Patch Irrelevant In Homicide

March 16, 2016

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Patch Irrelevant In Homicide

A judge in Staten Island ruled yesterday that membership in a motorcycle club was irrelevant to the case of a biker accused of second-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter after a deadly, June 29, 2014 fight.

State Supreme Court Justice Stephen J. Rooney dismissed the charges against Steven Bonfiglio for the homicide of Stephen McMahon. The charges will be refiled and Bonfiglio is due back in court on April 28.


On the Sunday night of his death, McMahon got into a loud argument with his girlfriend, Kirsten Morgan, at the Boulevard Tavern on Staten Island. After McMahon was thrown out of the bar she was joined by her ex-boyfriend, Michael Raimo. Raimo is the father of Morgan’s 16-year-old son. He is also a member of the Bridgerunners Motorcycle Club. Raimo and Morgan were then joined by two other Bridgerunners. One of them was Bonfiglio.

Bonfiglio started home by himself while Morgan and Raimo remained at the bar but before he got home Raimo called him and asked him to drive Morgan home. So he did and when Bonfiglio and Morgan arrived McMahon was waiting for them. He had been waiting for them for forty minutes. McMahon stuck an automatic pistol in Bonfiglio’s chest and pulled the trigger. It misfired.

Ball Peen Hammer

Bonfiglio produced a ball peen hammer, which he told police, he carried because he sometimes needed it to start his motorcycle. When he struck McMahon with it McMahon dropped the gun. The two men struggled. McMahon took the hammer away from Bonfiglio and started to beat him to the ground with it. Bonfiglio snatched the pistol from the ground, cleared it, pointed it up at McMahon and fired. McMahon died the next day. The entire fight was caught on surveillance video. Police found an unfired bullet and a spent cartridge on the ground near McMahon.

Bonfiglio threw the gun away but after his arrest he told New York City police where they could find it.

Motorcycle Gang Expert

Bonfiglio was indicted by a grand jury. The grand jury based its indictment, in significant part, on testimony offered by an unnamed  “motorcycle gang expert,” The logic appeared to be, “It had to be murder because Bonfiglio belonged to a motorcycle club.”

Judge Rooney thought the “expert’s” testimony poisoned the indictment. “There is nothing, in terms of gang affiliation, to show intent, motive, or to rebut justification,” Rooney ruled. “The expert testimony was gratuitous and had no probative value.”

After yesterday’s dismissal, Staten Island (Richmond County) District Attorney Michael E. McMahon issued a statement that read, “We respect the court’s decision and will now move forward to re-present this case to a Richmond County Grand Jury for its determination.”


41 Responses to “Patch Irrelevant In Homicide”

  1. MyronDaMan Says:

    Assuming the expert who testified was Cook:

    A year ago we were gagging on the news that Cook had a reality television series about to debut…perhaps he did us all a giant favor by showing the-public-at-large what an ass he is on a weekly basis….while it lasted. One can only hope that besides the gratuitous” nature of his testimony it was plain that this “expert” is an envious, toxic ego wrapped in skin.
    Dino you had some good points, more citizens should take note both inside and outside the biking community.

    Sadly, TOSIAR…

  2. Tom Says:

    This wasn’t about career climbing I don’t think. Dig deeper, I’m guessing there were franchises at stake and they didn’t involve chicken wing and breastaurant licenses.

  3. Lord Wharton Says:

    The new trim motor (cheap chinese piece a junk) I put on the Merc 200 on the back of my saltwater boat won’t work sometimes. I sent it back once under warranty & got a replacement. Same problem after one week. I was told a bad spot on the windings can cause that. I keep a tire-knocker in one of my transom compartments to give it a light whack every once in awhile when it needs it. Someday I’ll buy a “quality” trim motor for it …. but it’s a pain in the ass to take off & put on so I’ve decided to just live with it for awhile. (never know when that tire-knocker will come in handy out in the Gulf of Mexico … it’ll knock a 6 ft bull shark clean out, I can tell ya that!) I keep a .40 in my the saddlebags of my WG though …. no hammers for me!

  4. Potmetal Says:

    The Ol’ Goat speaks the truth. My first veicle was a ’60 F100 (3 on the tree baby!). When I headed off to bootcamp I gave it away for $100. The guy that bought it was like “WTF happened to the starter solonoid”. I just smiled and said the ball peen hammer is gonna run you you another $5. Good memories, thanx Ol’ Goat.

  5. Ol' Goat Says:

    Take it from an old gear head, and Electrical Engineer: Relay contacts in general often fuse (or weld) themselves together, it is widely known and can be confirmed by asking any Electrical Engineer about it. Tapping or hitting the Relay or Contact aids in breaking that tiny fuse/weld on the relay contacts causing the mechanics of the electro-mechanical relay (typically a spring) to allow it to return to its “normal” de-energized position, or vice-versa allowing it to become “unstuck/unwelded” so it can transition from its “normal” de-energized position to its energized position.

