The Denver Guessing Game

March 31, 2016

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The Denver Guessing Game

Police stonewalled Denver Post reporter Noelle Phillips this week when she tried to update her paper’s coverage of the aftermath of  a deadly fight January 30 between members of the Mongols and Iron Order Motorcycle Clubs. During the fight at the Colorado Motorcycle Expo a Colorado prison guard named Derrick “Kong” Duran shot and killed Mongol Victor “Nubs” Mendoza.

A widely circulated photo shows an apparently intoxicated Duran with a pistol in his hand shortly before Mendoza was killed.

Press Conference

The week after the shooting, Las Vegas attorney Stephen Stubbs held a press conference in Denver at which Stubbs announced that Mendoza had died “as he charged a man that was waving a gun at a large group of people.” Stubbs did not name Duran. His statement was oblique. He said:

“Shooting an unarmed person that tries to disarm you after you unlawfully brandish a gun cannot be self defense. Running to the top of the stairs, pointing a gun at the crowd below and shooting an unarmed man that bravely tried to disarm you cannot be self defense.

“On the flip side, attempting to disarm a person with your hands after they pull a gun on you is lawful self defense. Using your fists to defend yourself and your brothers against a group whose members just shot one of you is self defense. “

The Aging Rebel believes Duran killed Mendoza. Duran was taken into police custody after the shooting. He was placed on administrative leave by the Colorado Department of Corrections. He has not yet been charged with anything.


On March 25 almost two months after the murder, the Facebook page Iron Order Truth Crew reported that an unnamed federal police agency was investigating the case and that Duran was likely to be charged with “unlawful carry of a concealed weapon and unlawful carry in a prohibited place.” You can find the Facebook post here.

As reported this morning, Denver Police Department spokesman Doug Schepman told the Post, “”What I can tell you is that we are still actively investigating this case, and that the case will be presented to the DA’s Office upon conclusion of the investigation — though there is no timeline for when that will occur. The commander did not wish to elaborate on the investigative process or timeline to this point.”

The Post also reported that Duran is no longer on administrative leave. According to a corrections department spokeswoman named Laurie Kilpatrick, Duran has not been terminated, has not resigned and has not returned to work. Kilpatrick wouldn’t tell Phillips if Duran was still getting paid or not. You can read the complete Denver Post story here.

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18 Responses to “The Denver Guessing Game”

  1. mr. Mike migleo Says:

    What the iron order won’t tell you. There are members involved in drug usage, theft, prostitution, internal theft, drinking and driving, loaded weapons on them and/or discharged while under the influance, illegal sales of alcohol and other things. They won’t tell nor will there fast tung lawyer tell the system that the men that went to the convention center was told by their chain of command not to go there because it was a 1% santioned event.

  2. Joseph Says:

    His hat name will appear on his motorcycle police hang attire as kong.why not just take each one of those motorcycle gang jackets with patches that weren’t earned nor are they in an official gang,and put them on our walls…it looks like it will be an easy task in following them home ……

  3. Steel Says:

    Almost seems like the cops want to drag this out long enough that even the press forgets about it so it goes away. Yet another act of violence initiated by the urine order that will go unpunished by LE. The corrupt wear uniforms and suits.



  4. 605/Reaper Says:

    An eye for an eye .

  5. Meh Says:

    Straight Shooter wrote:
    ” My, my the ‘blue gangsters’ are having a field day w/the civilian population.”

    They are having a field day with people the civilian population tacitly or actively endorse them targeting. War isn’t sportsmanship, so they quite logically don’t endorse any ROE not to their advantage.

    IronRider thoroughly covered how government will play their cards. If their tethered goat must be sacrificed that can be spun so it doesn’t affect Tethered Goat Order morale. Martyr for the cause and all that.

  6. WheresMyBoots Says:

    This fat, drunk fuck with the little bitch hands and stupid fucking hair-do is being charged with concealed carry. Really? For shooting the man standing behind him on the stairs. Twice.
    It got old long ago hearing ‘We feared for our lives’ from this I.O. group. If you ‘fear for your lives’ maybe stay the fuck off of motorcycles. If bikers scare you so much that their mere existence makes you ‘fear for your lives’ then maybe stay the hell away from them too you whiny sniveling shits.
    Any grown male who pulls a pistol because someone punches him in the nose or ‘says a racial slur at him'(sic -yeah, I read that article too, my but you boys are sensitive) is a pussified, pathetic excuse for a human and should just go bury himself. If you can’t take a goddamned punch once in a while maybe stay away from iron workers, pipefitters, heavy machine operators and everybody else who actually works for a living too; definitely stay away from my ex old lady.
    The people using you fake bikers will one day have no use for you anymore, and it won’t be when it’s convenient for you -just them; it’s going to get lonely out there in the big, bad world. One day you’ll look in the mirror, know you were a fake, and that will be the worst of it all.
    ‘They feared for their lives’ -Jeezus Harold Keerist on rubber crutches.

    Respects, and Ride Free to The Real,


  7. Straight Shooter Says:

    So the murder/thug corrections officer is still without charge? My, my the ‘blue gangsters’ are having a field day w/the civilian population.

