Jay Dobyns Loses Again

March 9, 2016

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Jay Dobyns Loses Again

Fame whore Jay Dobyns’ eight-year-long, mostly secret lawsuit against the ATF seems about to actually end. In anticipation of that end, Dobyns told the Dobyns-friendly Arizona Republic that he wasn’t going to get richer because U.S. Court of Federal Claims Chief Judge Patricia Campbell-Smith was incompetent.

Dobyns was an agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives who became famous for hanging around with and prospecting the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in Arizona from early 2002 through July 2003. The very flawed and corrupt infiltration in which he participated was later called “Operation Black Biscuit.” The name was coined on the set of the defunct Fox reality series America’s Most Wanted. The ATF made Dobyns a celebrity and created a monster. Dobyns wrote a book about his biker adventures titled No Angel: My Harrowing Undercover Journey To The Inner Circle Of The Hells Angels and was the subject of two more.


He soon annoyed his ATF supervisors who described Dobyns as “broken” and “unfit for duty.” Dobyns complained that he was threatened with retaliation by the Hells Angels and the ATF was doing nothing to protect him. He sued the Bureau and reached a $373,000 settlement in September 2007. Someone fire bombed his Tucson home in August 2008. Dobyns claimed the fire was a murder attempt that resulted from the ATF’s refusal to protect him. The ATF thought Dobyns set the fire himself and questioned his sanity. Dobyns then filed his current suit against the Bureau in October 2008. The ATF countersued for the royalties from Dobyns book.

It has been frequently reported that the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club was responsible for the fire at Dobyns home but Dobyns told The Aging Rebel “I have never said to anyone publicly or privately that the Hells Angels burned my house down. Find where I have. I have said that ATF let someone get away with it and in the process also get away with attempting to murder my family. Believe it or not but my beef is not with the Hells Angels. They are in my rear view mirror. My beef is with ATF.”

In August 2014, after a month long secret trial, Federal District Judge Francis M. Allegra ruled that the ATF owed Dobyns $173,000, which was his yearly salary in 2007. Dobyns had sought $7.2 million for pain, suffering and emotional distress and an additional $10 million for “economic damages.”

Unfair Lawyers

Allegra also suspected that the ATF’s lawyers had treated Dobyns unfairly during the long suit. Allegra ordered an investigation into the conduct of the government attorneys and in anticipation that the report would find those attorneys guilty of misconduct, Dobyns filed a motion for relief.

A week ago Judge Campbell-Smith, who now presides over the case, accepted the investigator’s report and overruled Dobyns motion. Although her decision, like most of the case, remains sealed the acceptance and ruling indicate she has ruled against Dobyns. Dobyns may yet find a way to continue his suit but he didn’t sound like it in comments published today in the Republic.

“I think she put her competence – or incompetence – on display,” Dobyns said about the judge. “Is it smart for Jay Dobyns, as a plaintiff before that court, to say that? Probably not, but I don’t care anymore. I don’t care if I offend her. I think her response was incomplete.”

Whether Dobyns likes it or not, the judge’s ruling may mean that his personal, bespoken spotlight is finally starting to dim.

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68 Responses to “Jay Dobyns Loses Again”

  1. SoonerFan Says:

    Not surprising. Dobyns’ daughter is a recovering drug addict and shoplifter.

    What another waste of space !


  2. SoonerFan Says:

    Dobyns is a loser. His attorney is a winner who can fight the Gov with all its resources, but eventually the verdict is overturned because the corrupt powers that be gave Dobyns a bit of his medicine. Paid off witnesses and threatening testimony? Who cares!!!! Dobyns did this all his life and karma is a bitch…

    And, his wife, nothing but a bleach blonde bimbo and five dollar trailer whore attached to a man with Pension…

  3. Guido Says:

    I watched the show on National Geographic that featured this turd. It was very difficult to watch, but it was akin to a train wreck. I just couldn’t look away. I just wish I could get that hour of my life back. Just from listening to him talk you can tell he is monumental piece of shit.

  4. L.M.D Says:

    I’m very close friend with his wife. we do breakfast bagel time to time and we talk about stuff. Despot of her husband, she’s very beautiful, Snitch is snitch!!

  5. DJ O'Lary Says:

    What was the motive for his house to put on fire? What is his current motive in his relationship with his wife (please ask his wife’s friends)? He needs to stop Milking the government.

  6. D.I.G. Says:

    Snitches grt stitches

  7. FNU LNU Says:

    Dobby boy likes ass to mouth.

  8. MyronDaMan Says:

    A LEO MC turned him down?? You would think the IO would gobble him up, he is about their speed and integrity level. No, wait…he actually hung around a REAL MC for a while. I would suppose the “virgin principle” might bother them….

  9. Freeman Says:

    Only thing I want to hear or read about Jay Dobyns is his obituary.
    It would bring me great joy and satisfaction to know he died yesterday, in his sleep, not screaming and yelling like all the passengers on his friggin’
    rat bike.
    The web he wove as a proverbial “spider” of the law is the web he should be snared in, bitten in, and die in……
    Good riddance…..
    Too bad his natural causes haven’t caught up yet.

  10. Gary Arciszewski Says:

    Good, snitch does not deserve a thing.

  11. PJ Says:


    Good advice.

  12. ghost Says:

    does anyone find it hilarious that jay turd still tries to look like an outlaw, and his local hog chapter wouldn’t accept him. he is even persona non grata at a.t.f. fuckin hilarious!

  13. NOS4A2 Says:

    @ Phuquehead
    Pretty spot on statement. Everyone should hit the refresh button occasionally.

  14. Parsifal Says:

    Oh! and Fuck Jay Bird Turd Droppings with a urine odor dick.

  15. Parsifal Says:

    Trust issues? Had them all my life. Family, so called friends, Governments, cops and their spawn, business/businesses, Ol’ ladies, Wives, Girlfriends, I’m suspicious of just about everybody and everything. Even this fucked up computer and its Blue sky exsistance and the let down it is. The “Key,” is don’t open up right away and don’t lead with your face or your dick. Both will fuck you up. I have had a handful of people in my life that might just have my back, but I also try to keep out of situations, that could jam them and myself up. Trust like everything else in life is a delicate balance. Be aware of the doors and windows you open as there are often a raging and ravenous beast on the other side. Otherwise its life as usual. PARSIFAL the gibberish speaking idiot has spoken.

  16. ghost Says:

    Jay Dobyns sucks the proverbial donkey cock. How could some loser who dedicated his life to lame bullshit, think that anyone really gives a fuck about him or his jerk off exploits that happened how long ago. Jay you are very old, lame, news. No one cares! Why don’t you go put a flame job on a golf cart, and cruise that in your retardedment village. your a moron go away. Ghost p.s. by the way your not nor were you ever any kind of American hero. but you are a zero.

  17. Jim666 Says:

    @ March 11th
    Either you aren’t worth brotherhood or you haven’t met the right brothers yet ?
    I tend to lean toward the first part where you are concerned judging by what you typed.
    Of course if you wear a badge and are looking for something more in that line then by all means you nailed it.
    Read Shovelheads post.

  18. Phuquehed Says:

    Ditto everything Shovelhead wrote.

    You’ve been making some shit decisions on who you think you could or couldn’t trust, March 11. Maybe you should rethink how you do things.

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