You Can Comment Again

March 30, 2016

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You Can Comment Again

Although the front end of this site, the part people surf into and see, has remained up the back end of this site, the part where content is uploaded and comments are moderated has been down for two days.

It wasn’t any of the usual suspects.

A very fine, third party piece of software integral to this site and many others, was updated on Monday. The update was intended to make the software more secure. The programmers rushed the update. Rather than simply modifying the software with the potential security hole the update applied those changes to the entire site. One of those changes read the symbol “@” as “$#64.” Among other things that caused havoc with comments. The changes were so widespread and pernicious that they had to be rooted out of the underlying server operating system.

I didn’t fix it. A friend of this page did. I won’t write his name. I appreciate his efforts.

Go ahead and comment. The Aging Rebel regrets the inconvenience. Things should be back to normal tomorrow. Hit the donate button when you get the chance.


32 Responses to “You Can Comment Again”

  1. bcnasty Says:

    So glad to see folks trying to have a conversation with some angry puffed up keyboard commando.
    Respect is a wonderful thing, so wish it still existed. Fuck, even on this boring ass sleep deprived day at work I can no longer read this.
    Respects to the real.

  2. Tooj Says:

    …the more things stay the same.

  3. Parsifal Says:

    @ Bone Head – The Bobert? This idjut is probably one of those Bath Salts users. Toasted everything above the neck.

  4. Bone Head Says:

    “Your behind your keyboard and can do whatever you want…” Well of course you can; you’re hiding. What are you hiding from Bobert? You maybe walked into the men’s room by mistake?

    The spelling of “Bobert” is intentional. ‘Cause I can do anything I want.

    Bahahahahaha…you can be found.

  5. Robert Says:

    Did not start the piss match mate Biggest loser IS me for engaging yes. Uh, is anybody there? Oh yeah y’all are “riding” it’s Saturday

  6. Shovelhead Says:

    Enough with the temper tantrum Robbie. Do you have anything to say or do you just want to insult folks?
    So far, you’ve added nothing to the conversation. Get over yourself already!
    I know, I know, I should be careful because you’re a tough guy who uses you’re real first name….ooooh!!

  7. Robert Says:

    On a 5 day binge. Need a sponsor for a 12 step program Any takers? I recommend a trip to yesteryear when we were all in bed with George Christie. Fightin mad I’d call it. Oops. Jacksonville? Hard call either way but all hands on deck Anytime somebody looking at major time and gets sweetheart I would wonder. Never tried to sneak my pigness in here. Up front from day one. Robert is my real name. Ain’t hiding behind some pseudonym You? Fuck you Kurt Barlow, Parsifal, Shovelhead et al.

  8. Kurt Barlow Says:

    WTF? You babble like you’ve taken too many blows to the head. Or maybe you’re a tweaker that’s been up too many days.

  9. Griz's Gal Says:

    Hey Rebel, good news!
    Some of the charges have apparently been dismissed in Waco.

  10. Robert Says:

    Betcha would be MUM elsewhere Bone Head. Oh sorry, I forgot we’re just on the computer and can say just any ol thang FY

  11. Bone Head Says:

    Robbie…tell your doc what the meds are doing to you. Your mother will make an appointment for you.

  12. Robert Says:

    Sorry phed. Your smack didn’t deserve my smack. Not trying to make any friends but I do agree with most of what is said here. Rope. Tree. Robert.

  13. Phuquehed Says:

    Hey Robert, take the marbles out of your mouth, maybe someone can understand you better. You’re still making no sense. Is English not your native language?

  14. Lost Cause Says:

    Rebel, the PP link is working properly now. Donation deservedly on its way.

  15. Robert Says:

    Fuck y’all. Cotton candy on a keyboard not a motorcycle. Stupid MFs didn’t even know who Chico Mora was when he tried to expose Christie. Fuckhead, you been to prison? Unlikely. RTC you anything but a wannabe biker? Unlikely. UNDERSTAND THAT

  16. RtC Says:

    HEY, FUBERT! Just because it says you can, doesn’t mean you gotta! CAPISH?!


  17. Parsifal Says:

    I will translate: “ROBERT,” also known as “Neal and Bob the Boob,” oversteps his lip and falls on his “Man-gina.” Because he is inbred, stupid, unedumacated and is more than likely a urine odor reject.
    Robert “thinks,” he has allll the answers because he sucked from the Golden Cop pecker and now he’s a little embarrassed.

    At least that’s how it reads to me – See Robert, See Robert make an Ass out of himself, Oh wait, Robert was born an Ass. See Tip bite the ass that feeds him. Fuck you Robert the Ass.

