Nut Cop On Video

March 14, 2016

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Nut Cop On Video

A Forth Worth police officer identified only as “W. Figueroa” was video recorded Sunday afternoon spraying a pack of sport bikes with pepper spray.

Television station KXAS has reported that multiple drivers complained to police Sunday afternoon about sport bike riders performing stunts on Highway 287. Figueroa pulled over a red pickup truck driven by Brittany Botella for “blocking traffic to record motorcycles driving recklessly” with her cellphone.

Botella, who is six months pregnant, told KXAS “I looked out my mirror and I seen all the Mace going towards all the bikes. And then it hit us. And then I started choking and that’s exactly what happened.”

Markus Hernandez, who was riding in the back of Botella’s truck and who has asthma. had to be hospitalized after being exposed to the  spray.

Botella was cited for driving without a license. Hernandez was cited for standing in the back of a moving vehicle.


The Fort Worth Police Department publishes an “Honor Code” on its website. The code pledges: “I will respectfully serve the citizens of Fort Worth and the Fort Worth Police Department. I will dedicate myself to the protection of life, property, and our public trust. My integrity, character, and courage will be above reproach, and I will accept no less from other members of our department.”

Fort Worth police issued a statement this morning that claimed, “An investigation was begun immediately upon receipt of the video this morning. At this time, detectives are trying to locate witnesses and identify the officer involved.”

The video, below, was shot by Jack Kinney with a GoPro and uploaded to YouTube by Chase Stone. Both men are from Longview, Texas and both belong to an informal riding club called East Texas Heat.


41 Responses to “Nut Cop On Video”

  1. Gandalf Says:

    I know it can’t happen but I would LOVE to see a big Club allow a few of the younger guys to ride those little fast movers… That 3 piece Patch and the 1% diamond would cool as hell weaving through traffic and pulling wheelies. LE would go CRAZY!

  2. Speed 3 Says:

    He’ll get away with it , they always do .
    Kinda agree with anonymous, damn kids are the new outlaws …

  3. Ken the Citizen Says:

    Give a 2 year old a toy and he will play with it. Just like the UO and their guns. This douche bag is playing with his. A dominant MC in my area met with some LEO’S
    In the Bar about starting up a LEO MC. The answer was no with an almost ass kicking. Of course out come the LEO guns. There is no honor and a typical reaction.

    Respect to those who deserve it

  4. Base Says:

    “In fear of his life”

    I never tire of that programmed response. It is real popular among the chickenshit crowd. Yeah chickenshits like having those program responses in an attempt to alleviate themselves of any form of wrong doing.

    Does it work? NO!

    But try and tell a chickenshit that.

    Chickenshits are easy to spot. This cop?=CHICKENSHIT!

    Head on a swivel

  5. Ol'Goat Says:

    Good fucking point….
    …own three, two have plates, insurance etc. The only one with no plate, no reg, and no insurance is the CBR900RR and that motherfucker performs and I ride it all the fucking time. Police don’t even try to stop bikes around here anymore. Dirtbikes and fourwheelers are often seen riding the streets around town. Harley riders are mostly citizen posers playing dress up, with the exception of the 1% patchholders who don’t ride around much anymore.

  6. Jim666 Says:

    “Fort Worth police issued a statement this morning that claimed, “An investigation was begun immediately upon receipt of the video this morning. At this time, detectives are trying to locate witnesses and identify the officer involved.”

    It seems to me the video shows the pig involved and is also evidence of what he did as you can clearly see the spray coming from he container .
    this pig should be charged w/ reckless endangerment just to start with.
    Or maybe attempted homicide as mace , pepper spray etc. could have easily have caused some of these riders to wreck and possibly be ran over by other vehicles , And a girl being hospitalized ?? Lawyer up , everyone in this video should and sue the fuck outta this pig and his employers…Fuck tha PO-lice!!!!!!!!!



