More Waco Video Aired

April 6, 2016

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More Waco Video Aired

This story was published at 11:18 a.m. Pacific Time on April 6 and corrected at 6:30 p.m. Pacific Time. The original story stated that Jacob Rhyne was shot in the chin with a bullet that then penetrated his neck. Rhyne was shot in the neck but not the chin. The story has been corrected to reflect that. The Aging Rebel regrets the error.

Stephen Stubbs, the Las Vegas attorney who has appeared on television numerous times in the past few months speaking on behalf of both the Mongols Motorcycle Club and the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, has released four videos of the Twin Peaks Massacre last May to YouTube and to Waco television station KCEN.

The station describes Stubbs as a “biker rights attorney.”

The station ran clips from the four videos earlier today The videos are from the two surveillance videos on the Twin Peaks restaurant patio, from the pole camera installed that morning at 7 a.m. by Texas Department of Public Safety agent Christopher Frost and from a dash camera video mounted in a Waco Police SUV occupied by Waco Swat officers Michael Bucher and Heath Jackson.

Bragging Rights

KCEN bragged it “was the first media outlet in the country to bring you this video.”

In a phone interview, Stubbs told the television station that he had received the video from “multiple media sources” which had embargoed its release until yesterday. “The video should have been released a long time ago. The video doesn’t lie,” Stubbs said. “When I watch the video, it’s clear to me that the Cossacks were there to cause trouble”

The Aging Rebel has also had possession of the same videos for more than six months.

Stubbs got the videos from CNN last October after Stubbs appeared on the cable network as a “Bandidos attorney.” When CNN initially cablecast portions of the four videos last year, the videos were titled “Waco Police Department.” Taken alone, divorced from additional eyewitness statements and documentary evidence, the grainy, edited video broadcast by KCEN seems to show that police acted responsibly and prudently that day.

Mohawk Dies

For example, the videos when taken together show that the Cossacks had at least two gunmen on the Twin Peaks patio who fired into the parking lot almost simultaneously. The three videos all show five foot four inch, 135 pound, 65-year-old Jesus Delgado “Jesse” “Mohawk” Rodriguez throat punching and body slamming one of those two gunmen. The Aging Rebel believes that gunman, a Cossacks chapter sergeant at arms whose identity this page has still not yet confirmed, injured his right arm in that fall.

As the two men grappled on the ground a second patio gunman, a Cossack named Jacob Lee “Rattle Can” Rhyne fired at Rodriguez and missed. Rhyne then stomped Rodriguez and shot him between the eyes, Rhyne is identifiable because of the length of his beard and because he was wearing his “favorite baseball cap.” Rhyne was close enough to Rodriguez when he killed him that the muzzle flash hit Rodriguez in the face. According to Rodriguez’ autopsy report, “Gunshot residue in the form of gunpowder, an apparent metal fragment, nitrite residue, apparent vaporous lead, and lead particulate was observed near” the entry wound. The bullet passed through Rodriguez head and was not recovered.

The shots fired at Rodriguez appear to be the fifth and sixth shots Rhyne fired that day.

Rattle Can Rhyne

Rhyne then turned around, adjusted his favorite baseball cap and walked into the parking lot. He shot at someone else on the ground and he was preparing to execute yet another Bandido when either Bucher or Jackson shot him with a police issued assault rifle. The bullet penetrated Rhyne’s neck and struck his carotid artery. He just had time to reach for his face with both hands before the immediate blood pressure drop in his brain caused him to collapse and die. Rhyne was one of two Cossacks killed by police who were shot in the neck.

In the sort of giant scoop that has been typical of this tragic case, Texas writer Julie Lyons told half of Texas in two articles in two newspapers earlier this year that Rhyne was, “a big ol’ bear of a man, tall and strong and slightly rotund, with a long, ginger beard hiding a strong-jawed, handsome face” who died because “the Bandidos’ top leaders had secretly declared war on the Cossacks, ordering their minions to attack Cossacks on contested turf.”

The video broadcast by KCEN also shows Cossack Richard “Bear” Kirshner using a three foot length of heavy chain as a flail. Kirshner bought the chain that morning at a big box hardware story called Atwood’s Ranch and Home eight miles north of the restaurant. Kirshner was shot three times during the fight. Once by a Bandido in apparent self defense and twice by police. When he finally fell, Kirshner landed less than ten feet from the lifeless body of Jesse Rodriguez.

When KCEN asked McLennan County District Attorney to comment on the video released by Stubbs, he replied “I’m not shocked.”

Stubbs does not represent any clients in either the civil or criminal cases that have resulted from the brawl last May 17.

You can view the KCEN report here.

You can view the four videos Stubbs gave to KCEN below.


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  1. Feather Says:

    There is something I’m confused about…maybe y’all know more. The JP…same to pronounce the men, deceased is also the one to set the bonds. But I have read that he is not qualified to set a felony bond. Is this info accurate?

  2. N P Says:

    Told to my face, so there is some weight behind it, but only told to be on the lookout, nothing more. In the context that I had just seconds before, complained about redboots and his huge DPS boyfriend, well…. apologies to ol’ yeller if I am out of line.

