The Ordeal Of Matthew Starkweather

March 28, 2016

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The Ordeal Of Matthew Starkweather

Matt Starkweather’s 50-month-long ordeal by prosecution continues to mock the ever more vague concept of “justice.”

Starkweather, 36, is a member of the Battle Creek, Michigan chapter of the Iron Coffins Motorcycle Club. In the wee small hours of New Year’s Day 2012 he fell into an argument, during a party at the clubhouse, with former chapter president Lee J. “Leeroy” Taylor – allegedly over $2,500 that Taylor owed Starkweather. The men came to blows twice.. The first time Starkweather prevailed. The second time, Taylor emerged from a bathroom with a baton and a knife. He knocked Starkweather down and stabbed him in the neck. Two other chapter members, John Lindahl III and Mario “Paco” Barroso beat Taylor with the butt of a shotgun until he rolled off Starkweather.

Taylor soon died. Starkweather called the police and was arrested for murder. In the coming weeks Lindahl and Barroso were also arrested. The case was both maudlin and banal but it was a motorcycle club case and motorcycle club cases glow. Homicide is homicide as iron is iron but motorcycle club cases glow as hot iron glows. Biker homicides and hot metal are both special cases and that seems to explain the continuing legal crusade against Starkweather.

Barroso agreed to testify against both Starkweather and Lindahl in return for leniency but his testimony was disappointing and the charges against all three men were dismissed.

David Gilbert

Four months later a new prosecutor named David Gilbert was elected. He craved the heat in the case and in December 2014 he reopened it. He charged Barroso in March 2015 and charged him with murder. Even a blind man could see that Barroso was really being punished for failing to testify cogently enough to convict Starkweather and Lindahl. Gilbert’s argument was that Barroso was a murderer because he handed Lindahl the shotgun Lindahl used to beat Taylor off Starkweather as Taylor was stabbing Starkweather in the neck. Apparently the 67-year-old Barroso had a lawyer but he still agreed to plead no contest to a charge of manslaughter and last year he was sentenced to serve between 71 and 180 months in prison.

Starkweather was charged with murder again in October 2015. He had already spent more than six months in jail after he was charged the first time. He knew in advance that he would be charged again and did not try to flee. But he was still  sent back to jail when he was rearrested, labeled a “flight risk” and denied bail again.

United States

The case against Starkweather has always been tainted as well as thin. Before he was elected Calhoun County Prosecutor Gilbert had been a close associate of the lawyer representing the third defendant, Lindahl. Lindahl’s lawyer was named Matt Glaser. And earlier this year Glaser told the current judge in the case, Circuit Judge John Hallacy, “I told Gilbert about the information from Lindahl. I gave related attorney-client privileged information to Mr. Gilbert.”

Gilbert told Glaser he wanted to participate in Lindahl’s defense for the “good press” it would lend to his campaign for District Attorney. Gilbert also promised Glaser he would never prosecute the case. But, it turned out, the future prosecutor lied.

Hallacy ordered a special prosecutor, a man named Victor Fitz, appointed to the case. By then, Starkweather had spent 349 days in jail and Hallacy order the accused man to be released to confinement at his parents’ home. At the time Judge Hallacy said that indefinite detention without bail was something that “happens in third world countries. This is the United States.”


Under the conditions of his release, Starkweather couldn’t leave his parents’ property, drink alcohol or associate with anyone in the Iron Coffins or anyone who was otherwise connected to the case.

The morning after his release, Starkweather attended a mandatory probation hearing. He was given and flunked a breathalyzer test. For decades, the legal definition of alcohol intoxication was a blood alcohol concentration of 0.10. The legal definition of intoxication was eventually reduced 0.08. Starkweather’s test indicated he had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.002 which was probably because he brushed his teeth that morning. Starkweather had used Crest. Crest contains an alcohol called sorbitol. The breathalyzer test found the sorbitol.

A deputy also claimed that Starkweather had left the confines of his parent’s home three times the previous night between two and five in the morning. He didn’t speculate why. Starkweather spent another weekend in jail before he got the chance to tell Hallacy “ I did not have anything to drink” and “I never left that house.”