  7. swampy Says:

    Damn, those “go-pro”[sic] cameras really shoot some good footage. It’s as if the oinker knows he’s being filmed, and still “acts” the part. Should we be surprised after the Waco Massacre; even with the young sport bike crowd? Highway 287 does connect with 199. Enjoy:

    With the highest regards and respect. swampy


  8. Meh Says:

    Erudite Hillbilly wrote:
    ” At least until #bikerlivesmatter starts trending, but I won’t hold my breath on that one.”

    For it to trend it must be presented in a way people will want to help it trend. Not sure what that would look like but it must appeal to more people than other bikers.

  9. Erudite Hillbilly Says:

    There has always seemed to be a group of folks the law could have free reign on as far as brutality was concerned. Hoboes, negroes, hippies, etc. could all be subjected to whatever Johnny Law wanted to dish out while the citizens said nothing. After all these groups are what they scared sheep feared in ignorance. Well folks, it seems like motorcycle riders in any sort of group, pack, or formation are now the new group the public is ok with the piggies unfairly persecuting. At least until #bikerlivesmatter starts trending, but I won’t hold my breath on that one.

  10. Grumbler Says:

    Welp, goes without saying that cops fuckin’ hate young bikers on high-speed “crotch rockets” performing stunts while barreling down crowded highways, weaving through traffic and taunting police. They gleefully film their exploits, which can include altercations with motorists and the law, then post those short videos on YouTube.

    After seeing that FWPD douchebag pepper spraying ’em, am thinkin’ it might well be just a matter of time before hordes of police cruisers block those stunters on both sides of freeway then stand back as a crop duster pepper sprays the living shit outta the trapped riders.

  11. Phuquehed Says:

    “tapety tap”?! You’ve got to be shitting. You just proved my point of your idiocy and ‘tween-ness. A child with all the little facies and can put ‘IO’ in a sentence and suddenly try to say you think the IO are fuckups when your previous post says you couldn’t give a shit about them or anything fuckups do on the road.

    Go, little one and play in the street where you’ll profit the planet best.

  12. ak rack Says:

    Bad cop, no doughnut.

  13. Parsifal Says:

    Cop on a Nut video.

  14. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    What a pile of whale shit! This pig needs a serious wake up. As we all are aware this moron could have killed someone or disabled them forever totally reckless and nothing more but the disregard for public safety.

    For all the bitching and moaning about a few wheelies? Some have forgotten or never lived Ol School. It was not that long ago we saw FXR’s and baggers with 96 inchers pulling the wheel and smoking out cagers at lights in town as we partied.

    If you ride your sharing the wind and supporting the right to be on two wheels therefore I don’t give a fuck what you choose to saddle up on.

    Be free

    Viva Los Vagos

  15. Phil Says:

    @phuguglywhateverthefuckwhocares- whatever dude, if this is all it takes for you to get wound up, you got bigger problems. Don’t waste your tapety tap on somebody like me that don’t give two shits on what fuckheads think. :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
    I still appreciate Rebel reporting on this stuff, but something like this barely registers compared to shit with IO. So with that, Happy hump day!

  16. Big Jim, Whittier Says:

    Here’s a laugh for you. Some Asshole Cager tried to spay me, the problem for him was we were doing 65MPH and I was ahead of him by a few feet. The spay came right in his face, Fuck Him.

  17. Phuquehed Says:

    @Phil – Yeah, yeah, your whining is better, right? Glad you’re over it though, now you can get back to playing with your dolls and doing wheelies in front of everyone on the road to make yourself feel like your someone special, since that seems to be something you miss mightily from your kindergarten days.

    Go to your safe zone, pull out your happy dick from your ass, take one of your xanax and sit the fuck down and STFU. BTW, if you want to look less like the punk bitch ‘tween you are, get rid of the fucking fag ‘facey’ things at the ends of your banal sentences.

    It’s little fucktards like you doing this shit in the streets with your bikes that makes the rest of us look bad to Joe Public and the idiot pigs react badly to us. It’s also fucktards like you not on bikes who just don’t give a shit how pigs act/react and just “get over it” so they keep doing this kind of stupid thing or worse.

    Go test the warning label on a bottle of rat poison.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    @TX_Biker – I agree, I am no one of any consequence and a fool.