  3. rw Says:

    Seen reboots wearing a copsack cut with my on eyes moments before shit hit the fan. Remember well cause the pants tucked in made me laugh. He was hard to miss

  4. N P Says:

    I agree man, speculation would be very unfair. You have seen the cop in the red boots. With that black t shirt he is wearing, it sure seems like he was posing as a biker just before the shit erupted. Man, did it ever erupt quickly too. Anyway, that guy has the look of a true undercover, unless he just happened to be wearing that black t shirt and pants tucked into red boots, and was passing by while offduty, and one of his buddies loaned him an extra AR on the scene ? I was complaining how dirty that guy is, red boots, and a very credible person told me to be on the lookout for yellow boots, months before the videos were released. Fronting him off is solely on me. I take the blame for that, but everything they did was caught on multiple cameras, so I would say they pretty much did that to themselves.

  5. Gandalf Says:

    NP says, “Why didn’t the troll go outside with everyone else?” Hmmm Maybe he knew exactly where the TP cameras were and made sure to be in front of one when the shit hit the fan. So as to not be implicated. Or told to be in front of a camera. ;) Interesting concept. Yellow boots? LOL (I’m laughing at me not you NP)It’s really not good to speculate openly… Innocent guys could be suspect in our minds. It’s kinda not fair. BTW “Yellow is the Cossacks colors.” ;)

  6. N P Says:

    Yellow boots. I guess the despicable degenerate “cop” in the red boots armed with the AR standing with joto whaleboy isn’t enough for you ? Oh well, deep subject. More will be revealed. Who goes around wearing fluorescent green sneakers in Texas ? Is that the signal for weed dealer ? Why didn’t the troll go outside with everyone else? Same for fatboy in the blue shirt who was CNN’s posterchild at first, drawing but never firing ? Bad biz afoot.

  7. Gandalf Says:

    @NP I’m not with the boots theory. I have my own suspects and “marker”. The reason is that boots are too low to the ground. (not visible enough) I was looking for something obviously different from the others. That could be seen from a distance. (Like an orange hunting cap LOL) Rebel said I was wrong and He knows more than me. @ Wilson. What I was saying was that all the details (who shot who) never mattered to me… I never even read the Ballistics and all that. Understand I KNEW the Cossacks attacked the Bandits on day 1 because I always believed that the LE Snipers shot the people who were the “aggressor” all I needed to know was how many of each Club died or were shot. “Simplicity my dear Starling.” Logic. Your request for details is just smoke to me. Again, I’m waiting for the News Stories to come out on May 17th 2016 trying to figure out (or explain) exactly what you asked…. (who shot who)Ballistics?? It will confuse the public. The only 2 “facts” I see that matter in the Criminal Trials is; 1- the Cossacks we un-invited on the reserved patio. 2- The Cossacks came an Hr. early, fully armed, drinking beer and attacked the Bandits. (Simplicity) A jury are Simple people. Those 2 Facts are all they will need to acquit ALL the Bandits… WHO, BTW WERE SUPPOSED TO BE THERE! AND WERE ATTACKED. Not-Guilty! The Innocent Cossacks (thought it was to make peace) will have a much harder time. They will have to prove that their Leaders lied to them. The other Cossacks got a HUGE problem! Especially the guys who made the phone calls and organized the Mandatory. ???

  8. N P Says:

    Ps. In my final direct comment to you Wilson, I meant to say, I got a big kick out of your use of “guffawed.” Haven’t seen that one in over four decades. Kudos.

  9. wilson Says:

    If NP’s insight about boots turns out to be accurate and useful, then maybe my attempt to focus attention on the videos is bearing fruit for proving points many of you feel are true, (and some feel are self-evident.)

    Or I should say, my minor effort to dig deeper into the videos. It’s really Rebel’s attempt to focus attention on the videos.

    I don’t mean to distract anyone. I’m interested in a particular aspect, but I think that getting a good handle on any set of details can only help to sort out the rest of the details, to learn more of the truth. I hope you’ll all dig in to the details that are interesting and relevant to you.

  10. Gandalf Says:

    The problem with trying to identify and UCs or CIs here is, what if you or I am wrong? I might suggest E-Mailing Rebel with your thoughts but I already got yelled at for blowing up his Phone 1 night. LOL Sorry Rebel. ALL UC and CI “suspects” should be fully vetted and cleared by someone who knows them way more than us… Like Rebel. Just remember that his phone beeps every time you E-Mail Him and He’s very busy these days. I’m dying to post my song… LOL. Respects to You Rebel…Sorry again. :)

  11. Dasein Says:

    NP: Bingo. Boots with pants tucked in IS quite noticeable, AND rather unusual, and though those guys have been singled out in the accounting of this event, and referenced by their attire, NP is probably the first, on this side of the story, to notice that unusual differentiation. It of course can’t prove anything, but it DOES mean something.

  12. N P Says:

    Yellow boots pants tucked in, red boots pants tucked in, green shoes, etc. Be sure not to shoot these guys…..

  13. Gandalf Says:

    Wasn’t it Wilson who asked How the Police could have justified stopping the meeting by shutting down Twin Peaks? The cooler/bomb scare is how LE has ALWAYS dealt with these things… At Twin Peaks LE KNEW there was a “bomb” ready to go off and set up a camera to watch the carnage. The wasted the guys they sent there… THATS YOUR STORY Mr. Wilson.

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