Hallacy told Starkweather to remember that he was “under a microscope” and let him go home again. A couple of days after that, Special Prosecutor Fitz admitted that Starkweather’s GPS monitor had “apparently” malfunctioned.

No Trial Date

But the case, and its magic glow, remains stuck in the mud. In arguing that Starkweather should be sent back to jail, Fitz told Judge Hallacy that Starkweather had stabbed himself in the neck to give himself a defense. Then last Thursday, Hallacy removed Fitz from the case after Fitz admitted he had been briefed by former prosecutor Gilbert on the information Gilbert had learned from Lindahl’s attorney Glaser.

So Starkweather’s ordeal by prosecution continues while Hallacy searches all of Michigan for an honest prosecutor. It might take awhile. It shouldn’t be this hard.

Yesterday, Easter, Starkweather was allowed to leave his parents’ home to go to church. Afterward, Matt Starkweather’s father Tom said, “No family should be put through anything like this. If the government has a case let’s go to trial tomorrow!”

No trial date has yet been set since it turned out Special Prosecutor Fitz cheated and lied.

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18 Responses to “The Ordeal Of Matthew Starkweather”

  1. FDTS Says:

    “So Starkweather’s ordeal by prosecution continues while Hallacy searches all of Michigan for an honest prosecutor.”

    Yeah, he may have to expand his search to never never land.

  2. xplor Says:

    In Michigan there is a court of Claims.

    When Texas district judges have probable cause to believe state laws have been broken, they may ask the district’s presiding administrative judge to appoint another district judge to commence a court of inquiry,
    (d) If the Court of Inquiry pertains to the activities of the district or county attorney or to the attorney’s office, deputies, or employees, or if the attorney is otherwise disqualified in the proceeding, the judge shall appoint one attorney pro tem to assist in the proceeding. In any other circumstance, the judge may appoint an attorney pro tem to assist in the proceeding.

  3. RtC Says:

    If all segments of Government didn’t have all pertinent orifices full of SHIT,
    none of this would be happening! Money & Power make these MAROONS CRAZY! None of
    these bastards want to be living in the real world, or it would happen to them!
    HOW THE FUCK do we stop them?! Go back to using ROCKS as money?! Lead compensatory severance salaries?!


  4. old & stoned Says:

    it’s amazing how the prosecution side can get away with delaying ‘justice’ due to their OWN misconduct, ineptitude and stupidity. common sense says this whole mess is too tainted to prosecute successfully,,,

  5. gooch Says:

    A citizen has a duty to render aid. The fact that Starkweather got hit in the head with a pipe and was being stabbed in the neck by “Leeroy”, was just cause for Lindahl and “Paco” to come to his aid.

    Starkweather, was at risk of great bodily harm or even death at the hands of “Leeroy”.

    Did I miss something here? This should not of made it past the preliminary hearing.

    In Wisconsin a LEO just got cleared for shooting a man 7 times, ending his life, and all the man had as a weapon. A plastic bucket. crazy. Oh and that same LEO it was his first day back on the job from the last time he shot and killed someone.

    Kenosha cop cleared in death of man armed with plastic bucket.

    This type pf thing happens on a regular basis in the Midwest. The civil suits are eventually “settled” But the LEO’s are never prosecuted.

    Rebel On!

    ~ Gooch

  6. xplor Says:

    A prosecutor would have to be an idiot to take this case or be so old nothing can tarnish their pension.

  7. Tom Starkweather Says:

    Matt’s case is now waiting on the 5th prosecutor. It started on 1-1-12 and was dismissed without prejustice on July 17, 2012. Because of that, this current charge is not double jeporday. The 1st prosecutor was not re-elected because of her misconduct in this case and the chief assistant prosecutor was fired. The newley elected prosecutor was recused in February 2016 for misconduct and then the special prosecutor assigned from the states attorney generals office was recused in March for you guest it… Misconduct! So we wait for the next prosecutor to be assigned. No trial in site but at least Matt is home waiting….

  8. Parsifal Says:

    @ IronRider – Court Room – COLLUSION – definition?…. the oldest good old boys club there is. Its always been about what is said in the judges chambers/hallway/stairway/after hours bar, that counts.

  9. IronRider Says:

    This case just goes to show you some of the corruption that goes on in the D.A. offices. People seem to think that the D.A.’s prosecutors are just doing their job, and following the rules of court, the penal code and the constitution to make sure those they deal with get a fair trial.