    But I still ride, and it makes me happy, I am a happy fool. I have nothing to hide and I speak freely because I’m not trying to impress anyone or keep up an image of something i’m not. Could be worse, i have seen “dumber” comments here…

  19. Phil Says:

    Wow, for a bunch of “bikers”, that’s a lot of whining.
    Yeah so he’s an asshole, and his panties were in a bunch and he did something stupid. For anybody else it’d be assault. For this jackass it’s a weeks vacation. Oh well, life ain’t fair, I’m over it.

    As far as riding like an asshole, crotch rockets don’t have a corner on the market. Black and Gold does plenty of stupid shit up here, and it’s fuckin fun to partake!! :-D

    So all you fools who are too cool for school (or wheelies), go live a little dangerously, get out of your comfort zone, and start taking the little shit in stride; otherwise you’re no better than all the others with no humor, just spraying into oncoming traffic. :-p

  20. Nobody Important Says:

    I’d point out to the people who are -taking the word of the cops- as gospel about the riding pack acting badly.

    …You’re taking the word of a cop as gospel?

  21. TX_Biker Says:

    I Agree Gooch. Anonymous I have a bit of advice, “sometimes it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt” Abraham Lincoln

  22. Dan-O Says:

    Well said. I was thinking the same thing.

  23. TML Says:

    Way to apply non lethal force. [sarc]

  24. The Confederate Celt Says:

    Either RT (Russia Today) reads the Aging Rebel or this incident is getting world wide attention. It’s sad when folks the other side of the ocean know more about what’s going on in the US than do most US citizens.

  25. gooch Says:

    Wow, it’s amazing the attention span some have in here. If I’m not mistaken, and I might well be. Isn’t this a video of a nut cop, Negligently Putting peoples life in harms way?

    To turn this into a pisssing match about sport bikes vs Harleys diverts attention from this crime.

    Must suck to be a biker in Texas and see a law dog behind you, or anywhere around you. That type of stress, takes away from the feeling of freedom while riding through the beautiful hill country.

    If that would of been a “black lives matter” protester getting pepper sprayed, the city would be burning down.

    but motorcycle enthusiasts would rather bicker over street bikes and Harley’s. Sad to me

    Wake up! Cops are waging a multi pronged war on bikers. United we stand divided we fall.

    Ride free!


  26. Showtime HFFH Says:

    Cops in Texas once again showing their disdain for public safety, bet this goes nowhere fast…

  27. slo joe Says:

    that’s what they get for riding like a bunch of dickheads…

  28. roach Says:

    People are no longer taught how to think, they’re taught what to think. If you have ever been to Ft. Worth, the amount of traffic on the road looked to me to be rush hour, not motorcyclist shutting down traffic.

    Respects, roach.

  29. Anonymous Says:

    I’m a (relatively) young buck, so maybe some of the old heads can here can clarify this for me. But back in the day, the good’ol days, I think Harley’s could out perform police vehicles?

    I’m thinking a 1970 Ford Galaxie police cruiser top speed 90mph and 0-60 in 15 seconds? So surely 70’s era Harley’s could get away from cops easily.

    Perhaps that is the origin of the term “Outlaw” because the definition of “Outlaw” is: 1. A person who has broken the law, especially one who remains at large or is a fugitive.

    Your not a fugitive at large if they catch you, and if your bike can’t get away… I think you see where I’m going with this.

    Fast forward to nowadays, cars have gone thru 50 years of evolution while Harley’s are are struggling to remain “original”.

    Well now Harley’s can’t get away, but the crotch rockets can, get away very very easily I might add.

    So while some people might call them “Punks” I think that the more appropriate and better fitting word is “Outlaw”.

    It looks like to me that club patch riders have their hands tied whenever they have that patch on, so many rules and bylaws. They appear to have way less freedom than your average slick back.

    Harley riders of today try to fit the image of the riders that came before them, the true outlaws, and somehow they seem to have lost their way. While appearing to be “outlaw” in image they are no longer “outlaw” in action.

