Yesterday’s Waco Indictments

March 24, 2016

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Yesterday's Waco Indictments

If it quacks it’s a duck. So it is beginning to look a lot like a federal RICO case is pending in Waco where the local authorities dither and stall and keep stupid secrets and spin and wash dry evidence and dozens of  defendants arrested last May 17 continue to twist slowly in the wind.

A North Korean style grand jury indicted 48 more people yesterday. Seven of them were not arrested last May 17. In a statement issued after the grand jury recessed, McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna said that six of the newly indicted had not yet been arrested so their indictments were state secrets. Presumably, the six indictees who have not yet been arrested are among the seven indictees who were not arrested last May 17. The names of the seven indictees not arrested last May are Stephen Dudley, William Flowers, James Hardin, John Lewis, Richard Lockhart, Keith McCallum and Richard Smith.

Screw Official Police Secrecy

At first glance, the two most interesting names on this secret list are Dudley and Smith. Dudley was treated at the Hillcrest Medical Center Emergency Room last May and released. So it took Waco authorities ten months to decide that Dudley was not a victim. Dudley’s indictment is ironic. All of the defendants indicted in November are accused of “intentionally, knowingly and recklessly” causing “bodily injury to” Dudley. So now, it seems, after almost a year’s consideration, Dudley will be charged with injuring himself. Of course, Clifford Lee Pierce, the Cossacks prospect who was long rumored to have sparked the explosion of violence but actually did not, and who was paralyzed, is also charged with shooting himself.

Smith, meanwhile, was riding with James Kenneth “Spaz” Anderson last September 3 when Anderson was killed in a motorcycle accident in Nebraska. Anderson was wounded last year in the Twin Peaks parking lot and after his death, Waco judge Ralph Strother ordered that a bullet that remained in his body be removed for forensic analysis.

Marshall Mitchell, president of the Bandidos Nomad chapter, told a Texas Ranger named Gary Phillips that he had traveled to Waco with Smith before the police contrived confrontation in the Twin Peaks parking lot last Spring. Smith was interviewed and turned loose and the fact that he is being indicted here suggests, but hardly proves, that this case has always been part of the “ongoing” federal racketeering case against the Bandidos Motorcycle Club announced in January. Of course, because the case is “ongoing,” the facts of the case cannot be obtained through the so-called Freedom Of Information Act.

The others indicted yesterday are Timothy Bayless, Richard Cantu, Jr., Kenneth Carlisle, Nathan Champeau, James David, Marcus DeJong, James Devoll, Matthew Folse, Justin Garcia, Mario Gonzalez, Raymond Hawes, Jarron Hernadez, Edward Keller, Narcisco Luna, Jr., John Martinez, Dustin McCann, Michael Moore, Jason Jesse Moreno, Elidoro Munguia, Robert Leon Nichols, Diego Obledo, Daniel Pesina, Ares Phoinix, Victor Pizana, Jerry Pollard, Jimmy Lee Pond, Andres Ramirez, William Redding, Rolando Reyes, Sergio Reyes, Boyce Ray Rockett, James Rosas, Gregory Salazar, Andrew M. Sandoval, Phillip Smith, Seth Tyler Smith, Christopher Stainton, Andrew Stroer, Jose Valle, Mathew Yocum and Gilbert Zamora.

Fat Mexican Tab

All of those indicted yesterday were either members of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club, the Bandidos Motorcycle Club or members of a Cossacks or Bandidos support club. Nobody who was arrested for simply wearing a “Support the Fat Mexican” tab was indicted yesterday.

During the interviews after the Twin Peaks Massacre last May, a DPS agent “pointed to a red and gold patch on” on an detainee’s “cut that read ‘Support the Fat Mexican.’ The Fat Mexican is the cartoon character that serves as the Bandidos logo.” The detainee “said, ‘We are not a support club, but they (the Bandidos) are the ones who blessed us to get the patches on our backs.’”

On the other hand, the grand jury refused to “No Bill” anybody arrested last May either. Grand juries, at least in theory, investigate potential crimes and accuse persons of those crimes when the jury finds sufficient evidence to do so. Grand juries are also supposed to notice when there is insufficient evidence to accuse a suspect of a crime and in those cases the jury foreman is required to write “not found,” “no indictment” or “no bill” at the top of the prosecutor’s indictment form.

