Yager Takes Plea Deal

April 5, 2016

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Yager Takes Plea Deal

Randy “Mad” Yager, an American Outlaws Association patch holder accused of racketeering in a 1997 RICO case titled USA v. O’Neill et al., agreed to a plea and sentencing agreement in a 90 minute hearing on March 24. About an hour of the hearing was held in camera, off the record with observers barred.

The plea deal is sealed. Yager agreed “to a sentence of 15 years imprisonment plus a term of supervised release.”

He had been scheduled to begin his trial today. Publically available portions of the plea hearing suggest that Yager is in poor health.


In the original, 1997 indictment, Yager was accused of stealing someone’s patch, conspiring to murder members of the Invaders Motorcycle Club and conspiring to murder members of the Hells Angels. A superseding indictment unsealed about a year ago accused Yager of conspiring to commit more violent acts and of murdering a Hells Angel named Jack Castle on March 3, 1995.

As part of his plea deal, Yager agreed that he was “the regional president of the Chicago Region, and a member and president of the Gary Chapter of the Outlaws” criminal enterprise which “engaged in a pattern of racketeering activity…which affected, interstate and foreign commerce.” The language is legal boilerplate and is intended, as much as anything, to discourage public scrutiny of this example of American justice.

Virtually all of the case against Yager is sealed. The secrecy does not seem to be intended to hide any betrayal made by Yager against his former club brothers. The secrecy seems intended to protect informants who entered the federal witness relocation program and changed identities at some point more than a decade ago.

What Witnesses

In a motion filed three weeks ago, Yager’s lawyer, Stephen P. Hurley complained:

“Giving witnesses new identities, secreting them in other venues, refusing to reveal their contact information and acting as a self-appointed intermediary between a witness and the defense is interfering – and far more effectively than telling a witness not to speak to the defense.”

“The government, excuses itself with the notion that these ‘are not defense witnesses,’ and therein reveals its proprietary approach. Thus the government is quite comfortable in asserting that the defense ought be satisfied that it asked these witnesses whether they wish to speak to the defense and the witnesses said no. Were a defendant required to accept the government’s representations without challenge, there would be no need for trials.”

Exculpatory Evidence

The government also accused Yager’s defense of having improper knowledge of what the government might be expected to argue at trial. Apparently, the defense was the inadvertent beneficiary of a document that suggested the existence of evidence that might prove Yager’s innocence and which the government intended to withhold from the defense.

“The document addresses some of the predicate acts with which Mr. Yager is charged and many of the ‘other acts’ which the government has requested the court permit it to prove in Mr. Yager’s trial,” Hurley wrote. “It states the government’s positions on what occurred and who was responsible for those occurrences. It is anticipated that the government will express inconsistent positions in the upcoming trial. Thus, the statements within the document will reveal to the trier of fact the prior inconsistent statements of a party opponent. The government seems to suggest, though it does not say it, that the document it created is not the statement of the party opponent. The government says the cases cited by Mr. Yager are ‘inapposite,’ but does not explain how. The government is Mr. Yager’s opponent, and the statements are the statement of the government’s representatives in the very same case. The government does not deny that this document resides within the very same presentence report files that it has claimed, and continues to claim, contain no exculpatory evidence; and fault the defense for saying that those files ‘may’ contain other exculpatory evidence.”

United States District Court Judge Joseph Peter Stadtmueller was deaf to Hurley’s words.

Once In Mexico

Yager avoided answering the charges against him in 1997 by relocating to Rosarito, Mexico with his common law wife, a concert violinist named Margie Jelovcic. They lived happily there as Mr. and Mrs. David Michael Dorian. They lived humbly and were well known for their devotion to one another and their charitable works.

Using methods that are too secret to disclose to the public, but which probably included a kind of flying, cellphone trap called a “dirtbox,” United States Marshals tracked the couple down on October 15, 2014. They were in a bar called La Maroma, eating steak and drinking beer when their world shattered.

