the trash. Ape suit? ….. The End

    Prison Guards? – one of the lowest life-forms on the planet.

  15. RtC Says:

    @Jimmie Crawford, the pigs are after BIKERS/MC’s because they are afraid of the
    REAL GANGS on the streets. Those nigs & wetbacks don’t care. They’ll cap pigs
    without blinking!

    RESPECTS for the REAL REGULARS & especially Rebel!
    Redwolf the Conchoman

  16. James Crawford Says:


    Try typing accurately and proof reading on a cell phone while you’re taking a break from mixing and placing concrete.

    My own experience has taught me that no matter who you are, you shouldn’t say shit to the police without your attorney. Most cops are little more than heavily armed meter maids who couldn’t find their butts if they had bells on them and are far more qualified to find the local donut shop than an outlaw. (Yes, I am paraphrasing a great line from RAISING ARIZONA). Rebel’s site meticulously covers killings of and by outlaw motorcycle club members. This is verified by the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports. Obama’s bastard sons back in his old ‘hood of Chicago who generally can’t hit the broadside of a barn kill more people in an active weekend than biker gang’s do in a year. This isn’t because black gang’s are tougher than biker gangs, they just have less restraint.

    Don’t get me started on the appalling number of young children who are beaten, bludgeoned or burned to death by mommy, mommy’s boyfriend, daddy or their step brother’s. These children are getting killed because the police and the courts have their craniums inserted too deep in their rectums to do anything to protect abused children.

    The cops are cracking down on MCs because they need a scapegoat to destract attention from the fact that they fail to solve so many homicides and most violent crimes. They raid your clubhouses and organize massacres to convince the citizenry that they are doing something about crime.

  17. Base Says:

    Captain Obvious walks into a light store then exclaims:

    “You people sell lights here!”

    I for one look forward to the moment when you display the proof you have to back everything up you say and finally put an end to this hack calling himself “The Aging Rebel” Seriously man your like a super hero, running in plugging wounds, saving women & children, I especially like the part how you directed traffic and guided everyone to safety!

    Old & Wise
    Regardless of your personal belief,here in America “You have the right to remain silent” Ever heard that before? Some folks fully understand and use that right, you can have an Attorney speak for you if you choose. You do not have to get all weak knee and start running your mouth to the police when they show up

    All victim’s, their family’s & possibly the MC it’s self still have options to pursue against Duran & his group if they choose to do so.

    James Crawford
    Apologize much? Proof reading, it can be done on phones as well. Apologies, I was overwhelmed with a captain obvious moment followed by a on set of predictive apologetic algorithm so I moved a more aggressive emotion & lashed out. Dam my human DNA!

    Do either of you 3 know what a “jack hole” is?

  18. gooch Says:

    It’s not over until the proverbial fat lady sings. Revenge is the sweetest thing; nest to getting pussy!

    Rebel On!

  19. bikerjohn Says:

    Shooter in Valrico arrested and charged with 2nd degree murder. I live in this area and the story has been on the news a lot. The news never mentioned that the guy was UO. If a shooting involving a real club happened, the story would be titled something like XXX gangmember shot with ominious music playing in the background.

  20. James Crawford Says:

    I’m eagerly awaiting Rebel’s coverage. I have no idea if the alleged shooter belongs to a MC. Even if they arent, it will be an interesting trisl. Consider the irony of the defense attorney arguing that the accused knew that the deceased was a member of the Iron Order and was aware of the gang’s proclivity to rapidly escalate any conflict into the use of deadly force, so they escalated preemptively to protect themself.

  21. Concerned Citizen Says:

    My apologies y’all I forgot to add the link

  22. Kurt Barlow Says:

    @ oldskewl
    Like the IO has cared about any of their victim’s kids? At least now they wont get molested by daddy anymore. FUCK HIS LITTLE BASTARDS.

  23. panamaa Says:

    Oh well, Tic Toc, Tic toc… The clock finally ran out…

    About time one of those fuckers got killed…

    Fuck the io…

  24. Potmetal Says:

    @Wood Thank you.

  25. Potmetal Says:

    @CC, any details? I see nothing out there on it.

  26. oldskewl Says:

    Concerned Citizen Says:
    April 21, 2016 at 4:02 pm
    Well the karma bus is slowly starting to come around one of the U.O. boys got killed at a bar last night.

    I sure hope whoever it was doesn’t have kids….. the little ones are innocent..
    While I have ZERO respect for the UO I sure hope this guy was single and a fucking pig. It’s about fucking time.


  27. Punisher Keeper Says:


  28. Concerned Citizen Says:

    Well the karma bus is slowly starting to come around one of the U.O. boys got killed at a bar last night

  29. Lost Cause Says:

    (cough)(cough)green light(cough)(cough)

    Note: apparently putting one of these “” omits what is between them.

