Chosen Son Cleared

April 16, 2016

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Chosen Son Cleared

David Crites, a member of the Chosen Sons Motorcycle Club in Baltimore, was cleared of charges resulting from a mutual combat dustup with members of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club in June 2014.

The Chosen Sons was founded by Baltimore policemen in 1969 and continues to accept police officers as members. Crites is a Baltimore City detective. The Club has six chapters in Maryland and one chapter in North Carolina. On its website the Chosen Sons states: “It’s not about acting like a fool…It’s about knowing the difference between respect and disrespect.”

The Iron Order, which has numerous police members, describes itself as “the law abiding motorcycle club.”

The Chosen Sons maintains respectful relations with other clubs except the Iron Order.

Crites and a Chosen Sons patch holder named Keith Romans were charged with second-degree assault, disorderly conduct and conspiracy after a fight with Iron Order members in Essex, Maryland on June 7, 2014. Romans retired from the Baltimore Police Department in 2012 after being shot in the face during a traffic stop. Romans was subsequently nominated as an America’s Most Wanted All – Star by the former Fox television show.

Two Fights

The Essex fight occurred during the aftermath of another incident in which Iron Order members complained to police that they had been attacked by members of the Chosen Sons and the Iron Horsemen Motorcycle Clubs in a bar called Kenny B’s Blue Marlin in Dundalk. Maryland on February 7, 2014. Another Chosen Son and retired Baltimore policeman named Eric Christopher Jansen was sentenced to “probation before sentencing” for his part in that fight.

Witnesses alleged that Iron Horsemen Eric Lloyd “Animal” Calkins was beaten in the head by Iron Order members during that fight. Calkins is a veteran who suffered a traumatic brain injury during his military service. Calkins was eventually sentenced to two years imprisonment with all but 60 days suspended.

Romans and Alessandro Lori pled guilty to disorderly conduct and Nicholas Burkey pled guilty to second-degree assault last February. All three men were sentenced to one year of unsupervised probation and 50 hours of community service.

An Iron Order member named Timothy “Sentinel” Taylor was involved in both fights and has spoken loudly about both incidents. Taylor has complained that members of his club are victims. After Romans, Lori and Burkey were sentenced, Taylor told the Baltimore Sun the charges against the Chosen Sons were “a step in the right direction.”

Prosecutors asked that the charges against Crites be dismissed because they lacked sufficient evidence to prove his guilt. Taylor, apparently, had no comment.


22 Responses to “Chosen Son Cleared”

  1. Veyor1962 Says:

    dogbreath… yea, you’re right. The UO talks, we don’t.
    The problem is as long as the UO keeps talking to the cops or are hooked up with the cops (which ever is correct, probably both) and we all keep our mouths shut, the cops, the courts & the press only get one story. And that’s the one they go with. So we’re fucked by the cops if we follow what we were taught by our mentors or we’re fucked if we talk, cause other clubs will think we’re snitches too. It’s a catch 22 from where I’m settin. Anybody got any answers, I’m all ears. I want these ass-hats to vanish just as badly as any of you all do.

  2. dogbreath Says:

    @ Veyor1962 – Thanks. The timeline and causative actions for the fight(s) may be in question, but the facts remain the same.

    The Urine Odor will always cooperate with police, and they will always lie.

  3. J koko Says:

    Talking to the medIA wtf gives bikers a bad name next they’ll be pressing charges for Christ sake grow up you people asked for this when you put that patch on

  4. Veyor1962 Says:

    @ Dogbreath
    I can enlighten ya. The Kenny B’s fight was Feb 7th 2015
    the Essex fight was june 7th 2014

  5. dogbreath Says:


    -Kenny B’s Blue Marlin in Dundalk. Maryland on February 7, 2014
    -a fight with Iron Order members in Essex, Maryland on June 7, 2014

    June follows February in these parts. Unless you are referring to another fight in Essex? Perhaps you can enlighten us further?

  6. Scott Says:

    The Essex fight happened before the Kenny B’s incident so get your fucking facts straight!!!

  7. TX_Biker Says:

    I have never seen a more appropriate photo associated with a UO article….


  8. panamaa Says:

    I truly think these IO assholes are sanctioned by one or more of the three letter fuckheads..

  9. Jim666 Says:

    finally maybe now they’ll have a “:gandland show about the pussy pig r/c FTiorc. cum sucking cunts nothing more to say about them form me or anyone from my club . and the above before i mentioned my club is only my openion and nt of my club, suppot your local 1% mc

  10. JimmyJoe Says:

    They even call the cops on other cops! Surely even LE clubs and subsequently other cops are getting fed up with these clowns. Sooner or later the special treatment they get has got to run out.

  11. Junkyard Says:

    FUCK the Iron Orfix Riding Club.Nothing but a bunch of ball juggling pussy ass mommy boy’s

  12. von Zipper Says:

    Scum, all these cop sucking fuck stain urine odor pieces of shit. No justice, no peace assholes.

  13. xplor Says:

    Can someone explain the picture of Glenn Hughes with the IOMC caption. He wasnot gay and was a real motorcycle rider. Does it have something to do with the Rickroll?

  14. Parsifal Says:

    On the urine odor “MENU,” today ….. Tube Steak, Fruit Cocktail and a glass of Skunk Piss to wash it down with.

    {I’m still torqued-off at the fucker that taught these vermin how to ride motorcycles.} …. probably? The motorcycle school of tony tait. {i.e. let a real man ride your bike for you.}

  15. Josey Wales Says:

    As long as the U O keeps being “above the law” any other bike club doesn’t stand a chance of winning in court.

  16. Elwood Green Says:

    WTF, does them Uiron Oder faggots ever get held accountable?

  17. Dave Says:

    Who ever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward, whoever can not take care of himself with out that law is both. For a wounded man shall say to his assailant; “if I live, I will kill you. If I die you are forgiven.” Such is the rule of honor. (Lamb of god-omerta)

  18. Dan-O Says:

    A veteran who suffered a TBI gets beaten in the head (by a flashlight, if I remember reading that in a previous post?) and he goes to jail. Not the IO though. No they go to the press.

  19. Phuquehed Says:

    “…Iron Order members complained to police that they had been attacked by members of the Chosen Sons and the Iron Horsemen Motorcycle Clubs in a bar…”

    Translation: Urine Odor pussies whined like the little girls they are and snitched to the pigs because they can’t take care of themselves without having to shoot and murder anyone or call the piggies to save their asses from the shit they get themselves in.

  20. Parsifal Says:

    ^^ Its a 2 for Saturday ^^ …. DOUBLE FUCK THE URINE ODOR!

  21. So cal Says:


  22. Kurt Barlow Says:


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