    As a gearhead and an Electrical Engineer I have seen this happen on cars, old ford trucks used to be real bad about it, motorcycles and industrial machinery, that use relays and have personally corrected the problem (temporarily) by tapping or hitting it with something of sufficient mass to jar the stuck/welded contacts loose.

  6. Lunchbox Says:

    Based on this article it sounds like self defense to me. I would have done the same thing if faced with a gun in my chest. But I would not have thrown the gun away.

  7. Mad Dog Says:

    I think “gratuitous and had no probative value” will soon join “unencumbered by the thought process” as one of my favorite sayings.

  8. PJ Says:

    Dino, your advice is very good (as are the rest of the comments about our so called Justus system). The problem is the system is too rotten from within. It needs to be dismantled and restarted. The federal govt should be gutted. Big govt does not need to be involved in anything other than protecting our nation, regulating commerce internationally (I think the states should be allowed to decide how they want to do business), and protecting the rights of states to run themselves as they see fit.
    I know this flies in the face of Project Utopia, and forcing everyone to go along on a one size fits all agenda, but…

  9. Dino Says:

    There are some things clubs and individuals can do:
    Get personally involved in raising awareness and money for those affected.
    Write letters to politicians-believe it or not, they listen sometimes.
    Use your personal experience or expertise to help someone. Defense attorneys, especially public defenders, don’t always have the tools to properly defend someone. Offer help when it is relevant.
    Support the good judges, DAs and politicians, don’t just trash the shitty ones.
    Keep posting and sharing true injustices on-line.
    Do your research before supporting someone or something. Nothing is worse for a cause than when you get behind something and later find out you were lied to.
    Protect yourself. Don’t assume it happens to the other guy.
    When you fuck up, take responsibility. Everyone screws up. Its ok to fight to minimize a sentence or a fine, but don’t play the victim because you will not build support for those who really are getting screwed. Justice is about a punishment being proportionate to the offense.

    Just my two cents. I am sure that many won’t agree, so let the keyboard lashings begin…

  10. Coolaid Says:

    Good on the judge for calling bullshit.

  11. TX_Biker Says:

    @The Kraut, thanks for the laugh…I needed that!

    Respects to the Regulars

  12. Parsifal Says:

    What to do about the criminal “justice,” system?….. put a steel toe boot up in it. {With power and violence.}…… ????.

  13. Kurt Barlow Says:

    @ gooch

    Yeah, “Aging Rebel On!” simple slogan. What a great t-shirt, bumper sticker. Proceeds to Rebel.

  14. Tooj Says:

    Never seen anything good come of a split tail lacking loyalty. Never seen a split tail WITH loyalty until she’s on her last option.

  15. gooch Says:

    Its nice to discuss these facts about a corrupt criminal justice system. It would be even better if we could take action to change it.

    my question is, what can we do besides talking about it, to fix things for real?

    It’s nice to be aware, but once we are in tune, then action must be taken. Or its all just a waste of hot air.

    Rebel On!

  16. Dino Says:

    The career advancement of law enforcement officials (DAs and police) is based on convictions not on protecting the rights of citizens. We have seen they will do whatever they can to add to their tally. I have seen first hand people being charged with crimes greater than they can reasonably be convicted of in order for them to be intimidated into accepting a plea on a lesser charge that they shouldn’t reasonably be convicted of. Justice has nothing to do with it. There are few in the system that will set aside their career aspirations to do the right thing. The criminal “justice” system is fucked and I don’t think the average person knows how fucked it is.

  17. PJ Says:

    I’m of the opinion that it is due to the fact they don’t want the general populace realizing you really can handle your own business and take care of yourself.

    If Joe Citizen sees that someone was almost murdered, turned the tables on the attacker and emerged victorious, he might start to feel empowered.

    If Joe Citizen sees that someone was almost murdered, turned the tables on the attacker and was locked up, he might be more inclined to roll over.

  18. NOS4A2 Says:

    @ Bone Head
    It isn’t about justice. You gotta have good stats to show you’re a winner. It’s all about career building. It’s all about power and control. They all got being the big P in their sights. After all, if that idiot Obama can be president why not any of them.

  19. Punisher Keeper Says:

    The DA office!!! It all in the name of power and control.. It has nothing to do with justice…..

  20. Dan-O Says:

    This is just one thing that really pisses me off just like with all the fucking gun legislation and surveillance laws and all the rest of the bullshit that the gov tries to pull. Try, try until finally it sticks and then that’s the end of it. A State Supreme Court Judge threw out an indictment so the DA just tries again. And again if the next one gets thrown out. And then again until finally he gets it to stick and a guy who was almost murdered but got the best of the piece of shit ends up in prison. And people think there is actually justice in the “justice system.”

  21. Bone Head Says:

    Somebody explain to me why ALL prosecuting attorneys will go after their victim again and again, whether it is a common sense judge or a jury that finds his case is bullshit.


  22. The Kraut Says:

    @ Meh; My closest brother always said: “Don’t trust anything that bleeds for a week each month and won’t die”

    Respects, Kraut

  23. Meh Says:

    Pussy is dangerous.