Under circumstances that grow more obscure with the passage of time, Yager was arrested and his wife was killed by Mexican police.  He has been officially in American custody since four hours after his apprehension.

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29 Responses to “Yager Takes Plea Deal”

  1. hb Says:

    any word on the sentencing

  2. liveshere Says:

    I got a letter from Randy yesterday, it laid out why he took the deal, what he pled guilty to, how much time hes looking at etc. Also, I was asked to, and in fact did write a letter to the judge, by his lawyer to paint a better picture than the one the government is was attempting to paint. His sentencing is July 26th, and I will update those who care after I get word of what the final number is.. However, looking at it from a worst case scenario, he is looking at 15 years, with 2 already served. Time off etc, means maybe 5-6 hopefully…That is a whole lot better than the initial offer the government gave him of a death sentence.

  3. ziocles Says:

    Jesus christ. Killed the dudes wife what the fuck.

  4. Ol' Goat Says:

    Chalk one more up on the board for “another one bites the dust because of a cell phone”. When will we learn?

    Anyone remember the days of actually memorizing numbers and knocking on peoples doors to use their phone when you ran out of gas or broke down?

  5. xplor Says:

    The lesson here is a cellphone is not a toy. The cops can track you and listen to what you say without you knowing. Always turn it off before you ride. For you old school guys wrap it up in tin foil to make a Faraday cage.

  6. Shovelhead Says:

    All Cops are scum, every crooked, piece of shit one of them. Real men, good men, honorable men, men that would die or do time for their Brothers, would never become a Cop.(Women too) Wouldn’t even think about becoming a Cop.
    The type of person who wants to be a Rat in life, abuse people, Rape, Murder, screw their own friends, rip people off…they are the ones who become Cops.
    Cops have no honor. Are loyal only to a totalitarian Government and kill, without question, American citizens.
    Cops should never be referred to as Americans, they live here but are not one of us. They do not serve and protect, they abuse and kill. Fuck everyone of them.

  7. rollinnorth Says:

    Some trolls just don’t seem to know when to STFU.

    I will not feed the trolls, I will not feed the trolls,…


  8. David Lytle Says:

    Mad, Sorry 4 ur LOSS,,ACAB!!!!!!!!!!! Pigs roll in mud 4 a reason,,Helps they from the SMELL!!!!!!!!!!turn over the witnesses,,same names as in Milwaukee Jacks Trial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Robert Says:

    Lady. I know

  10. Lady Says:

    Undoubtedly Randy did what he thought what was best for him, because I seriously do not think that he would have agreed to any deal unless he had weighed all of his options and knew that this was the better deal. Yes, we all do know that the Government is going to screw us over in any way that they can, but due to the fact that we can not put ourselves in his boots we can not say if he should have continued the fight. A person can only fight so long from behind bars and not struggle with their own yearning for freedom. Let’s stand behind his decision even though we know he got screwed and hopefully he will have plenty of correspondence to show him he hasn’t been forgotten.

    Robert, this isn’t a meet an greet for cops. Those of us here ride and take this lifestyle extremely serious, with Respect and Honor. We have a very hard time with cops, so please just back off and leave it alone.

    Much Respect to those that earned and deserve it,

  11. Robert Says:

    Yes gooch. Guilty as charged on ALL counts but fuck you anyhow

  12. Robert Says:

    And happy Mad may have some future. Sounds like he good and deserves it

  13. Robert Says:

    Done the best I could. Broke plenty of laws I’m sure. Saved some jobs Saved some money for people. Maybe saved a life or two. Maybe Sorry motherfucker like everybody else, I am. Who are you?

  14. gooch Says:


    “I’m a country southern COP but I ain’t your enemy”

    your everyone’s enemy!

    So how many lives’ have you fucked? How many laws did you break, and how many times did the good ole boys in your department cover up their bullshit.

    Really every time I see a cop or a fed, I want to puke.