The Confederation

So it is ever more certain that Waco will be folded into a superseding indictment in the current Bandidos case. Call it destiny. Nobody has ever been able to say how McLennan County Texas was going to pay for such a huge case anyway. Multiple federal intelligence gathering operations led to the intelligence, and RICO predicate, gathering disaster at the Twin Peaks. And it seems terribly naïve to suppose that Reyna simply decided to charge everybody in custody last May without assurances that the case would eventually turn federal and that McLennan County wasn’t going to have to pay for it.

The fact that no “Support the Fat Mexican” tab wearers were indicted yesterday probably indicates that the Department of Justice remains undecided about whether they can bring successfully racketeering charges against the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents. It looks like that’s what the feds want to do.

Last June Steve Cook, who is Executive Director of the Midwest Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigators Association and in that capacity tends to be both chatty and informed about law enforcement trends aimed at motorcycle clubs, dropped a kind of big hint. Cook told Waco television station KXXV, “We do a considerable amount of talking about these confederations and coalitions…and try to make them (police officers trained by Cook) understand a little bit the motives behind these is other than what they advertise.”

KXXV reported, “Behind locked doors, officers learned how motorcycle gangs operate, often dealing in drug and human trafficking. Gangs often transport and sell methamphetamine and have a structure similar to military or paramilitary organizations. Cook said they’ve seen an influx of gang members that are also a part of motorcycle clubs and club confederations.”

Cook said, “They’re absolutely gangs. If you’re wearing a one percent diamond and you’re associating with the individuals these people and associating with the kinds of activities they are, they’re a gang by any classification and to take it a step further, they’re organized crime.”


30 Responses to “Yesterday’s Waco Indictments”

  1. xplor Says:

    We are now down to three groups.
    The first are the folks that were arrested at Twin Peaks and were indcted . Their work is cut out for them.
    The second were the folks that were not arrested at Twin Peaks but indicted . This includes those that were shot by police stray bullets and may include the confidential informants that will testify.
    The third are the folks that were arrested at Twin Peaks but not indicted. Their life is hell. They can be corhersed  into testifying to please the D.A. or go to jail for life. In what group will you find the Undercover Operators ?

  2. tiopirata Says:

    @Road Whore. Yes, RLG is correct. It seems now too obviously so.
    Thank you for that erudite comment, I could not have done better.
    @Rebel. Thank you on many levels.
    Respect to the deserving.
    Tio Pirata 1%er.

  3. Parsifal Says:

    Ugly Dog joke?….. it goes like this – If I had a dog as ugly as you, I would shave his ass and make him walk backwards! …. circa: early 1970’s

    BUTT! yeah, either way the mother fucker is fugly as hell, and looks to be mentally challenged. {As they say Anal-Raper – you are judged by “YOUR,” actions.}

  4. Thunderbird Says:

    The stongest gangs in the world run governments all the way down to the local level. They form secret organizations to hide their practices. They employ people who have no conscience to do their dirty work.

    Waco is one example of many who employ people of no conscience to carry out the policies of soulless people behind the scenes who set policy.

    The grand jury is an example of consciousless people making determinations on one sided testimony. With the gag order their is no rebuttal to this testimony. How can anyone with a conscience make a determination with one viewpoint?

    We live in a different country than what was in 1970. In 2000 there was a hostel takeover of our government. We are no longer living under a constitutional government that respects the rights of the people. The sooner one accepts this the sooner a remedy can be put in place to change this situation.

    Bikers are a target of this now despotic government controlled by people who don’t respect individual liberty. The justice system is controlled by these same people. But the sad part about it is that they are using people with no conscience to run this system.

    Weather we like it or not we are heading into a civil war. Don’t expect the justice system in Waco or in Texas for that matter to do the right thing. Watch your backs and those who want to join your clubs. We are in a new time. There are many soulless people walking around mostly employed by government. These people will look you in the eye and lie to you. They are not even half human they are parasites.

    Notice how the identities of the executioners at the Twin Peaks are being protected? Notice how well the ambush was executed and then the evidence was hidden by rounding up everyone and the court issuing a gag order so even the attorney cannot talk? The problem we have is the people reading what happened still cannot believe that the authorities and the justice system can be so corrupt. But they are! Reminds me of Germany 1933. The trouble with people is they don’t know history. And human history is a history of crime.

    The truth is we now live under a despotic government all the way down to the local level run by people of no conscience. These people now make laws to restrict freedom and control us. They are losing control and they know it so they use force against us,

    Waco is a wakeup call.

