Mo’ Waco

March 14, 2016

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Mo' Waco

The best place to hide a leaf is in a forest. The best place to hide the truth about what happened in the parking lot of the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco is in a confusion of noise. The noise about what happened last May 17 has been coming from three distinct dispute that have been talking over each other for ten months.

First, Waco, McLennan County and Texas have brought criminal charges against 186 people so far. Officials argue that going to the Twin Peaks for brunch wearing the wrong article of clothing was a terrorist act. Apparently – and several police have come right out and said it – the wrong article of clothing was one with any colors or words that indicated that one might have chosen a side in an alleged dispute between the Cossacks and Bandidos Motorcycle Clubs.

Second, some of those 186 criminal defendants argue that their constitutional rights were violated when Waco, McLennan County and Texas irremediably wrecked their lives by accusing them of murder; by disseminating prejudicial and really unflattering photos of them; and by making them pay more money than most people have in their checking accounts in order to get out of  a crappy jail. Most of these defendants think they were punished for surviving a disaster devised by someone else.

Virtually ignored in coverage of the case have been the litigations that claim the Twin Peaks restaurant franchise in Waco was to blame.

Management Knew

Waco Police Public Information Officer and McLennan County Sheriff manqué W. Patrick Swanton introduced the notion that the restaurant did it. In his first press conference Swanton said: “We have been made aware here in the past few months of rival biker gangs…rival criminal biker gangs being here and causing issues. We have attempted to work with the local management of the Twin Peaks to get that cut back to no avail. They have not been of much assistance to us. However we continued doing our part on gathering intelligence. Apparently the management wanted them here so we didn’t have any say so on whether they could be here or not. We do know that they are an issue. We do know that they are criminal biker gangs very well known in our area. There were at least three rival gang groups here this morning for whatever reason. As they were here we had officers on scene. We expected issues and because of the problems we had at least twelve Waco officers along with several other DPS (Texas Department of Public Safety) officers that were assisting us in trying…to …maintain security for the perimeter and for the citizens of our area.”

The next day Swanton said, “Management knew there were biker gangs. We have talked with them; asked them to limit the amount of some of that going on; and they have not been much of a help on that. They knew that there were issues. They knew that we were here and that there were going to be additional issues but they continued to let those groups of people into their business.”

The Waco Twin Peaks franchise and its investors have been the correspondents in five opportunistic civil suits. The Don Carlos Restaurant that shared a parking lot with the Twin Peaks is suing for damages to its restaurant business. The family of Waco victim Jesus Delgado Rodriguez is suing the restaurant for wrongful death. Astoundingly Yvonne Reeves, the wife of Owen “Big O” Reeves and mother of Richard Matthew “Chain” Jordan, III joined the wrongful death suit. Two Texas residents identified only as M.K.H. and C.R.H. sued the restaurant for personal injuries. The family of Matthew Mark Smith, a Cossacks sergeant at arms who was shot three times and died at Waco believes the restaurant is responsible for his death. And Cossack Melvin Pattenaude, one of the defendants in the criminal case, is suing both the Waco Franchise and its former franchisor. Front Burner Restaurants. Four of the suits were filed in Dallas, The fifth was filed in Waco.

One Case

In response, the restaurant and the franchisor have replied that the damages were caused by “unknown criminal actors and law enforcement.”

Since the cases all originated from the same event, the restaurant wanted them consolidated so the Twin Peaks would only have to defend itself once rather than five times. About two weeks ago, on March 3, Texas Court of Appeals Judge Elizabeth Lang-Miers agreed with the Twin Peaks and ruled that all five of these cases could be litigated at the same time in a kind of court called a multidistrict litigation court. Disasters, like plane and train wrecks, are usually tried in MDL courts. And, it is probably accurate to categorize Waco so far as a train wreck.

The consolidation isn’t likely to result in the public disclosure of any of the Twin Peaks Massacre’s many secrets. But it may discourage the lawyers in these suits from spreading quite as much disinformation as they have up until now.