  24. NOS4A2 Says:

    “The expert testimony was gratuitous and had no probative value.”

    I hope Steve the drunk Cook and cock gobbler Gil-Blanco get it.

  25. old & stoned Says:

    ha! i wouldn’t doubt Raimo her ex- knew or expected McMahon would be ‘lying in wait’ and ‘washed his hands’ of the mess.

  26. Rebel Says:

    Dear Jay,

    No McMahon did. It was a typo.


  27. Meh Says:

    Indeed. Disconnecting doesn’t retract the solenoid but a hammer swat will let the return spring work.

    If I do a Shovel from scratch it’s getting a Softail primary and spline-shaft transmission. (I wouldn’t disturb my stock cow-pie trannies. I may be one of the few where they’ve been utterly reliable!)

    Should anyone be charged with carrying a hammer only as a weapon, the defense could video proper hammer use as evidence or go whole hog and bring a working mockup into court.

    OSGR starters are also used on millions of four-wheeled vehicles. Scroll down for fried contact pics from sticking causing run-on:

  28. popeye Says:

    Ball peen hammer is a sure fire cure of the dreaded shovelhead starter run on. A quick smack has prevented more than a few fires. I put a battery disconnect on my shovels ground years ago but still carry my trusty ball pean

  29. Austin Says:

    Awwww….. Rebel, Please tell me THIS is a misfire.
    Surely the girl didn’t shoot!?

    “Morgan stuck an automatic pistol in Bonfiglio’s chest and pulled the trigger. It misfired.”

    And Yeah – Let us research the McMahon connections. Remember, connections are what made Whitey Bulger.

  30. gooch Says:

    Apparently ball Peen Hammers have another useful purpose. Smacking people trying to shoot you . .

  31. RtC Says:

    What stroker said!


  32. Jay Says:

    The chick pulled a gun on the homie goving her a!

  33. Meh Says:

    Typo correction:

    If you have to pull the starter solenoid cover IN ORDER TO PUSH IN THE SOLENOID the NON-CONDUCTIVE handle is a nice way to keep your fingers out of harms (such as hot exhaust pipes) way.

    Don’t forget neutral lest ye amuse bystanders…

  34. Meh Says:

    Every gearhead who has ridden (or driven) many years has swatted a stuck starter solenoid or relay with something at least once.

    Here’s the best way to do it on a Harley:

    Anyone doubting it works not only with ancient starters, but with the most common Hitachi OSGR-style starters (late Evos, Evo Sporties, a few late Ironheads, and all Twin Cams) can easily demonstrate for themselves by holding the head in their dominant hand then using the other hand to guide the handle shaft like a pool cue. If you have to pull the starter solenoid cover the handle is a nice way to keep your fingers out of harms (such as hot exhaust pipes) way.

    I’ve not seen HOW ya use a hammer to do this on the internet so I figured this is a good place to get the details of a very old method on record.

    Anyone doubting the need for swatting starters should note the many pushbutton noid covers offered by aftermarket vendors. (If you use one make sure the cover does not bind the end of the solenoid because that may stop the noid cycling normally via your starter button and relay.)

    OSGRs are excellent units but HDs make them work hard. The contacts in the noid usually go before anything else and are cheap to replace.

    Off-topic to the discussion but once you install an All Balls solid starter jackshaft you can change that or the starter motor on a big twin without pulling the clutch assembly. You can get the ring and clip over the starter shaft either off the bike (retain with a blob of grease or petrolatum) or with the starter installed using long tweezers. I slip them over the jackshaft bolt so they can’t fall off then slide ’em onto the starter shaft. Place a bright tactical flashlight on
    top of your belt to illuminate the starter shaft.

  35. gooch Says:

    hmnnn McMahon died, and the case is being prosecuted by Staten Island District Attorney Michael E. McMahon. I wonder if their isn’t a conflict of interest here.

    From what I read; the facts all point to self defense. Even the judge is like wtf.

    I wonder if D.A. McMahon, and jealous boyfriend recently departed McMahon have some sort of connection.

    maybe they both wear white head bands with Rozelle scrawled in black marker on them.

    Ride Free

    Rebel On!


  36. stroker Says:

    Are you listening Steve Cook? Gil-Blanco? and all other self-professed “motorcycle gang experts”…………
    the judge found:

    “The expert testimony was gratuitous and had no probative value.”

    Just like you guys. Gratuitous, and with no probative ( or otherwise) value.

    Just when ya think all is lost, a flash of intelligence rears it’s head.

    Kudos Judge Rooney.


  37. slo joe Says:

    good fucking luck getting 12 reasonable people to convict based on that info…

  38. Paladin Says:

    Based on the events outlined in the article, Bonfiglio is guilty of evidence tampering and possibly obstruction, but barring unreported circumstances to the contrary, Bonfiglio’s killing of McMahon should have been ruled as self defense.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  39. Griz's Gal Says:

    My, my…His Honor doesn’t like Stevie-Boy, either. Wish we had him down here in Texas to give Waco a good spring-fresh douche.

  40. TX_Biker Says:



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