  30. Lost Cause Says:
  31. Gandalf Says:

    I’m waiting for the Mongols to release a press report saying, “We respect the decision of the District Attorneys Office and harbor no Ill feelings towards Mr. Duran.” Italian Translation: Run Motherfucker!
    @Fat Boy Kong: Being a Correctional Officer and an expert in Inmate behavior I’m sure you are aware that any crazed Lifer with absolutely no ties to the Mongols could 1 day decide that it would be a wise career move to waste you. Just sayin

  32. Hello Says:

    People be careful what you say anywhere on the internet. Trust me they can look anyone up. Just saying

  33. Parsifal Says:

    Duran – shit for brains.

  34. FNU LNU Says:

    Chaz Bono is on the clock.

  35. panamaa Says:

    In my opinion you have always covered the events you report with fact based knowledge and fairness. When you do get it wrong, you the first one to acknowledge the fact and correct it. I’ve been coming here for the past year, a much shorter time then most of the regulars, but I have taken the time to read back through your past stories and have admired the dedication and persistence you have for your craft. You take the time to get it as right as it can be gotten……

    Deepest respects to you sir….

  36. MF'er Says:

    Thanks for the Sanity in the Insanity.
    I, also, rarely comment but read daily.
    Opinions are like a’holes, everyone has one & they all stink. That’s what makes your reporting outstanding. Research, verifiable trusted sources, no opinions.
    Respect to you and most of the regulars.
    I await judgement day.

  37. James Crawford Says:

    Sorry for all of the phone spell checker errors. The predictive texting algorithm edits to a more common word even when I’ve spelled correctly.

    The bottom line is that the Iron Order doesn’t play by established motorcycle club rules. They don’t exercise the same restraint in the use of force that prevents you guys from killing each other at the same rate as African American gang bangers. This is very much the result of them being cops. American Police administrators have been employing various techniques including Firearms Training simulators to desensitized police and weaken their psychological inhibitions against killing other human beings. While I’may not a biker, I do have experience with nuclear weapons strategy. Dealing with the Iron Order rather than a traditional club is comparable to dealing with ISIS with a nuke rather than the USSR or Russia.

  38. BMW Says:

    Maybe I missed something. Does Colorado permit ccw while drunk? Most states do not allow weapons’ carry with ANY AMOUNT OF ALCOHOL in the carrier’s bloodstream. Are we really going to hear that the locals “forgot” to do a test? On a shooter who was staggering and shot someone other than who he said he was shooting at? Have I heard this somewhere before… Wow!

  39. Jim crawford Says:

    Duran the dongle chaser.

    sorry that I missed you off with my observations. rebel has documented
    the profound kill ratio between the Iron Order versed
    traditional Outlaw Motor Cycle clubs. you guys are getting
    your asses kicked. your getting your asses kicked because
    the Iron Order escalates far more rapidly than you can respond
    to. until you understand that any argument with IO will likely
    end with gun fire and are willing to prompt by
    shooting first, you will just get yourselves killed.

  40. ipsick Says:

    “Three years ago there was enough tension that there was swat and a ton of cops all over the place.”

    The guy who puts the show is quoted as saying there has never been trouble between the major clubs at his shows. Also maybe the cops created that tension. I know if I see a SWAT team my butt puckers.

    “This year there were very vew police at the event and they all seemed stationed at the entrance to the complex rather than being dispersed throughout the building as before.”

    *Warning, this may sound like a conspiracy theory….cops at the doors and not out on the floor, perfect for letting their little piggy friends to roam free to start shit.

    Fuck the UO

  41. xplor Says:

    Three things left to do.

    A Denver judge may order District Attorney Mitch Morrissey into court to explain why he has not sought criminal charges  .

     The U.S. Justice Department may pursue criminal civil rights charges  .

    The family may sue for wrongful death

  42. stroker Says:

    Further, the bottom line is really this:

    Duran shot somebody in the stomach!
    Then he shot and killed Mendozza.

    All this other talk is just so much meaningless blather.
    If this had been ANYBODY else not affiliated with law enforcement,
    they would be in jail awaiting murder charges.


  43. slo joe Says:

    Agree with this point Rebel made 100%:

    “Do you want to know what real police think of the Iron Order? Ask the Chosen Sons. Ask the Blue Knights”

    Majority of LE clubs don’t act like outlaws, don’t attend events that outlaws attend to avoid confrontations, and don’t want anything to do with the IO, and most are shunning them at this point. Believe it or not, most LE clubs also follow the motto “give respect, get respect”.

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