  5. old & stoned Says:

    Meh- that’s the ‘forward business model’ Rebel mentioned in another article,, feds paint the target, local pd’s commit the mayhem, feds black bag it all. No trials means no Brady.

    @ Dasien- that was too damn funny, dog learned how to shave,, looks more like a startled baboon

  6. Dasein Says:

    Rebel, please, I can’t stand the sight of that guy anymore. Looks like a dog that learned to shave. At least maybe re-run this as a split screen. Thanks

  7. Parsifal Says:

    As long as people let them, they will do it. The waters are being tested. The smoke and mirrors will be lifted when they chain and shackle you.

  8. MyronDaMan Says:

    Don’t look for a change in the DOJ after the election. There is an agenda in place…even J. Dob says the ATF budget is directed at 1%er’s instead of the huge clans like the Latin Kings, MS 13 or Sureños. Thugs don’t bother the Globalists. Bad asses do.

  9. Meh Says:

    Nasty strategy! Use local PDs to dragnet targets, then hand off to the Feds for many years of litigation which is punitive in itself.

    If this takes off watch for any biker gathering including ABATE rallies to be fair game.

  10. Kurt Barlow Says:

    STEVE COOK IS A FUCKING POMPOUS ASS DRUNK PUKE. How in good god does anyone take the fucking idiot seriously?

  11. david Says:

    The grand jury’s indictment of 48 more accused, turns on the identities of the members, as well as the FBI’s ownership of Un-Abel Reyna.

    Some, or many, members are more than likely, FBI operatives.

  12. TX_Biker Says:

    Our forefathers would be shooting by now…..

  13. Steel Says:

    The insanity continues by Reyna and company. Unbelievable. The stench keeps getting worse.

    Respects to deserving


  14. Gooch Says:

    All this talk, and nothing ever really gets done.Now look where all this talking got us. In Wisconsin if a cop murders someone, Aew law has independent investigators investigatnow, instead of their own department like they used to

    This independent group has not indicted one of these murderous police officers. But the reality of it is, when a family does fight back, they drag themselves through the horriffic incident over and over. reguardless of how much evidencee cop srer convicted here..

    that takes two years.

    Then anothr six years or more to finnally the civr verdict in their favor. The people who actually do spend a good part of their life fighting these injustices are my hero’s.

    If we don’t take action now, we won’t take action later.

    Rebel On!

    ¬ Gooch

  15. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    The Federal Court is in Waco.

    As of the Federal case, was backed logged from the information given in the court doc’s. Texas Bottom Rocker. .STARED 56 DAYS BEFORE ON MARCH 22 , 2015.

    DOJ Inspector General office
    4616 W. Howard Lane # 250
    Austin, Texas 78728

  16. Maven Says:

    A RICO charge against a CoC? Has that ever happened before? Scary shit.

  17. Road Whore Says:

    @ RLG: I fear you are correct, and I myself have trumpeted your sentiment many times.

    Drug dealers: if an old boy procures a small bag of weed for someone in the dark corners of the U.S. where weed is still illegal (strange how in some places it’s not) he automatically becomes a “drug dealer,” with all of the attendant and overblown baggage, and, in the purview of the Fedbeast, this label is broadcast to the media who have been trained to react as if the man regularly bungholes small children.

    Bill Maher (Real Time) has stated on his show many times that in college he was a drug dealer, because that was the only way he could support his own pot habit and make a little side money. Strange how the fedbeast has not come after him for that confession…oh, wait: that could be because he’s rich and famous and has a lawyer or two that’s probably worth his weight in gold at demolishing any such attempt.

    It’s funny how this or that becomes legal or illegal depending on the whimsy of those in power…in the old days you could buy heroin, cocaine, opium, etc., legally, and for a long time through the Sears catalogs of the day. Drugs were routinely given to children in small quantities as being good for them, drugs were sold over the counter (including cocaine, et al) and touted as being good for what ails you.

    Then suddenly they weren’t, and became illegal.

    Enter Prohibition for alcohol; whoops, that didn’t work, we better rescind that bad decision before they’re burning us in the streets. People want their booze!

    So booze becomes legal again; but people want their drugs, too! But drugs dont’ become legal again…except in Colorado. Wait, I’m confused. I can buy pot there and not be arrested, but if I do it in say, Texas, I’m swinging from a rope.

    I really need to get laid, goddamit! I’m so old and ugly no attractive young thang finds me desirable so I’ll have to pay for it. I can do so in certain areas of Nevada…legally! But if I do so in say, New York, I’m swinging from a rope.