    But to ride a crotch rocket is a Godly feeling, take your plates off, fuck registration, fuck insurance, fuck traffic cameras, fuck the police, fuck it all. It seems more akin to the freedom of the early “Outlaw” Harley riders than what we see today.

    Just my 2 cents…

  30. Lost Cause Says:

    “At this time, detectives are trying to locate witnesses and identify the officer involved.”

    Well it shouldn’t be that hard since he handed two of the pepper sprayed victims tickets with his name and ID # on them. Maybe that video of his face will help? Outstanding detective work, FWPD, outstanding.

  31. BigW Says:

    I have seen some sport bike riders do some stupid shit, but most of the time I just see them riding. I’m not a huge fan of that style of bike and I’m too old to enjoy hanging out with most sport bike riders. Doing stunts on a busy highway is stupid as fuck but that isn’t in this video. What I see is a dumbass cop endangering riders for no reason other than the cop knows he can get away with being a prick. I’ll stand with the sport bike riders when the badge gangs start harassing and assaulting them because he wants to be a dick.

  32. Sieg Says:

    Key words was (sic) THIS deranged pig. As the article states shutting down traffic, doing stunts on open highways with no regard for anyone else on the road.. That isn’t a cop, that’s a murderous punk.

    Anything from Recklessly Endangering the Safety of Others, to Attempted Manslaughter. But WMB is correct, this will be spun to show the pig acted valiantly to stop a crime in progress.


  33. Coolaid Says:

    Key word was THESE sport bike riders. As the article states shutting down traffic, doing stunts on open highways with no regard for anyone else on the road.. That isn’t a biker, that’s a punk.

  34. WheresMyBoots Says:

    The citations will stand, the cop will get overtime pay to appear in court, then at the most he’ll be suspended with pay for a week or something -maybe. The End.

    Respects, and Ride Free,

  35. NCRider Says:

    NOS4A2 – “It ain’t about what you ride. It’s about riding.”

    I like that. An open-minded and unbiased statement.


    Justice For The Waco Hostages

  36. Whitepride Says:

    Wow! That’s just a dick move. He could have hurt or killed someone. What a piece of shit!

  37. K-Fin Says:

    Must be a Urine Order member……….I use the word member loosely.

    [email protected]

  38. RtC Says:

    NOS4A2, nailed that! ACAB!!


  39. IronRider Says:

    Honestly WTF was this cop thinking? Do some folks who own sport bikes ride like a bunch of jack asses, sure, there are also those that aren’t pulling a wheelie down the street and are responsible, regardless of that, this cop could have seriously injured or killed someone with spraying that mace like that.

    To go and just spray mace out like that while riders are coming by is horrendously stupid. If one of those riders would have gotten that mace in their eyes, it could have caused them to lose control and wipe out of slam into an object or another rider and at that speed sure as shit it would have caused more than a few riders to pile up.

    There are a ton of tolls at the cops disposal to handle this and this was far from the way to deal with it. Most sport bike riders wear helmets with shields so they may not have been effected but if someone was riding with their shield up and got a blast this could have been a far worse story.

    I do not like some of the shit sport bike riders do especially the irresponsible twats, with that said I dont like seeing any rider get put in danger by some cop who decides the best way to deal with some sport bike riders is to openly shoot mace their way as the riders are going by.

    This cop obviously didnt think about it he just reacted because he was obviously pissed because he could do much about them, but to do this was plain stupid and dangerous

  40. NOS4A2 Says:

    @ Coolaid
    Are you generalizing all sport bike riders? And as far as not being real bikers!? I know a lot of sport bike riders who ride every day as their only means of transportation. It ain’t about what you ride. It’s about riding.

    I do agree with you about the cop. He’s way out of line. What he did should be considered attempted murder. But he’ll claim he felt his life was in danger or some such tripe and he’ll end up with paid administrative leave for a few months as the issue is “investigated”. Shit man, he should of just gunned them all down. Isn’t that the Texas cop way?

  41. Coolaid Says:

    I hate the way these sport bikers ride, and do not consider the, to be true bikers.. Just punk motorcycle riders.. However, what that cop did should be considered attempted murder..

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