    This case and many, many before it show the real truth if you are a defendant in the D.A.’s cross hairs. There is a scorched earth policy to try and get a defendant to either accept a plea or face hard time if convicted at trial. If the deck is stacked against you, as it is against Starkweather the odds are even more against you.

    This should have been done with long ago, but the D.A. who is prosecuting is obviously using this case as a belt notch and a stepping stone to something else, no matter how many lives are ruined in the process. The Judge is this case ought to be telling the D.A. to stop and let this case die before the D.A.’s office is the defendant for prosecutorial abuse.

    The deck is tilted so strongly against the defendant and the blatant tampering by the D.A. office and breach of constituional, and civil rights and ethics and oaths as officers of the court is beyond belief, but yet there it is and yet the court is allowing the farce to go forward.

    This is why I have said before and will say again you are guilty until you can prove your innocence. There is far too much collusion between Law enforcement, The D.A.’s and Judges who are all supposed to be at arms length and keeping one another in check, but we have all seen and heard of the cases where this is no where near the case and the check and balances that an accused has to keep things fair are far removed these days.

    This case should have been dead and buried long ago. Even if there was a conviction I dont see how it would stand up on appeal with all the abuse of process and civil and constitutional violations not to mention all the blatant interference and prosecutorial abuse of power and lawyer/client confidentiality bond broken, the D.A.’s office own credibility and impartiality in question.

    Yet where is the ACLU and other rights groups to jump in and defend this accused rights and to tell the court there is too much abuse and no impartiality from the D.A.’s office to continue this case and this case should be over and done with and Starkweather ought to be set free. None, which make me wonder are those who ride and wear a cut any less entitled to the same protections and freedoms as those who dont ride or wear a cut?

    Lets hope this new D.A. ends up in front of a Judge and does his own time behind bars,. Do I think it will happen no, should it? Fuck yeah. Let’s hope Starkweather’s case comes crashing down around the D.A. and those who basically ignoring the rules and laws and that Starkweather is set free, lord knows the guy has been through enough.

  10. Brad H Says:

    I must not get it. Could someone explain to me why, if charges were dismissed against these guys, does this not fall under double jeopardy? Does it have to do with “prejudice”? Because it is an alledged murder case?

    Also, why, if one lawyer discloses privileged information which should be confidential especially to another lawyer who should know better, is not said lawyer at least censured if not disbard? I know friends say more to one another than, at times, they should but Jesus! What kind of representation does Matthew get out of this deal? Not very good from the on going story.

  11. TX_Biker Says:

    There is no Justice for those of us that know the freedom of two wheels and true brotherhood. We fly in the face of convention. That alone angers those that cling to their rules and order. To them we represent something they could never be, and they must stop it to gain their glory and justify their stagnant existence.

  12. Sieg Says:

    Land of the Meek, Home of the Slave.

    You get the government that you deserve-if you don’t fight for what you want, forget it.

    There is no “right to speedy trial”. With all the bullshit that has gone down the last few years, is anyone going to try to argue that we still have ANY inalienable rights, save what the Oligarchs care to grant us?

    FTF / FTP

  13. Lou Sassel Says:

    How can I send a care package to Mr. Starkweather? I don’t know anything about the case than what is written here, so my interest in supporting him has nothing to do with his innocence or guilt, but about his mistreatment up to this point by a corrupt procecutors office. It is time these crooked procecutors, judges and cops are held accountable when they lie, fabricate or mislead.

  14. Hangaround Says:

    I think I fell asleep during the part where the right to a speedy trial changed to the right to eternal prosecution

  15. Road Whore Says:

    More bullies in law enforcement.

    More bullies in the court system.

    More bullies in the federal government.

    Ride Free

  16. Parsifal Says:

    The First Judicial Law Of Ambiguity? Fuck the Fucked because the law and the persecutors are fucked. Somebody gots to be fucked.

    @ Paladin – Twilight Zone, Indeed it does.

  17. Paladin Says:

    This case is judicial proof, beyond a reasonable doubt that the Twilight Zone does in fact exist.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  18. Wino Enzed Says:

    The Land of the Free ?

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