  8. Kurt Barlow Says:


  9. Meh Says:

    The proverbial wheels of “justice” (hack, cough…) grind slow and that’s deliberate. Punishment inflicted before trial cannot be completely undone by acquittal.

    The strategic flipside is those wheels can grind slow until there’s no viable prosecution.

    Biker targets are left with a legal sword of Damocles hanging over their heads and bled dry financially. For government proxies, there is no sword or it’s a butter knife.

    This strategy works because most of the public, unless they are genuine libertarians (Koch proxies don’t count) perceive no particular reason to care what happens to a microscopic saloon society nor do they much give a shit about proxies used against it.

    The public usually see conflicts between people they have near zero reason to care about.

    Bikers are tempting trophy targets for the surveillance state because many are emotionally attached to prosecutable behaviors. (That does NOT mean bikers are some sort of Mafia, just that a useful number can be relied on to fuck up. If bikers were Mafia they’d own their own pigs.)

    This plays both ways. Cop proxy bikers can be relied on to attack outlaw bikers to further their own goals. Not a smart idea overall so it’s the perfect role for a chump. (Men, in general, like war and feuds and don’t care much about the real backstory so long as THEIR backstory affirms their self-image.) Someone who didn’t crave conflict would have no reason to intrude on a saloon society not their own.

    A bad cop’s goal is to be above the law. “Vertical outlawry with government backup” if you will. That’s different, and inherently predatory, compared to being an “outlaw”. Both pick and choose what laws they obey based on convenience, opportunity and perceived benefit. The government proxy acts to interfere with others, while the conventional outlaw generally acts to be free from others.

    So far the government is winning. Their strategy isn’t one liable to some overall strategic defeat. It can be countered in detail by skilled lawyering.

    We live in interesting times.

  10. FNU LNU Says:

    It’s sickening. But alas, we don’t have to just twiddle our thumbs

  11. T Hell Says:

    “actively investigating” next in line after the Hoffa disappearance, and the JFK shooting. I almost hope they release this poor misunderstood soul with no charges filed, let him spend the rest of his life hiding in the dark in his mother’s basement pissing his pants with every sound in the dark, well at least until…….


  12. RtC Says:

    @Hangaround, WHO says this DONG even HAS a bike? Not requirement for Urine Odor
    membership. Just $39.99 MO & you can be one too!


  13. gooch Says:

    People eventually get what they deserve one way or another.

    I have a suspicion that Derrick the tub of shit soulless coward Duran Duran isn’t the “only” Urine Odor member to be pissing himself right now.

    And I don’t mean their worried about law enforcement indictments.

    There’s a storm coming from all over the globe.

    and some might say they had it coming for a long time.

    Rebel On!

    ~ Gooch

  14. Phuquehed Says:

    Rope. Tree. Denver PD. Derrick “The Fat Bitch” Duran.

  15. Hangaround Says:

    One can only hope that Derrick is out riding his bike and touring the country proudly flying his Urine Order colors.
    Hey Derrick, What color is your bike anyway?

  16. old & stoned Says:

    so now what i’m reading, denver pd is losing murder suspects,,?

    we can hope derrick the ‘dong’ impacts an elk at speed.

    ‘Unamed federal police agency’,,, yea, big surprise.

    who knows, they may let this foolio walk,, knowing he’s got a fan club waiting on a meet n greet.

  17. Centurion Says:

    well, at least these pigs have not tried to put this on Steven Avery yet.

  18. IronRider Says:

    Denver Police Department spokesman Doug Schepman told the Post, “”What I can tell you is that we are still actively investigating this case, and that the case will be presented to the DA’s Office upon conclusion of the investigation — though there is no timeline for when that will occur. The commander did not wish to elaborate on the investigative process or timeline to this point.”

    TRANSLATION: “What I will tell you is that we aren’t really investigating this seriously due to the fact it was a member of the blue wall that shot someone who we don’t give a shit about but we will say we are still investigating to keep you fuckin reports for asking us questions and putting a narrative out their that isn’t what we have spun.

    We will pass the D.A. our findings after we have made sure to cover up as much as we can, lose notes and evidence along with having made sure enough time passes that witnesses will forget what they saw as events unfolded, this will make them less reliable Not mention we are making sure to drag this out as long as possible to take the attention off of the Urine Odor and focus it were it really belongs that criminal biker who attacked poor Derrick.

    Our boss didnt want to say anything that you could get on tape or in writing that may come back to haunt him later if the cover up blows up. We are diligently working with anyone not connected to any motorcycle group to make sure that any outlaw motorcycle group or member is to blame for what took place. Please give us time to make sure that the cover up has been completed so we can make up some bullshit charge that Derrick will easily beat in court or so he can get some sweetheart plea deal. Thank you for your patience.

    This is Waco 2.0 folks. If this was a cop that got killed and a biker that did it, that man would have been up in a cell with some super high bond he wouldn’t be able to afford and charged that very day with murder.

    This is why our justice system is broken and why I believe there is too much collusion btwn Law Enforcement agencies, the D.A. and Judges

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