The Twin Peaks franchise in Waco and its employees seem to have also been victims in this case – not victimizers. None of the investors or employees shot, stabbed or clubbed anybody. None of them acted irresponsibly. Reports created after the shootout portrayed the restaurant’s manager as rude to police but that didn’t seem to be an issue before nine people died. The restaurant is only being sued because its owners are rich. Somebody should tell the lawyers in this case that the city of Waco, McLennan County, the state of Texas and the Department of Justice are richer.


18 Responses to “Mo’ Waco”

  1. david Says:

    With respect, J. Edgar Hoover AKA “Mary”, upon learning COINTELPRO was terminated Apr. 1971 by the Senate, stated to his aides, “We WILL go on as before, ‘only now we will be unofficial’. We must continue our battle against the enemies of this nation with a ‘lethal ferocity’, using whatever means we may deem necessary.”

    FBI “lethal ferocity” was clearly demonstrated on May 17, further proving the un-official existence of operation COINTELPRO today.

  2. Parsifal Says:

    @ David – COINTELPRO – ENDED IN 71 …. NOPE!…. the take over of the community of WOUNDED KNEE, was Feb. 27 1973 by A.I.M., members. Which led to several years of F.B.I., harassment. Leonard Peltier was railroaded for the death of 2 F.B.I., Agents. He is still in Federal prison.

    After that was the, I believe was the big mess with the S.L.A, check it out. The F.B.I, has always been quite busy. [Of course you have to throw in all the charges and harassment of Motorcycle Clubs trough all this time.} Busy, Busy Little Fellows.

  3. david Says:

    The parking lot photos clearly show the presence of FBI intelligence operatives on May 17, at a political meeting.

    From 1956, and allegedly “ending” in ’71, the FBI’s Counter Intelligence Program(COINTELPRO) was a series of covert operations aimed at “surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting domestic political organizations”.

    The FBI authorized “whatever is necessary to destroy the enemy” — psychological warfare, harassment, wrongful imprisonment, extra-legal violence, and assassinations.

    Clearly, all Twin Peak’s events prior, during, and after, indicate a FBI covert operation. Without question, all Iron Order related events prove the FBI never “ended” COINTELPRO in 1971.

  4. timbob275 Says:

    in reply to JJ Solari’s comment

    Hilarious. spot on. I almost spit my coffee on my computer. that is becoming a problem and the norm all over this once great land. men with honor and denim and hard hats made this country. and people in their suits and ties are ruining it

  5. James Crawford Says:

    One other comment.

    I recommend that MC members and Rebel pay attention to the Finnicum shooting in oregon. Feds lied about firing their weapons then concealed expended cartridge cart Ridge cases to cover it up.

  6. James Crawford Says:

    When are the owners of Twin Peaks going to file a lawsuit against the owners of Don Carlos for providing Law Enforcement with a fireball from which to massacre it’s patrons and destroy it’s restaurant building. Among the evidence would be a count of bullet holes in the two buildings as well as bullet casings on the two restaurant roof tops.

  7. Brad Milch Says:

    From what I’ve been reading on the Internet, the best place to hide a dick in Waco is in their D.A.’s mouth, in his office, where he hides from the obligations of a prosecutor. There’s even rumors floating around that he’s just ‘holding down the fort’ until Waco finds a real, genuine D.A.

    Just sayin’

  8. Meh Says:

    Not that it will ever change, but members of saloon societies are a bit less difficult to set up than sewing circles or bridge clubs. Of course they have more FUN than sewing circles or bridge clubs.

    The Feds know as they know the sun will rise and water is wet that they can play to a targeted groups self-image. That doesn’t mean discard that self image and pussy out, but it suggests being thoughtful.

    Since per omerta there should not be DETAILED public debate on how to adapt to and negate COINTELPRO methods, that would wisely be handled quietly.

    Feds WANT “gangs” to keep them in business. They prefer easy targets to groups who’ll go cartel on their asses. That strategy dovetails with human preference to create “gangs”. That doesn’t mean any or all clubs are “gangs”, but the terms are NOT mutually exclusive.

    One way to provoke governmentally desired “gang”-ish behavior is tacitly allow or encourage that behavior in select groups. Stir shit, then leave. That can involve modifying group behavior or nudging a complete proxy group into the target subculture. It’s not expensive or particularly risky for the manipulators since to them none of the casualties matter.

