More Waco Indictments Expected

March 22, 2016

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More Waco Indictments Expected

A 12-person grand jury in Waco, Texas will consider criminal cases against as many as 80 people when it reconvenes tomorrow.

The same grand jury indicted 106 people last November 10 after meeting for a little less than ten hours. One hundred seventy-seven men and women were charged with organized criminal conspiracy after a bloody brawl at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco last May 17. Ninety-seven of them, and an additional nine men who were not arrested last May, were indicted in November.

It is possible that charges may actually be dismissed against some of the 80 remaining defendants tomorrow. In the last month, some defendants have had the conditions of their bails modified and defense attorneys in the case have met with prosecutors.

Law Of Parties

Tomorrow, the cases for indictment will be presented by McLennan County District Attorney Abelino “Abel” Reyna and assistant prosecutors Michael Jarrett and Amanda Dillon  In the last round, prosecutors indicted the defendants for murdering  or assaulting named and unnamed victims. The prosecutors consider all the indictees to be culpable under Texas’ “Law of Parties.”

That Texas law abolishes “all traditional distinctions between accomplices and principals…and each party to an offense may be charged and convicted without alleging that he acted as a principal or accomplice.”

The law further states that, “if, in the attempt to carry out a conspiracy to commit one felony, another felony is committed by one of the conspirators, all conspirators are guilty of the felony actually committed, though having no intent to commit it, if the offense was committed in furtherance of the unlawful purpose and was one that should have been anticipated as a result of the carrying out of the conspiracy.”

The prosecutions theory of the case is that both the Cossacks Motorcycle Club and the Bandidos Motorcycle Club claimed Waco as their exclusive area of operations  The clubs appeared at the Twin Peaks on the same Sunday afternoon, prosecutors will tell or have told grand jurors, because their members and supporters intended to confront one another.

Inside The Prosecution

In a tape recorded interview with investigators, one witness said, “they were trying to form a club…but the Cossacks put them out of business and gave them the opportunity to go with them. Somehow the Cossacks shut them down and he said they said it was not going to happen. They had to ask for permission for clubs from the Cossacks because that is how it is everywhere in the biker world. He said they had to ask the Cossacks because they were the biggest club around here. He told me they had a meeting with the Cossacks and the Cossacks said they were not going to let them form a club, however, they gave them a chance to become a support club for them,”

Hours after the shootout, another witness told police the Bandidos were there to make a statement. The official account of that interview reads, in part, “As I was talking with…he asked me when the interview was going to be over. I asked him if he wanted to stop and he asked me to turn off the recorder. I turned off the recorder upon his request. (He) told me that what he was about to tell me could get him in trouble. (He) said there have been things brewing between the Cossacks and Bandidos for a long time. He knew there could be trouble when he found that the Cossacks showed up uninvited.”

“When confronted about why there was a vast number of Bandidos at Twin Peaks…said it was not his idea but it was a show of force by the Bandidos. The Bandidos wanted to make a statement that Waco wasn’t the Cossacks’ town.”

Police anticipated, planned for and, by some accounts, instigated a fight between members and supporters of the two clubs. That was why the police were there in the first place. That was the reason the Texas Department of Public Safety installed a polecam outside the restaurant that morning. But the police tragically miscalculated. In an after action report, an investigator involved in the case confessed, “We thought there was potential for possibly fights, but nothing like what took place. In my mind I expected some tension, some arguing, pushing and shoving, fights. I didn’t expect that.”

Tomorrow, dozens more innocent people will be indicted because the Waco Police and the other yahoos in charge of the most half-assed biker investigation in history didn’t know what to expect.


22 Responses to “More Waco Indictments Expected”

  1. Parsifal Says:


  2. Phuquehed Says:

    Not any good at writing what needs to be written to those kind of folk, Miss Swann…I usually end up getting pissed off halfway through and berating the fucktards instead of doing what I started out to do (plus I’m not eloquent in any way, shape or fashion, and have no filter, as I’m sure most know here, heh).

    You send me something that I can send though, and I’ll do it. My congresscritter(s) and senator(s? – I can never remember which is which, don’t care so long as they all hear from me) and that shit-stain known as Obama, all hear from me almost regularly, and I don’t hold back on anything I say to them.

  3. Phuquehed Says:

    Fucking wasters of my good air – the journalist of the piece and quite a few of the 9 (so far) commenters who prove that ‘sheeple’ is alive and well and hurting themselves trying to ‘think’.

  4. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    I suggest that all write the Texas Department of Justice Inspector General to do a full investigation just as they did in the Lavoy case.

    Inspector General office
    4616 W. Howard Lane # 250
    Austin, Texas 78728.

  5. Bone Head Says:

    I think tomorrow’s indictments won’t do much but prolong the agony of the bikers. Even the initial trials won’t provide a logical and just verdict.

    The coming appeals will settle the issues of murderous cops, snitches and undercover pukes. This will be the opportunity to expose the truth. It is a gutsy game the defense attorneys will be playing. May the righteous prevail, and the posers crumble and spill their guts.