    BTW ROBERT! I still ride as do 2 of my son’s, so bite the green weenie, Bitch.

  18. Shovelhead Says:

    I was going to say the same thing. Kinda sounds like a little white boy wannabee gangsta trying to sing a Rap song.

  19. Phuquehed Says:

    Hey Robert…what’s all that mean in understandable English?

  20. FNU LNU Says:

    CorkY? Corky is that you?



  21. NCRider Says:

    Lost Cause,

    Did you “save” your PayPal info after you made donation? Don’t mean to cut in on your post..this came to mind.


    Justice For The Waco Hostages

  22. Parsifal Says:

    This “SECURITY,” thing has been making the rounds for a couple of weeks.

  23. IronRider Says:


    Sorry about posting my comment here, too excited about the back end working for you again it would seem. Apologies

  24. Robert Says:

    Ok once more Senator good-judge bad -lawyer good -cop bad. Nobody figures? Nobody? Fuck off. America started when a bunch of rich dudes got tired of a bunch of rich dudes and created a carbon copy of rich dudes. That was England and now America. Now what’s the fucking difference with biker clubs and their presidents and VP’s, and territories and by-laws and bullshit. Won’t mention names but I bet the lion share of y’all ain’t patched or even riding. Cops…..embarrassing

  25. Lost Cause Says:

    Rebel, hitting the DONATE button always prompts me to PayPal’s sight, but doesn’t auto-fill the WHO or WHERE to send $$ to. Not sure if it’s a glitch in your DONATE link. It’s been that way a long time. I have a PayPal account, so the problem shouldn’t be on this end.

  26. ElleElle Says:

    It’s not me, it’s you? How the hell is everybody? Normally I would do my minimal yap in the Diabolical S-but less filling is not my thing anymore. Here’s to hoping all is well in all of your paradises!

  27. IronRider Says:

    This case just goes to show you some of the corruption that goes on in the D.A. offices. People seem to think that the D.A.’s prosecutors are just doing their job, and following the rules of court, the penal code and the constitution to make sure those they deal with get a fair trial.

    This case and many, many before it show the real truth if you are a defendant in the D.A.’s cross hairs. There is a scorched earth policy to try and get a defendant to either accept a plea or face hard time if convicted at trial. If the deck is stacked against you, as it is against Starkweather the odds are even more against you.

    This should have been done with long ago, but the D.A. who is prosecuting is obviously using this case as a belt notch and a stepping stone to something else, no matter how many lives are ruined in the process. The Judge is this case ought to be telling the D.A. to stop and let this case die before the D.A.’s office is the defendant for prosecutorial abuse.

    The deck is tilted so strongly against the defendant and the blatant tampering by the D.A. office and breach of constituional, and civil rights and ethics and oaths as officers of the court is beyond belief, but yet there it is and yet the court is allowing the farce to go forward.

    This is why I have said before and will say again you are guilty until you can prove your innocence. There is far too much collusion between Law enforcement, The D.A.’s and Judges who are all supposed to be at arms length and keeping one another in check, but we have all seen and heard of the cases where this is no where near the case and the check and balances that an accused has to keep things fair are far removed these days.

    This case should have been dead and buried long ago. Even if there was a conviction I dont see how it would stand up on appeal with all the abuse of process and civil and constitutional violations not to mention all the blatant interference and prosecutorial abuse of power and lawyer/client confidentiality bond broken, the D.A.’s office own credibility and impartiality in question.

    Yet where is the ACLU and other rights groups to jump in and defend this accused rights and to tell the court there is too much abuse and no impartiality from the D.A.’s office to continue this case and this case should be over and done with and Starkweather ought to be set free. None, which make me wonder are those who ride and wear a cut any less entitled to the same protections and freedoms as those who dont ride or wear a cut?

    Lets hope this new D.A. ends up in front of a Judge and does his own time behind bars,. Do I think it will happen no, should it? Fuck yeah. Let’s hope Starkweather’s case comes crashing down around the D.A. and those who basically ignoring the rules and laws and that Starkweather is set free, lord knows the guy has been through enough.

  28. Bone Head Says:

    This is a huge relief…I thought I’d pissed somebody off again…glad it’s fixed. Thank you, Oh Benevolent Software Genius, and Thank you Rebel.

  29. Kurt Barlow Says:

    Thanks for staying with us Rebel!

    and FUCK the Iron Order, Steve Cook, Jorge Gil-Blanco, Jay Dobbins, Puto Reyna, Swanton and all the other douchebags!

  30. RLG Says:



  31. Sieg Says:

    And here I thought it was the usual suspects again! Glad to hear it’s squared-away, and will hit the donate button as soon as possible.



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