    Love me some Jack Daniel’s! But the powers that be have dictated that the county in which Jack Daniel’s is made is a dry county, so I can’t drink it there, but I can drive over some imaginary line and imbibe all that I want.

    What’s “legal” or “illegal” depends on the whims of those in power, within the purviews of their religious and political leanings, which are subject to sway and change for the right amount of money or exchange of power. And as long as you don’t ask to see what THEY do behind closed doors.

    And as always, Ride Free.

  18. RLG Says:

    The cops and feds are just tools of darker forces.

  19. Meh Says:

    It would be hilarious if the Feds cut their losses and left Reyna swinging in the wind.

    They will look foolish otherwise.

  20. IronRider Says:

    I will say good luck to the feds getting any convictions on RICO. RICO was built for Mob cases not biker cases. The Waco fiasco hardly fits the statues that involve RICO.

    The Feds can shout and indict anyone for RICO, proving it and getting a judge to convict on RICO is a whole different story. How Reyna and the Feds seem to think that the bikers being at Twin Peaks and the murders of 9 people fall under RICO is a huge stretch.

    What we are seeing is another attempt to Deny, Deflect and Delay the truth, evidence and disclosure coming out that would tell the real story about how far Law Enforcement went to make and manufacture a conspiracy and their actions by hyping up the danger factor to other clubs and it’s members along with Law enforcement agencies and their officers with the narrative that the danger level is extreme and come armed to the teeth and be on high alert and repeating that mantra over and over caused nine people to lose their lives.

    The US DOJ are fools to get sucked into Reyna’s mess. Reyna is praying and hoping that the Feds take this over to get himself out of the mess he is in and the civil, criminal and constituional rights violations his office has created.

    The US DOJ has lost many many RICO cases, if they are dumb enough to bring the WACO fiasco under RICO, count this one up as another loss for them.

  21. Dan-O Says:

    This is the direction our society has been heading in for decades and this will be one more example, one more sad case, and one more legal precedent set. This is where we find ourselves in our corporate, consumerism, pussy, social media-driven society. Clubs and bikers make for such easy villains so the general public eats up everything the for-profit media feeds them and doesn’t give a shit when the cops, feds, and courts blatantly disregard the law. Some day we will have degenerated as a society to the point where Big Brother will turn his attention to someone else it doesn’t deem as walking the line, brand them domestic terrorists, and vilify them, and those people will realize they should have read the writing on the wall years ago. It’s been there all along. I love my country but I don’t think I’ve ever been more ashamed of my government or my society.

    Ride free while you can, boys. The sun is setting fast.

  22. Phuquehed Says:

    Rope. Tree. Reyna.

  23. Elwood Green Says:

    I think the Raging Anal Reyna, has bit off more biker than he can swallow! It will certainly be interesting to follow. But then again, he has that special safe place’under Judge Matt’s ‘Johnson’!

  24. Viking Trotter Says:

    I know it’s off topic….But Harley is going full RUB now…They have an Adventure bike concept.
    What do you think?

  25. Brad Milch Says:

    So old Abel’s simply been holding down the fort until the Feds take over. It figures; what a rascal he is. Federal cases can take a lifetime. It’s been 53 years since J. Edgar Hoover took over the JFK assassination case from the Dallas police & the global public still isn’t sure what happened & what to believe. Because of that case, the public can now spot when it’s being BS’ed: what comes out of the multi-millionaire TV journalists mouths & the ‘experts’ they present on their shows is almost always BS. Google ‘Operation Mockingbird’ & ‘net worth’ for the likes of Anderson Cooper, Bill O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly, Poppy Harlow, Katie Couric & Dan Rather. Compare theior bank chump change to yours. See for yourself; peddling Federal BS pays very well in TV news.

  26. puterindabasketchief Says:

    Joseph Heller couldn’t author something this farcical.

  27. Hangaround Says:

    Just in!
    Waco police have surrounded the local deli mart in down town and sent in the SWAT team. Apparently police have reason to believe that one of those secretly indited has been known to frequent the store.

    An officer who asked not to be named confirmed this was the reason for the SWAT action and told this reporter that the indictees known as “A Ham Sandwich” had been located in the deli and had been taken into custody.

    Bond is expected to be $1 million, and its unknown if Mr Sandwich will make bail or be left to rot in jail.

  28. ghost Says:


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