  6. Mad Dog Says:

    In thinking and reading through all of this nonsense, I can’t escape the certainty that when all is said and done, we’ll find that 10% conspiracy on the part of LE, added to 90% incompetence, has produced 100% injustice. And if that wasn’t bad enough, it’s likely that this will all be papered over by the Texas judiciary, so that the whole process can be repeated with impunity.

  7. Potmetal Says:

    A few thoughts:

    A club wanted to form, Cossacks said no = pissy potential club.
    Bandidos and Cossacks have issues = light a match.
    “Unnamed witness says it wasnt his idea” = club member talking?
    A TDPS camera on a pole pu up that day = setup.
    Law of parties = Catch all.

    Reyna is putting all his eggs on that initial confrontation over parking, every event after that is “because of the Patch”.

    Id wager everything except the pigs wasting Americans was planned, executed, and being covered up by those bastards.

    Karma tho.

  8. ghost Says:

    The Waco criminal justice system sucks donkey cock!!! This whole thing is complete bullshit.

  9. NCRider Says:

    My thoughts are identical to what Steel said above. ATF/LE did this…informants.

    Considering people were indicted for wearing colors and support gear, what could be of a “more less” reason to dismiss some of the remaining 80 people?


    Justice For The Waco Hostages.

  10. Jim666 Says:

    popeye Says:
    March 22, 2016 at 2:13 pm
    Under the “law of parties” does this mean every cop present at the twin peaks massacre can be charged with murder weather they pulled the trigger or not?

    That’s the most reasonable thing i’ve read since this whole clusterfuck started.

  11. Phuquehed Says:

    Fuck the Waco pigs, persecutors and judges involved in railroading all these people. The only good any of the ‘justice’ people, are those not breathing.

  12. Shameful Says:

    “vast number of Bandidos”

    I doubt 15 Bandidos can be considered vast by any stretch of the imagination. Had they wanted to show numbers, they would STILL be riding into Waco. The CI’s and copsacks just need to jump off a tall building somewhere with all their bull.

  13. david Says:

    Regular Waco and DPS po-lice are, and have been, infiltrated by CIA controlled FBI operatives hiding within local and state officers, and the prosecutors/court system. The original “infiltration”, prior to the second one.

    Twin Peaks, in its entirety, was , is, and continues to be, an illegal covert intelligence operation disguised as a local/state action.

  14. old & stoned Says:

    waco knew exactly what to expect. they planned it, manipulated the stooges into place, and executed their plan.

    now it’s all about ‘how can we get away with it?’

    and still no accounting of which cops did the murders.

  15. IronRider Says:

    And the cover up continues. So Reyna wants to have another 80 people indicted, which he will get because as we know Grand Juries will indicted a Ham Sandwich, the evidence is scant but it’s really a one sided affair and I would expect we will see these 80 people indicted in record time just as the original group were indicted the first go round in record time.

    What we will be really seeing is this is nothing more than a stalling tactic so that Reyna can use the new indictment against these 80 people who were no doubt indicted on the last go around, have further charges laid all while giving Reyna another reason to not have to defend why the other 170 who were originally indicted and whose cases have been languishing.

    This move to seek more charges through the latest inducements will but Reyna time to extend the cover up because Reyna can point to these new indictments and say the investigation has brought these new charges but we are still investigating and plan to lay more charges and thus can not release any evidence as the investigation is still active.

    Reyna will basically just be hiding behind these new indictments and can use this to deflect attention to the away from the original charges against the first 180 people. This is your classic false flag op.

    You can bet Reyna still does not want to release any of the ballistic evidence or video even though the results were more than likely back long ago. These new indictments are to buy Reyna and LE time to obstruct, deny and delay turning disclosure over to the defense. You can bet Reyna will ask and seek to have more delays and extensions to having to answer as to why the original 180 people and their counsel cases are dragging along and Reyna can point to these new indictments and say this is why and our investigation is still ongoing.

    This is nothing more than a delay tactic in hopes that some of the 180 charged will cop a plea or the financial burden will break them and they will take what Reyna and co are offering to get out of the hell Reyna has created for them.

    It really is sickening how the abuse of power, civil rights and constituional rights are and will continue to be abused in this whole fiasco while those who were indicted still are denied their day in court to face the charges brought against them and still have this hanging over their heads and the LE side of the equation constitutes to violate those rights of the defendants unabated.

    It is a shame how corrupt and broken the judicial system is and how the abuse of power gets to continue on.

  16. popeye Says:

    Under the “law of parties” does this mean every cop present at the twin peaks massacre can be charged with murder weather they pulled the trigger or not?

  17. Parsifal Says:

    Indict the persecutors and L.E.. The Charge – Conspiracy to commit murder, GROSS misconduct, and Negligence. Goes double for U.C. and Informants. FTA.
    What a cluster fuck of bullshit.

  18. Uaaus Says:

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens to the 80 in question. My gut says Reyna will have to indict all 80 to avoid the inevitable false arrest and related lawsuits that will inevitably result.

  19. Steel Says:

    My suspicious nature makes me think informants contributed mightily getting fights started so that the huge law enforcement presence could sweep in, make arrests and claim to be “heroes”. Instead, the LE op went south and the cops opened fire. So now Reyna, et al, do their best to cover this mess up while wrecking many lives in the process. Thanks for all the excellent reporting Rebel and keeping a watchful eye.



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