    I have my reasons.

    Rebel On!

  15. Robert Says:

    Oldskewl yeah I know we got nothing in common. Only bike I ride is a GMC truck. Don’t wave at anybody because I’m a total asshole Seems like you’d save your contempt for cops who are sneaking thru the bushes but….hey…..here is me. Fuck you brother

  16. Freeze Says:

    One more case of the government stepping all over the constitution. This is not in any case an example of a fare impartial trial. Denying the defense access to evidence that could prove innocence is manipulation and takes away the fair trial. That includes stepping all over a persons right to face those accusing, as in denying access to witnesses by the defense. Anyone see railroading By the government here?

  17. cliff Says:

    Hey ,RB, I just found this link, you have probably seen it but maybe some haven’t .


  18. cliff Says:

    Just Another Day In Paradise, RB, my question is why doesn’t the U.S Marshals
    arrest Senator Republican Mitch McConnell for helping his father in law bring a Cargo Ship full of “Coke” into the U.S.

    Fuck all of the Corrupt Ass Clowns. JMO as always :)

  19. FNU LNU Says:




  20. oldskewl Says:

    Robert Says:
    April 5, 2016 at 9:46 pm
    Apologies to all Nothing more pathetic than a drunk 50 yr old bully with a computer phone. Phed Parsifal RTC Shovelhead bonehead etc I am sorry. Not trying to lure anybody in…..really sorry. I’m a country southern COP but I ain’t your enemy I promise Sorry for the distraction.

    Take your apology and stick it up your ass. Ain’t one of you cops worth a fucking nickle to me.
    Just because you ride a bike doesn’t mean you’re part of a group, that’s where so many peoples heads are at. It’s like waving at every bike that passes by… we ain’t got nothing in common with you…

  21. Sieg Says:

    Drumhead Kourt with only one verdict accepted

    How much longer?

    FTF / FTP

  22. bones_73_ Says:

    Old time being,me being older

  23. bones_73_ Says:

    If i’m him and older and found,fuck yeah,rather do old time,than new time

  24. Robert Says:

    Apologies to all Nothing more pathetic than a drunk 50 yr old bully with a computer phone. Phed Parsifal RTC Shovelhead bonehead etc I am sorry. Not trying to lure anybody in…..really sorry. I’m a country southern COP but I ain’t your enemy I promise Sorry for the distraction

  25. Terra Says:

    I’m with you phuquehed may the car they are in burst into flames in this wreck may their wretched souls wander aimlessly in the next life shunned in the halls of hell and their victims be the hall monitor
    Justice in the USA is an evil theatre one only hopes for Armageddon soon then any Leo or judge prosecutors that might survive could been hunted down chained by the neck and paraded round the crumbling cities beaten starved and made to recite their crimes to everyone they encountered
    Here in Australia we have inherited your government policies on law.order and justice sadly we do not have a constitution that any way protects us our lifestyle is being demonised we are vilified personally and the public are asleep whilst I’m not a fan of Isis I can see why they despise our western values it goes hand in hand with our justice system

  26. Phuquehed Says:

    The feds that allowed this, that followed the orders to bust this man in mexico and the justice people involved afterward, have got to be some sick individuals to think their corruption is somehow a ‘good thing’. May all of them die tomorrow in car wrecks on the way home from work so their families get to know the same pain their ‘loved ones’ have put on *innumerable* innocents as well as over-burning the guilty. Fuck the feds.

  27. BMW Says:

    Sad that the persecution can use the entire power of the state to crush a man for crimes that it seems the persecution KNEW were committed by others…

  28. Parsifal Says:

    ^^^^ yeah and that kind of fucked makes a person older by the minute. Really tiresome. FTA

  29. old & stoned Says:

    you can’t trust a Gov’t that can only accomplish it’s goals thru “secret trials”.

    ‘American Justice’ should be abbreviated to ‘fucked’.

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