    Being manipulated is very much the responsibility of the chump! Play stupid games and you’ll likely end up with stupid prizes. The ideal chump/chump group is aggressive due to insecurity, easily led, seeks group validation, and while he may be sophisticated in his particular skill he will think that makes him more insightful than he is. The perfect chump has no internal humility.

    Once chump is set on his course he will unavoidably force a response. The manipulators goal is to force a foolish, emotional response then exploit the results. (The plaques on an I Love Me Wall don’t get there by magic.)

    Smart members and groups develop strategies to avoid playing into opposing hands. Each side is waiting for its opponents to fuck up. Some will. Some won’t.

    Short version:
    Start a gang to make targets break (or appear to break) laws then bust them for fun and careerist profit.

  9. BMW Says:

    The ATF has set up motorcycle club members to be injured or killed, many, many times over the past forty years. No one has yet called the ATF to account. If a true grand jury ever investigated the ATF, we all know that they would be charged with RICO and criminal conspiracy, as well as felonious assault, theft and any number of things. But where, in the USA, are we going to find an honest grand jury and an honest prosecutor?

    BTW, Today is primary election day in five of the politically important states. Those who are PERMITTED TO VOTE, should vote for candidates who want to change things. I only see a few honest candidates in my area…


  10. Kenny 1% Says:

    Ya all know the ATF influinced the Cossacks to go there and do this shit. But par for the course they failed to tell the local yocals. Who killed anybody they saw as a threat. Now its a pile of smoking shit. Problem is the ATF wont say anything. Then there dog and poney show against the Bandits will reveal this little problem they got.Hey now Rebel am i close?

  11. Paladin Says:

    I’m sure the attorneys representing Twin Peaks will file a motion for summary judgement. I would be surprised if the motion wasn’t granted.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  12. WheresMyBoots Says:

    So far all the video that has been released has been not much at all. So when do we see the rest of the video?
    Where’s the cell phones?
    Where’s the cell phones?
    Where is anything? With all the video recording devices on scene nothing shown. Why hide it now? Well, that last question was rhetorical wasn’t it.

    Respects, and Ride Free,

  13. XYZ Says:

    “Special Agent Frost advised Patel to call Special Agent Frost if any threats are received or heard of by Twin Peaks.”

    I guess the fops and dandies in that second video weren’t aware DPS Lt. Schwartz would later provide the above testimony. Essentially – Give us a call if any threats are received or heard.

    Hardly a “hard” message like – “If you don’t cancel the reservation, there will be blood, guts and brain matter all over your parking lot, and we will be there to capture it all in technicolor”.

  14. Meh Says:

    Meanwhile, enjoy some Forth Worth “traffic control”:

    Cameras work both ways. Pork misconduct belongs on video!

    Too bad this will generate more bad press than shooting bikers with lead instead of capsicum, but it’s a start.

  15. jj solari Says:

    good luck turning someone away from your restaurant. you’ll be sued for a million civil rights violations. once every business enterprise is sued out of existence in america by the legal system people can get back to a caveman lifestyle, growing your own maize and skinning your own squirrels for clothing. then all will be well.

  16. gooch Says:

    no wonder lady justice is blind folded, so she can’t see Swanton, and the rest pissing all over her.

    It is a fact, that the statue of lady justice on the Waco courthouse is missing her scales. “They were struck by lightning, destroyed and never replaced.” Hmnnnnnnn That’s some Omen type shit. that’s a link to the photo

    The article from breitbart at:

    Yes this is happening in Waco, It also happens to be happening everywhere else to0. I bet that’s a yeah right.

    This bullshit needs to stop; in Waco, and anywhere else this bullshit is going on.

    Feels like the America I grew up in is slipping away, I hope not

    Respect ~ Gooch

  17. Fr. Abraham Says:

    It’s a shame that the evidentiary proof requirements in a civil suit are a “preponderance of evidence”, rather than “beyond a reasonable doubt”, as the civil suits are likely going to be heard before the criminal cases.

    Thanks for the update, Rebel. Much respect.

    -Fr. Abraham

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